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tf105_on_iPadDigitally Diggin’ TF.

When I moved to Brazil back in 2010 I was determined to keep in touch with all things Mag and that meant taking out a worldwide subscription to TF.  I loved getting that little A5 sized package of gold every month.


However, as I was having to pay for worldwide delivery my 10 issues cost £63.00.  £6.30 an issue isn’t bad, but I don’t earn pounds, I earn Reais, so that £63.00 translated to around R$189.00, which is easily a couple of decent nights out!


Then there was the waiting.  I’m certain that my magazine was zapped out of the UK as soon as it was off the press, but then it had to come through the beast that is the Brazilian postal service…  In some cases by the time I received one issue the next was already coming out!  It felt all very 19th Century…


I was contemplating not renewing my subscription when TF blasted into the future with their brand spanking new digital version!  I have to admit to being wee bit excited when the editor advertised the service and I signed up straight away.


I suppose the deal clincher was the cost – as I was no longer paying postage I was paying £5.99 for 3 issues, which is ANOTHER bonus to the digital version, as I wasn’t sure if I’d like I didn’t have to pay for a full 10 issues.


I think my first digital issue was No. 98 but I was automatically entitled to the back catalogue, going back to issue 81!  (There’s a mint article in No. 90 about Brazilian footy, by the way).


So, not only was the digital version a lot cheaper and I had a load of back issues, but I was even receiving my mag BEFORE my mates!


Of course I prefer the printed mag, but I’ve also discovered a fondness of the online version.  My monthly email telling me my new issue is ready brings a smile to my face.  The Exact Editions site is clean and user friendly and the magazine itself is easy to navigate around and you have an option of reading settings.


As I don’t own a tablet I read it on my laptop which means my interaction, and my relationship, I suppose, with the magazine has changed.  Whereas before if I had a spare 10 minutes I’d flick through the pages I now sit down with the intention of reading it (unless I’m at work, in which case it stays open, minimised).


It’s fair to say that without the digital version I wouldn’t be reading TF today.  It’s cheap, automatic, quick, easy to use, easy to read and, more importantly, it’s a solid connection to my home city and my home town club.


The editor thinks that digital is the future, and although we all love that ‘ink on the fingers’ feeling from a printed magazine, I think he’s right.




Editor: you can get a digital subscription just by clicking hereTF_INITIALS_LOGO

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