Daryl Janmaat scores to make it Newcastle 1 Watford 2

MATCH REPORT: Newcastle United 1 Watford 2, St James’ Park, 19/Sep/15, KO: 30m, Premier League. Att: 47,806

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Our miserable 2015 continued with an abject display against fellow relegation candidates, Watford on a day when lost our first ‘must win’ game of the season and left ourselves in danger of being left adrift at the bottom by the time the clocks go back with only our fellow North East basket cases for company.  McLaren didn’t see fit to bench at least three or four of the side that performed so poorly at Upton Park, with Anita being the sacrificial lamb from that performance, creating a long overdue place for Perez back in the starting line up.

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watford_home2Playing in front of a noticeably more sparsely populated SJP than usual, we started the brighter of the two teams but the wheels swiftly came off with their first real move of the game on ten minutes.  Defensively, it was an absolute shocker as they were allowed to play what seemed like half a dozen passes in our box before picking out the impressive Ighalo who beat Krul with a low shot.  The amount of time they were allowed to pick their men and the sheer lack of challenge was astonishing on a day that our defence was ragged all over the place.  

The goal seemed to leave the team as shell-shocked as the support and Watford continued to look dangerous every time they came forward.  Our best chance of the half was fashioned for the abysmal Cisse, who blazed wide when bearing down on the keeper when he should have hit the target and Sissoko, who despite having the close control of a drunken hippo with its legs tied together, actually looked like the only one willing to take hold of the ball and go forward also had a chance which was spurned.  Any notion of dragging ourselves out of our own self created mess was put aside when they doubled their lead just before the half hour and if the first was a defensive meltdown, the second was even worse in it’s easily executed simplicity.

watford_home3They pumped a long ball forward and with Coloccini set to challenge Deeney in the air, our meek and mild skipper simply stepped back to allow the forward to take the ball down and slip a clever ball through for the onrushing Ighalo, who calmly rounded Krul and slid into the empty net from an angle.  Coloccini was disgraceful this afternoon, he seemed palpably shit scared of Deeney and never laid a finger on him all afternoon as the big centre forward was given the run of the park.  As for his captaining skills, I know that we have absolutely no-one that you could class as a ‘character’ at the club, but surely anyone would be better than him?  His position as skipper also makes him undroppable but I would contend that Steven Taylor is more deserving of a place than him in the side at present, which tells you everything you need to know.

It would have been impossible for the second half to have been as bad as the first and with Cisse hooked for with Cisse hooked for De Jong, we at least had someone in Perez that was willing to run around up front.  Again, mind, I though De Jong looked barely interested and I am a long way from sharing some of our fans hopes for his potential impact on the side.  Our main attacking threat, right back Daryl Janmaat gave us hope on the hour when as is so often the case, he took responsibility for making a run into the box, calmly finishing into the bottom corner in front of the Gallowgate.  A really good finish, but what must he think when he looks around him and realises that he is our main outlet?  The goal led to our best ten minutes of the game when it looked like we might salvage something but our pressure led to nothing and as we moved to the final quarter hour of the game, Watford looked as likely to score as us.

Late substitutions saw Aarons coming on at left back, with Colback left stinking the place out in the middle of the park and we finished the game with (I think) Obertan playing centre forward, Perez parked back out on the wing and any semblance of a formation or strategy long out of the window.  They missed an absolute sitter in the dying moments of the game but finished as deserved victors to leave us deep in the mire, already.  

All over the pitch we were shocking.  The centre half pairing were awful, mainly through Coloccini’s cowardly display.  Haidara was shocking again and didn’t add anything going forward to compensate for his awful defending.  Colback was ‘Mr 5/10’ as he always is, Thauvin looks like Cabella’s long lost twin brother at present and if we’ve bladdered £25m on the pair of them and the former doesn’t come good then Graham Carr should be out on his arse.  Cisse simply cannot start the next game and Sissoko and Wijnaldum look incapable of having any influence on the game, no matter of the opponent.

If it is to be assumed that at some point Chelsea are going to get their act together in NE1, then we are looking at two more defeats to come ahead of crunch games against Norwich and the Mackems.  I would contend that were McLaren to pick up any less than four points from those four games, then we would be racing certainties to go down and his own job would be starting to look untenable.

Where does it end?

Keep the Faith

Gareth Harrison

St.James Park, Saturday 19th September, 3:00pm, Attendance: 47,806 (looked quite a bit lower than that though)

Team – Krul 5, JANMAAT 7, Coloccini 2, Mbemba 4, Haidara 3 (Aarons n/a), Thauvin 2 (Obertan n/a), Sissoko 5, Wijnaldum 5, Colback 5, Perez 5, Cisse 2 (De Jong 3)

Ref – East – 7 – Can’t think of anything major he got wrong

Our Fans – 4 – Stunned, basically.

Their Fans – 8 – Very noisy, albeit with the standard hymn sheet

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15 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Newcastle United 1 Watford 2, St James’ Park, 19/Sep/15, KO: 30m, Premier League. Att: 47,806

  1. Peter says:

    It ends the same way as with most seasons whilst Ashley has been the owner; either just avoiding relegation, or as in 2008/9 going down.

    Keegan was correct SEVEN long years ago…we will never get anywhere under Mike Ashley. He doesn’t run NUFC as a football club, but as an advertising hoarding for Sports Direct and Wonga and will therefore never attract a top quality manger and management team.

    • Peter Shearer says:

      Too right Peter, but our fans just keep believing things will change.We are the architects of our own downfall,as ridding this club of Ashley is the only way out of this mess.I now just sit and wait for the anger to grow again and hopefully this time it will not cease until Ashley goes.Whatever pain we go through whilst we get rid of him, is nothing compared to the joylessness that Newcastle currently is.

  2. Bob says:

    Agree that Carr should go, either because he just picks the wrong type of player or Ashley/Charnley work down his list until they find their so called ” value for money”, young with a good sell on value if they impress. If the latter then he should resign as they don’t listen to him. We had options to go for Cabaye or Payet but because of their age and no profit, passed on them. We missed out on Gomis and Agyew because of this value argument which for free transfers just doesn’t make sense- go figure. There are, of course, many other examples as we all know.
    As for the match, a shambles apart from a few times they could string a few passes together. The few good players just can’t make the difference. In both the West Ham game and this the second half was better but we have to ask why that’s the case. Cisse had a couple of good chances, the first he wasted and the second he was pulled back (penalty) resulting in a week shot. Whether that would have made a difference, unlikely as Watford were just more up for it and played as a team.

  3. tom Bates says:

    Agree with the previous post the transfer policy is too rigid and means we cannot sign any experienced or proven PL players due to them being deemed poor value or unlikely to have a sell on value. Ashley thinks we are the next Arsenal but they can attract the cream of the young talent due to being based in London and being in the champions league. Carr is still dining out on the Cabaye signing and has been shopping in France ever since to repeat this success. A few nasty but committed players like Vardy at Leicester are needed in this team. It’s early days for the new signings particularly Mitrovic who we’ve hardly seen but it’s not looking good. Cisse should be left out with Perez and Mitrovic getting a run. If that doesn’t work Ashley needs to swallow his pride and stump up for Austin in January. And I think Janmaat should be made captain despite his recent red cards he is the only leader on the field.

  4. Dave says:

    As we’re constantly reminded of by the media darlings & every other fan in the world, we’re deluded with ambitions above our station. Sadly Schteve appears to be no better than Pardew & only a slight improvement on Carver. Why he persists with only one up front is a mystery to me, we’re at home to a newly promoted side FFS. I agree with all the above posts as well as the match report & could single out any of that lot yesterday with the exception of Krul, Perez & Janmatt who at least had a go. Colocini was a disgrace & it must be something if I’d rather have Willo in the team instead, who for all his shortcomings, doesn’t hide. Can’t disagree with any of Shearer’s post match comments last night, we’re a total shambles & you can just see the script, Dick will get sacked 2 weeks before the Derby with Fat Sham coming in to do a job on us. When will this ever end?

  5. Vin1892 says:

    Supporting Newcastle at the moment is a totally joyless experience. I’m just glad I saw the light four years ago and I’ve saved myself a good £2,000 on a season ticket and as much again on beer. How anybody can sit through the dross at SJP over the last four seasons is beyond me.

    I would have the video of the match first thing Monday morning and I would ask Colo to explain how he let Deeney turn and play a through ball without any challenge. A captain leading by example and if I was Janmaat I would be off at the first opportunity. The only decent player we have. Colback is no better than Kevin Dillon.

  6. Dave says:

    Here’s a radical thought Schteve, change your fucking useless boring losing system. Bin cowardly Cap’n Colo to the youth team & replace him with Taylor, Willo, Lascelles, Boumsong, Titus Bramble, Glen Keeley, Marcellino, Cacapa, etc, etc, or even the tea lady, indeed anyone with a bit of fight and courage. Put the chancellor Mbemba in at right back & move Janmaat forward as an attacking midfielder, send Sissoko to the glue factory & play 2 up front FFS.

    • John W says:

      Couldn’t agree more Dave. Colo should be out, so should Sissoko and anyone else who cannot be bothered to turn up. But Schteve is just the latest in a long line of managers signed for some inexplicable reason even though they had a track record of failure. Nothing against him personally but I don’t have much confidence that he is the man to “turn things around”. And as for the 50 million we just spent, most of it looks like a waste of money, but it would be interesting to see how these players would perform with a coach who came in with a successful track record.

      But at the end of the day its Ashley’s call on how the club in run, and as KK said seven years ago, things are not going to get better until he is gone. AshleyOUT!!

  7. Anton says:

    Sorry Gareth but I disagree in every way.
    Watford are not fellow relegation contenders. So far they’ve made better preseason preparations, they’ve recruited a better coach and they have been playing better football. At the moment, the only relegation contenders are our good selves, Villa and Sunderland.
    In terms of getting on players’ backs, recruitment policy, etc: we could have had Messi and Ronaldo in the team. Playing them as holding midfielders would not have taken us very far. We have a bunch of professional, international players and we are not playing to their skills. This is nothing to do with cowardice or anything else to do with players: McLaren is doing a Pardew (lining up with a lone striker at home is as bad as playing with no strikers against Sunderland). That’s because he is no better than Pardew (or Carver- unless you factor in the gulf in PR skills).
    We need a decent, forward looking coach. But that would go against the corporate culture at the club, therefore we are sticking with the usual suspects. It’s a shame that players are taking the heat for everyone else’s failures; the club will not get anywhere under Ashley’s regime, no matter who is on the pitch.

  8. Alf Tupper says:

    Our crowd is part of the problem.

  9. Davey says:

    I have to say I was mystified by the optimistic attitude by most of the fans at the beginning of the season, and normal service has been resumed. Personally I see a bunch of individuals with footballers trapped inside trying to get out. We do have some really decent players, it’s the tactics and quite unbelievable team selection that’s letting us down. Cisse isn’t a target man, yet we lump balls up to him. We still bypass the midfield with aimless long balls, crossing into an empty box! Whilst the players we brought in if coached and managed properly should be able to get us mid table. I’m only pleased I didn’t renew my season tickets this year. Dark days indeed!

  10. Phil Atkinson says:

    Pleased to read at last that the penny seems to have dropped regarding Cap’n Colo. I’ve emailed before about this most overrated of players. How can Mclaren say it was his best pre-season signing when he signed a 1 year extension to his contract ? Can’t the devoted followers of our club realise that this guy has taken the club for a ride for 7 years. Who was centre half when we were relegated? Who was centre back last season when, if the Hammers hadn’t laid down, we would have been relegated again? Fight, leadership,attitude – words he never understood. He’s had a fantastic living out of the Toon that has set him up for life.
    Cloughy always believed in building a team from the back( the old adage regarding the spine,etc) and he was right. How so many managers have not seen through him defies belief.
    Remember the keepy uppy and overhead kick that had some fans in raptures yet the ball went to an opposition player which resulted in a goal, and,in the process,he knackered his back and went home Argentina to recuperate.
    I can imagine what Jack Charlton would have said.

  11. Richard says:

    We’ve spent a lot of money this summer and clearly we needed to spend more, or if that was our budget, spent it elsewhere. That’s not to say the 4 new players aren’t good or can’t come good but we really needed two new centre halves, a left back, a creative central midfield player, a winger and two centre forwards and they desperately needed to be ready to hit the ground running. The club talked all summer about getting the right characters – yet we’re stuck with the same players in key positions simply going through the motions. For me, surely Graham Carr needs to be brought to task now.

    Sadly, the opportunity to rectify that isn’t available until January so we’re stuck with what we have, which isn’t much; Sissoko, Coloccini and Cisse should have been peddled in the summer. Allegedly key players, but couldn’t be less interested in taking control of the team/game when we’re up against it or even before it comes to that! Pardew (who I couldn’t stand), Carver (who was out of his depth) and McClaren (wouldn’t have been my choice but it’s early days) have all built the team around that “spine” now and it’s no surprise that the outcome is more or less the same.

    Time for a shake up in terms of personnel and formation, Steve (four at the back and two defensive midfielders and we still ship goals!)

  12. Paul smith says:

    It’s been a poor start there’s no doubt about that but I think this team below is for good or bad Newcastles best from the current squad available. Try and get this team out or at least this formation from next weekend and things should improve. Krul. Janmaat. Aarons. Mbemba. Coloccini. Anita. Sissoko. Wilnjaldum. Thauvin. Perez. Mitrovic. Have a go even away from home and start to excite people. I’ve seen enough from all the new signings to realise they have potential and whether we like it or not it’s not easy to come into the premier league and set the world alight. I agree wholeheartedly with people who say Carr is a massively overrated scout but he’s what we have. Steve McClaren wouldn’t be in anyone’s top 25 managers but he’s what we have. I still think that team would with a bit of confidence move up the table. I also think Steve ought to forget about “giving people a game” on Wednesday and get as many of the first team out on Wednesday. I’d forget about hoping De Jong, Haidara, Obertan etc are gonna come good with game time because they’re simply not good enough at this level. Colo has been terrible this last two games but he’s still the best of a bad crop.