People’s Assembly North East – Newcastle Unites Against Pegida

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No to racism! No to Islamophobia!

Last weeks North East People’s Assembly planning meeting agreed to support and build the anti-Pegida counter-protest Pegidaanti1being organised by ‘Newcastle Unites’.
The protest is on Saturday 28th February 10:30-1pm
There will be a public meeting to build support for the protest on
Wednesday 18th Feb
7pm Newcastle Civic Centre
(See attached flyer for details)
What is PEGIDA?
Islamophobic group not welcome in Newcastle:
Newcastle Unites Against Pegida facebook page (please join & share):
“We want our demonstration to show Newcastle at its best with the broadest possible coalition of groups, trade unions, political parties and campaigners coming together to oppose Pegida and everything they stand for. We have already got on board a number of faith groups and leaders, including prominent muslim groups and personalities.”
“Our demonstration will be peaceful and a celebration of different communities coming together. It will be safe and well stewarded just like our counter-demonstrations which have opposed the EDL.”
Assemble point and route to be confirmed
Newcastle Unites on facebook: Pegidaanti2
Newcastle Unites Against Pegida is cuurently supported by:
•The Durham General Branch of the GMB
•The Durham Miners Association
•The County Durham Trades Council
•The Newcastle Hindu Temple
•Islamic Diversity Centre(IDC)
•Spice FM
•Show Racism The Red Card
•Durham UAF
•County Durham Unites Against Racism
•Newcastle Council of Faiths
•Jude Kirton Darling MEP
•Lord Beecham
•Yvonne Ridley
•Dave Anderson MP
•Chi Onwurah MP
•North East People’s Assembly
•Newcastle Stop The War Coalition
•UAF North East
•Unite Against Fascism
•Stand up to UKIP

Support our campaigning by making a donation or standing order today

The People’s Assembly has a plain and simple goal: to make government abandon its austerity programme and if it will not, to replace it with one that will” – Tony Benn


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61 Responses to People’s Assembly North East – Newcastle Unites Against Pegida

  1. Steven Carr says:

    The recent Muslim demonstration in London was segregated by gender. Do you think more Muslims will turn out for the anti-Pegida march if you respect any wishes they might have about segregation?

    • mikey says:

      Perhaps not, but these fascists are not interested in Islam really anyway, They are interested in division, racial purity and hatred for their own political ends. In the 30s it was the Jews, in the 60s and 70s black people, now muslims. Its the same old shower of gob shite cowards every generation. They don’t really give a shit who it is they try and persuade people to hate.

      For your information, muslims are fighting ISIS. The Kurds just chinned them in Kobane and during that there were demonstrations by Kurds nightly in London. The idea that muslims do not oppose these loons is false shite coming from our media with their own agendas.

  2. I’m not organising the demo mate, simply promoting it. Personally, I’m a committed athiest so its all nonsense to me personally but I don’t think peaceful Muslims of our city – some of whom support and play for NUFC should be abused and vilified by a group who share similar ideology to the Nazis.

  3. Steven Carr says:

    At a time when gay Muslims are being thrown from towers to their deaths, and other Muslims are being given 1000 lashes, and other Muslims are being killed for bonking each other when not married, it is important to remember that there are no problems with Islam.

    • mammyslittlesoldier says:

      But Steven… is there about to be a march through Newcastle in support of throwing gay people from the top of towers. No.

      So what are you saying? Are you saying that because of bad shit that happens elsewhere it’s reasonable for mobs of far-right fanatics to pitch up in any town they like, spouting hate and intimidating the locals – particularly the Muslim locals who happen to live there?

      As it happens, I think these knuckle dragging clowns thrive on counter marches – many of them are former or current football hooligans and they like the confrontation. I’d favour the police letting them march around a car park somewhere on their own while we all ignore them… then help them to fuck off home ASAP.

      • Steven Carr says:

        ‘is there about to be a march through Newcastle in support of throwing gay people from the top of towers’

        There is going to be a march against Sharia law.

        Provided the march is not banned, of course.

        • mammyslittlesoldier says:

          There’s no Sharia law in Newcastle or anyone seriously calling for such a thing. Who exactly is the target audience for this performance? What do the marchers expect to achieve? Same question really…Are you saying that because of bad shit that happens elsewhere it’s reasonable for mobs of far-right fanatics to pitch up in any town they like, spouting hate and intimidating the locals – particularly the Muslim locals who happen to live there?

          • Steven Carr says:

            So you agree that most Muslims are against Sharia law? Tell Pegida that. They need to know.

            Speak for the Muslims who are against Sharia law. Tell people in Britain who see shootings on the streets of Denmark and protests over images of Muhammad that most Muslims are against Sharia law.

            Because if you and I do not fill the vacuum, we know who will. And neither of us want that.

        • Mark says:

          No, there is going to be a march by a German far-right party with racist thugs through the city; Pegida is the Nazi party reborn, with Muslims replacing the Jews as their bete noire. At the last census in 2011, there were 10,000 Muslims living in Newcastle. How many did you hear of beheading, shooting or suicide bombing any of us? None, the same as me. Stereotyping is the mark of the bigot; and attributing traits to entire groups of people is the mark of the racist.

          • Steven Carr says:

            It is up to you. The louder you say there is no problem with Islam, the more you quieten Muslims who do not want to see any form of Sharia law, and the more recruits you get for Pegida, as people can see for themselves there are shootings on the streets of Denmark and France, and murders in London.

            Pegida want to fill a vacuum. The correct response is not to order more vacuum,

            The correct response is what Betty Williams and Ciaran McKeown and Mairead Maguire did when they stood up against the IRA. They were heroes. They got the Nobel Peace Prize.

            Where are the Muslim leaders who are heroes for standing up against radical Islam? As a non-Muslim, my voice counts for nothing.

            It is up to Muslims to become heroes and say that Sharia law is wrong.

  4. Muslims aren’t all one blob to be judged together.I know loads of Muslims as reviled by all that as you and I. I was brought up as a Roman Catholic, I’m not responsible for the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition and only a minority of Irish people were involved in terrorist organisations during the “Troubles”.

  5. Steven Carr says:

    I’m not judging all Muslim. I’m simply pointing out that Muslims are under great threat from radical Islam.

    Imagine if a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses suddenly got AK-47’s and suicide bombs, took over large parts of a Christian country, imposed the strictest of rules, had mass executions and crucifixions, and actively tried to bring about Armageddon.

    That is what Muslims are facing, and peaceful Muslims are being prevented from calling for change every time politicians in the West declare ‘There is no problem with Islam.’

  6. Steven carr says:

    I see there is a Facebook page for people to protest against islamophobia.
    Facebook is banned in Pakistan

  7. Mark says:

    Pegida should, ironically, f*** off home.

  8. Graham says:

    Let them march.

    If they’re as odious as your portraying (I don’t doubt they might be), a protest march would do more to highlight your intolerance of free speech than any far right “Nazi” agenda they may be peddling.

    As for the Muslim community, I`m reminded of: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” .

    The more vocal they can be about “extremism” the more bonds they will forge with the more cynical in our society.

    • Mark says:

      Why is it that you feel that Muslims should stand up to Islamic Extremists, yet your response to Neo Nazi extremism is ‘let them march’? “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. I’d suggest allowing a German neo-nazi party to march through our city with the phrase ‘let them march’ is exactly that. I wonder if your response to an Islamic march through the city would be the same?

      • Steven Carr says:

        Why should Muslims condemn the burning alive of the first Caliph’s enemies by Abu Bakr?

        For the same reason we condemn Nazis.

        Pegida are filling a vacuum. Your response is ‘Order more vacuum.’

        It is Muslims who are being thrown from towers. Muslims who are being killed for adultery. Muslims whose mosques are being bombed in Pakistan.

        It is Muslims who have the most to fear from Sharia law.

        • mikey says:

          “Why should Muslims condemn the burning alive of the first Caliph’s enemies by Abu Bakr?

          For the same reason we condemn Nazis.”

          I’ve never condemned the Nazis. It had fuck all to do with me. But i do know that my Grandad and everyone else fought them, and that is how you deal with fascists, and this is what Pegida are.

          And muslims in this country have fuck all to do with ISIS. But in Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria, you know what they are doing? they are not condemning them, they are firing bloody bullets at em.

          You are assuming all muslims are the same, which is a dangerous position. I don;t condemn that Breivik character who slaughtered 70 odd people in the name of christianity and european culture, because it had fuck all to do with me.

          Likewise i have never been asked to condemn peadophile priests in the church. I’m a Christian, but again, it had fuck all to do with me.

          • Steven Carr says:

            ‘And muslims in this country have fuck all to do with ISIS’

            Really? There are more British Muslims in ISIS than in the British Army.

            ‘Birmingham Labour MP Khalid Mahmood said there were “twice as many” fighting for the Islamist terrorist group. He estimated around 1,500 had joined IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL, in the last three years. There are between 600 and 700 serving with the military.’

            And I agree all Muslims are not the same. Most are not offended by images of Muhammad.

      • Graham says:

        The salient point here is free speech & tolerance.

        Who are you to decide that, because a group don’t share your political persuasion, they should either be silenced or a mob set up with the sole intention of presenting a potential violent confrontation.

        This, in my opinion rather patronising view, assumes the general public to have an almost sheep like mentality which will happily align itself to any old poisonous agenda that comes along. One that only censure can protect.

        Thankfully, in this country, Muslims still have that right to speak out & condemn the more intolerant, hard line, right wing pockets of their community should they so wish.

        • mikey says:

          “The salient point here is free speech & tolerance. Who are you to decide that, because a group don’t share your political persuasion, they should either be silenced or a mob set up with the sole intention of presenting a potential violent confrontation.”

          No, there is a difference between free speech and a deliberate attempt to intimidate, and sometimes attack, people in my city and my community.

          If a german fascist group comes to do that to my neighbours i reserve the right to disagree in the form of a punch to the fucking jaw to be honest

          • Graham says:

            I wasn’t aware that “Pegida” proposed to attack or “violently intimidate” members of any community.

            would you consider a response to a non-violent protest, albeit one that was contrary to your beliefs & principles fair game for the knock & rendering a violent outcome an acceptable result?

            I watched an EDL rally from the side-lines when they came to my town a year or two back & they got laughed out of town. The clowns involved exposed themselves as the knuckle dragging amoebas that they clearly were, no-surrender & all that bollocks. The coppers that oversaw it were shipped in specially for the occasion, they was no bother.

            Being up for the row in the form of aggressive confrontation aids their argument, in my opinion.

            People should be free to see what they’re all about & let the Beak deal with law & order.

  9. Steven Carr says:

    Here is a genuine Muslim hero – Ibrahim Eissa

    No British Muslim leader would dare to say what he said on Egyptian TV.

    We don’t want right wing thugs supporting such people. People like Eissa should be supported by people who value freedom and justice.

    • mammyslittlesoldier says:

      Aye whatever

      But what exactly is the march supposed to achieve other than intimidating Saturday morning shoppers and provide something for the local news to talk about?

      • Steven Carr says:

        I hope it won’t achieve anything. It is hard to see Pegida getting much support in Newcastle, except perhaps a few bussed in EDL followers.

        As we can see from the Egyptian and Jordanian reaction to ISIS, Islam is now at war with Islam.

        This won’t be won or lost on the streets of Newcastle.

    • you happy about a group of Neo Nazis walking by the war memorials at Eldon Square and the Haymarket? Intimidating Geordie-Muslims and abusing Muslim NUFC fans and players?

      Our forebears lay down their lives fighting these people and their poisoned beliefs.

      • Steven Carr says:

        Right wing thugs will fill the vacuum left by politicians like Obama who declare that ISIS are not-Islamic and by Muslims who refuse to condemn Sharia law and refuse to condemn such actions as early Muslims burning people alive.

        You are right. I am not happy about that.

        ISIS burn people alive because early Muslims like abu Bakr burned somebody alive, and this is documented in early Muslim literature like al Tabari.

        British Muslim leaders cannot condemn what early Muslims did. So they don’t.

        Pegida are just irrelevant,

        Unless you can persuade people to turn off their TV’s or get them to buy the lie that ISIS are not Islamic, Islamophobia will increase.

        • Mark says:

          Of course ISIS are Islamic, its ridiculous to deny that; they’re using the worst aspects of their Holy Book to pursue some horrific goals. But I’m still struggling to see why a group of psychopaths running around the Middle East armed to the teeth justifies a bunch of wankers marching round the city intimidating innocent people. I’d suggest that the likes of Pegida and the EDL are only likely to create more extremists by scaring Muslim families than would otherwise be created if they just stopped acting like bigoted pricks trying to look tough en masse. It’s almost as if British racists are now using atrocities in the Middle East, or Facebook being banned in Pakistan (utterly irrelevant) to justify their own racism. I’m tiring of reading the views of people who’ve read on (absolutely not racist) websites a few bits of the Koran, or a few figures from early Islamic history, and spout off as if they’re experts on these things. Any British Muslim leader would be self-appointed – the is no unified Islamic ‘church’. No single Muslim can speak on behalf of all Muslims; there is no Caliphate anymore. So if you’re waiting for that you’re going to be waiting a long time. Or maybe each of the c.2 million Muslims in the UK should appear on TV apologizing for the actions of people they’ve never met in a country they’ve never been to? I’m sure no-one would turn their TVs off for that.

          • Steven Carr says:

            No Caliphate?

            Have you been looking at the news recently?

            Name TWO Muslim leaders who condemn the burning alive of the first Caliph’s enemies.

            Muslims are experts on Islam.

            They know that burning alive people is Islamic. They can’t condemn the first Caliph’s actions. They can’t condemn Sharia law. They can’t condemn crucifixions and stonings.

            Because they are Islamic.

            Until British Muslim leaders did what the Northern Ireland peace protestors did, they will feed right-wing thugs.

  10. Gareth Harrison says:

    I just astonished that someone uses the word ‘bonking’ still.

  11. Pat Hughes says:

    I’m marching on Saturday and as far as I’m concerned it will be in support of all in Newcastle, whatever their faith, culture or beliefs – it’s all about unity and marching together to demonstrate what an encompassing City we have. I don’t deny there are some awful atrocities happening around the world but Saturday is about Newcastle.

    • Steven Carr says:

      Excellent words to hear.

      Let us celebrate Western values of tolerance and freedom for all, regardless of religion, belief or creed.

  12. Steven Carr says:

    Just out of interest, I could always ask a North East Muslim if it is true that Abu Bakr jad somebody burned to death.

    Of course, we all know that I will get a reply saying it is wrong to burn people to death, don’t we?

    • mikey says:

      I’m a Christian and a european; Andre brievick murdered 70 people in the name of christianity and european values in Norway.

      No-one has ever asked me to condemn that. Why would i go and find someone who is muslim and ask them to condemn something they haven;t done?

      • Steven Carr says:

        Are you claiming Anders Breijvik wasn’t condemned?

        • mikey says:

          Not by me he wasn’t. Are you suggesting ISIS has not been condemned by muslims?

          They’ve been fucking killed by muslims in Kurdistan. Who do you think battled ISIS out of Kobane? Wasn’t the fucking EDL was it, it was the PKK and Peshmerga. these people are muslims.

          Muslim council of Britain condemn ISIS, there have been muslim led marches in London against ISIS, right now muslims in Denmark are working with their jewish neighbours in peace teams to protect synagogues, i’ve seen repeated and constant condemnations of ISIS by muslims.

          I mean, what else do you want? Does every individual have to tell you personally? You seem to be using this as an excuse to be honest mate. I’d question that if i were you.

  13. Guy HW says:

    If you cant see through Pegida then you are either very ignorant or you are deliberately misleading people. Their founding leader had to resign because he was caught posing as Adolf Hitler. Like UKIP they claim they are not rasict but seem to attract a rather large percentage of highly unpleasant bigots. This is a repeat of the 1930s.

    Like Pat I’m attending the rally next Saturday to show solidarity against hatred and that Pediga’s march into our city will not go unchallenged.

    • Mark says:

      Likewise, I’ll be joining the march against the bigots next week. Like you say Guy, the constant squeals from the likes of UKIP, the EDL and Pegida that they aren’t racist is completely at odds with their views, policies and the sort of people who seem attracted to them. Those of us that aren’t racist don’t seem to have to spend any time arguing with people that say we are, unlike the aforementioned. Strange that, isn’t it? The fact that my other half feels she has to avoid the city centre on that day, on account of being Asian, boils my p**s. How dare these scumbags intimidate any citizen of this city in this way!

      • I’d guess the majority of people wouldn’t wish to be considered racist, a good way to supress debate is simply to label them such. Labour councillors in Rotherham chose to look the other way when aware of thousands of the most vulnerable children in Yorkshire being routinely abused by predominantly Asian gangs. At least they didn’t have to defend themselves from accusations of being racist. And that’s more important, right Mark ?

        • Sorry, shouldn’t have highlighted Rotherham, it’s actually all over the UK.

          • mikey says:

            Have you apologised for Jimmy Saville? What about the child abusing death cult at the heart of our establishment in the 80s and 90s?

            I’d like a personal apology from you, for jimmy saliva’s child abuse otherwise i hold you personally responsible for it

        • Which one of our Muslim players do you hold responsible for the diabolical abuse in Rotherham? Which of our Muslim fans should be made to apologise for the crimes of those with whom they share a skin colour? When they do that, we’ll form a queue to do likewise for the crimes of every white christian eh?

          • I don’t hold any of them responsible, personally I can’t decide who I dislike most, EDL bellends or those that oppose them. Because those that oppose them only seem to object to extremist behaviour if the perpetrators are honkeys.

          • Steven Carr says:

            You think all Muslims share the same skin colour? Really? Presumably a different skin colour to Hindus or Sikhs…..

            Do you regard the burning to death of English Catholics in the Middle Ages as morally wrong?

            Do Muslims regard the actions of the ‘Rightly Guided’ Caliphs to be morally wrong?

            The clue is in the words ‘Rightly Guided’.

            As this guy says, all this barbarity ‘It is sacred’.


            ‘Was Abu Bakr morally wrong to burn that man alive? Nobody dares to say so. So we are left in this vicious circle, and you can expect more barbarity, because all this barbarity is sacred. It is sacred. This barbarity is wrapped in religion. It is immersed in religion. It is all based on religion.’

            There are 2000 British Muslims gone to join ISIS, according to a Labour MP.

            They are coming back to Britain one day.

            Don’t bury your head in the sand.

            As we saw in a sickening video this week, that is not a good place for your head to be.

  14. Steven Carr says:

    Italy estimates 200,000 refugees will flee from Libya, as ISIS and Libyan, Jordanian and Egyptian troops battle it out.

    That’s a lot of misery and human tragedy.

    If only there was a religion of peace that these people could convert to. It would end a lot of the fighting.

    What’s the name of that religion of peace again? It’s on the tip of my tongue.

    • Probably not any religion mate – though I think the Geordie Muslims I know and who will be afraid to come in their city centre a week tomorrow are okay and shouldn’t be frightened of thugs from Pegida and the EDL.

      • Steven Carr says:

        Who should Geordie Muslims be frightened of?

        3 British teenage Muslim girls have just got on a plane to Syria, and their families want them back.

        You can bet that Newcastle Airport is now also looking out for British Muslims off to join ISIS.

        Geordie Muslims should be afraid of radical Islam.

        Three Muslim families in London are now suffering , torn apart, because of radical Islam.

        And the advice being given to Muslims by white people is ‘Don’t condemn any of this.’

        • mikey says:

          You are deliberately misrepresenting your own position as cover for what you believe.

          Its blindingly obvious.

          There are no standards set high enough for muslims in this country that you won;t implicate them in violence in the Middle East personally.

          And you are deliberately misleading people as to the nature of opposition to fascism and racism. This region has a proud history of anti-fascism for the last century led by trade unionism.

          Most Geordies i would have thought can recognise fascists stirring up trouble in our city when they see them. You seem to be deliberately confusing your position in order to condemn muslims from our city, rather than the German fascists who have come to intimidate them.

          Shameful really

          • Steven Carr says:

            Just how many British Muslim families will be torn apart , with British schoolgirls flying off to Turkey to join ISIS before you will admit that there is a problem with Islam?

            Of course, this is not your problem, You are white and the people threatened by radical Islam are not white. No wonder you can’t see a problem.

  15. tom says:

    A significant number of people still seem to be confused over the issue. It’s not racist to be against a religion or its aspects, just as aspects of the bible can be criticised so should aspects of Islam . Most Muslims will go about their lives peacefully. I would prefer issues re Islam to be discussed as a genuine concern but shouting at Muslims in the street who grew up here and have no desire to be militant isn’t the way to go about it.

  16. Steven Carr says:

    I think it is very important to let Muslims speak for themselves.

    SO here is a You Tube video explaining how we can be pretty certain that a 9 year old girl has reached puberty.

    It would be racist for me to comment on this Islamic video.

  17. Steven Carr says:

    Did you know that giving to charity is one of the 5 pillars of Islam?

  18. tom says:

    I don’t agree with having our heads in the sand pretending it isn’t a problem because it is and is likely to get worse. Plenty of people like to pretend there isn’t and pat themselves on the back for being incredibly liberal and tolerant, the BBC spring to mind. Like I said confusing valid criticisms of a religion with being racist. But a March in Newcastle City centre likely to target innocent bystanders isn’t going to achieve anything other than pissing people off.

  19. Steven Carr says:

    Islam is a really great religion.

    Remember that when you clean your private parts, always use an ODD number of stones, never an even number.

    Because Allah’s Apostle has spoken and decreed that the number of stones should be odd.

    Allah’s Apostle said, “If anyone of you performs ablution he should put water in his nose and then blow it out and whoever cleans his private parts with stones should do so with odd numbers. And whoever wakes up from his sleep should wash his hands before putting them in the water for ablution, because nobody knows where his hands were during sleep.”

    Newcastle is a very tolerant city. I bet we don’t care if people use an even number of stones to clean their private parts with, rather than an odd number.

  20. Geoff says:

    Hitler and Goebbels used statements from the Jewish bible to validate their prejudice and hatred against Jewish people in the 1930s. That led to the slaughter on an industrial scale of 7 million people in the gas chambers. The shadow from the gas chambers stretches over Europe once again with groups like the Front National in France who say “The holocaust was a mere detail of history”. Never Again! The only difference today is that the main target is the muslim religion. Thats why I will be standing as a long standing Toon supporter shoulder to shoulder with my muslim brothers and sisters and all other good people to stand up to Pegida and the EDL bully boys. We need a very big and peaceful broad-based demonstration with large numbers of young and old people, from community organisations, from trade unions, from churches, from synagogues, from mosques, from football supporters so that we outnumber “pegida” by a thousand to one. Black and White Unite and stand up to Pegida!

  21. Alan says:

    You got nowt else you could be getting on with Steven?