MATCH REPORT: Tottenham Hotspur 4 Newcastle United 0, White Hart Lane, 17/Dec/14, Ko: 7:45, League Cup. Att: 34,677

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I’ve just found out on social media that upwards of 2,000 NUFC fans missed kick off for this game due to another United Spursoutside‘fan’ setting off a flare inside the stairwell of the ground.
I arrived at the ground just before 19 30. We didn’t get in the ground until nearly 20.15.  Travelled down from Newcastle, paid for hotels etc – missed half an hour of the game.
What a waste of time and money.
The Police and Spurs were fucking useless as well. No one knew why they weren’t letting fans in as kick off approached. You asked a police officer what was going on and you were told to get back in line.
Utter farce. The idiot responsible needs banned for life.
Even without the ‘incident’ I think we’d have missed KO. 4 man operated turnstiles for nearly 4,500 people. Piss off. Even Ashley’s NUFC have electronic turnstiles. Instead of paying for spies to monitor West Ham in their bid to get the Olympic Stadium they should do something about their turnstiles.
I got in 30 mins late and there were still hundreds behind me. I’m expecting total silence from the two clubs and the Football League – whose cup represented our best chance of European Football and a trophy.
While queing to get in I heard the dreaded ‘roar’ indicating Spurs had scored.
As i’d seen the team sheet I knew that was that.
Mike Williamson has started all 11 of NUFC’s defeats by 3 or more goals in 2014.
I can’t wait for Pardew to get the hook and take him with him to whatever Championship club takes an awful gamble on our no hope manager.
I wrote in the Special this week that Pardew had an advantage as Spurs just couldn’t cope against unadventurous teams who camped on the 18 yard line, playing narrow and not allowing Spurs’creative players any space.
You can imagine my surprise at seeing the team as open as possible with some kind of mental high line being played and there being no sign of us having a midfield. Fuck knows what the plan was. I didn’t see the first goal so I don’t know if it changed the way we played or  not.
Half time came and we were still furious about missing a third of a match we’d travelled 300 miles to see – but the team soon put that to the back of our minds. Mike Williamson is not to blame for us losing on his own, but he does his best to take as much credit as possible for defeats by playing CB as badly I’ve seen any player play at any level. Colo visably ages whenever he plays besides him.
Cabella has had 1 good game at United and it was in his position behind the striker (Burnley away). He’s not been played there since. He’s not a winger. Nor is Goufrann who is a shit striker who hides on the wing.
The last 3 goals were farcical. It was at the other end to us and I’ve seen no highlights but they all had a whiff of Williamson.
We left at the 4th. Some local in our end shouted ‘loyal fans you should be ashamed’ clad head to toe in Mike Ashley’s Wonga clobber.
I literally could see no argument for staying until the end. As if travelling to London to see your team the week before XMAS isn’t loyal enough but I presume he was saying we should have stayed and won the singning?
The away support was brilliant but the team have once again wasted everyone’s time ane money. I take no pleasure in ‘outsinging’ another group of football fans who are watching their weakened team comfortably thrash us.
We got on tube on about 75 mins and there were more Spurs fans on it than mags – which tells its own story.
Sunderland are fucking gash. Don’t let them kid you. Each of the last two seasons they’ve failed to reach 40 points. Pardew’s NUFC have failed to beat them in either season.
They have one more point than Burnley. Please can you name me 6 Burnley players. That’s how bad they are.
However i’d imagine they’ll give everything for the cause on Sunday. We won’t.
Beating one of the worst teams in the league will not make up for this betrayal.
Pardew must love London away games as the team can be as shit as possible and the ‘London based’ element of our support will not turn on him or the team however bad it gets.
Lose Sunday and it has to be the end. The SJP crowd will not be as willing to hide their frustration.
A low point following United.
Motm: no idea as i only saw 40 mins of the game. I’ll give it to S Taylor who’s none appearance in the last two games has enhanced his reputation from idiot to saviour.
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7 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Tottenham Hotspur 4 Newcastle United 0, White Hart Lane, 17/Dec/14, Ko: 7:45, League Cup. Att: 34,677

  1. Mick says:

    Alex first half hour we played well and we were only behind at half time because of that useless fucker in goal. Oh Gouffran tried to play Harry Kane in but apart from that we were the better team. As you saw instead of coming out fighting in the second half we came out a beaten side and quickly were.

  2. Dan M says:

    This is the most miserable thing I’ve ever read. The social aspect of attending games must be a huge pull, ’cause I’ve got no idea why anyone would attend a match home or away with the current state of affairs.

  3. Rob says:

    In fairness – Gouffran is played on the wing. It’s not like he’s told to play up front, in his position, by our esteemed manager and hides out of the way. He’s told to play a position that he shouldn’t be in.

  4. Ian Summers says:

    2 turnstiles for 2000 people, any mention of that in post Hillsbrough Taylor report? White Hart Lane hasn’t changed much since the 80’s. Stretching the imagination to call it a roar on their first goal. Did Rivière have his boot laces tied together, he seems to have problems running?

  5. John Milton says:

    Most dispondent report ever – and not even exagerated for effect! Well done that man!

    Gouff’s ‘blind pass’ to Kane, followed by the pantomime, hands on the head, “what have I done?” at least made me chortle… Gallows humour, and all that.

    I only noticed Rivierra twice – once when Cabella beat him to Ayoze’s cracking cross and fucked it up for him (I’m not confident Rivierra’d have tucked it away), but surely 2 players going for the same ball is Sunday League stuff? Awful. And the second was when he was subbed. ‘Pardewed’, or crap without any help?

    Once again, Ayoze was head and shoulders above anyone else in, erm, green and blue (really man, haven’t we got a 2nd strip?). With MA in charge I feel like we’ve only got him on loan… let’s hope we can get a season extension from his parent (future) club!

  6. big mikey says:

    Didn’t watch the game but saw the ‘highlights’ on sky sports. Was thoroughly depressed last night but feel even worse today after reading the reports and comments. Why am I not surprised that one arsehole setting off a smoke flare can help to ruin the first part of the evening and another in the guise of a football manager along with his muppets help to fuck up the rest of the night. Why oh why does he persist playing Gouffran out wide? If you have to play him at least play him upfront in his proper position not as a totally ineffectual player out wide! Better still give young Campbell or Cabella a chance just behind Ayoze. Why persist with Willow? Colo is so busy fuckin around looking after him that Blyth Spartans would have a field day down the middle
    let alone the ‘unwashed’. Put Dummett back in the middle and play Haidara at left back. Come on Pardew at least think about some tactical nounce! . For Gods sake let’s play with pace,vision and not least a ton of pride for this great club of ours. Make Sunday our day!
    PS.why am I not surprised that the shite masquerading as Tottenham Hotspur have learnt nothing in the last 30 plus years in the way they treat our fans. They are beneath contempt and comment !!

  7. stevie ash says:

    We were the better side in the first half hour and Riviere missed a bread and butter header before Alnwick dropped a cross under no pressure other than from himself. I thought the back 4 was all wrong, I am a fan of Dummet but he is incredibly one footed for a modern footballer and paying him right back was plain stupidity. Anita-Colo-Dummet-Hiadara might have helped. I didn’t even think Spurs were good (unlike Arsenal)….depressing and avoidable.