REPORT & PODCAST : Notts Forest 2 Newcastle United 1, City Ground, 2/Dec/16, KO: 7:45pm, Att: 21,317

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I’ll get him out of the way early as I won’t remember the night because of the referee and his assistants. Phoenixlogo

I want to start by comparing the penalty and red card tonight to Dwight Gayle being pulled down by Ipswich’s keeper and not being awarded a penalty or red card. Maybe that’s not relevant and I’m the only person to think about the Ipswich game tonight. Compare those decisions though. Both seen by the referees. It’s not the same sport if those two decisions lead to polar opposite results. How are forwards or defenders supposed to play the game, make decisions etc if they’ve no idea what rules the referees are playing today?

Lansbury has made no attempt to play the ball. No attempt to shoot. Not even facing the goal. So how is it a red card? It’s
forest5 bad defending. They targeted Dummet in the first half. I’m sat here in the Jury’s Inn in Nottingham so I’ll have not seen the analysis you have. He shouldn’t commit a foul. We win the game for me 10 v 11. We were dominant.

Shelvey is stupid. It’s been coming. He’s always on at referees, even when he’s given away blatant fouls. He’s always getting in scraps or fights. He’s so good. He’s worth the effort. If he’s banned for 9 games he owes us big (bigger as tonight was stupid). But what about Lansbury’s foul, miles away from the ball? How can that massive blatant foul, conceded before the kick from Shelvey lead to a penalty. That incident alone is evidence of a group of officials who shouldn’t referee again at this level.

I can’t tell you about the two penalties or goal we should have had. They were at the end of the pitch to the away end. I’ve heard enough though.

Enough about the referee. Commit him to memory for your quiz questions and future refereeing nightmares thirty years in the future.

Newcastle were excellent again. There’s so many ways to lose a game of football and this isn’t one to lament. All nine players have everything. I’ve stood in too many away ends where we’ve lost games because we’ve been too bad to win the game. Too lazy, to disorganised and too disinterested. Everyone did the dirty work, everyone. Dwight Gayle – target man. Ritchie was back to it after some quiet (and poor games). What a goal. Yedlin was exceptional on both flanks. What a player. Goufrann grafted and Isaac Hayden put in the performance that tells you he belongs in the premier league. He times his tackles so well that he’ll get sent off one day by another inept ref.

Karl Darlow though. Is there a more improved goal keeper in the country? Remember WBA away last season? Please do the next time you sat Sels should never play again. He was magnificent. The penalty saves will live long in the memory but his overall performance was superb.

A good week break now awaits players and fans before an organised and impressive Birmingham City come to town backed by 3,200. I’ve no doubt they’ll leave with nothing. Let’s get behind the lads. There’s so much to like about this team.

2 1 to the referee. I’d much rather it was that than a deserved defeat. United have been away from twice in 4 days and put everything into each game and been the better side. I’ve had worse weeks watching United, believe me.

We’re Newcastle and We’re Going To Win The League.


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11 Responses to REPORT & PODCAST : Notts Forest 2 Newcastle United 1, City Ground, 2/Dec/16, KO: 7:45pm, Att: 21,317

  1. Bob says:

    I’ve said after every game this season that the officials are terrible, and that continued in this game. Not particularly for the sendings off. I reckon we should have had three penalties in the first half, two pull backs on Gayle and Clark and one hand ball and a Clark goal. Their first goal was handball by Bendtner. The ref let them get away with fouls and playacting yet booked our players for similar fouls. The shelvey sending off was a foul by their player first and his reaction was terrible. However, our players did exceptional to keep them out for so long, especially Darlow, although I didn’rate Notts Forest much. Very disappointing but hey ho, on we go.

  2. Andy bee says:

    Well said bob . In Clarke and lascelles we win the league big men big hearts backed up by a great supporting team

  3. john rush says:

    Not long to wait to give mr lansbury and co a warm new year welcome

  4. Gjbnufc says:

    Goofs booking was probably the softest yellow iv ever seen

  5. Nick says:

    Let’s make sure Lansbury gets the message on 30th December. We don’t like cheating, limited footballers on Tyneside.

  6. Peter Shearer says:

    Lansbury basically got 2 players sent off- I think he was more the culprit than the referee who was conned by him. The FA really ought to look at that as he has deceived the referee into sending 2 players off. If that is not a breach of any rule-it should be! The referee only has a second to react and him and the linesman got it wrong.That said, the referee was poor in other areas too.

    3 bad results in a week, but it speaks volumes that none of us are panicking. Just a blip along the way.I think Lascelles has the potential to be the best defender we have ever had.

  7. kenny says:

    so proud of my team after the last 2 games. gutsy, classy football for all to see. haydon, wow what a player this lad is turning into, he was fuckin brilliant last night.
    lansbury ! im going shout abuse at that cunt all night on the 30th, we all should.

  8. Andrew Thompson says:

    Don’t expect Lansbury to play in the reverse fixture up here. He won’t fancy the hostility he’ll receive from not only 50,000 people baying for his blood but from the Newcastle players who looked extremely pissed off by his actions. He’s a coward and he’ll bottle it. Shame.

    • john rush says:

      You could be right Andrew. Still should not stop us giving the rest of them the same baying of blood. Ive hated notts forest since the 74 match when they begged the referee not to abandon the game after the pitch invasion as they were winning then ran crying to th fa for a replay when we went on to beat them there fans are worse than villas for being deluded they regularly come on to phone ins claiming to be a bigger team than us because Cloughie won the european cup for them also remember a couple of nobodies who played for them last time we were in the championship coming out with the same crap them. And dont forget the miners strike either

      • Pete says:

        Was talking to Paul Dummet last night and he said as much. When I asked if Lansbury was going to get done up here he smiled and nodded his head. I’d actually bring Tiote on for the last 10mins and tell him to do a job on him. No place for posing cheats in football.

  9. Andy bee says:

    Let’s stay calm and not get over concerned with those red scabs. They showed during the strike what a bunch of twats they were I don’t want any revenge on the 30th. I want and will receive for Xmas the lads to continue their professional assault on the job in hand (Shelvey take note). The level of effort by our team whether at 11 , 10 or 9 men was commendable – we have true warriors in lascelles clarke and Hayden.