MATCH REPORT: Sheffield United 2 Newcastle United 2, Bramall Lane, 26/Jul/15, Att: 12,002

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Day got off to a great start, got off train at Sheffield and went into their brilliant station bar The Tap for a beery brekkiesheffield3 and in there was Paralympian Steven Miller having literally a (liquid) breakfast of champions.
Anyway onto the match we made our way toward Bramall lane on a drizzly day.
As usual pre-match away end was lively and loud. Made our way to seats in upper tier of the stand and the team wearing the 3rd kit started off brightly, passing it about and Cissé hit the post early on.
Unfortunately we were surrounded by a small enclave of kanckas who thought the funniest and most hilarious top bantz  thing to do was sing adam johnson shiite songs non stop apart from on the 17th minute when they stopped and paid respect to John and Liam by booing and calling the Sheff Utf supporters ***s etc, then went straight back to Jimmy saville bantz bollocks bollocks etc.
You can see how mcclaren wants us to play we are passing it around more and we look a bit more organised going forward, but we’re missing that bit spark or creativity and we don’t get the shots in we should and still look fragile at the back. Better teams will take their chances and batter us, Sheff Utd didn’t take their chances, Krul was the busier keeper.. Its all bit uninspiring at the moment. Although I do think though we will get more points from games we’ll draw rather than lose next season once the new player gel and others come back. But I don’t want to be negative but we’ve still a bit of a soft centre.
However about 40th minute Cisse had a shot blocked and it fell nicely to Wijnaldum to tuck home and give us a leadsheffield1
Second half we started of slowly Sheff Utd just went straight up the pitch and equalised and we were on the back foot for  a while and didn’t create much. 2nd half was a bit dull and nowt much happened until 10 ins from end we won a corner, Jack Colback took it and it was flicked on (by someone I can’t remember, it was all a bit oo fast for my drunken middle-aged eyes) and Siem de Jong stuck it away to make it 2-1.
I thought we’d won it by then ( I know its my own fault and I cursed us all by having such a ridiculous-self indulgent moment of hope and I had betrayed my own personal motto of “never dare to dream” even about beating a team two divisons below us in a pre-seaon friendly) but Sheff utd equaliser was an absolute screamer, it was their left back (I thinK) and it was applauded in the away end, brilliant goal.
however Wijnaldum looks good actually taking his chances . Krul was the goalkeeper we know he is rather than the disinterested something of as t season. He made a great save whilst going the wrong way.
Great day for chris morgan who was given a game at number 5 with ten minutes to go, lots of applause from the newcastle fans, that good feeling of a testimonial our lot evan sang “One chrissy morgan”.
A draw was a fair result.
bit similar to the Gateshead game but players were a little bit fitter and more organised , err and I’m drunk and don’t really know what I’m writing, can I stop now and got o bed its late on Sunday night, i don’t know what Im going on about.
David Spencer- with Glenn Ashcroft providing inspiration. 

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