MATCH REPORT: Manchester Utd 3 Newcastle United 1, Old Trafford, 26/Dec/14, KO: 3pm, Premier League. Att: 75,318

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I love Boxing Day away trips and to be fair, as we boarded the bus at 8.30, I was just OldT2612hoping for a good day out and a shed load of beers to take away the pain of recent results. I expected nothing more than a bit of a hiding at the home of England’s most successful team for the last 20 years and I wasn’t let down in any way. This result and performance were entirely predictable and odds of 7-1 for a Newcastle win seemed optimistic at best. I expected nothing from Mike and Alan’s 2014/15 version of Newcastle United and got exactly that. It has become miserable watching us and the blame has to lie at the door of the owner and manager. Lack of / incorrect investment over the last 3 years and baffling / shite team selection has left us numbed to the abject failure that this regime offers. I find myself wondering whether it’s time to walk away in January and I hate the pair of them for making me feel like that. Pardew is a dead man walking. The last 2 weeks has seen us let in 12 goals and score 2. It has seen us tamely submit in a LC quarter final and set an unprecedented 4-in-a-row derby loss record. It has seen our threadbare squad stretched beyond its capabilities and seen our manager exposed for the smarmy charlatan that he is. We are a zombie club and all we seem to do is fight amongst ourselves. If we spent as much time and energy fighting the correct cause then we may get somewhere but right now it’s just shite. Still, Happy Christmas to one and all!!!

Anyway, a game of football took place and we got convincingly beaten. A penalty appeal was turned down as Mata seemed to trip Gouffran as he looked to get onto a ball over the Manchester United back four but as soon as it was turned down, you could sense it was going to be Pardew’s ‘game changing moment’ excuse regardless of the result. We didn’t look too bad in the first 20 minutes with a Janmaat effort forcing as decent save from De Gea but in the 23rd minute, a blocked Armstrong shot let them break and Falcao was played on-side by a ragged looking back line. He managed to square the ball for an on-rushing Rooney to side foot home. In the 36th minute, Gouffran gave away the ball cheaply in midfield and Mata played in Rooney who calmly slotted past Alnwick. Again, the back four didn’t cover itself in glory but the lack of bite in midfield meant as soon as we lost possession, the back four was exposed. Half time came and 2-0 looked a bit harsh but in hindsight, was probably about right.

Seven minutes into the second half, Rooney crossed into the box and Van Persie headed back across Alnwick to make it 3-0 and over as a contest. The rest of the game was played out a 3/4 pace until Jones fouled Colback as he raced into the box and Cisse scored the resultant penalty to make it 3-1. It was a consolation to be fair and a couple of flirtations in the last 10 minutes made it appear as though we finished the game strongly – we didn’t, they’d just stopped attacking.

A snowy trip back across the Pennines meant for a slow return trip which enhanced the misery even more but on a lighter note, I can confirm that there are now two things that can be seen with the naked eye from the surface of the moon. One is the Great Wall of China and the other is Paully’s yellow sweatshirt.

A special mention for Perez by the way. The kid was the stand out player by a mile at Old Trafford. His touch and movement were excellent all game. Don’t be surprised when we sell him in the summer!

Keep the faith eh!

Newcastle United: Alnwick 6, Janmaat 5, Coloccini 5, S.Taylor 5, Dummett 5 (Cabella 63 5), Colback 5, Anita 5, Sissoko 5, Perez 8 (Vuckic 82 NA), Gouffran 5, Armstrong 5 (Cisse 63 5). 

Subs n/u: Woodman, Williamson, Satka, Riviere. 

Our Fans: 8 good support throughout but naturally died off a bit after the third goal went in 

Their Fans: 1 – the most overrated set of tits in the Premier League 

Ref: Mike Jones 3 – this ref seems to favour the so called ‘top four’ and was shit today


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19 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Manchester Utd 3 Newcastle United 1, Old Trafford, 26/Dec/14, KO: 3pm, Premier League. Att: 75,318

  1. Rob Brown says:

    Either we organise and get angry or simply do not go until these people are gone . Enough .

    • rothervalleymag says:

      oh stop repeating the same, tired old, meaningless crap. We’re football fans for gods sake, not a trade union. Ashley alone will decide the club’s future. Like any other owner. As long as 11 blokes run around SJP in black n white shirts we’ll turn up to support them. Its what we do. NUFC has been a failing club at worst, under achieving club at best, for all of my almost 60 years. If it ever changes, it’ll be a bloody miracle.

    • mike says:

      hear hear. after the Pard out campaign failed its about time 50k got off their arses and made their presence known. if we sit like tins of milk then nowt will happen. fat lad will count the cash, pard take the pss out of us all. sell in Jan, then claim players return from injury will be like new signings……..oh he is saying that now! Look oot Rangers you dont know half.

  2. Alex says:

    Excellent attitude above. With fans like you I’m not surprised nothing changes.

  3. Ted says:

    In other words, pay your money, turn up when required, put up with whatever is served up, say nowt, blindly support, have no opinion and don’t criticise or you’re not a ‘proper’ fan. Sounds great

  4. Phil Atkinson says:

    Pards keeps saying….” it’s important we bring in another striker…..we need to score more goals….” Has it not crossed his mind that if we reduce the number conceded we wouldn’t need to score so many to win? Buy a couple of decent centre halves and,moreover, get shot of the ball watching, slow, doesn’t like a too physical an opponent,goes to ground too quickly particularly in one on ones, weak in the air, can’t kick with his left foot,most overrated player seen at the Club – Collo.

  5. Mick says:

    When will Alnwick start making saves? none against Man U none against arsenal, none against Spurs, one against Chelsea and the mackems. Surely there is someone out there who can do better? Maybe someone’s granny?

  6. Ian Summers says:

    We never replaced Demba Ba. Who scouted Riviere & Cabella & did the same scout bring in Perez? Take away Cisse’s goals & we’re relegation fodder. Add a proper centre forward to assist Perez & we could be top 6? Without 2 significant January signings (no. 9 & Central defender) another meaningless season is likely. You can only bang your head against a wall for so long. The January deadline for 10 year deals should be interesting. Anyone know what Pardew’s Pl W D L F A record during 2014 has been? Renegotiate Perez’s contract now at least we’d get decent money for him come the inevitable sale. That lad is pure class, a Spanish Beardsley.

    • Mick says:

      Ian I can’t believe you think getting decent money for Perez makes an ounce of difference to us. The money never gets reinvested so whether we get £1.00 or £15 million doesn’t make a jot of difference. To be honest they may as well give the players away as at least fatty won’t benefit.

  7. STEPHEN says:

    We’ve got proper centre forward, a number 9. The fucking manager has fucked him about instead of building the team around him
    Look at that penalty yesterday, look where he put it with such ease. A better placement you won’t see. Cisse will score goals, 8 so far in a fractured season.

    • Ian Summers says:

      Agreed Cisse can score but worried about his knee and is he not missing during the African Cup? Perez and Cisse would both benefit from a strong forward to hold ball up and lay it off. We’re too lightweight as a team, I believe we are the lightest squad in the league.

  8. Rob Salter says:

    First paragraph pretty much sums up exactly how I feel. The whole club is on a completely pointless loop at the moment. I still enjoy the banter down the local watching matches but I’ve completely lost the interest in going. No direction, ambition or genuine two fucks towards the supporters and that’s been exactly my feeling back towards the club.

  9. Froldinio says:

    Pretty accurate match report but giving our fans 8/10? Thought the atmosphere was flat most of the game not just at three goals down, and as for chucking beer around , trashing the bogs….all a bit shit really

  10. Ali J says:

    Where to start? Horrible away strip. What was wrong with our B&W stripes? Pardew set the team up to fail with young Armstrong thrown in. Why not wait for a softer / winnable home game to unleash him? Midfield AWOL which then allowed Man Utd plenty of upfield freedom which our defenders couldn’t cope with their sprints into the box. Our goalie can’t catch, save or kick. Pleas bring back Krul asap. Perez was excellent again. El Beardo seems an appropriate moniker.
    Fat Ashley doesn’t care. Mid table obscurity delivers his definition of success. Nothing will change until we are relegated and / or he can move on to zombiesing Rangers.

  11. Ted says:

    Actually a very fair point Froldinio (not a typical Geordie name) the arses throwing beer around got on my tits as well. I thought we were flat especially after the third goal but maybe we were throughout as we were the only way ones in the 75,000 crowd trying to get any kind of atmosphere going. Maybe a seven would have been fairer

    • David Chapman says:

      Our supporters are a lot like our team at present, boring completely predictable and cant motivate ourselves to perform under the current regime, our fans were shite against the scum and giving us an 8/10 for the silence that was Manchester United away on Boxing Day?! come on man! Even our fans are becoming mediocre.
      The Passion that once stood our club apart from the likes of West Brom, Southampton or Spurs is being slowly eroded by the sheer joylessness of supporting United under Ashley, Standing up against the regime is frowned upon by fellow supporters and it fucking stinks. I would happily smash my own teeth out with a tiny toffee hammer if Alan and Mike would just give me my fucking club back.

  12. tom bates says:

    Theres an opportunity for 6 points from the next two games with Everton suffering from injuries and Burnley being Burnley. The fixture list is looking tough in March and April so we need as many points as possible by then.

    • David Chapman says:

      Aye good luck with them 6 points mate, Martinez is a tactically aware manager much like Gus Poyet and Burnley battle for there fans and manager, If we’re lucky we will get a point from the next Two games.

  13. STEPHEN says:

    6 points from the next two games !!! i don’t give a fuck, they lost the two games that meant something, Tottenham and Sunderland. Beating Chelsea, i don’t give a fuck, does anyone think Chelsea are giving it a second thought ? A one off victory against Chelsea means fuck all to me, beating Sunderland does and being in a League Cup Semi-Final would have.