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NUFC Fans Foodbank – Christmas Appeal

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This story in The Chronicle explains the crisis some people in our communities are facing this winter and the efforts by the excellent people at the Newcastle West End Foodbank to help some of the most vulnerable in our society. We should pause to consider that many of those receiving food parcels are children and disabled. Many of those receiving food parcels are in work.

To summarise the story, the Foodbank’s organisers explain that money donations can be of far greater benefit than straightforward shopping bags filled with food – as welcome as they are.

At true faith, we’ve had the privilege of seeing the Foodbank’s fantastic work up close and it is life affirming there are people around us prepared to do straightforwardly great things. If we can help in any way we can we will do but if you want to support those in our communities, please consider making a donation. You can make a donation here.

Maths have never been my strong point but with a club that pulls in over 50,000 each home game that’s no more than a quid per Mag to help them hit their target. We know it doesn’t work like that but if 10,000 of us donate a fiver …. ah, well you get the picture.

Please donate what you can.

Donate here

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