MATCH REPORT: Swansea City 2 Newcastle United 0, Liberty Stadium, 15/Aug/15, KO: 3pm, Premier League. Att:

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United continued their horrific away form securing a seventh consecutive away defeat dating back to February this year.

I arrived in Wales’ second city after leaving the North East at 5am to the news we were unchanged both personnel wise and tactically. That’s really where the game was lost but more on that later.

The game began with Swansea exerting heavy pressure and after a couple of scares from distance Swansea took a deserved lead when Shelvey (bafflingly unmarked just 25 yards from goal) fed Gomes who easily went round a static Krul for the opener.  The rest of the half was a none event with NUFC enjoying a spell or two of inane possession around the back line and Obertan had our only “chance” of the game when he shot from distance and Fabianski saved low down at his near post. Swansea didn’t really threaten at all as the games flash point approached.

Daryl Janmaat is a really good player and played 37 league games for United last season.  He was a standout performer in a shocking, shambles of a team.  Just 26, he’s good enough and young enough to play Champions LeagueMcClarenSwansea football.  He currently has absolutely no competition for his place at NUFC. There isn’t another first team right back on the books of  one of Europe’s wealthiest clubs (revenue wise). The same can be said of Tim Krul and Fabbricio Colocinni.  While the club has replacements in their positions, it’s unthinkable to think they’d ever be dropped or face losing their place in the team.  Daryl Janmaat picked up two pointless and needless bookings in the first half of a Premier League game.  He knows when his ban is up, he’ll be back in the side.  He could do what he did twice more this season and he’d still be straight back in the team.  There’s absolutely no pressure on him at all.  Like there isn’t Colo or Krul who are both operating miles below what they’re capable of.

People will rightly say Janmaat is an idiot for picking up two needless bookings – betraying his team mates and the travelling fans.  Both bookings were soft.  Both bookings were collected in the opponents part of the pitch with our goal under no immediate threat.  So stupid and pointless to go with needless and unprofessional.  That’s 2 red cards in two of his last 3 away games.

Mike Jones is a really bad ref.  The worst.  As long as I’ll live I’ll never forget him actively searching for a reason to disallow Tiote’s goal against Man City. The man went out of his way to look for a reason to stop NUFC from equalising.  There wasn’t a real reason, none of the Man City players appealed against anything but Mike Jones still took our goal from us. He enjoys the limelight He has an ego.  To do something as ambitious as searching for a reason to disallow a legitimate goal, not really finding a reason and then disallowing it anyway, live on national television, displays a special type of self lust and egomania.  I know this.  Daryl Janmaat, the Newcastle players and coaching staff should know it.  When Janmaat picked up his first booking, he refused to walk over to Jones.  Jones blew his whistle 3 or 4 times.  The game was delayed.  Janmaat made a public display of being unhappy with the ref for his soft booking and Jones forced him to walk back to him, just so the card could be brandished.  It was a matter of time after that.  Janmaat should have known Jones would be looking for him, desperate to send him off.  Desperate for his name to be in all the newspapers tomorrow.  He didn’t and there’s now a major doubt over Janmaat’s professional attitude and character.

Andrew Ayew scythed down a player from behind as he approached the box then body checked a player near the Swansea goal as we attacked at the start of the second half.  Both offenses were worse than anything Janmaat did. Both clear yellow cards.  Each time Ayew apologised to the ref immediately and took his talking too.  He was booked for the second foul.  He should have been off.   Ayew scored the second after 50 mins and it was game over. McClaren withdrew Cisse and we went strikerless as damage limitation was the key – we didn’t create a chance of note in the whole 90. Really poor.

Cisse is a waste of space in this formation – especially away from home.  He offers nothing outside the box. I’d imagine he spent about 30 seconds of open play in Swansea’s box.  He hinders the rest of the team.  Riviere gives you more than Cisse in this formation away from home.  What is McClaren playing at?

Anita and Colback aren’t defensive midfielders.  They provide zero cover for the defence  The 4 2 3 1 formation hasn’t worked for 3 years under Pardew and Carver – away from home especially.  Why are we still playing it.  In what world is Obertan a better pick than Aarons?  Why did we approach today sitting deep and conceding possession as if we were playing at Arsenal at the Emirates?  Swansea finished 8th last season, they’ll be similarly placed this year.  Surely we see them as direct rivals?  Can you imagine them coming to SJP and playing the whole game from the start within their own half of the field.

Plenty of questions for the new head coach to answer.

Newcastle United and Swansea look miles apart and Swansea won’t get near the top 6 probably.  Not good enough.


Newcastle United: Krul 4, Janmaat 0, Mbemba 7, Colo 6, Haidara 4, Anita 5, Colback 5, Sissoko5, Winjaldum 4, Obertan 2, Cisse 1; subs – Taylor 3, Aarons 4, Mitrovic 4

Our fans – nothing to shout about but subdued from the start.  An odd mix of people in the away end.  4

Their fans – They have a drum and are part of the zany school of football support.  They were reasonably loud though.  Booed Mitrovic onto the field which was a nice mark of respect for him 5


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25 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Swansea City 2 Newcastle United 0, Liberty Stadium, 15/Aug/15, KO: 3pm, Premier League. Att:

  1. Rob says:

    Patience and time are needed.

  2. tom Bates says:

    I realise this won’t be a popular view point but I’m wondering what the point is of supporting an English team who field one english player. Newcastle might as well be in the Dutch league as we have far more dutch representatives than English. I know these type of views tend to be scoffed at but surely a mixture of English and overseas talent is realistic in the English league? The amount of money in the league is attracting the best talent from across the globe but what about the history of our clubs and the supposed links to the community?

    • Anton says:

      Yep, bring back Shola and buy a few England “internationals” (played for 5 mins for the under 21 team and now their agents are looking for £10m – anyone remember Ince from a couple of years ago? Whatever happened to him?). Local football for local people God save us.
      Or, here is a thought: make it part of every player’s contract at NUFC to spend 1 hour each per week (6 days per year) teaching football at grass root level in the region. Bring the best of the world to our kids and show that you want to invest on the next generation.

    • Fred Quimby says:

      I have supported Newcastle Utd all my life and now in my 71st year, shall I suddenly stop just because they play only one Englishman?

    • David Chapman says:

      Your once again showing your complete lack of football nous Tom, The best teams in Europe get the kids in at the age of 13 from all over the world, nationalise them and play them in the youth team or loan them out to European clubs, they then play them at 19-20 in the first team, by which time they love the club, whereas we buy in French players of 23+ play them one season and don’t understand why they don’t care about our club as much as we do. Do we even have a local scouting system any more?

    • Andy says:

      Completely agree. I think this is even more of an issue for teams like us with such a distinct and regional identity. I have harped on about this for years but what on earth has happened to North East football. Why don’t the club invest in the youth leagues, the school leagues. Make Newcastle a real centre for football. A few hundred thousand would go miles. Instead we have a poor academy where kids are playing sterile safety first crap.

      Lineker did his 1-11 for that Sky fantasy football program. In it, were Bryan Robson, Peter Beardsley, Chris Waddle, Paul Gascoigne and a little shamefully Alan Shearer as they hardly played together. That said, 5 of 11, from a man who played for Barcelona were from within 15 or so miles from the ground. Is Sammy Ameobi and Paul Dummett the best we can offer?

      We will always have cult foreign players that I love. But they should add to the team. Having 9 or 10 bang average foreign players is where the league has gone horribly wrong.

  3. Paul Brown says:

    An insightful report highlighting the lack of cover and genuine competition in the squad. Am I the only one perplexed by McLarens stated aim of a squad of 18-20 players?
    World Cup squads have 23 for between 3 and 7 matches! Even if we “achieve” instant cup exits we will play 40 games this season at a time when a squad of 18 is required for each game. Bewildering how the planning takes no account of suspensions, injuries and loss of form on the back of a season consisting entirely of those factors.

  4. Wallace says:

    Good point about the lack of pressure on the ball in midfield which allowed Shelvey to run the show. Anita is not the answer. He has neither the energy nor the physical presence to play the role in front of the defence. Tiote is clearly unfit and Abeid out of favour so until we find a replacement the pressure on the defence will continue to mean we leak goals. Maybe Colocinni could play there if we sign a decent centre half? He doesn’t have what it takes at the back anymore

    • Rob says:

      Part of our problem going back a few years is that Pardew and Carver believed that the only type of holding midfielder was the destroyer in the Tiote mold. Asking Vurnon Anita to do this is setting him up to fail. What he can do, what he did at Ajax – a bigger and better club than us – is pick the ball up deep and distribute it. He was superb against Southampton, always on for the pass and pressing their midfield (and pulling our line up the pitch). Look at Busquets at Barca, and Motta at PSG. Neither are the traditional ball winning midfielder. If we want to play in a more possession-oriented way, we need that to start with the centre halves, and Anita can help that.
      Agree with you on maybe looking at Coloccini playing there though, and I’m disappointed that his new contract seems to mean he’s going to start every game. We’re in desperate need of a centre half who loves to head the ball.

  5. Barry Smith says:

    Disappointed at some many things. I agree, we need more competition as certain players would benefit from being benched. Alongside others already mentioned, I’m thinking in particular of Sissoko. He obviously didn’t fancy it yesterday and chucked the towel in. He needs to be given a message. This team doesn’t revolve around him. If he wants to play one game in every 3/4 and be a anonymous for the rest, get rid! I pay to watch every game, he gets paid to play every game. Yet he did nowt yesterday, couldn’t be bothered to make a challenge most of the time. Also really pissed off with Gary Monk. Had a lot of time for this young, talented manager. Yet he chooses to talk about Newcastle ‘kickers’ after the game instead of focusing on a good performance from his own team. We barely put a fucking tackle in! Also shrugged off the ball all over the pitch. Would have been nice if we did kick a couple, a least it would have shown we were bothered. Do me a favour Monk, show some class. You tit!

  6. Pat Hughes says:

    I know it’s early in the season, I only saw the highlights and the BBC rarely highlight our good bits but we’re still not very good at passing the ball to appropriate people are we. It was amateur stuff at times and I agree, Jones looked positively smug as he brandished his coloured cards. He was let loose in the sweet shop again and it really is about time someone took a long look at some refs – Norwich were unfortunate against Palace last week. Standards are crap and shouldn’t be crap this early in the season – stress and fatigue are not in play yet. Anyway, generally miffed and expecting much better from our lads in the coming months!

  7. tom Bates says:

    I take your point Anton I know why we don’t have many english players in the side and yes they do tend to be overpaid and overhyped. You could argue who cares just pick the best players. I just wondered if it bothered anyone and whether the days of waddle gazza Beardsley and Cole lee shearer etc will ever come again.

    • Pat Hughes says:

      I don’t think we’ll ever see those days again unless football loses its money-making and business appeal. I doubt that will happen and with the PL proposing regular Friday night games next season football moves ever further away from its roots. Money has stunted the development of home-grown players, playing for your country is not the goal anymore as PL clubs protect their assets to suit. The FA and PL can take the major blame for that too and who can blame players from around the world dipping into the English pot of riches.

    • Anton says:

      Hi Tom. What really bothers me is that the best our academy has produced in the last 5 years is now playing football for Coventry. At least in the good old days we had big teams poaching our youngsters.

      Which is why I want to see NU players become visible in schools and youth clubs (and I don’t care if it’s from the goodness of their hearts or because of their contracts). The club must build bridges and put in place a youth academy to win hearts and minds and develop excellence. If we want high quality players developed locally, the club must make the first move and invest in people living in the region. This is a very long term strategy and I’m aware that I might not see the results in my life-time, but I think it’s the right way to go.
      Sorry to sound so cantankerous but the situation in our club is not the Premiership’s fault: other teams have youth programmes and reap the rewards. Our leadership has decided that buying cheap and selling for short term profit is their number 1 priority.

  8. tom Bates says:

    I agree Pat. I watch a lot of cricket and rugby locally where the majority of the players come from the area. The premier league seems more and more like a global league and a TV sport now. I feel totally out of touch as no one else seems to mind the way football has going. I would assume our ancestors supported Newcastle because it was their local team and they felt some attachment to the club which isn’t their these days. The first ten years of the PL were the best as you had the best of the overseas players mixed with English players. The counter argument is if a local player is top quality they will probably play.

  9. Fred Quimby says:

    I read elsewhere that the manager said he had learned nothing from the defeat at Swansea! As others have already said, it is early days but the defence hasn’t improved since last season and no new signings in sight: it’s going to be a long, hard season, again.

  10. tom Bates says:

    Fred no you shouldn’t stop supporting your side! I just find it odd that that is the way football has gone. If someone had said that would be the state of affairs 20 years ago no one would have believed them.

  11. tom Bates says:

    Yes Anton we must have just about the poorest academy system in the league. Even Middlesbrough have come up with some good youngsters in recent times. It’s obvious that if you sign players who have no attachment to the club who will move on within two years that you won’t b a success. Funny how we did well in the derbies when Barton Nolan Carroll were playing. Not all geordies but understood the importance of the Derby games. For those who scoff I say how successful has our overseas policy been?

  12. David Chapman says:

    We sign one decent player in wijnaldum and suddenly last season is forgotten about? The John Carver nonsense is forgotten? The sports Direct coloured Blue White and Red away strip is somehow not even noticed,
    I’m not arsed how many foreigners play for us as there are about 8 decent English footballers in the world, I’m arsed about the fact that Steve fucking Mclaren is our fucking manager and so should you be! I gave him three more games until you lot start calling for his beetroot head.

    • Rob says:

      I can’t tell whether that’s a call to support McClaren or not? Regardless, McClaren needs to be given time, and requires the patience of supporters.

    • Davey says:

      Hit the nail on the head there mate. Why is all forgotten from last season? We have signed a centre half that can’t challenge in the air and a fucking lunatic up front! Reasons to be cheerful? Oh, and the wally with the brolly appears not to want to play our best players! Perez anyone? FFS and people keep buying the parasites shit strips. I said give him 10 games or so, which I stand by, but I really cannot understand this top half of the table enthusiasm for what passes as entertainment at our club.

  13. Tom Bates says:

    John Carver was still defending his FA cup selection on goals on Sunday.

    McLaren is a mediocre appointment for a mediocre squad with the aim of keeping us in the league, idealyy before the last day of the season.Top ten would be a bonus but not expected as would a cup run. The only advantage of a bad start is it would persuade Ashley to spend again in January. If we somehow have 25 points by Xmas I doubt we will strengthen the squad.

    Its not a success to finish above Sunderland, the club surely is capable of more than that.

  14. Simon Sharp says:

    Let’s put the cat among the pigeons. Would John Carver have set us up any worse on Saturday? It is early days, and you have give McClaren and his team time to improve the side (the ridiculous pre-season schedule that Carver allegedly arranged has done them no favours at all) but so far, I’m struggling to see what is different from last year. Inability to deal with crosses, not much creativity and no width and still no discipline in the side. At this stage I don’t know if things got so bad under Pardew and Carver that it’ll take an age to put it right or whether McClaren just isn’t the man to do that. Time will tell.

    • Rob says:

      Give it time man. Two games in, against superior opposition. Under the previous two managers we wouldn’t have lost that game 2-0. Once they scored their second, we would have folded, conceded at least 4 and perhaps picked up a second red card.
      McClaren is clearly trying to do things different. FINALLY we have a manager who is encouraging the centre halves to split, and Vurnon Anita is being allowed to play his proper role, which asks him to pick the ball up from between the two centre halves and move it forward. But this will take time – they haven’t been able to work on the team shape against proper opposition due to a shambolic pre-season. Furthermore, the squad McClaren has been handed is at best unbalanced, and at worst, shit. We don’t have a centre half who attacks aerial balls, we don’t have a winger who can cross consistently.
      I’m amazed at how incredibly negative some of our fans have been following one result. I’m implicating you in that, but this team will take time to turn round – a hell of a lot more time than two matches represents.

  15. Simon Sharp says:

    Guilty as charged, Rob. I’ll be the first to hold my hands up in May if I’m wrong.