The People’s Assembly – Bonfire of Austerity

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Bonfire of Austerity – 5 November 2013

Day of action and civil disobedience

Local People’s Assembly groups are organising actions across the country for the Bonfire of Austerity, ranging from flashmobs for the NHS, occupations of loan sharks, post offices and universities to road blockages, protests and of course bonfires.

Click here for a list of actions and planning meetings across the country.

If your local group is not on here, you can get in touch with them directly. See here for a list of local contacts.

If you know of any actions in your local area that are not listed please let us know.

5 Nov in London: Block Westminster Bridge

In London we are planning to block Westminster Bridge in the evening. We will also be organising a number of actions during the day.

If you are based in London, please join us for a Nov 5 planning meeting tomorrow:
Thursday 17 October, 6pm
Unite the Union, 128 Theobald’s Rd, WC1X 8TN
Please confirm attendance on Facebook or email

Bring ideas of what we can do and invite your friends to join us.

Let’s make this bonfire night one that Cameron will never forget!

Appeal for funds

The People’s Assembly is in the thick of the fight against austerity…but we urgently need your financial support to continue.

We’ve been at the heart of mobilization for the enormously successful TUC demonstration at the Tory Party conference in Manchester.

We called an emergency demonstration outside the headquarters of the Daily Mail following its foul attack on Ralph Miliband.

And we are now preparing for a huge national Bonfire of Austerity day of action on November 5th.

But it all takes money…and we are spending it on campaigning as fast as we can get it. So please rush a donation to us as quickly as possible, and preferably take out a direct debit so we can sustain our activity.
Click here to donate 

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14 Responses to The People’s Assembly – Bonfire of Austerity


    You are a highly respected and regarded fan magazine

  2. Graeme says:

    I can’t believe you’d risk alienating readers or subscribers by peddling this political crap.

    Please explain its relevance to NUFC.

  3. matt flynn says:

    I understand the politics isnt everyone’s cup of tea but it easy enough to ignore – just don’t read it.

    I don’t read the politics in the fanzine as there isn’t any is there?

  4. Mick Dixon says:

    Newcastle United fanzine

  5. n wade says:

    Whats the problem, at least some people arent rolling over for the Tories to shaft them, if you dont like dont read

  6. David G says:

    “…and of course bonfires” – am I reading this correctly ? These clowns actually want to start fires just because they are unhappy with government policy ????

    • Keith says:

      you do realise it is bonfire night right? fires will be started for much less reason…

    • n wade says:

      You reactionary pleb, its a turn of phrase and bonfire night not random acts of arson. Get back to reading the daily mail

  7. Keith says:

    Even though there has been political content here for as long as I can remember you still get the whingers acting as if it has just appeared. Keep it up TF, even small acts of resistance need to be shared and celebrated, or we will all end up like the ‘just shut up and suffer in silence’ lot posting above.

  8. Graeme says:

    I wouldn’t class myself as a whinger, I just wouldn’t inflict my political views on you in the same way that I don’t want others to inflict theirs on me.

    Differences in opinion, whether football or political are natural, however when 50% of the postings on a fanzine website have political origin, it’s time to move on.

    I’ll call time on my subscription, but what’s one cancellation.

    Keep paying your Labour party subscriptions to keep Ed, Gordon and Tony in the style to which they’ve become accustomed. Labour have done the north east proud during their years in Government and the Labour run councils have done a cracking job over the years.

    • Keith says:

      No one is inflicting anything, as stated above you are not forced to click the article. And again, it’s hardly new to TF. Possibly highlighted more since the change of layout, but that can hardly be blamed on the editors or writers can it? Also I love the idea that anyone who opposes the Tories is paying Labour subscriptions or ‘supporting’ them in any way, as if it’s one or the other, some nice black and white-small mind thinking there, would be funny if not so serious.

  9. David G says:

    I notice that the “..and of course bonfires” comment has now been removed from the article. Perhaps they were worried about how it looked as well ?

    Keith – yes the date had not escaped me.

    N Wade – no need for childish name calling is there ?

    I don’t have a problem with marches and protests in general but, as Gareth has pointed out in the Liverpool match preview (when talking about the Time4Change march), by including certain statements in your invitation to protest you can encourage (whether you intend to or not) certain types of behaviour that aren’t going to make you look good. Why take the chance that someone will interpret that as an suggestion that they should set fire to a bank for instance ?

    • That’s a ludicrous stretch to be fair. Do you genuinely believe that someone will set fire to a bank after reading the article? It’s Chris Betts that does the match previews, not myself. I’m supportive of the march personally, but equally respect Chris’ concerns and despite the fact that the differ from the editorial line, we are happy to run them. Do you see what we did there?

    • n wade says:

      Are you serious!!!?, why not try to put across your opposition with some reasoned debate rather than spurious comments about people starting fires, I assume you think everyone who plays computer games will become a mass murderer or anyone who likes heavy metal will become a devil worshipper. Or maybe the real danger is readers of tory hate papers who see the drip drip stories of malice toward immigrants and the ‘underclass’ as an excuse to blame them for all societies ills.