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Board Member Peter Fanning attended as the NUST NUClubcrestrepresentative and this is his report.

So, the first meeting of the Fans Forum took place on Monday night, 23rd September at St. James’ Park and it was an interesting meeting. It’s the first time I’ve had the chance to sit down with two Directors of NUFC and question them about the accounts, transfer policy, the appointment of Joe Kinnear and the Wonga deal. Fair play to the Club representatives for being there and trying to answer questions from fan representatives as best they could.

Who was there?

The line up from NUFC included Lee Charnley (Club Secretary), John Irving (Finance Director), Wendy Taylor (Head of Media), Steve Storey (Head of Safety and Security), Stephen Tickle (Box Office Manager), Kate Bradley (Head of Newcastle United Foundation). It was chaired by Lee Marshall (Supporter Liaison Manager) and he was assisted in facilitating the meeting by Bob Moncur, Club Ambassador.
As well as the great and the good from the Club (no sign of the main man of course but nobody expected that!) two Wonga representatives were there to talk about their “partnership” with NUFC.
I won’t list all of the fans representatives (14 of us) because you can go on the Club site and see pictures of all of us and the Club will also be posting the minutes of the meeting. This report is my perception and views of how the meeting went.

What did we ask about?

After some introductions we were invited to raise any questions we wanted to the two Directors. The following is a summary of some of what was covered:

  • The Clubs five year plan was given a knock by last year’s poor league performance but it is to establish the Club in the top ten of the Premiership;
  • Mike Ashley has no real intention, desire or ambition to sell the Club;
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NUFC Fans Forum Minutes – Sep 13 to read Newcastle United official minutes TF_INITIALS_LOGO

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4 Responses to Newcastle United Fans Forum Report

  1. Bob Stead says:

    I find that report very depressing. What exactly have we got to look forward to? Scrape into the top ten, wow! Not even a pretence to achieve something. Pardew said he, as well as us, wanted a trip to Wembley (usually was a great day/weekend out spoilt by 90 minutes of football) but he obviously doesn’t know the extent of the club’s ambitions. What does he do if we win a few games and, god forbid, get close, presumably put the juniors out!!

  2. east stand exile says:

    Staggering really, a football club that doesn’t want to win anything and can’t compete in the league it competes in (and finished 5th in a yr or so ago – somehow). The SD advertising ‘explanation’ is pitiful, surely they could have come up with better excuse than that? Surely they anticipated someone asking the question?

  3. Tom Gorman says:

    Depressing reading. I don’t buy any of the excuses, they can hardly say they are tight fisted and would rather take a gamble than pay the going rate.

    Because of the new TV deal players prices are inflated so they aren’t spending, 3 guesses where the extra revenue is going.

  4. Davey says:

    This bit in the minutes;

    “The board explained that we want to give fans who come here the best value for money.
    Until this season there was no rule in the Premier League on sale or return of away tickets.
    We have always offered tickets on a sale or return basis since I have been at the club
    because we think it’s right; it encourages fans to travel and doesn’t leave clubs with a
    financial penalty if they don’t sell out their allocation.
    We campaigned heavily and the Premier League has now instructed that clubs must offer
    sale or return up to a full allocation which is great. We also campaigned heavily on ticket
    pricing with Premier League and we have always tried to make prices affordable.”

    Does this mean that from now the club will ask for the maximum tickets on offer for away games as Mike Ashley is no longer worried about losing any money on unsold tickets? It’s a little unclear, did anyone present at the meeting ask them if they would start to ask for full allocations?