MATCH REPORT: Newcastle United 1 Tottenham Hotspur 3, 19/Apr/15, KO: 4pm, Premier League, Att: 31,750

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I’ve had some great days following NUFC in my life.  Some sad days, some ecstatic days, Boycott7some days when I wondered why I bothered.  I’ve had days when I’ve loved the club, loved the people who’ve supported them with me and other days when I’ve wondered if we all follow the same team.  I’ve had days when I’ve been surrounded by mates, people I think the world of having a pint and a bit of crack and felt  as happy as could be and I’ve had days when I’ve felt miserable and reserved, sometimes because of the football, sometimes not.  I burst with pride looking around our away end at the Baseball Ground 23 years ago as we teetered on oblivion and I’ve nearly died of embarrassment listening to some of the things coming out of our fans mouths at Highfield Road and Valley Parade.

I’ve watched the club through incredible highs in some of the greatest stadiums in the world and I’ve watched them in incredible lows in places like the Manor Ground and Oakwell and I’ve seen us witness heroes and villains represent our side.  I’ve laughed watching Newcastle United, I’ve been overcome with joy watching them and I’ve walked away from games with a horrible knot in my stomach brought about from a mix of frustration and anger and when my wife asked me ‘So, what was today like then?’ when I got home, I could have answered her with any of those emotions after what was one of the weirdest days of my life as a football supporter.

If you’re looking for a report on what happened on the pitch or inside SJP, then I’m unfortunately not qualified to give it.  I watched it on the telly but as any real football fan will tell you, you can’t really get a feel for it by watching on the box and I’m certainly not in a position to comment on the atmosphere or feeling inside the ground.  As we’ve done for as long as I can remember, I met my Dad and my mates in the Percy before the match and as we’ve done for as long as I can remember, we had a great bit crack in the beer garden outside.  For the first time in my life though, instead of walking up to the East Stand, I headed to the back of the Gallowgate and stood with I’m not sure how many other folk and despaired of what our club had become.

I was heartened by the protests, yet at the same time I winced when I heard match going Mags given stick for going into the ground.  Let’s get this in context, it was hardly the Miners Strike at its peak and most of the insults from one ‘side’ to the other have been thrown on social media but there is a clear division in our support now and that is wrong, from both sides.  The protests were noisy and heartfelt and when 4pm came, we were in the strange position of wandering off to the pub and watching the match not 300 yards from the ground.

You’ll all doubtless be bored of me rattling on about my Da in my reports and The Special and so on but I’ve seen so much with him following Newcastle down the years that I’ll be honest and say I almost worried what he’d say when the news of the boycott came out – this is a bloke that’s missed maybe a dozen home matches in the last 50 odd years.  I needn’t have been, his reasons for being back in The Percy were the same as mine and there was more desire to see United win the game than there was to see how many empty seats there were.

Of course we didn’t, again and from what I saw of the game, Spurs deserved it.  There were the familiar failings of this season – Krul flapping around like a fanny, our threat being virtually non-existent and our sheer lack of quality being evident.  Let’s not beat about the bush though, these factors are the symptom of where we are at present and the cause lies firmly with Ashley.  I hope and pray that the protests start to take hold and effect real change in the club that we all love because today more than ever showed to us all that the status quo under Ashley is no longer an option.  It might take relegation to get rid of him and as treacherous as it sounds, I would take it tomorrow if that were to be the case but it probably won’t happen so we’re either in this for the long haul or we’re waiting for a miracle and neither sound very appealing.  Once the adrenaline died down from today, I’d doubt that many people from either side of the fence WANT many more days like this – I found it quite sad if I’m brutally honest but if this is what it takes to change things, then personally I think that the sacrifice is worthy of the cause.

Keep the Faith

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17 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Newcastle United 1 Tottenham Hotspur 3, 19/Apr/15, KO: 4pm, Premier League, Att: 31,750

  1. Andy Miller says:

    Remember the days we used to toy with Tottenham at SJP?
    This was a Sunday afternoon training session for them. Utterly bereft of quality, belief, tactics, fight, anything. Summed up again by Carver chucking Armstrong on, he didn’t get a touch. Save for a decent run pre Christmas we would be gone.

  2. Phil Durham Mags says:

    Fucking disgusting the in breds from chicken town got the plane to fly over on 17 minutes. They are officially the scum of the earth.

    • Gareth Harrison says:

      Don’t be so ridiculous, from what I saw on the TV it was the 16th minute anyway and you’ve got an extremely short/selective memory if you’re questioning their behaviour over John and Liam. Grow up.

  3. Boomtown says:

    Att: 31,750?

    Where did that figure come from?

    • mikey says:

      The bookies i think.

    • mikey says:

      Actually its from the Newcastle City Council health and safety department responsible for fan safety at the game

      Accurate figures of how many were in the ground is from them

  4. Stephen says:

    I stayed off the streets and out of the ground. Sad day and a day i didn’t even want to talk about as it was unfolding nor watch the game so i sat literally on my own in the tranquil surroundings of a new hidden gem of a pub.
    Yep, agree with Gareth let the mackems get on with their silly little unoriginal plane whatever time it flew by. They would be better off putting energy and effort into raising money to replacing their empty pink seats. Don’t they know Newcastle United never look up !

    I watched the vast majority of the mackems applaud / stand and applaud the 17th minute at the SOL and immediately when it was over our lot burst into a song about AJ, Disrespectful at the least from our lot.

  5. Stephen says:

    Spot on piece as a whole by the way Gareth.

  6. Pat Hughes says:

    It was a weird day for me. I met up with a friend and we pounded the streets handing out the Ashley Out leaflets, people wanted them and we kept running out! We asked some if they were going to the match and if so recommended they hide the leaflets until they got inside. We even managed to persuade a group of Dutch supporters to take some – they couldn’t believe it was necessary to play cat & mouse! Mind, I’m not sure if the stewards were poised with their black bags this time. I’m going to have to get used to being on the outside come August and it’s going to be difficult. Going home on an empty bus during a match was unbelievably sad

  7. Stephen says:

    I was on way into town on bus at lunchtime when one mate text to say i can’t stomach it i’m on my way back home.

    A bloke on the bus i was on of about 60 years old with his W***a decorated hideous ‘toon’ top on with silly slogan and number on the back was trying to impress a young lady with his patter. ” I’ve been going since i was 13, why stop now, i’m a great fan blah blah blah, whats staying away going to achieve blah blah blah” . In the past i would not have been able to hold my tongue and would have butted in but now i’m so apathetic i can’t be bothered anymore.

    What i would say is i stayed out, i decided that on easter sunday walking away from the SOL. I do not claim to be any part of the subsequent protest movement, me staying out makes no difference. As one person put it “you being in your seat would cause more of a stir” due to my apathetic partial attendance for games in recent years. I come and go as the mood takes me each game, a half here a half there, 25 minutes here/there, full match now and again. Going to watch Newcastle United is my life and is what i want to do for the rest of it, like i’ve done since i was 8 years old but i am clinging on for dear life as it is utter sh**e at the moment.

    Anyway that bloke on the bus did have some valid points, Ashley will only walk away when it suits him. Yesterdays stuff will not bother him in the slightest, infact he will be chuckling away in his chair whilst playing with his Hornby train set.

    What i will also say in response to anyone who uses the “whats the point in staying away, he’s got my ticket money” is if you bought a rotten egg sandwich in Fenwicks restaurant would you sit there and eat the whole f**ker !!

  8. Stephen says:

    Sorry, the bloke on the bus chipped in with that line whilst trying to impress the young lady “What’s the point in staying away?he’s got my ticket money” thus my final paragraph and what i would have chipped in with if i’d had any fight left in me.

  9. big mikey says:

    For me yesterday was a horrible,horrible day. I boycotted the game after a lot of soul searching and ended up watching the game in a city centre bar. I hated every minute but what I hated more were the moronic insults and abuse shouted from the small group of protesters at the back of the Gallowgate towards fans who had chosen to attend.
    We are all united in our hatred of Ashley but first and foremost we are football fans with a love of Newcastle United. How we show our displeasure with the current shites is a personal and for me an emotional issue as I am sure it was for everyone who boycotted the game yesterday.
    I hope that the publicity gained yesterday will carry momentum into the weeks and months to come but for fucks sake let’s have no further abuse etc because we will become a laughing stock in the Ashley controlled propaganda.
    We are Newcastle United!!

  10. patricia hodgson says:


  11. mikey says:

    Ashley will have hated yesterday. He was talked about across all sports channels, his decisions brought into question, his integrity, the links with sports direct. He hates the attention and yesterday damaged his brand.

    Make no mistake it was huge yesterday. About a third of our support chose to stay away. Its the end of apathy, but we need to crack on from here. target his other financial interests, businesses, sponsors and redouble our boycott efforts.

    Another club is possible.

  12. Peter Shearer says:

    There was very little abuse of fellow fans really,and most of it after the pub bit.There were minor incidents from protesters and non-protesters, but on the whole no real malice.With 50,000 people involved (at least) in the fortunes of our team, there will be isolated incidents.There were people within the protesters trying to keep the chants positive, so let us keep it in perspective. Passions do run high-but we need to respect each other against a common enemy.

  13. Andy bee says:

    Agree with mikey , Ashley reputation damage will hit the fat b8stad hard. We can’t hurt his pockets they’re too deep let’s hope he has a semblance of pride the Twat. Boycotted with a heavy heart but did it and felt proud in 15 k making a stand . In the labour club drinking beer during match felt awful …… You FCB !!!