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On Saturday April 5th, prior to the Newcastle United v Manchester United fixture, a cross section of Newcastle MAOCfans will hold an open top bus parade through the city centre to ‘celebrate’ the achievements of the Mike Ashley tenure.
The date is significant not because this fixture used to be a high profile game between two top clubs but because April 5th is the end of the financial year and we want to highlight how Newcastle United appears to be more of an accountancy exercise these days than a football club and sporting institution.

The ironic ‘celebration’ will show that the club has achieved exactly what it set out to do in its hopelessly limited aim of Premiership survival whilst not taking Cup competitions or European qualification seriously. Amongst a general feeling that Mr Ashley has nothing to contribute to the progression and growth of Newcastle United, fans also want to highlight concerns over the following  issues:

  • The continued feeling of  alienation and exploitation fans feel from the club they love and support
  •  Asset stripping; the latest proposed land sale at the Gallowgate End appearing to permanently end any chance of future ground expansion
  •  Lack of ambition, direction and investment. Cashing in on our best players, whilst being bottom of the league in team investment over the last 5 years.
  • The free advertising enjoyed by Mr Ashley’s companies inside St James’s Park, which the club have now admitted is seen as an offset to Mr Ashley not charging interest on his non decreasing interest free loan!
  • The continued contraction of NUFC Commercial Revenues making the club appear hamstrung at a time when  Financial Fair Play rules show that revenues will be crucial for growth under the new regulations
  • The financial ‘blackhole’ created by MASH Holdings and the questions which arise as to whether fans’ money goes towards the benefit of the football club.
  • The continued diminishing of the Newcastle United brand and identity.
  • The association of the club with morally dubious sponsors
This ‘event’ is meant to highlight in a humorous way some very serious points about the running of the club. If you’re out and about Newcastle city centre please give us a toot or a wave to show your support.
NUFC needs new direction, new leadership and accountability.
On behalf of the invited bus guests.
MAOC Committee

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  1. Vin Crockwell says:

    Great idea lads. I hope you have brought it to the attention of the local and national press and get as much publicity as those arseholes at Man Utd with the Moyes banner.

  2. Ardfella says:

    Whooo! Dangerous!
    Stand by for the tirade from the ‘Don’t upset Ashley’ wimps that are ironically keeping this owner in control.
    Those Man U fans may have been ar******s but at least they showed they cared about their club which is what so many of our own Ashley b*m licking amateur accountants haven’t.
    Go for it boys – more power to your elbow. If we ever succeed in getting this bloke out and a successful new owner in they’ll be the first ones to say ‘Didn’t we do well?’

  3. WhoArYa says:

    It’s amazing that a few fanatics will get a platform to amuse the world, however until half a million supporters rant on like this I’m sticking with our new messiah because he has brought stability and he will build a team.

    Remember we haven’t won anything domestically since 1955 and a few zealots that have to sleep with their hands in boxing gloves sen to the outside of their duvet do not represent the majority. Think of the supporters of the 86 other clubs in the league who would swap with us in a heart beat.

    Please try and build a wave of positivity instead – twats

    • ArmyKev says:

      Are you for real? Minority? Have you left the house (which by the sounds of it is in Pennywell) in the last 7 years? I think you will find the majority will disagree with you. Ashley and his team of obediant monkeys have been systimatically destroying our club for years. I’m just really shocked that there is still people in the mindset of supporting the arsehole. Why would 86 other clubs swap in a heartbeat? I would rather Newcastle be playing Championship football with some real soul in the club than in the premier league with this bunch of souless parasites in charge. To try and fail, is better than not trying at all, you got one thing right that we are a laughing stock, but only because of the incompetance and arragance that this man is running OUR football club. If you are happy to sit back and enjoy watching him use the club as a tax exemtion tool for MASH holdings then you are exactly the sort of supporter that Mike Ashley is looking for a robot with no pride, emotion or veiws of their own…….a bit like the man (I say man….but wasnt Pinociho a boy?) who he has employed to manage Newcaste

    • Pacetopher says:

      Jesus wept, with ‘fans’ like Whoarya supporting the club who needs enemies. it’s people like him who will be celebrating the 9th placed cup and waving the balance sheet in front of teams who compete whilst shouting ‘who needs cups when Mike Ashley is filling his pockets. Ner ner ner nerrrrr ner’

      His point about not doing something until someone else does just shows his sheep mentality and should ideally be ignored when possible. No wonder we have a huge cancerous tumour at the club which keeps growing with idiotic comments like that.

    • David Rutherford says:

      I must be having a bit of a slow day because I’ve read the above post four times and I still can’t work out if it’s dripping in sarcasm or not.
      Either way, anything that brings a bit of publicity and reminds that fat crook and his cluelss manager what we all think of him is a good idea in my book.

  4. Peter Shearer says:

    Proud of the effort being made by the people who understand what our club is about.Hope you can hear me toot from Penrith. I see this as a wave of positivity against the wave of apathy that exists in so many. Good luck.

  5. Whoarya – are you seriously suggesting we should just sit back, watch our club become a beacon of mediocrity because other clubs have worse problems than us? Yeah, in the cold light of day, fans of Leeds, Hereford and Coventry amongst others probably would rather be in our situation, rather than the serious shit they face. To suggest that Ashley will build a team is ludicrous. The only team he will ever build is one he can sell at vast profit for himself, rather than for the benefit of this team and the community it’s supposed to represent.

    You say we haven’t won anything since 1955. When will that change? Remember, we don’t try to win cups any more, that’s club policy. Not winning cups is one thing, I’m used to that. Not trying – that bothers me. Stability is one thing, lack of ambition is something completely different. Everything that the MAOC mention above is real, and it is ruining our club. Go look up FC United of Manchester if you want a proper example of how a football club should be run. Everything we aren’t.

  6. Meant to add in the above that just because other teams are worse off than us, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and improve our lot! But forgot and clicked send instead!

    • David Rutherford says:

      Just to clarify, when I said ‘the above post’ I was referring to Whoarya’s.
      I’ve a feeling that delightful handle is a pseudonym for Wendy Taylor…

  7. Charles Scott says:

    Based on factual evidence MFA is using NUFC as a cash cow by FREE advertising of sports direct boards in St James’ Park to world television viewers and profiteering from NUFC itself through player transfers etc. He’s not bothered about NUFC and supporters.

    There are ways and means to get rid of this horrible NUFC custodian

    • David Rutherford says:

      Haven’t you heard? He’s brought stability and he’s going to build a team.
      Actually Whoareya was right about the latter – Ashley certainly has built a team: a fucking rubbish one.

  8. Stability is Stagnation says:

    WHOAREYA … Obviously suffering from beaten dog syndrome …what a sad case.

  9. Iggy Silverback says:

    Fan from Atlanta in the U.S., wishing you success in this campaign!