North East People’s Assembly Against Austerity – Saturday 14 September – Newcastle

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£6 for the whole event

There is one ticket covering the whole event – daytime and evening. Buy a ticket for just £6 – or £3 concessionsPAss – and you can attend as much or as little as you like throughout the daytime and evening.

See this link for the schedule – and to register your place:

The north east’s biggest anti-cuts gathering

The North East People’s Assembly will bring together opponents of austerity from a wide range of organisations and backgrounds across north-east England. It is a day for speeches, discussions and planning, with a mix of rallies, workshop sessions and entertainment. Northern Stage and Newcastle University Students Union will play host to what we hope will be a landmark anti-cuts gathering for the region.

During the day there are speakers representing a wide range of campaigns and trade unions including: Keep Our NHS Public, Northern Region TUC, Durham People’s Assembly, Unison, Public Services Alliance, Unite the Union, Newcastle Unites, National Pensioners Convention, NUT, Save Newcastle Libraries, Unite Community, PCS, Unite Against Fascism, Newcastle Free Education Network, RMT, Coalition of Resistance, Anti Cuts Network and CWU.

We urge everyone who wants co-ordinated resistance to savage Tory cuts to participate in the North East People’s Assembly. This regional event is part of the national People’s Assembly movement, building on the hugely successful People’s Assembly in Westminster in June. It takes place just two weeks before what’s expected to be a huge national demonstration, outside Tory Conference in Manchester, in support of the NHS.

What will happen on the day

There will be morning and afternoon plenary sessions with everyone together in the main auditorium of Northern Stage. A number of local campaigners and trade unionists will speak in the morning plenary, introducing the themes of the day and outlining why austerity is a disaster and how we can oppose it.

After the morning plenary session we have a couple of workshop slots, with 5 options in each slot. These workshops, allowing plenty of time for discussion, are organised in association with a range of campaign groups and trade unions.

The afternoon rally will be addressed by a number of the region’s leading trade unionists and our main guest speaker: writer and commentator Owen Jones. The evening show will be headlined by the comedian and Independent columnist Mark Steel.


Reserve your place – register now! HERE>>>

Also see the facebook event page:

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22 Responses to North East People’s Assembly Against Austerity – Saturday 14 September – Newcastle

  1. Tony says:

    Not sure why you mix your extreme leftwing politics with football.

    But in case you arent aware the debt is rising at a rate of about 140 billion a year, there is no austerity, anyone who claims otherwise is both financially and economically illiterate.

    How about those in the public sector take a drop in their wages and unaffordable work 10 years longer for their unaffordable and unearned pensions, retiring early 50s on a final salary pension as most police, fireman, doctors, military and the rest of them do is a joke.

    • Keith says:

      How about those in the private sector get a bump in their wages and are able to retire ten years earlier? or are corporate profits not quite obscene enough yet?

  2. Wanting to keep libraries in the NE open is extreme left-wing politics? As for your suggested bitter and vindictive remedy for the bankers-made “crisis” – this lot has tried that and it isn’t working is it? They’ve tried it especially in the NE but kept the Tory shires protected though.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t think its a great idea to have 70-yr-old fire-fighters. I can see a problem with that. You think football and politics don’t mix? Tell that to the rapacious capitalists who have hijacked the people’s game.

  3. Tony says:

    Firstly when did men working in the building industry as i do ever get corporate profits?, Yes it is us little people that pay your wages in the public sector and most of us don’t get corporate profits. We retire in our 60s on a state pension as we’ve paid too much in taxation so public sector workers can do sweet FA from their mid 50s.

    And yes it wouldn’t be ideal to have 70 year olds putting out fires but there are plenty of other jobs for firemen to do past 52, but they don’t and your comment is as moronic as your politics.

    Libraries are closing as technology has progressed and people can now get books online dont you know. But how about you kick off about the swathes of people in non jobs working for councils or the unaffordable wages and pay offs that many in council management roles get, this way you can keep the library open that gets 1 visitor an hour.

    As for the financial crisis being started by the banks,well yes but Northern Rock was the most guilty giving financially illiterate folk 125% mortgages to buy over priced property … But this was all happening under your beloved Labour government and the sheeple of Britain lapped it up and spent like there is no tomorrow AND YOU SAID NOTHING!…. yet somehow these financially retarded folk are no longer responsible for their own borrowing and need the likes of me to bail them out with the lowest interest rates in history. Why do you never lay blame to these people, is it because you are way over leveraged and are one of them?

    To add to this to wholly blame the banks and ignore the spending of the last government (and this one) shows you up to be blinded by your love of the left.

    As for Tony and his devastatingly witty remark about reading the Mail, i have stated facts about the Debt rising at around 130-140 billion a year and that “Austerity” is a myth as government spending as a percentage of GDP is rising …. yet the best you can come out with is he must read the Mail.

    I’m glad i no longer live in Newcastle, the place is full of people who whine about the Tories whilst being too thick to realise they’re identical to their beloved Labour party who really have destroyed the “British working class”.

    Do you people really think we can borrow 140 billion a year forever, i think you people need to educate yourselves about what happens to nations that can’t pay their debt back instead of spouting your left wing fantasy economics. There will be a lot worse things to worry about then a little library.

    If you actually gave a shit about the young of this country you’d be fighting tooth and nail to get this debt down so the burden isn’t passed onto them, but you people really are too selfish to see this.

  4. You have no grasp of the basic economics, Tony.

    The debt has grown under the coalition because less people are paying tax, more people are unemployed and there is less money circulating in the real economy you and I live in.

    There are almost 1m young people without jobs.

    Fewer young people are going to University from the NE because they are scared of the dent plus the Educational Maintenance Allowance was withdrawn from those from low income families.

    Fewer young people are being trained to develop real, high level skills. We are drifting into a low skills economy.

    What jobs that have been grown in the private sector are part time and low paid.

    By any measure the economics of austerity, tried previously in the 30s and which led to the Great Depression, have failed. The deficit is getting bigger and the burden on future generations is getting bigger not lesser precisely BECAUSE of austerity. That is undeniable economic fact.

    You say, libraries are being phased out because of technology? Where on earth does this come from? For many people access to technology is only available from their local library.

    As for your spite targeted at fellow workers, you seem to have your mouth caught on the hook of the Tories classic divide and rule of working people.

  5. Tony says:

    I have a perfect grasp of economics.

    But you seem to think that the government borrowing more money to create non-jobs is what is required and will bring the debt down.

    If that is the case then why not just borrowing a few trillion and the economy will be booming, and we can all work for the government doing not a lot all day. You’re a genius!

    Public sector is the problem not the solution.

    And i insinuated one, 1, yes that is 1 reason libraries are not being used as much is due to the internet and the fact books are accessible online … i also said why don’t you speak out about councils wasting money to pay for them if its so important.

    And my fellow workers in the private sector think just like me, we can think for ourselves so please don’t insinuate i am the victim of Tory divide and rule because i’m not a socialist parasite who thinks government is the solution to everything.

    If it wasn’t for unlimited immigration of cheap foreign workers that take the jobs that would have been done by young British people unemployment among this age group would drop the problem it is … but you will call anyone who speak out about this racist and no doubt are of the ilk that is happy to see anyone say as much beaten up by your UAF friends.

    You don’t work in a manual job, thus you are not working class, no matter what daddy done for a job.

  6. Gareth Harrison says:

    Tony – ‘I have a perfect grasp of economics’……’But in case you arent aware the debt is rising at a rate of about 140 billion a year’.

    Thanks for that, John Maynard.

  7. Tony says:

    Oh yes Martin, in reply to your made up statement that more people are out of work, here i have a link to my beloved Daily Mail that shows Britain has a record number of people in employment paying tax. They quote the Office for National Statistics.

  8. Gareth Harrison says:


    There’s a few contrary themes that you’re coming over with here.

    As a context, I work in a private sector SME and my wife works (hard) in a local authority. As a fellow private sector worker, I don’t think just like you.


    – You mention that you work in the building industry. Would you agree that public sector/PFI investment has propped up the construction sector over the past decade? If you work in homebuilding, do you feel uneasy with the (coalition) government ‘Help to Buy’ scheme and the wildly irresponsible effect it could have on our debt level, or is that OK by you?

    – You brought up immigration as a prime cause in youth unemployment. Do you agree with Tesco hiring cheaper European workers or were you more in agreement with Chris Bryant when he railed against that?

    – You seemingly pass any responsibility of the financial crisis onto individual borrowers, going as far as to note that they need the ‘likes of me to bail them out with the lowest interest rates in history’. Would you agree that the British taxpayer has infact bailed out the financial services sector with public ownership some of our biggest banks, with the subsequent effects on the economy? Secondly, are you suggesting that the financial crash was caused solely by the property market and individual mortgage lending and that opaque financial investments/bets (CDS etc..) played no part in it?

    You also mention that you are glad you no longer live in Newcastle. If you don’t mind my asking, do you live in the UK?

  9. Tony says:

    Help to buy is a joke and will push prices up, interest rates should rise so prices crash then working people can buy this most basic of necessities, the over leveraged should get evicted if need be. Gideon along with Tory cabinet who have not spoken out against it should be strung up for this vile policy.

    PPI in any other country is known as corruption, whilst building with borrowed money that cant be paid back is good in the short term for those involved, its a useless policy only Gordon Brown could come out with.

    Chris Bryant is a fool, immigrant workers at Tesco are not cheaper they cost the same. But for every job thats filled by a foreigner a local will need bailing out with social security benefits We need an immigration system that brings in the wealthy and highly skilled who create jobs and/or bring in needed skills.

    I am well aware that the financial crisis was down to the banks, but also those happy to get themselves into huge debt, i pointed out that Martin wholly blamed the banks but also failed to highlight this mess we are in and will be for decades happened under the watch of his beloved Labour party.

    • Gareth Harrison says:

      I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Gordon Brown that instigated PFI.

      By pretty much all accepted economic wisdon at present aswell, it would be lunacy to substantially raise interest rates solely to bring about a housing crash.

      If we went down that route out of step with the rest of the world, it would absolutely decimate what is left of our export market and have a catastrophic effect on our economy.

      I am genuinely interested whether you are based in the UK too?

  10. Tony – you realise, Help To Buy is a Tory policy don’t you?

    You do get it that the bogey-man Gideon threatened us with about the UK losing its credit rating came to pass and is now sitting in our kitchen drinking our best chablis – on the Austerity watch.

    Your suggestion you want to punt up interest rates is straightforwardly mental.

    For the record I personally regard the Labour Party as the best of a very bad bunch. I don’t think that would fall under “beloved” to be honest.

    There are so many groups of people you don’t seem to like I can only let you know, I share in your pleasure you don’t live in Newcastle any more. If you ever did.

  11. Tony says:

    Why would i claim to have lived in Newcastle if i wasn’t born there?

    The fact you hate the banks yet cry out for 0.5% interest rates shows your ability of joined up thinking does not exist, these low interest rates bail out the banks you so despise and enable them to give huge bonuses.

    Whilst at the same time these low interest rates are pricing out an entire generation of young working people from the buying a simple house to live in, by keeping property at 2008 bubble prices in most parts of the country … you are aware that there is a world past Durham aren’t you? And what will happen when someone who borrows at 0.5% when interest rates rise above inflation … see if you can figure that one out by yourself

    I don’t like the LIB-LABs or the Conservatives who you imply i support as they’re 100% the same along with the UAF who are sponsored by your enemies in the Tory party who think exactly the same as you. Everyone else is triffic!

    Seriously its like debating with some 18 year old from the Student Union bar.

  12. You have stated you support Austerity, though you also deny it is happening. You want interest rates to increase but seem blissfully ignorant of the cost-of-living crisis that is pushing people to Food Banks.

    You seem to have an interest in attacking the United Against Fascism (UAF). Is there something you aren’t telling us pal?

  13. Gareth Harrison says:


    I live in Newcastle but I wasn’t born here.

    Which country do you live in presently?

  14. Tony says:


  15. Tony says:

    Martin, answer some questions i have asked instead of feebly attempting and failing to twist my words. There is no austerity except for the theft of money from savers and the young to those who have over borrowed. Including borrowing which is deferred tax the govt. spends over 50%of GDP (is this not enough for you?), though i can see there is still almost another 50% you’d like to get your hands on comrade.

    The UAF is effectively a terrorist organisation, why would anyone not speak out against these thugs? Though i can see from your response you are on their side.

    You support policy that is pricing out a generation from the property market, but its ok the left wing like you cannot help but be hypocrites with your twisted ideology that thinks it can be everything to all men.

    Enjoy your left wing meeting with those able bodies folk who expect others to fund their lifestyle, most the nation see your kind for being the failed bunch of student union activists that got brainwashed by Marx at poly.

  16. Gareth Harrison says:

    How will forcing up interest rates help a generation onto the housing market? How will it affect employment levels? What are your thoughts on the EDL?

  17. Tony, you are barking mad. Go and get some help. We don’t do therapy. That’s the last word on the subject.

    • Tony says:

      Thats it Martin if you dont have the brains to debate throw insults.

      You introduce politics to an open forum but don’t have the intelligence to put your point of view across.

      I don’t have thoughts on the EDL, though after living in Muslim nations i believe we should treat them as they treat us.