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The Newcastle United Fans Forum proceeded on Monday night and its shenanigans NUClubcrestare here.

Excluding the Newcastle United Disabled Supporters Association, no representatives to the Fans Forum have ever put themselves up for election to be your representatives and the only properly constituted, members-based and accountable supporters association, the Newcastle United Supporters Trust, with formal links to the Football Supporters Federation, Supporters Direct and a network of national associations has been banned for entirely spurious reasons.

Please take some time and let us know what you make of the Fans Forum in the comments box as per below.

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24 Responses to NEWCASTLE UNITED – Fans Forum – Give Us Your Reaction

  1. Geordie1 says:

    Nearly £10m in profit been announced and that doesn’t include the £20m that we got for Cabaye….and i dare say that the shirt sales etc won’t be added as they now go through Shyte Direct also the club debt stays the same at £129m owed to Ashley.
    Our operational costs were down from £5.1m to just £616,000…..phuck me the players must clean the toilets and cut the grass now.

    Matchday turnover rose by 15.9 per cent to £27.8million, but the cub’s income from TV money dropped by eight per cent to £51million, reflecting the impact of their 16th-placed finish in the Premier League last season…..Isn’t that interesting that the TV money dropped by 8% coz we finished 16th ….so Ashley now wants 8th but not Europe.

    What kills me more than anything is the fact that we make the profits and our best players get sold yet the debt owed to Ashley never really comes down.

    It really sticks in your throat when the club come out with the same sh*te that £129 million is interest free when it clearly isn’t because how much revenue per season would sh*t direct have to pay normally to take up every advertising space available within SJP, the training ground and the tea trolly the reason and only reason he keeps this loan to himself is for tax reasons as he is able to off set the interest which he would normally make (6.5 million @ 5%) from other area’s within his company the man is a twit but clever all the same or is it his accountant pulling the strings. Argh I really dislike this Tyrant.

  2. John Burn says:

    Just more lies and mis-direction I’m afraid. The club admitted on the back of the Keegan tribunal that they had deliberately mis-led the fans and media so I can’t see as to why that strategy has changed. The accounts are also very revealing – the club is far from being skint, but is being ran in a manner where every penny is a prisoner…. apart from when it comes to the owner getting free advertising for his business.

  3. Tom Pitt says:

    The section on commecial revenue via advertising hoardings seems to state that someone would need to stump up in excess of £129m to get the opportunity to use the hoardings!!
    No wonder they cant sell em!!

  4. Gordon Gilchrist says:

    ”shenanigans’ as you say in your headline, there were NOT, it was a properly conducted meeting with a free flow of information and comments from both sides, as fans we may or may not agree with everything that is or was said, but there was dialogue without name calling etc.
    Its only my opinion but there is far to much name calling taking place in blogs etc as well as sensational seeking headlines and no progress will happen until it stops, like it or not because we have not got crystal balls but Mike Ashley does not deserve all the criticism that seems to be thrown at him, we have one of the best if not the best deal in place for season tickets/match tickets etc, plans for a new Academy & Training Centre and we are not doing to badly in the league. anyone fancy swapping places with the likes of Leeds or Portsmouth, it could have happened.
    And, yes I sit on the fans forum.

    • Wow you’re amazing.

      • well, he does post comments using his real name rather than going down the keyboard warrior route.

        • Micheal I don’t know why you seem so wrapped up in my nom de plume, its just a name I’ve always used on forums / message boards. Some people use their own name, some don’t. The email address I’ve submitted is a bona fide email address I’ve had for years. Drop me a line, I’ll give you my real name, telephone number and address if you like ? Not sure about the keyboard warrior, what are you suggesting ?

          • its a beef of mine that people go on forums acting the big’ un with fellow fans using all kinds of made up names. I think its cowardly. Everyone here has the absolute right to disagree with each other and anything and everything we publish too. I just ask that people respect each other – wow your amazing – isn’t that I don’t think. Is that okay?

          • Perhaps a bit over sensitive but I’ll remember not to say “wow you’re amazing” in future.

          • grizzly goz says:

            the keybiard

    • east stand exile says:

      Gordon lots of people on here (and elsewhere) would disagree with your opinions. E.g.the Leeds / Portsmouth meltdown could equally not have happened. But setting that aside, you are the first rep I think I’ve ever seen on here or any other message board so fair play for that. My question is is would you be willing to put 3 or 4 questions from contributors here, vetted by tf if Michael is willing, to the next forum? As a rep and with the meeting being a free flow of information we could maybe get some good feedback?

    • David Rutherford says:

      Genuine question, Gordon: which element of the criticism of Ashley do you feel he doesn’t deserve?

  5. Alex Hurst says:

    CF: “A lot of fans come here looking for a cup run. There is a regular discussion amongst fans at the moment – ‘would you prefer to win a cup and be relegated’?”

    Jesus Christ.

  6. joe hawkins says:

    Like most things this day and age, The whole debacle is stage managed rubbish!

  7. Peter says:

    I laughed at ‘Woud you prefer to win a cup and be relegated’ as well Alex. I may be wrong, but I think, just think, that it can be done without getting relegated. Just to be sure, let’s try to get through to Round 4 without getting relegated next season and maybe take it one step at a time every season after that.

  8. Peter says:

    I laughed at ‘Would you prefer to win a cup and be relegated’ as well Alex. I may be wrong, but I think, just think, that it can be done without getting relegated. Just to be sure, let’s try to get through to Round 4 without getting relegated next season and maybe take it one step at a time every season after that.

  9. Peter Maddison says:

    Poor people – getting attacked in print for trying to help their club. Why doesn’t True Faith call a meeting and have a go? If they’re irrelevant they’ll disappear soon enough. If not they’ll make some progress. No one is holding their breath but you could give them a small chance. Some people have been “elected” to the Nust board with no vote taking place. Rather than being holier than thou True Faith could try to influence the people on the forum with something other than threats and insults. I think you’re better than that.

    • Matt Flynn says:

      I’m still waiting for the question I forwarded a few months back about why the club are persisting with its members only away tickets policy to be raised, yet the away fans representative seems more interested in members accumulating more loyalty points for mid week games than the general public being banned from away games. I might be doing them a disservice but it does whiff a little of self interest.

      And therein lies one of the key problems with the fans forum, there are no proper channels of communication between the representatives and the support. No control over the agenda, no feedback, no way of ensuring unelected representatives ask the questions supporters want asking. NUST offered a route for integrity… and got banned.

      • Matt Flynn says:

        My apologies, the question was asked. Sorry TC, the perils of scan reading endless of spin. Not too surprisingly the response was a metaphorical two fingers.

    • I’d like to see where true faith has threatened or insulted anyone on the fans forum. Describing it as a sham is neither.

      People have been elected to the NUST board (me for example) because not enough people wanted to be elected. You can only have an election if there are sufficient candidates.

  10. Ian Summers says:

    The club never answers the question about our academy status. They have never confirmed getting the class 1 (or is it A?) status. Should we interpret their stated intentions to concentrate on local recruitment as confirmation we did not achieve this status. After all it is a result of being graded 2nd class that recruitment up to a certain age (<16?) is limited to a 50 mile radius. Ashley and "the board" do not help themselves by continuing their deceptive lies and treating us like idiots? Who does our "board" consist of, is it Charnley and Irving? Is the boardroom the size of a cupboard? I see no evidence of the club's stated aim to reach out & make connections with local youth football?

  11. Peter Shearer says:

    Oh dear what has happened to us all. Ashley must love it.Divide and rule in a nutshell.No return for me until the fat controller is condemned to history.For those that have the strength of their convictions-boycott! It is the only thing to at least make you feel you have done your bit-however difficult you find it.Make a stand!

    I guess those of us that witnessed us near division 3 are now very much in a minority, and others do not feel the history of the club as we do.I still hope that one day soon the passion of the fans will see the back of this regime, but some of these comments do make you lose faith in what we were ever about.If we could unite-we could win!

  12. STEPHEN says:

    I’d snap your hand off right now for a place in the League Cup Final and a Quarter Final place in the FA Cup (with only Man City and Arsenal or Everton left after the QF) and yes i’d take being in the bottom three right now, one point adrift of 17th with 12 games to play. Two chances to win a trophy, damn right. Relegated ? from that position, it would be our own damn fault. Give me one days glory over years of just trying to claw in the millions of pounds available for placings in the Premiership that we never see spent.