MATCH REPORT: Newcastle United 0 Manchester United 1, St James’ Park, 4/Mar/15, KO: 7:45, Att: 49,801.

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A reasonable game destined for a draw ended in farce as we threw a point away with a JonasManUshocking late goal at SJP.  Ryan Taylor came in for the injured Haidara but otherwise the team was unchanged from the Villa game and a game that would have once had the pulses racing started as a fairly routine Premier League match with Van Gaal again opting to leave Rooney up front by himself with a fairly defensive line up.

We started fairly brightly and should have been awarded a penalty inside the first ten minutes when the woeful Riviere was chopped down by Evans but Taylor waved play on.  We’ve heard a lot about how poor Man United are this season and I was in the company of a mate who is a season ticket holder at Old Trafford for the match and while I’d brushed him off as a whinging bugger before the match, I could see his point as they looked nothing special at all in the opening exchanges.

Rooney looked offside (but on subsequent viewing, wasn’t) when he took a pass inside the YMCImagebox but he steered his shot wide with Krul bearing down on him and they started to get hold of possession but really, we had the next major chance to go in front.  This time, Sissoko slipped in Riviere but bearing down on De Gea, he got tangled up in his own feet and tripped over the ball.  He’s utter shite like and why the fuck our best attacking player in Perez was sat on the bench instead of this carthorse with a ten day break looming is anyone’s guess.

There was a bit of argy bargy late in the half when Evans and Cisse clashed and from where I was sat, Cisse clearly wasn’t happy with something but TV replays showed a hockling match between the two.  It was hardly Rudi vs Frank but trial by TV will probably see our main man up front banned and probably for the Mackems game aswell.  Bastard.

We again started the second half brightly and for the third time in the game, our Lionel Retro2Ritchie-a-like up front should have put us in front and if anything, this was the worse of the lot.  Colo got up to head the ball across the box and with the goal at his mercy, Lionel wafted his foot at it like he was shaking a feather fucking duster.  Hello, is it me you’re looking for?  Aye, it’s called the net you useless twat.   The irony of our fans singing ‘What a waste of money’ when Di Maria was substituted at the same time as him, mercifully, for Ayoze definitely wasn’t wasted on me at least.

The next substitution was probably the highlight of the night when Jonas was stripped off pheonixlogoand finally brought on the field for a weary looking Ryan Taylor to rapturous applause.  His first touch was greeted similarly and although he was booked shortly after his introduction by the sort of robotic ref well regarded by whichever panel it is these days that frowns upon displays of officiating common sense, I thought he equipped himself well.  Christ, if Taylor’s crocked, he’s immediately our best bet at left back.

We had another clear chance when Ayoze bustled Herrera off the ball in the middle of the Specialad1park and scampered away but when he teed up Cisse on the edge of the box, the Senegalese scuffed his shot wide  – our fourth excellent chance.  Around this time, Krul made a fantastic double save from Fellaini and Young to earn a standing ovation but with time ticking away, the applause turned to horror as we fashioned to throw everything out of the window inside the final minute.

Subsititute Gouffran attempted to shepherd Rooney out of play but when it looked like the adidaspreordercentre forward might get the better of our lad, Abeid nipped in to play a suicidal ball across the face of his own goal from six yards out and if the ball was bad, the control and horribly fluffed clearance by Krul was at the very least no better, presenting Young with a tap in to an empty night.  A shambolic goal to concede and one that we didn’t really deserve on the run of play.

Aside from the goal and the personal nightmare from Abeid and Krul, the one thing that struck me in the immediate aftermath was that no-one went over to get a hold of Abeid, still a young lad, and try and pick him up for the final few moments of the game.  Coloccini actually strolled to the restart right by his side and shuffled along looking at his feet not even looking at him.  It was the same down at Spurs when young Alnwick had his shocker for the first goal.  No leadership and no senior player doing the right thing.  Shite.

The result was harsh, the performance bar one or two stinkers wasn’t bad and it doesn’t really mean anything to us in the grand scheme of things this season but how irritating to lose a game like that?  I’ll look forward to the break, cheers

Keep the Faith

Newcastle United  – Krul 6, Janmaat 7, Coloccini 7, Williamson 7, R Taylor 7, SISSOKO 7, Abeid 3, Sammy 6, Obertan 4, Riviere 3 (Perez 6), Cisse 5

Ref – Taylor – 6 – Got the penalty decision wrong and missed the spitting.  Has he always been bald aswell or am I thinking of a different ref (Esoteric TF question no.1 of 1)

Our Fans – 6 – Jonas’ introduction was a great moment, otherwise same as usual

Their Fans – 5 – I thought they were poor, as bland as their team

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15 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Newcastle United 0 Manchester United 1, St James’ Park, 4/Mar/15, KO: 7:45, Att: 49,801.

  1. Jarra mick says:

    Gareth what game were you watching. I know our expectations have been lowered but no-one on our team came out with any credit from that game at all. We were poor front to back and it was only 1-0 because we have come up against the worst Man U side in a generation. If you think we played ok tell me who played ok? Williamson was probably the only player who played to his potential and that’s only because his potential is so limited!

    • mikey says:

      I thought we were playing a better team than us player for player, we were sloppy at times, but had a game-plan to hit them on the break and if it hadn’t been for riviere’s poor finishing it would have worked.

      Expectations ought to be lower. We are worse, we have less investment and a care taker manager.

      At the end of the day we were unlucky, the game was average. I want this to be better but it isn’t and on balance we did ok

    • Gareth Harrison says:

      Now mate, the lowered expectations bit is the key. We were at best average but it’s still better than the usual pish we’ve seen recently.

  2. Ian Summers says:

    I thought Rivière had is best game for us and your assessment is a bit harsh? Cisse was struggling and could have been replaced by Perez. Decisions went their way throughout the match. It’s ridiculous that our only defensive cover last night is a young lad who recently struggled to contain the strike force of Morpeth Town. That and pitching the inexperience of Abeid against the multi million pound midfield of Herrera/Blind/Carrick/Mata sum up the suffocating way our club is run. Great to see Jonas back.

    • Andy says:

      On Riviere he holds the ball up reasonably well and links okay. But, and a massive but is that he had 2 great chances and didn’t just miss but absolutely butchered them. His technique in going for both was terrible. Fell over himself first half and the second one was harder to miss.
      Ultimately he is judged on goals as a centre forward….

  3. SteveP says:

    Don’t agree with the 7 for Sissoko, he was a virtual statue in the second half, offered nothing going forward, chased shadows when we didn’t have the ball and only suddenly came to life after the goal.

  4. Ian Summers says:

    In a tightly contested match against a much superior squad of players we concede a bizarre goal close to the end. Immediately more than half our crowd throw their toys out the pram and leave. How does that support the team? Why has it become acceptable? Last night the players deserved better support than that.

    • Ed Bell says:

      I stayed to the end but I also stayed to the final whistle at Manchester City where the vast majority of those players (with the usual exceptions) disappeared down the tunnel as fast as their legs could carry them. No thought or acknowledgement given to those of us who had stood in the cold watching a game that was over after ten minutes and had to get home from Manchester at 8pm on a Saturday night…

      Support is earned and, quite frankly, this lot haven’t earned it. An average performance against a below-par Manchester United doesn’t really change that…

    • Ant says:

      Ian, I could not agree more.
      ManU were rancid in every way imaginable.
      I would be willing to bet that the total value of our squad amounts to the transfer fees paid for Di Maria+Crouch… sorry I meant Fellaini.
      Van Gaal is basically a Pardew who won the lottery – twice.

      I really did not appreciate Carver’s comments about Abeid’s role in our conceding the goal: natural winners like Ferguson and Mourihno would have claimed an imagined foul and stood by their players (never mind that they would drop them for the next game). The management culture in the club is hideous.

  5. vin1892 says:

    Who gives a fuck the club are rancid from top to bottom – an absolute embarrassment to the City they are supposed to represent.

    • MooMoo says:

      That’s the top and bottom of it. I couldn’t give a monkey’s whether we win, lose or draw at the moment.

  6. Luap says:

    Poor again – but perhaps lingering memories of the “rivalry” of 10-20 years ago with that lot stoked up by the commentators – or mebbes just the last minute sickener actually meant I genuinely felt pissed off at the final whistle. (Still care I suppose). I agree with poster above re “Lionel” – if you can bring yourself to forget the sitters he was OK. There looks to be some sort of player trapped inside him waiting to come out. However the chances he missed were unbelievable. The second miss reminded me of my P.E. teacher in much less politically correct times accusing me of playing rugby “like a fairy in pink knickers”. Pathetic.

  7. Stephen says:

    On that second attempt he was more worried about the Keeper coming out to him and clattering him. He is woeful.

  8. GB says:

    Obertans performance was terrible even for his standards, this has not been highlighted as much as it should have been, he got lucky that Riviere missed changes and the Abeid mistake masked his woeful contribution – cant see how he is still at our club and getting a game.

  9. billmolyneux says:

    Well,north of the border have kicked Fat Chops and his mafia well and truly in the bollocks!Its a pity we couldn’t do the same.