MATCH REPORT: Manchester City 6 Newcastle United 1, Etihad Stadium, 3/Feb/15, KO: 3pm, Premier League. Att: 53,850

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How do you explain that ? For 42 minutes United were absolutely superb, after that not so much.

The day started with a usual suspects and a few beers in the Waldorf, after which I met a good Mag pal of mine for an old fashioned and a baby wetting session. Congrats Mark & Michaela.
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For the first time in a long time at the Etihad I was stood in a spot where I could actually watch the game. United started McClarenCitysuperbly, with Mitro in particular picking off from where he finished last week. United were all over the Citeh early on with the lads playing with the same pace and passion as they did last week. In Mitro we have a genuine threat, sadly that lad will go on to clubs with better chances of winning stuff than United. He looks like the real deal. Throughout the 1st half Newcastle looked the better side with Mbabu and Gino looking very good down our left hand side. United took the lead after 18 minutes after fantastic work from Mbabu and Gino down the left hand side. Mbabu cruised past Zabaleta to lay in Gino who found our main man Mitro who bent down to put us into a 1-0 lead. Cue bedlam in all 3 tiers of the away end.
After we took the lead we continued to take the game to Man city and disgracefully had a second chalked off for offside. Funny how the away teams never seem to get those tight call decisions. 5 minutes after United had another chance to go 2 up unfortunately Joe Hart made a great save.
It looked for all the world we were cruising towards a 1-0 HT lead when Citeh equalised through Aguero, for the life of me it looked offside. Anyway, we went in 1-1 at HT. I definitely didn’t see what followed coming.
The second half display was as bad as I’ve seen from a United team, I’ve seen some shite n all. United managed to concede 5 goals in 15 minutes. I can’t really remember how it all happened I was just in shock at the whole thing. After the 6th I walked out, I cant stomach the  likes of Sissoko and Gouffran taking the piss out of my beloved football club.
I must mention Aguero mind, what an unbelievable footballer he is. Imagine being lucky enough to watch him and Silva week in week out. 2 proper footballers them.
Shit day ended with a shite result in the Rugby. Two proper depressing weeks back to back, thank fuck we haven’t got a game next week.
Norwich in two weeks is a huge game, as hard as it is to give the lads our support at the minute we must be up for it next week. Enjoy the break and come back up for it. Lets hope the players do the same.
Newcastle United: Tim Krul (5), Daryl Janmaat (5),  Chancel Mbemba (4), Fabricio Coloccini (3), Kevin Mbabu (4) (Jamalle Lascelles 53 (4)), Moussa Sissoko (2) (Chieck Tiote 66), Vurnon Anita (3), Yoan Gouffran (1) (Florian Thauvin 66 (4)), Gino Wijnaldum (5), Aleksandder Mitrovic (6), Ayoze Perez (6).
Unused Subs: Mike Williamson, Papiss Cisse, Siem De Jong, Rob Elliot.
Ref: Kevin Friend – incorrectly ruled our second off for offside. Like they needed any favours. 
Our Fans: Shellshocked (5/10) 
Their Fans: Lottery Winners (4/10) 
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26 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Manchester City 6 Newcastle United 1, Etihad Stadium, 3/Feb/15, KO: 3pm, Premier League. Att: 53,850

  1. Bob says:

    What happened???!!,

  2. tom Bates says:

    I got criticised for being negative last week by suggesting Chelsea were there for the taking well their performances since suggest that. I certainly make no apologies for being negative about one win in 19 league games! How much longer are people going to accept the policy of recruiting unproven overseas talent on the basis the players are good value. A few proven players are needed in January to go with the developing talents of Perez and Mitrovic. One positive is that Villa and Sunderland are at least as bad as we are and Watford and Bournemouth will probably struggle to reach 40 points. A defeat today isn’t a shock but another capitulation is worrying

    • Hoglan says:

      Recruiting overseas players isn’t the problem (Thauvin aside, the newest recruits all look half decent), its years of under-recruitment.

      Hence Mbabu at left back and Gouffran centre midfield (with Tiote on the bench) after only 8 games.

      • Rob says:

        Completely agree. £50million spend was (mostly) good, but absolutely necessary. Even though we’re still dire, we’d have been in even worse straits had we not signed anyone. Really, we needed a minimum of 8 new players in during the summer, preferably early, to even start to turn around the previous years of underinvestment. As you say, a few injuries and we’re already down to Gouffran in midfield, a youngster at left back (who did brilliantly), and other positions are still a worry – an injury to either centre half leaves us back at Mike Williamson again.
        There’s absolutely no ‘middle’ to our squad – no fringe players, or at least not enough. They’re either the first team ‘regulars,’ who get complacent with the lack of competition for places, or they’re simply not good enough / kids.

  3. Bob says:

    Ah, capitulation, again. It’s the only thing we’re sort of consistent with.

  4. Dave says:

    Being 5 points behind the 4th bottom team this early in the season with yet again another dreadful negative goal difference means its more like 6 points behind. Agree with Tom that the transfer policy is seriously open to question as time and time again the new players take ages to settle, but if as we expect we’re still in the bottom 3 come January, which quality players in their right mind who we’ll need to graft for the cause will come to us? Put it another way and perhaps into perspective there are 30 games left which gives 90 potential points available and as it stands we need around 37 of them. Just let that sink in for a minute.

  5. tom Bates says:

    Who are the leaders in the dressing room? In the past there’s been Cabaye Nolan Smith who was poor for us but credited along with Nolan for galvanising the dressing room after relegation. You get the feeling Mike Ashley doesn’t want strong characters as players or managers at the club for fear they will speak out against the club policy. Janmaat and Perez always give their all on the pitch in my opinion but that’s different to leadership of the team. And I can’t see Mclaren doing it either.

    • Rob says:

      Alan Smith was terrible, but people too easily forget how important he was in the first few months of the Championship season. He and Nicky Butt offered nothing on the field, but helped us back regardless. We don’t have anyone with the spirit they had now. The team that got us promoted would beat this team, hands down. More fight, more heart, more teamwork.

  6. Ande Walsh says:

    Ashley is likely hoping to do a quick scoop in the transfer window to get him out of trouble like he did 2 years ago. Only this time it will not be a large French contingent to bind together quickly. As you put it Dave, the points we will all be scrapping for are a third of an absolute maximum we can acquire. Based on our form, history & recruitment policy the odds are stacked against us. The damage was done long ago. We are merely arguing over the game of football made from an ice block on the deck of the Titanic after the berg had already caused the fatal wound some hours previously.

  7. Anton says:

    Transfer policy?! Players’ nationalities?!

    So, last week our manager makes a substitution in the last 10 minutes and encourages his substituted player to walk slowly. This is at home, with the game up for grabs at 2-2.
    Then we win two corners in the last 3 minutes of the game and he instructs our players to time-waste in the corner flag. This is at home, with the game up for grabs at 2-2.

    That’s when we lost the Man City game: in our heads. There is no self-belief, no sense of can-do.

    I’ve said it before – Ronaldo and Messi would be neutered by our management, let alone young players who genuinely don’t know what they’ve let themselves in for. And for those still going on about “they’re foreign they don’t care”: everyone cares about having their fledgling career destroyed. These are professional players, not home-grown “internationals” (I played for 5 minutes against Moldova=must be worth £80k per week).

    The losing attitude comes from the top and permeates the team. Ashley and co appointed another man after their own image and guess what? He is delivering on the vision.

    • Pat Hughes says:

      I agree it’s down to Ashley – he plays the tune and all below dance along obediently. There must be awareness of this policy amongst the profession, so why do so many put their careers at such risk – players, coaches, management team alike. I’ve a good mind to take a JD Sports bag to the next game I attend and wave it around!

      • Ian Summers says:

        Support a local company and shop at START Fitness not JD never mind SHITE DIRECT? Years of no ambition to win anything as stated by the “board” have resulted in a club with, as Shearer said, a “losing mentality”. For several seasons now the team has been allowed to fail with the intention of simply staying in the Premier league. That losing mentality was epitomized by the Sheff. Wed. Reserves defeat and it is in games like that and Watford that the culture of defeat is set. Our team have forgotten how to win games and losing has become a habit, what are the stats, 1 win in last 19 games? Do the ridiculous OPTA match statistics include defenders turning their backs on the ball a la Colocinni or frequency of losing your man which Gouffran seems to specialize in?

        • Pat Hughes says:

          I don’t shop at any of them but I fancy a bit of defiance to offset the overpowering SD crap in our ground.

          • rich says:

            Pat, i think if a few thousand carried anti sports direct or promoted alternatives to SD, it would get Mr Ashley in a right tiz. Can you imagine the negative publicity for SD. Or even better the very people he is depending on (the fans) promote a rival firm! Absolutely priceless…

    • Peter says:

      Yes, Ashley is the real problem. It is hard to see anything improving until he sells up.

  8. Raiphie says:

    I live in Asia now, but I’ve been a fan for more than 40 years since I first watched the Bobby Moncur team at St James’s Park. It is depressing to see other fans tearing themselves apart over this appalling shambles, apparently without stopping to work out how to deal with Ashley once and for all. It’s no good whingeing when we lose one week, and becoming ecstatic if we scrape a draw against Chelsea the next, only to fall apart again a week after that. It needs consistency and action. All the fans need to understand that Ashley is a businessman, and thinks in pound signs. His pocket has to suffer before he’ll do anything to change the way he behaves. So stop going to games; stop buying the merchandise; stop renewing season tickets. Forget the “I’m a fan until I die” mantra – he’s laughing his head off at that. Just stop going. Spend the money watching in the pub. Leave them all to play in a half-empty stadium. Three abandoned home games and Ashley will start to panic. Six, and he’ll probably sell at any price. We’re all on course to be watching them in the Championship next season anyway – what difference does it make if they have to play to tiny crowds in the interim? At least do something concrete to wound Ashley’s cash flow in the meantime. You could say it’s easy for me – I’m six thousand miles away. But bite the bullet. Understand the enemy. Kick him where it hurts. In his moneybags. THAT’s what he understands.

  9. tom Bates says:

    I don’t think it’s a case of its foreign they don’t care but there are some players who probably ideally don’t want to live here or at best see us as a stepping stone club. I think it helps to have a few English players in the mix like a Kevin Nolan character who understand the importance of the club to the fans particularly on occasions like the Derbies. If we were playing for a club in Russia you wouldn’t have the same feel for it as you would playing for an English club and you’d probably be looking for another move. The overseas players are an important part of any decent side it’s just the balance has tilted too far that way IMO. It’s the rigid recruitment policy that’s the problem.

  10. mark says:

    i wonder if the pathetically narrow minded, biaised southern press are still blaming the fans for it all?! they should hang their heads in shame and apologise, but no doubt none of them have the required integrity to do so.

  11. Pat Hughes says:

    Rich: Even though I’ve given up my ST, I would certainly buy a ticket to wave an anti-SD bag at a match, particularly a televised one. It really appeals, he would be so wonderfully cross.

  12. Peter Shearer says:

    Hopefully, there are many of us that have taken action and boycotted the games who are more than willing to take place in any anti-Ashley actions. I have said many times that I am just waiting for sufficient numbers to finally see the light. We get close to achieving change – and then the majority back off,choosing once again to give Ashley another (undeserved!) chance. One day enough of the fans will decide to come together for the good of our club.What I have never understood is why it is taking so long.

  13. Simon Sharp says:

    NUFC are like a car heading off a cliff. We’ve no horn, no hazard lights and no brakes. The airbags don’t work. The driver has had no interest for a long time, despite words to the contrary, his passengers display a similarly wanton obliviousness to the gravity of the situation, continuing to try to get satnav information on their phones despite the fact there’s no signal.

    I feel sick to the pit of my stomach at what’s going on, in no small part because I wake up every morning with a horrible feeling that if Alan Pardew was still in the dugout that we’d still be treading water, but at least we’d not be in total freefall like we are now. He’s a one trick pony, a nine day wonder, there’s no way Palace will be where they are now come May next year and even if they are, watch them capitulate under the pressure of extra matches next season as Pardew tries to spin every excuse there is. But he was never the problem at NUFC, just like McClaren isn’t. They are a result of the appalling way that the club has been mismanaged since 2008.

  14. tom Bates says:

    I thought for our disallowed goal Perez was onside but the player who made the assist if I remember Janmaat was offside? Will have to watch it again. We are one of many PL clubs who now exist to cream off the money without aiming to win anything or do anything over than avoid relegation Aston villa are a similar example. We have no intention of developing a team or using the academy as this is too risky so we settle for a high turnover of mediocre players to keep us in the league. The club sold it’s soul a long time ago and is now Sports Direct FC as much as NUFC. I have a positive though! The next 6 games on paper are fixtures we could get some results from and looking at at Bournemouths run of fixtures I think we could leapfrog them out of the bottom 3.

  15. tom Bates says:

    I was wondering if the brief boycott last season which was mocked and derided by some fans was the reason why Ashley spent money in the summer? No evidence to support this but he must have seen a fall in season ticket renewals if he didn’t spend. I can’t see a full on boycott we stayed up against West ham and the relief meant most fans forgot about it and as someone said earlier one good result and people forget what the boycott is for in the first place. A lot of supporters are quite placid at the games now and I doubt they would be interested in the idea?

  16. Peter Shearer says:

    I think that was totally why he spent the money-and it worked with enough of the fans. We will only get our club back when we fight him all the way and do not stop until he is gone. That is the only fight we should be fighting-all else is irrelevant.Until then, the fans get exactly what they deserve by their inaction.