MATCH REPORT: QPR 2 Newcastle United 1, Loftus Road, 16/May/15, KO:3pm, Premier League, Att:

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Newcastle United is club on the brink and I even give a fuck.
Yesterday was another disastrous day watching Newcastle United – this club isn’t the one I fell in love with back at Loftus Carver4Road nearly 20 years ago. Loftus Road is where I fell in love with United, my first game was back there in 1995. Ferdinand, Ginola, Beardsley et al. From that day the love I’ve had for Newcastle United has never been matched by anything in my life. Now, that love affair is over. Today I don’t feel gutted or annoyed. I’m now just apathetic to it all. Mike Ashley you’ve killed my soul.Yesterday started the way any day does with the best bit of watching Newcastle, the craic pre match. I still love going mainly just to have the craic in the pub beforehand. The sun was shining and the beer was flowing. Everyone seemed confident of United gaining 3 points. Just a quick side point there was a lass in the bar who was (in the Paul Merson’s voice) a WORLDIE. So, if by some chance she reads this terribly written match report the please insert your number here () Ta, in advance.On route to the ground you could tell United fans were up for this. I love when our supports like this. Nobodies better than when Newcastle is in full voice.On entering the ground I was once again baffled by the team Geordie John had put out. Ryan Taylor in CM ?!?!? FFS man the bloke wasn’t good enough when he was fully fit, never mind after two career threatening injuries. Abeid must shagging Carver’s daughter as I’m baffled to how he can get in the side.

United actually started the game quite well with Sissoko actually getting the ball and driving with it. The lad’s given up over the last few weeks but a part of me can’t blame him, if we don’t care then how do we expect him to care. Rivière also looked up for the fight. Now, as a player that’s cost£6m I think he’s rather useless, but yesterday was his best game in a B&W shirt. United took the lead in the 24th minute after Tim Krul’s long punt up field was well controlled and finished by Rivière. This cued ructions in the away end.
United was fully in control and Coloccini somehow missed a chance to make it 2-0 just before HT. During HT I was fully confident we’d kick on and win the game. How fucking naive am I ?
The second half was beyond a joke. United had an early scare when Austins effort was heroically blocked by Jonas on the line. Jonas sadly despite his tremendous effort isn’t good enough to play for United.
QPR equalised shortly after a Newcastle attack broke down. OPR quickly broke with Austin who toyed with Jonas before floating a ball to the back stick for Phillip’s to head home. Having seen the replay of the goal Janmaat’s defending is atrocious – why on earth he’s not jumping to head the ball away for a corner is beyond me.You could see we looked shit scared after that. Every time we concede, and that’s a lot, I look at the reaction of our players. They literally look terrified every time we let a goal in.United was engulfed in crisis shortly after when Fer gave QPR took the lead. A horrendous clearance by Krul, who now pheonixlogo
looks about much use as Rob Elliot, was collected by Phillips and after a powder puff challenge by Ryan Taylor Fer belted a beauty in to the top corner. Shit. Newcastle was up against it now.

Shortly after United were denied a stonewall Penalty when Cabella was dragged back in the box. How many pens have we got this season ? Surely we’re due one. Next week would be a good time to get 3 or 4.

Cisse came on for Rivière, who actually was playing well, a sub that once again proves how ‘kin clueless Geordie John is. United had some decent chances with Sissoko going close.

After a pitiful free kick attempt, Cisse went close at the death but his effort was superbly blocked by Hill.

And that was that. Newcastle United beaten. Again.

Next week is the biggest game United has played since that dark day in 2009. I’ll be honest I’m petrified. Steve Bruce & Mike Phelan up against their old employers in need of 3 points in a pointless game for Man U.

I can’t see us winning but we, as a crowd, need to do all we can to get the 3 points. I know they don’t deserve it, I know that fat prick doesn’t deserve, but as a club we need to be in this division. So, let’s do our bit and pray and hope it’s enough.

Our Fans: Superb. As good an away end as I’ve seen in years. Sad that it takes a game of this magnitude to get the support going.

Their fans: Ok considering the circumstances.

Last note please donate to the lads who did the journey to London on their bikes. They deserve better than that crap. Text NUFC67 and £5 or £10 70110.

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26 Responses to MATCH REPORT: QPR 2 Newcastle United 1, Loftus Road, 16/May/15, KO:3pm, Premier League, Att:

  1. Rob Douglas says:

    An interesting report for those of us who had to endure it on the radio. Just one point I’d disagree with. ‘Sissoko’s given up. If we don’t care, how is he supposed to care?’ I’d say it’s the other way around. It’s because HE and the rest of the whole organisation gave up months ago that we have given up. The fans owe this shower absolutely nothing because we have been given nothing for 3 years. This whole shambles have to earn support. They’ve done nothing of the sorta and that starts form the Owner. That’s said, I agree with everything else you’ve written and I also agree that the fans WILL support next week because we’re the only positive thing about this hopeless club

  2. Bob says:

    Just about everyone is putting Raylor in the bin for the end of the season but Carver keeps playing despite his poor performances ( other than maybe his first game back on adreneline). Abeid had a few good games, was then injured, made a bit of a hash in the manu game under pressure and hasn’t been seen since despite more poor performances by others on a regular basis. Is younger, fittter and a better player and probably “the future” but Carver ignores him, as with a lot of the younger ones. Probably the only alternative to Jonas at left is Raylor so I’ve no problem with that as Colback should be
    in midfield. Sorry state. If Carver has any pride left he should resign straight after West Ham game.

    • mike says:

      would you leave with a 5 year contract or wait till you get sacked? Big Sam 6m payoff

  3. Cls_ncl says:

    Carvers gone from dillisional to certifiable this week ( London climate to hot for football!!) and dispite what he may say we’re very much depending on other results next week no way we’d beat West Ham or anybody else for that matter. Couple that in with him trying to create a completely unenforceable “Hitlers bunker” mentality of a complete media blackout for our deadbeat players while they whistle and pretend everything’s rosy in the world just makes matters worse they should be made to see exactly how there seen by there fans and peers to try and wrestle some kind of professional pride from them. Embarrassing!

  4. Stephen says:

    It should not be like this. People say we’ve seen worse and i look back on the late 70’s and a big chunk of the 80’s and it was bad, very bad.

    This is worse though because it should not be like this. The facilities,the data analysists,nutritionists,masseurs, the welfare (all bollocks by the way in my opinion, where’s it got you Big Sam the visionary? no cup wins, can never finish in the top eight,its about players and character, anyway i digress) and the RICHES.

    It broke my heart when McKeag and co sold Beardsley for 1.8 million (even though he deserved to play for a better club) and i hated the bastards for it but now i look back and understand. 1.8 million dangled in front of a group of blokes who did not have a pot to piss in !!.What else were they going to do.

    Here,now there is unimaginable wealth and look at us, fucking rotten.

    Priemership status means nothing to me anymore. Whatever division we are in i’ll always go because Newcastle United’s status and substance is what meant something to me not whether they were playing Man United or Mansfield.It was Something i believed in, it was my life, every day, every hour. We are a shambles, a joke and not the football club i grew up loving. That is gone.

    I hope we go down, i realise opinion is massively split and i’ve got mates who love Newcastle United just as much and want us to stay up (and i know they would go whatever division we were in too). Some people though only want us to stay up so they can watch the teams in the best league in the world ! (ha, Stoke, Burnley, WBA), in my opinion that is not loving or caring about Nwcastle United.i see the standpoint that we’ve got to stayin the premirship to make us a saleble proposition, my stance is who is going to pay 200 million or whaever it is to buy us?

    Maybe go down another level, league 2. In my opinion thats the only way things may change. People say do you want to be Leeds / Portsmouth. Well from where i’m sitting they look as though they are atleast fighting for something,fighting to come back,fighting for their Club and their proud Cities. They have a bit substance and identity.

    I like Perez, when he scored last saturday i stood and clapped, i did not sit back down i left. I wasn’t even happy. What the fuck ! This is Newcastle United, my life and i don’t even fucking care anymore. I hate that football club as it stands today, broken.

    For what its worth i think we’ll stay up because Hull will not win but i do not care either way. Carver says the staff will have the post mortem after the final whistle next sunday. He should walk away immediately, one point out of thirty, one fucking point out of THIRTY!!. John Carver you are not good enough, clown !

    Perez, Janmaat, Krul do what Beardsley did and get yourselves away, your careers will benefit elsewhere. Sissoko fuck off you coward, Colo’, captain,coward you aswell.

    Me i’ll cling on, whatever division, hoping for that day when i have something to believe in again. A day when i’m fucking proud to be anywhere in this country or Europe (ha, fat chance!) and say i support Newcastle United.

    • Dazz Gee says:

      Nail on the head… my girlfriend is a mackem and I’ve tried to explain why I’d rather play in the Championship for something, including cups! What is the point in being a competition that you’re not competing in? The fat stunt is taking the urine out of everyone…..the individuals that represent Newcastle United on the pitch do not represent our passion and pride of our brilliant city….but they could do us the biggest back handed favour in taking us down….its all that fat stunt deserves. Let’s hope that what ever happens, the world’s best support next week embarrasses the individuals at Newcastle United, coz we all know they have no right to it! Howay the lads….strength & honour

    • Gareth Harrison says:

      Absolutely spot on Stephen. Me and half a dozen mates were in London for the match yesterday, none of us went and had a great day instead in each others company in the sun. I would rather see us trying against Hartlepool in the 4th division than having to endure another season watching players (Perez aside) that I detest, managed by a man I despise looked down on by an owner for whom my true hopes for are unprintable here.

      I unequivocally hope we go down on Sunday, it’s the only possible start to a long, slow painful road to getting the club we love back

  5. David Chapman says:

    Why do people want us to stay up? so the fat controller gets another slice of the premier league money, and tells whoever is still listening to his bullshit that he’s gonna strengthen the team in the summer? Personally I think it will be fucking hilarious and totally deserved if we go down Mike will loose 80+ million and the players will get what they deserve, their pre madonna attitudes will seem even more ridiculous at Brentford away.

    As for the fans well from what I hear all people go for is the banter and the pubs are still gonna be there whatever division we are in so the only person affected by relegation is Ashley and that is totally fine by me.

    • if there is one group who will be supremely unaffected by relegation, it will be the players. The people who will suffer will be the staff who work in the offices, shops etc. Like last time.

      • David Chapman says:

        Of course the players will be affected, its my understanding they are on huge bonuses for a top 10 finish they’ll loose that, they will also have relegation wage drops in the contracts also. also personal pride hahahaha, forget that one.

        As for the people in shops, you know as well as i do that at least 45k + people will turn up to our hallowed ground whatever division we are in so I dont understand your point on that one.

        • The players do not have relegation clauses in their contracts. They will move on elsewhere and we better hope they do. There will not be 45K whatever division we are in – there wasn’t the last time for the first few games and only wins got people back. The little people at the club will suffer. I’d doubt if Ashley would sell up until he’s milked the parachute money by which time we could be in League 2.

    • mike says:

      I had a great time with real supporters when we were playing under Houghton full ground, exciting footie, a winning team!!! What was there not to like?

  6. Ian Summers says:

    Can’t help contrasting our spineless players with Alberto Contador leading the Giro d’Italia despite dislocating his shoulder 2 days ago?

  7. Stuart79 says:

    If we turn up and support the club next week when they desperately need us that will give Ashley all the encouragement he needs to continue to rip the heart and soul out of the club. How much worse can it get? How much worse does it need to get before we turn our back on Ashley? Not the club, Ashley!

    We need to show him were finished with him and we are even prepared to risk the team losing and getting relegated.

    Think about this; if we turn up, cheer the players to a win and stay up, Ashley will sit down in London and think “I can do anything here and they’ll still come to the rescue when we club needs them.” I for one cannot be part of this. We’re fighting for our club and our children’s club. Time to make a stand and give Ashley the biggest two fingers he’s ever had!

  8. Marc Corby says:

    Well my 3 game ‘boycott’ ends this week but ultimately all I’m doing is ‘supporting’ Mike Ashley and his sole ambition to earn ludicrous amount’s of TV money next season.

    Unless, we stop up and Geordie John stands up for himself and demands to build a squad capable of avoiding a relegation scrap?


  9. Stuart79 says:

    And the fact that Ashley won’t pay Carver up and he will still be a coach next season says everything. His relationship with the players is toxic yet he will keep his job.

    Penny pinching over ambition.

  10. Phil Atkinson says:

    I understand Livermore failed his drugs test following Hulls victory over Palace in April. If Ashley gets his lawyers on the case a potential points deduction may prove the Toons only chance of survival.

  11. Dave says:

    That won’t be a problem though Stuart because once the season is over & the supposed “post mortem” has taken place, our top class coach Carver says he’s looking forward to having his own players to work with from pre season onwards (and apparently he’s privvy to this illustrious list of incoming stars) then he’ll show us all what he’s capable of. God help us. We all know that until the Fat Controller sells up or dies, we’re fucked.

  12. Stuart79 says:

    Dave – Everything Carver, Charnley or Moncur have been saying regards players next season we can totally forget it. All plans will be on hold and I can pretty much guarantee the excuse will be when we ‘miss out’ on any decent players will be “We didn’t know what division we were playing in until late and we were too late for our targets.”

    Predictability of NUFC is the saddest thing.

    • Gary Ĺockey says:

      Like everyone else I’ve deliberated over the pros and cons of relegation. My head says it will be a disaster for the reasons given – redundancies of ordinary hard working people, financial melt down possibly and a minimum of 5 years outside the top flight. My heart wants relegation – Ashley misses out on the Premier league cashcow, no global audience for his free advertising and hopefully the get out clause that Wonga will exercise. How bloody sad.

      • Stephen says:

        Redundancies ? i was under the impression that Newcastle United ran on the minimum of staff anyway.

  13. Dave says:

    Sorry Stuart79, thought you realised with my post I was being sarcastic.

  14. Stephen says:

    QPR man !! worse dressing room than ours by their own admission and we can’t even beat them.

    Fucking brilliant point that against WBA.

  15. desree says:

    if not this season then next, we all recognised it last year and we were right. delaing the innevitable.

  16. Toblerone Tom says:

    Anyone who thinks that a 50 grand top ten bonus is enough to motivate millionaire players is deluded. What will motivate them is Ashley telling them that if they do not perform he will transfer their contracts to Sports Direct and they can stack shelves for the duration of their contracts.