MATCH REPORT: Newcastle United 1 Cardiff City 0, St James’ Park, 3/May/14, KO: 3pm, Att: 50,239

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A strange afternoon at SJP saw us beat and relegate a desperate Cardiff side in a game that Newcastle fans protestwas far more memorable for the action off the pitch.  We lined up with Shola and Remy paired up front and it will be very interesting to see how many of the starting line up will be taking their places come the next home match in August.

We were the better side from the word go and for a side needing a win to harbour any hopes of avoiding relegation, Cardiff were simply dreadful.  The scene had been set in the stands from the word go with anti-Ashley and Pardew chants and the manager was greeted with sustained boos as he made his first of few forays out of his dugout – the promise to stay sat down more often pushed onto him by the discontent of the fans.

An early goal from Shola failed to dampen the disquiet too, when he headed home a Sissoko cross and whilst the lad undoubtedly has his faults, I was pleased to see him get what will almost certainly be a final goal at SJP.  Fans forget some of the injuries Shola has played through and though I accept he will always divide support (ironic to mention given this afternoon), he’s never been a dick or come across as anything other than a smashing lad.  Good luck to him.

The main interest in the rest of the half came from a sighting of Hatem Ben Arfa in a directors box in the corner of the Milburn, which led to streams of autograph hunters going over and chanting of the Frenchman’s name with the game played out in the background, almost as a bizarre sideshow.

The second half saw more sustained protest against the running of the club with a number of banners being displayed and heavy handed stewarding being employed, including some fans being thrown out for displaying messages against the owner.  I’m not sure of the legal position on that one, so I’ll try not to pass comment.

With nothing of real note happening on the pitch, the first set of supporters began to leave on 60 minutes, following ten minutes of sustained, defiant chanting which produced the best atmosphere we’ve had all season.  By 69 minutes, a further swathe of supporters got up and left the ground for the afternoon, including myself and my dad so I’ll not be able to pass comment on the further two goal s we scored through Remy and Steven Taylor to condemn the Welshman to relegation.

While I was encouraged by sustained protest from the stands, I found the whole afternoon really uncomfortable and took no pleasure at all in being one of the thousands that left with over 20 minutes to go.  One thing I would be at pains to point out was that I certainly didn’t see any ‘them and us’ with the protesters – no tutting or disapproving glances even from the people you would expect sitting round you.

The whole situation at United is just sad and until Ashley goes then it’s just going to continue.  For what it’s worth, I think something will change over summer and Pardew will be gone because what is for certain is that we can’t have many more poisonous afternoons like that before just holding our hands up and packing in altogether.

Newcastle United – Krul 6, DEBUCHY 7, Williamson 7, Coloccini 7, Dummett 6, Anita 6, Tiote 6, Sissoko 7, Gouffran 5, Shola 6, Remy 6 (Report ends on 69 minutes before any substitutions)


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6 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Newcastle United 1 Cardiff City 0, St James’ Park, 3/May/14, KO: 3pm, Att: 50,239

  1. myclubyourclubworclub says:

    I anticipate this report by the good Mr Harrison will cover the period up to the 69th minute
    I watched the game with a sense of apprehension normally reserve for the days we play the “Chickentown” XI, you know the one. Full of anticipation I checked the match timer 59:58 the match cameras pan round the crowd, banners are raised and some brave men and true leave !!!
    Sky sports news play it down as does the “free view” feed I am utilising.
    Comments passed, opinions given and my stomach churns. I eagerly await the 69th minute and mutter a rosary or two “come on lads show the Fat Cunt and the whole of the watching world we are as one”
    Alas the cameras pan across the crown and people watch on as more “loyal and true” men ,women and children leave. They look the other way, nudge their mates ,read the programme etc. etc. as they feel unable to look these “departers” in their collective eyes. Fuck me my heart sank !!!!
    I look at the screen to see Wonga shirt wearing “supporters” singing “Get out of our Club, Get out of our Club, You fat cockney bastard get out of our Club” well fuck me! the Irony of it all
    I despair !!!
    So I watch on till the bitter end and see “supporters” Clapping the team during their lap of honour ( you know the one that P45DUE said they wouldn’t do !!) My Piss is boiling !!!
    Time will only tell what punishment FCB will dish out for the pseudo revolution, I know many will moan, but those who tried to do something about it will have the moral high ground in any argument in my humble opinion
    Strike Action is the last resort in any Industrial dispute, generally used when all other negotiations have been exhausted. Unity Is Strength
    UNITED, NEWCASTLE UNITED Is the NAME we use with pride !!
    Lets be UNITED !!
    A “closed season of discontent” may well be in order !!
    the seeds have been sown ! Let us all support the People who have made the effort through social media etc and continue the struggle
    I hope one of the many obnoxious cunts who FCB is mates with Gives him some stick tonight about the Proletariats unrest today
    That Is All
    A Doffed Cap to all who made a stand
    Thanks a million Lads and Lasses
    Peace Out from Dublin

  2. John wilson says:

    I live in Thailand,and even though it meant nothing i turned my stream off just after 69minutes,a good friend was there with his son,he left on 69 and was abused on way out,the main points for me was to let the world and media know how strong we feel,and to stand up upmajs be counted,the commentators the whole match talked about the protest,it made sports news over here in Bangkok,this should be s turning point,i have aleays despised liverpool,but they stood up and changed there history,we need to grow some balls and do the same,on a side note,the chairman of newly promoted leicester is a thai businessman,he has invisted in a club with nowhere near the support we have,yet he paid off £119 million poind debt,not a koan,paid it off in full,to give the club a chance,comparebthat to mike ashley and if you still support or back the man you want your head looking at.

  3. Marc Corby says:

    Left on 60, stood on the concourse, went back in on 68 to see what would happen and I was pleased to see loads more leave on 69.
    A fair few hundred chanted back at the ground with their banners etc outside the strawberry. There seemed to be a mutual respect to all that did it applauding many more coming out.
    We must build on this.

  4. Bob says:

    Leaving the match early is always going to be a debateable point so will, probably, never get full support. I recall calls to not buy the wonga shirts and to boycott the stadium bars, pies etc. Whilst I thought those would be much easier to support it just didn’t happen, even though there are easy alternatives – plenty of bars around the ground or buy a pie at Greggs beforhand and surely we can do without a half time pint for “the cause”. I don’t know how that would affect wonga or the kit supplier or the people that run the bars/stalls but I imagine they would have words for the powers that be.

  5. john rush says:

    Thought that the numbers who walked out and stayed was spot on. We got noticed without the cockney press ridiculing us and stayed behind the players whilst directing our abuse by the reamaining two stooges. Like gareth I didn’t see any bother between ourselves , a few chants of where ee you at 69? When people left the gallowgate at the end of the game. We might just he getting this protest lark right. I didn’t leave early i went to my first match v west brom 43 years ago thar week and have been to about 1000 games since and have left once early, not by choice but to do a mate a favour however I couldn’t celebrate the last two
    goals after witnessing pardew going six at theback at home, last game of the season against the bottom team. I’m hoping that I have now witnessed the last desperate act by a desperate man.

  6. Malcolm Fisher says:

    I live in Mexico but watch every game on skyplanet football,it has been through good fortune that we finished 5th,escaped relegation and finished in the top ten this year,but by god it has been in the last two years,purgatory to watch.this past three months ,although I have watched all the games,some times getting up at 6am to see the early kick-offs,I have not really felt like cheering,and to be honest,I have been wanting the team to lose so as that weasel faced liar Pardew would not get his top ten bonus…..alas he will get it after all.
    There has been lots of talk on the media forums about boycotting matches,not buying Fatmans goods etc. but the majority of Newcastle supporters will never stop going to the games…..they will continue to go and buy his shirts and pies and pints and then moan about the owner,manager players,lack of signings etc, but will do nothing to get rid of the poisen that is killing the club.
    If the Fatman loaned NUFC 100mil quid interest free, why has that money not been paid off by the Premiership and T.V money paid to NUFC ?????? makes you think just how much money Fatman is robbing from NUFC……Oh and one last point, how many owners of football clubs never attend their teams games?????? No prizes for getting the right answer