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Although not confirmed as yet by United it would appear Loic Remy has had his medical Loic Remytoday on Tyneside and is joining us for a season-long loan. We await the detail but a loan fee of £2m has been bandied about with an option to buy. I doubt if we’ll get the full gen on the detail of that.

Remy comes to us under something of a cloud, namely an allegation of Rape (which perhaps explain the loan deal) and less seriously the small matter of pissing us off in January for QPR and a big slice of Tony Fernandes’ largesse.

Reading between the lines he’s taken some persuading to travel to the North East from the capital despite the large French contingent to meet him at Darsley Park. He was said to be attracting the interest of Arsenal and Spurs but clearly, the opportunity for regular football in the year before a World Cup put United at an advantage.

For all that, Remy is a talented striker with a lot of potential and providing he is innocent of all charges that might be brought against him, we welcome him to Newcastle United and hope this is the start of a long and successful career with us.

If the deal is concluded, I do hope Joe Kinnear doesn’t imagine he has pulled off any great coup. Remy was scouted by Carr and almost in the bag in January. The donkey work was done by others.

He needs to get back out there and get more business done and not go on holiday any time soon.


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  1. WhoArYa says:

    Joe our Director of F****all allegedly has the IQ of a mosquito and the thirst of Oliver Reid so please don’t expect anything other than pure comedy until Ashley realises we think he has more money than sense