NEWCASTLE UNITED SUPPORTERS TRUST – Mike Ashley Selling Off Newcastle United’s Future

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Please take a few moments to click on the link enclosed – Newcastle United Supporters SJP2Trust – Mike Ashley Selling Off Newcastle United’s Future to read through this alarming news regarding Ashley’s plans to sell-off an area of land to the rear of St James’ Park (Gallowgate End) which would mean any possible extension of our stadium on its current site is impossible. Those who know the area around St James’ park will realise further extension of SJP at the East Stand is impossible due to the listed status of Leazes and St James’ Terraces.

If ever there was an act to demonstrate Ashley’s intent towards Newcastle United Football Club, then this is it. No ambition, no plans to grow the club in the most obvious way possible – by getting more people supporting the club within its historic home.

So, while Manchester City, Liverpool and others are looking to extend their own stadiums, Ashley is attempting to sell off land (for what I’d guess is a relatively small amount of money and for his own gain, in my opinion) that essentially locks St James’ Park into its current 53,000 capacity.

It may strike some who don’t understand the potential of Newcastle United Football Club as an academic argument but it is well within the reach of our club to have 60,000+ supporters inside St James’ Park watching a successful team. Obviously that is not in Ashley’s game-plan where treading water and raking in what he can from minimal outlay is the order of the day but we at true faith, contrary to all appearances, are optimistic enough to believe future owners may have an altogether more positive view of what Newcastle United can achieve. We like the Newcastle United Supporters Trust believe in the potential of the club, believe in what might be achieved by ambition.

This is an appalling piece of asset stripping by Ashley. It must be resisted. The only way you can help resist this is by joining the Newcastle United Supporters Trust and getting involved in any campaign to stop this in its tracks.

Join the Trust by clicking here.


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11 Responses to NEWCASTLE UNITED SUPPORTERS TRUST – Mike Ashley Selling Off Newcastle United’s Future

  1. Pat Hughes says:

    Does the club actually own the land? Or is it leased to them like the ground? I’ve always understood the Gallowgate couldn’t be a mirror image of the Leazes because foundations would impact on Metro beneath. But whatever, it’s a frightening development and shouldn’t be allowed to happen. I would imagine Nexus might be a little nervous about any development and any building would have a negative impact on the view of SJP as you walk up Gallowgate. Hate the man and his nasty little schemes.

    • Pat, the club, NUFC Holdings is selling the lease for potential development. The sale is unconditional i.e. sold without planning permission – a quick sale for less money but long term possible costs to NUFC.

    • mikey says:

      Pat, the Metro underneath was a price issue as to why they were extending the leases and not the gallowgate because foundations would have to go deeper, but it can still definitely be extended at that end

      • Rob says:

        That explains a fair bit. Can’t say for sure where I’ve heard that that the metro line obstructs future development but it seems to be a rumour a lot have heard, although a rumour of seemingly little substance (perhaps a manufactured one to avoid building?).Saw a mock up of a fully developed SJP as well, with all stands on a level with the Milburn. Looked marvelous.

  2. Rob says:

    Although I don’t like the obvious asset-stripping going on, if that piece of land remained under the ownership of the club, what would be put on it, if anything? I’ve heard that expansion of the Gallowgate is an impossibility due to the metro line underneath

  3. Rowla says:

    Might not be as straightforward as a fresh build on a greenfield site but architects find new ways around these kind of obstacles all the time

  4. mikey says:

    Make no mistake, flogging this land is the worst thing he will do. Asset stripping, pile em high sell em cheap billionaire.

    That is why this bloke is rich, he makes fast money wherever he can.

    Thing is, there will be some future point when Ashley is gone and we will ask ourselves why, in spite of everything, in spite of him flogging all our assets, selling land at the back of the gallowgate and so enclosing the ground in cheap student housing, in spite of his contempt for us, name changes, splitting up fans, why we didm;t do more to stop him.

    We’ve got to do more,

  5. CHARLES SCOTT says:

    To my knowledge this plot of land was secured for potential future expansion of St James’ Park. There are potential ways and means of overcoming obstacles such as the road and metro.

    MFA is asset stripping the club regardless of how much or how little he makes from the sale. He doesn’t need the money, I suspect MFA gets a thrill out of the challenge to successfully make money and expand his empire. Doubt he will leave with the FREE advertising of sports direct to the world via Premier league TV.

    Get this lad out how ? Player revolt to force relegation. Death threats. 10 different Toon supporters per week protest outside his home for months/years. Convince FA this is not sport anymore with MFA un sporting way of being custodian of a club. Toon supporters crank up the back lash against MFA, like empty seats, chanting songs at MFA every game etc. Can’t see this helping to sell his sports direct brand to the world. MFA is the one and only problem at the club, the smoke screen, puppet master

  6. Clive says:

    Of course, we have a right to demand that Ashley builds us a bigger stadium.