MATCH REPORT: Manchester City 0 Newcastle United 2, Etihad Stadium, 29/Oct/14, K): 7:45pm, League Cup, Att: 40,752

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Sometimes its all worth it. The 18 train stops to go to Swansea, the 5 trains two tubes and CityawayLCtaxi to get down to Tottenham , all the painful trips that we’ve been on last year. Last night makes it FUCKING worth it.

At 6:45 I don’t think any Mag could see that coming, certainly not this one. I felt thoroughly let down by the team Pardew, no doubt instructed by  Ashley, had put out. It was very poor. My pre-match feeling got a lot worse when I read the Champions’ side. Toure, Dzeko and Silva all starting.

The day started early with a few cheap beers at Oyster bar before a few more with the FYD in some of Manchester’s more gritty establishments. Karaoke in a bar at 4:30 in the afternoon – I can tell you a few of the establishments were a tad ‘shameless’. A lot of the pre-match patter was whether United could win tonight and give us a ‘Day Out’ at Wembley. On a side note that ‘Day out’ shite can stop – if we’re going to Wembley, let’s win the bastard!

Onto the game and I must say that’s one of the most unexpected displays I’ve  seen from citylc2
the B&Ws in my life. On the way to the ground I got a text from my old man saying: ‘ He’s taking the piss out of you again’ – relating to Mr Ashley. By the time I was walking out he was ringing me asking me to sort him a Tottenham ticket. This club man ahhh.

The game started quite quietly before United sprung to life. A tackle by Ryan Taylor, who everyone associated with this club is chuffed to see back in B&W, set up the boy wonder Aarons who placed it through the legs of Caballero and cue ructions in the away end. By the way that view from the lower tier in the away end is awful. I could barely see. I’m sure the few beverages that had pre-game didn’t help mind.

The reminder of the first half was a dull affair. City were marginally the better side but lacked their cutting edge . Jovetic went close, whilst the much improved Colo nearly sliced into his own net. On a side note, can people please stop having a go Dummett -the lad’s one of us and he’s done well over the last few weeks. Last night confirmed that the kid is a centre half. At half-time the craic was whether United could hold on – I very much doubted we could.

The 2nd half had Newcastle United more in control. Colback, who is our best player, controlled the poznanmidfield, whilst the pace of Sammy, Aarons and Obertan caused problems for them on the break. United had a stonewall penalty turned down when Kolorov sliced Obertan down in the box. At that point you were starting to feel it was going to be one of those typical Newcastle United nights. However, tonight was different – it was UNITED’s night. With 15 minutes to go Sissoko darted past a couple of challenges and sealed a famous win.

The celebrations after the goal and at the end were special and I hope a lot of young kids there last night will have walked away knowing what a unique and bloody brilliant football club they support.

Howay lads lets go and win the bastard!

Their support – I now understand why Man United call them the ‘Bitters’;

 Our support – In sheer ecstasy


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6 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Manchester City 0 Newcastle United 2, Etihad Stadium, 29/Oct/14, K): 7:45pm, League Cup, Att: 40,752

  1. Greeny's Guitar says:

    That was the best team performance we have seen for yonks. I thought everybody played and fought for the shirt. I formed the opinion that when the players spoke to the press and backed Pardew to the hilt they were just sort of toeing the party line. Last night however they were magnificent and maybe it was the manager they were fighting for. I will never change my opinion of him (narcissistic gobshite and tactical halfwit) but last night was a battle fought and won.
    I feel I must mention Ryan Taylor. I have never considered him anything more than an average squad player who can is good with a dead ball.But to play a full game with so much effort and intensity after two years out. Well done

  2. Paul Brown says:

    Well said with regard to Dummett. Ok he might not be Maldini but he always gives the team everything he’s got and last night he was superb. Still young enough to improve massively. The next John Anderson/Ollie Burton.

  3. Rochford Mag says:

    One of the biggest plusses was that we had pace in the team. Ok perhaps at times they flatter to deceive but Obertan / Aarons / Sammy give the opposition back four something to think about and can keep their opposing full backs from straying too far forward. I bet Citeh know all about Aarons’ pace now, he left them standing for his goal.

    We hardly look like world beaters but at times we are starting to resemble a competent Premier League team and not Championship fodder.

    No doubt this will last until the next disaster, as they say it the hope that gets to you.

  4. Andy Hoggins says:

    I have criticised Dummet (often) however he was immense last night. He certainly looks more accomplished at centre half than fullback. I thought Abeid had a stormer too. Showed Anita up.

  5. Matt Flynn says:

    Given Pardew’s abysmal performance in the Cups, not to mention his woeful results in 2014, he’s got a nerve to give the “I do know what I’m doing” stuff after one decent performance.

    Presumably next time we lose he’ll be claiming it proves he doesn’t know what he’s doing?

  6. Marc Corby says:

    “On a side note that ‘Day out’ shite can stop, if we’re going to Wembley lets win the bastard.” – Totally agree.
    The mackems used that as an excuse before they’d even warmed up at Wembley but face to face they all wanted to win. Lets not go down that path of tweeting ‘excuses’ IF we manage to get there.

    We need and want a trophy. Not a fookin day out.

    Re: Dummett: NUFC supporters HAVE to have a scapegoat. From Neil McDonald to Kevin Brock, Kevin Scott to Darren Peacock…..right up to Danny Simpson…it baffles me why we always have to target one player. Support the players but the manager has a long, long way to go to redeem himself.