MATCH REPORT: Newcastle United 2 QPR 2, St James’ Park, 1/Feb/2017, KO:7:45pm Att: 47,907

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A disappointing week for United continued with a lacklustre performance which barely merited a point against an enterprising QPR side.  As expected, Rafa changed almost the entire starting line up from the Oxford debacle, with only Perez and Hayden remaining and we came flying out of the blocks with a goal inside the opening 40 seconds.

Gouffran saw played a nice ball inside the box to Murphy and he held off his man to get a shot away with the rebound falling perfectly on the half volley for Shelvey to hammer home just inside the area.  Had the goal come any later in the half, then you’d have to say it was against the run of play because Rangers went on to completely dominate the half as we put in a lethargic display.  Shortly after the goal, there was a nasty clash of heads that saw Clark and Mackie both bleeding and requiring attention but both could continue.  We barely got a look in as the visitors poured forwards.  Darlow saw a shot go just wide before Wszolek got in behind the back line.  Had he squared the ball along the floor, Washington would have had a tap in but he inexplicably lifted his ball across the box and we were able to scramble clear.

Darlow was then called into action again, making a smart stop which thankfully fell to a R’s player in an offside position with the goal gaping and time and time again, we gave the ball away to the opposition with sloppy, almost lackadaisical play.  Lascelles in particular had an absolute shocker and I don’t know whether it is lack of focus or nerves with the lad, but he just didn’t look switched on at all.  We looked like we were going to ride our luck to half time but conceded just before the interval.  Again we switched off in defence and a daisy cutter from outside the box was seized upon by Washington, who stabbed home despite a desperate lunge from Clark.

The second half started no better, as Dummett spooned a long ball in the air straight into the path of Wszolek, forcing Darlow to make a good stop with his legs.  This time it very much was against the run of play when we took the lead again with ten minutes of the half gone.  Yedlin nipped into the box to feed Hayden and he stood up a ball to the back post for Matt Ritchie to leap up and head back across the goal and past the keeper.  I though Ritchie tried very hard tonight and was our best player.  Of a poor bunch mind.  Shortly after the goal, Shelvey got involved in a tangle with the bandaged Mackie near the centre circle, which incensed the striker, who seemed to intimate that he’d been stamped on.  Whether or not the tackle inflicted any damage, Shelvey needs to wise up in these situations, although all evidence suggests he’s not going to.

The goal finally roused us though and we had by far our best passage of play over the next twenty minutes and should haveSupport NUFC Foodbank in asscosiation with NUFC & Newcstle West End Foodbank. Donate matchday: opposite NINE Bar, Starwberry Place from 1pm wrapped the match up.  Perez, who looks shot to bits was the culprit twice and on each occasion he made completely the wrong decision.  Firstly, he was played in on goal but chose to fire at the keeper’s legs rather than square to Ritchie for a tap in and then minutes later in a similar position, chose to balloon a pass to no-one when a shot would have been much the better option.  He needs a rest from the team, badly.  Gouffran came close and was only denied by a fine stop from the keeper after being teed up by Hayden but just when it looked like we’d ground out a win, calamity struck and Rangers equalised on the 90th minute.

A returning Lua Lua the Junior played a nondescript ball into the box but a breakdown in communication saw Clark glance a backwards header straight over the onrushing Darlow into the net at the Leazes.  Terrible goal to concede but in all honesty, QPR would have felt extremely hard done by to come away with nowt.  They almost did though with nearly the final kick of the game but Gouffran’s effort was turned just wide by Diame in front of goal and both teams had to settle for a point.

Something doesn’t feel quite right.  Rafa’s post match Press conference hinted at misgivings of the club’s effort in the transfer window and on the pitch, the team certainly don’t look themselves.  Derby on Saturday is a massive game for us – they’re on a roll, McLaren will want to stick one up us after a (mutually) unhappy time up here and for all that we’ve still got a bit of breathing space, the chasing pack which includes our visitors this weekend are all gaining ground.  I’ll not be sad to see the back of the last few days, for fucks sake let’s get it right this weekend eh lads?

Keep the Faith

Newcastle United  – Darlow 6, Yedlin 6, Lascelles 3, Clark 6, Dummett 6, RITCHIE 7, Hayden 5, Shelvey 6, Gouffran 4, Perez 3 (Diame n/a), Murphy 4 (Ameobi 5)

Ref – Robinson – 7 – Thought he reffed it sensibly on the whole and certainly wasn’t helped by his linesmen, who were both absolutely shite.

Our Fans – 5 – Decent in patches but groaning with every misplaced pass and the boos at the end..well, where do you start?

Their Fans – 5 – Hardly any in at the start but filled up a bit and they were alright for a midweek trip

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14 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Newcastle United 2 QPR 2, St James’ Park, 1/Feb/2017, KO:7:45pm Att: 47,907

  1. Brian says:

    Agree 100% with Ed’s comments……that HAS to be Lascelles’ poorest performance in a black and white shirt…..I have seen him twice live, and thought he is a very accomplished defender, but last night his mind wasn’t there. Hayden was nowhere, and we kep on losing possession, which is not like us. I hope there is not a serious off-field issue, as to me there is a big problem somewhere….

    • David Turner says:

      Yes Brian I think you are right-something seems wrong;Lascelles played like a rabbit caught in the headlights and I’m afraid that Paul Dummett again demonstrated that his spacial awareness is something approaching “nil”.

      • Gareth says:

        I feel sorry for Dummett, I actually think he’s done alright this season but the kid patently isn’t a left back.

  2. Alan says:

    You reckon his post match interview only ‘hinted’ at misgivings Gareth?
    I reckon it’s a knocking bet Rafa won’t be at Newcastle come the start of next season, whatever division we happen to be in.

    Brace yourself for the fat cunt giving us the second coming of Pardew

    • Gareth says:

      Alright mate, I’d actually written the report as soon as I got in from the match so I hadn’t heard the interview before it went out (nice 5am start for work this morning!). Heard it on the wireless on the way to work this morning and yes, it definitely sounds worse than ‘misgivings’. God help us.

    • Dempsey says:

      I know he’s said he won’t sell, but surely in the back of his mind he must be thinking that he could get some offers for the club in the summer if we go up, and then at least have options?

      With this in mind, won’t he try and keep Rafa happy until the end of the season because if you were looking to buy the club, you’d value it a hell of a lot higher with him as manager than some journeyman patsy?

      • anton says:

        You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But our Ashley is a gambler and a miser (weird combination, I know) with a point to prove. Which is why many of us felt the sky was falling after the game vs Oxford: it was another bad sign that all is far from well.
        Let’s pick up the pieces and hope for a win against Derby.

  3. Paul smith says:

    You just need to watch Rafas interview. He’s gone.

  4. Peter Shearer says:

    You always have to try and pre-guess Ashley, and as he does not think like the rest of us it is hard to do that. But the printing of a poll suggesting that most fans now are happy with him, perhaps gave him the green-light he needed. There is always the possibility that he just likes to be the bad guy-but let’s dismiss that one for now. So he knew last year that feelings were running high and everyone would have turned on him again if Rafa had gone. He knows he has to keep Rafa until he rides the storm and now he is flexing his muscle again. People like him to not like giving up control. So now we will have to see how this plays out, but something does not seem right. If the players sense that Rafa has changed his views, that will certainly start to make them ask questions.

    So we are guessing, but if Rafa has been betrayed by Ashley, he should go and let Ashley take the flak. Yes we all want him here as he is ideal for us, but I would hate him to allow Ashley to demoralise him,whatever that means for us. He has already done us a favour and he should keep the fans on board by being honest with us. There is no doubt who the majority of fans would side with and he owes us nothing if Ashley has gone back on his word. He should not let the respect of the fans stop him from telling Ashley what he can do with his job.

    We all want Rafa on board, as we can all recognise a true football man,but we should show him enough respect not to put him in a position where he has to compromise his vision and control of playing matters. All this is conjecture, but something is brewing.

  5. mikey says:

    I barely recognise our fanbase these days

    The players are scared play at St James’s park because people just turn up to whinge, hurl abuse and boo. The fans have something to answer for in this. Silent or negate and just waiting to groan when something goes wrong.

  6. mike says:

    funny how the fans always end up taking the blame…how many full houses have we had both home and away? i seem to think it maybe the negative football we play one striker at home passing the ball backwards and sideways and when we get to the halfway line we look as if we have no idea of what to do next. We looked very poor last night. But I guess we have saved money including the 30m steal from Sissoko, getting rid of Tiote, and got Ameobi back for nowt hell if he is the answer we are in big trouble, yes its a joke to some him coming on, but lets face it he wasnt good enough despite having a lengthy spell here and he is not going to get better. I guess that was part of the “master plan” of the ones in charge get someone for nowt he will do. That could all backfire big style. Leeds and the chasing pack are closing in. Our winable games at home dont look a good bet now. please prove me wrong.

    • Hoglan says:

      Full houses mean nothing if the bulk of noises coming from the stands are moaning and groaning.

      Mikeys right, players are scared to play. Doesn’t matter how much they are earning, booing and complaining ruins a players confidence.

      • Nick says:

        Social media amplifies it. I know often it’s just kids but it’s all fucking blame X, I hate Y, Z is a disgrace. Some arsehole I saw the other night even had Jack Colback with a red cross over him for his twitter profile picture.

  7. Peter Ward says:

    I’ve never been happy with Lascelles as captain. Unfortunately no one else stands out for the job. Oh to have a Nolan. As for most fans being happy with Ashley.. for gods sake get real!!!