PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY – Newcastle Unites Against The EDL

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No to Racism, No to Fascism, No to Islamophobia AntiEDL

Demonstration against the EDL

Assemble Newcastle City hall

12 noon Sat 17th May

This Saturday 17th May the English Defence League are bringing their message of hatred and division to the streets of Newcastle.  They must be opposed.  Join the counter demonstration called by Newcastle Unites and send the EDL a clear message.  The people of Newcastle reject all forms of racism and fascism and stand in solidarity alongside the Islamic and Asian communities.

Do not let the EDL march unopposed

No to Racism, No to Fascism, No to Islamophobia


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25 Responses to PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY – Newcastle Unites Against The EDL

  1. Richard says:

    I don’t appreciate the existence of the EDL. Many of whom are affiliated with the BNP and indeed the NF. The usual opposition to these mislead council peasants are not Geordie’s with chips on their shoulder’s, but government funded, nonce affiliated hypocrite groups such as the UAF, ANTIFA and HopeNotHate.

    I say we don’t waste our time with any of these groups, let’s just arm them with bayonet-dildo’s and leave them on an island to destroy each other for the entertainment of regular human beings.

    • George String says:

      So we just stick our heads up our arses and pretend they’re not there? Brilliant…

      • Now why would someone post a response like that with a name that is completely different to the one on their e-mail address? Who is “they”?

        • Richard says:

          His name is G String…

          If he feels comfortable with a name akin to a woman’s crack fabric then more power to him.

      • David Chapman says:

        G. String, We await your poetic response.

  2. Steve says:

    Misled council peasants … You utter tool you are as bad as them!!

  3. John Waugh says:

    A penny for your thoughts on the ongoing Northumbria Police “Operation Sanctuary” Michael, is there any demonstration planned to oppose this; one of the lowest forms of racist abuse? Maybe you could bring it up at the demo today?

    • Don’t know anything about it. But if it is what I imagine it to be then I’d suggest your logic of feeling a protest that intimidates a whole ethnic group (including white and Asian Geordies) is justified kind of explains why you support the racist UKIP, the bosses party of the EDL. I’ll be expecting the EDL to be taking the same interest in Operation Yewtree etc. and protesting against the exploitation of rich, white, middle-aged men of impressionable children. I don’t understand why my Asian-Geordie mate should feel as though he has to take his family and him away from the area he lives in because of racist scum-bags from outside the NE want to march about half pissed shouting about stuff they know nowt about and abusing entirely innocent people – black, brown, white, men, women, children and feel as though they can’t go about their business because of these knuckle heads.

      They are simply racist opportunists seeking to foster hatred and division.

      They don’t defend me by the way.

    • David Chapman says:

      How has operation sanctuary, which is the battle against sex cases got anything to do with the EDL or race? you fucking mong?

      • John Waugh says:

        Any need for the abuse David? No need to lash out because you don’t understand something. Let’s get one thing straight; I’m as much an opponent of racism as the next man & am no supporter of the EDL or UKIP. Now pay attention – Operation Sanctuary is an ongoing Northumbria police investigation into the racist sexual exploitation of one particularly vulnerable group by another, it differs from Operation Yewtree (which for some reason Michael mentioned) as there are particularly sinister racial aggravating elements to the abuse. What’s wrong with bringing that up ? Am i to assume you aren’t in favour of total blanket opposition to serious racist crimes? It is as valid as the main article; it’s happening now in our city. I was inquiring as to whether there would be support for opposition to this type of thing at the demo mentioned. If this type of thing is simply ignored or not talked about because it’s seen by some as taboo, it then becomes another axe to grind & assists the recruitment of more bored idiots to the 2 groups mentioned.

        • Make you mind up, you described UKIP last week as “we”.

          • John Waugh says:

            Michael; was this a reply to my comment?! If it was, I can assure you I didn’t describe UKIP as “we” last week. I think you may be getting me confused with somebody else. It’s my first comment on an article on this site in months! If I’ve misread it & you were not replying to my comment then apologies bud!!!

  4. David Chapman says:

    Jesus Christ at last something us Mags can ( should ) all agree on, and a massive pat on the back for all at true faith for putting this forwards by the way.

    Unfortunately I’m down watching Dundee at Celtic Park ( Half Scottish, Mothers side! ) so I wont be able to protest against this Burberry, balding bunch of bell ends pissing and vomiting all over my fair city’s walls.

    Our city has gone from hard working ship yard workers, to making weapons at Vickers to one of the most open minded city’s in England without the blink of an eye, the EDL haven’t a hope in hell of gaining votes or fostering hatred in our city, they should go to Norwich, they’d like it there, fucking your sister is encouraged.

    I’m not black, gay or any other ‘minority’ I’m just not prepared to let fellow human beings be made to feel like shit by people who, lets be honest would probably have been liquidated by the Nazis for being ‘ simple of mind ‘.

    Immigration, I believe is out of control under the current government, I do worry for my daughters growing up and getting a job, saying that my youngest daughters best mate is called Doina and I d love to see the EDL try and separate them!

  5. Joe says:

    I’m surprised by the tone of the author’s peice (“council peasants” Really?), and disapointed with his replys to those that have left a comment, which are a little aggresive, going so far as to insinuate god knows what about someone because their email address differs to their posting name (don’t they all?).
    I’m convinced that the majority who read this site are right-minded, and shouldn’t need a reminder about how certain political and campaign parties can get a bit hostile with their message.
    Others may well support the EDL, and that is their right.

    Either way, I think it was a misjudgment to give any political agenda a platform on this sight.

    • Mark says:

      @Joe True Faith has always had these pieces, it was always broader in focus than say the Mag which stuck to football. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed them, but that’s probably because I’m a ‘lefty’. TF isn’t the BBC, it isn’t required to be politically neutral, nor should it be. Mind you I don’t think it shows a political agenda to be f***ed off that a bunch of bigoted w***ers want to march around intimidating people – they are not a political party, they a protest group, whose members are further to the right than anyone could consider decent.

      • I worked with a lad who was quite proud of the fact he was in the del mark. If you’d described him as a “moron” you’d be wrong, he was much worse than that. However, what I don’t understand is why groups like ‘hope not hate’ only seem to oppose right wing bigots like the edl/BNP. Because despite their idiotic posturing, love yet to see anyone carrying a placard advocating” beheadings”. So please can you answer me why their objections only seem to be organised when the bigots are gormless honkys ?

        • Mark says:

          But the people who carry placards advocating beheadings are moronic, nasty, bigoted b******s too. And just like the EDL, represent a fringe view. I’d hate to have Muslims think thy represent my views or those of all non-Muslims, just as the loons holding those placards don’t represent Muslims. But I’ve never see one of those placards in this city, but I’ve seen the EDL, therefore there is nowt to organise against.

  6. @Joe, have you been visiting this site long ? I committed the heinous crime of commenting on one of the ‘political football’ features and suggested that Labour’s open door immigration policy had put more working class people out of work that Thatcher ever did. For some reason, Micheal Martin assumed that my email address (had it for over 15 years now, is my dedicated email address for everything connected to my home such as mortgage etc) and nom de plume was created simply to leave an anonymous message to disagree with his politics. Ridiculous really and I think of that post regular as I drive to work in Peterlee through the pit villages of Easington, Haswell and Shotton where the windows are decorated NOT with Labour posters you’d perhaps expect but UKIP banners instead. Of course, MM may well not believe me but were he to leave his ivory tower to have a look he’d find that out for himself. I saw at first hand when I spent two years working at the co op warehouse in Birtley after I got made redundant a side of immigration that perhaps MM hasn’t or refuses to see. It is a myth that Polish people are any harder working than the indigenous population but what they most definitely are is exploited for their lack of knowledge of UK working legislation….and I should know, I was union convenor for five years elsewhere. You’d think that as a bit of a lefty, that’s the first thing that would upset the likes of MM wouldn’t you ? Too busy attempting to smear anyone who objects as a ‘racist’ to see the bigger picture. And that’s the problem with the likes of MM, they tend to pick and choose which bits of democracy they want and fuck anyone else who chooses the other bits. The world would be a dull place if we were all made the same !

    • Mark says:

      @MWNN If the people who put up those UKIP posters knew what UKIP’s policies are they may not have been so quick to put them up. Getting rid of corporation tax, abolishing national insurance, the effective privatisation of the NHS, the massive withdrawal of benefits – they not a party of the poor. But these silly sods will vote for them because they promise to kick out Johnny Foreigner and withdraw from the EU.

  7. I want out of the EU.

  8. Tom Bates says:

    I do actually think that mass immigartion has lowered wages and reduced jobs available and I would like to be out of the EU.
    However I dont blame anyone for coming over to make a better life for themselves, its not their fault for taking advantage, its the political parties that have allowed it, controlled immigration was a good idea but not to open the floodgates. IMO.

  9. hi Tom, noticed you would like this country to be out of the European union, have you considered moving to Africa yet ?

  10. tom bates says:

    Yes man with no name I am presumably a racist now. I don’t think being in the EU has the benefits some would have us believe. The accounts arent audited so I don’t trust where the money is going . Disappointed that Labour won’t offer a referendum. Is the EU benefiting the parties Or the public?