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First things first, well done Watford. A tactically  fluid, hardworking and capable football team full of good players lead by a good manager. Credit to them and they brought a decent following.

Our lot though. What an afternoon. They don’t come much worse than that. I’ve been going regularly since 2005 and I’m thinking of Fulham under Souness (1 – 4), Liverpool under Pardew (0-6) and Bournemouth under McClaren (1 – 3) where I’ve seen United such a shambles.

Rafa Benitez was for the first time as manager tactically deficient against an opposition who flooded the middle of the park with players who ran off our statues all afternoon.

Warford could have scored more as we were incredibly bad all over the park. We started play but it was apparant that their wing backs were getting oceans of space as our rigid 4 4 1 1 was becoming exposed. All three goals came from crosses. All three goals cane down our right hand side. That’s shocking.

It was so obvious that Yedlin was leaving huge gaps by bombing forwards or by following their excellent winger into the area. I saw Clark and Yedlin having it out after the first goal about who was picking up who when Yedlin followed the winger leaving their left back the freedom of the East Stand to pick out Will Hughes. They should have saved their breath as the same happened again  as the Watford left back had acres of space to fire a ball in, which via a deflection past the flat footed Elliot ended up in the back of the net. Yedlin’s attempt to stop the cross, or get close to his man was pathetic.

Two became three on the hour as the hapless Yedlin again left space in behind. That’s only half the story however as Lejeune allowed their player to pick out the unmarked Gray to stab home from close range. There was one player in the box for that cross and Clark decided to stand and watch rather than pick up Gray. Again, pathetic.

Watford constantly broke down he flanks and failed to add what would have been more deserved goals. It’s one thing to blame a lack of invenstment for a lack of points, it another for that group of players to put in that performance.

Damningly for the manager, the switch to 442 just hasn’t worked. Perez needs to come back into the team as we’re so easy to play against through the middle and on the break.

We go to West Brom on Tuesday and if we put anything like that performance in we’ll be well beaten. Four defeats in a row and Winter is Coming.

We need to get back to basics and fast. The narrow defeats to Burnley, Brighton and Huddersfield are a world away from what’s been served up during the last two games at home.

Joselu looks done as a footballer at this level unless he’s dropped sharpish. Diame and Shelvey is the least mobile pairing to probably ever play at this level. The full backs are horrendous and we lack a goal threat.

Come on lads, you’re better than this.

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  1. Tomb says:

    Fulham 4 1 was an awful scoreline but a complete fluke as Newcastle had most of the chances from memory. No comparison with the performance today which was worse than any I’ve seen at home in the premier league arena. Poor finishing has saved us from a thrashing. But yes Watford are a strong outfit these days. Any takeover will need significant spending to even reach their level never mind the top 4. Lascelles and a fully fit Merino have been a big miss. Colback would be a better option than Diane.

  2. Peter Ward says:

    The red lights are flashing brighter and brighter – and more often. The rot needs to be stopped before it becomes permanent. Can these players do it though?

  3. Ian Summers says:

    Outclassed and outfought by fucking Watford, thank you Mike Ashley.

    • otterburn says:

      I would laugh my cock off if ncle were relegated!! That would be the ultimate comeuppance for a sale seeking Ashley!!

  4. kenny says:

    sadly, this is no surprise as I think we all could see this coming back in august. the problem for me is if we lose a key player, or one has a dip in form as in Ritchie’s case, then we have nothing to come in as replacement. woefully short in all departments as a direct result of bad stewardship. Takeover or bust for me, if it doesn’t happen… god help us.

  5. Mark says:

    Sorry Alex but you’re wrong and a bit harsh on Yedlin. He had moved in to make a compact 4 which is what he is supposed to do and their full back was actually left by Ritchie on both occasions for the first 2 goals. We need to get back to 5 across the middle to help our wide men and hopefully this will silent the 4 4 2 brigade. The team are not up to it

  6. Mike Dixon says:

    theres no excuse for lack of effort dont care who they are. 50k support massive wages no excuses

  7. ASHLEYOUT says:

    It was totally Ritchie who left Yedlin exposed. He appealed for offside just past the half way line for the first goal. How is Yedlin to deal with two players?

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