MATCH REPORT: Leicester City 3 Newcastle United 0, Leicester Stad, 2/May/15, KO: 13:45, Premier League. Att: 31,000

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Yesterday hurt, it was pitiful, pathetic and pointless. Newcastle United’s display at ashleyredcardLeicesterLeicester was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Yesterday started very early with a 6:30 alarm call which allowed us to get over to Leicester for 10:30. All the pre match patter was about relegation and if we lost and the mackems won that we’d be right be in the shit.

The feeling towards relegation this time round is very different to 09, many mags don’t care. Relegation would also prove to be massive ‘Fuck off we were right’ to Mr Ashley. To be honest I’m caught in two minds about the whole thing.
Newcastle United lined up in a bizarre 4-3-3 given the footballers on the pitch. The centre kick to begin the game is worst than any you’ll see across Sunday league matches the season. A poor pass back to Ryan Taylor led yo his hoof up field being charged down and 36 seconds later Leicester had earned. A good delivery and poor marking led to 1-0. Fucking basics undoing United again.
Now, me as much as anyone doesn’t think Carver’s up to the job but what the fuck can he do about that. If MA.STRUM-GIF (1)underperfomred as much as the players have since January I wouldn’t get my salary, I work in a performance led industry and so did they. Newcastle United should be fining footballers for yesterday’s debacle.
The feeling in the United crowd after goal was gut wrenching, genuine long standing mags looked at each other with a ‘Fuck’ look. I wish I didn’t care but sadly i still do. What’s happening with the club at the moment is very depressing and I’d be lying if I said It wasn’t effecting my life. I’m looking at jobs abroad just to get way from it FFS.
Leciester’s , with a crowd in full voice and smelling blood, second shortly followed. Another set piece, another not tracked and another goal. Krul’s positioning on the goal was piss poor as well. Woodman should be sacked purely for how far that lad’s went backwards.
After this the away crowd turned their attentions to Ashley and Carver with a similar 34th minute display to the one at Swansea last week. After this point I headed to the bar, this club leads me to drink. It’s an addiction that gets you other addictions.
The concourse was a depressing place to be, all full of lads trying to give a reason why they needn’t go next season. pheonixlogoAshley’s killed family histories, our heritage and our soul. My Dad’s 65 and he says this is the worst it’s ever been. I feel many of the same age would tend to agree.
After half time I headed up only to see Leicester make it 3 with a penalty. At that point I headed back to the bar, only to return for the last 10 minuted where I saw Janmaat’s sending off and the players cowardice exit from the field.
We’re on brink.
This club is dying a long and a painful death.


Given the colossal amounts of money coming into the country’s national sport as well as vote-footballthe associated cultural importance of football to the lives of millions of people it has never been more important for our politicians to know their responsibilities to intervene in a game which is simply being run for the convenience of people like Mike Ashley.

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It will take you a matter of seconds for a standard letter to be sent in your name to all of the candidates in your constituency for the forthcoming General Election.

All candidates need to know their responsibilities to us as supporters of the national game.

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28 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Leicester City 3 Newcastle United 0, Leicester Stad, 2/May/15, KO: 13:45, Premier League. Att: 31,000

  1. jack says:

    So pissed off I cant even be bothered to have a proper rant. Im actually starting to feel sorry for carver. Should never have been give the job he doesn’t have the capability but why would he say no. The players have let him down big time glad to see he stopped defending them today. Williamson and Rivière don’t deserve to put that shirt on again.

  2. Pat Hughes says:

    I’ve ranted to anyone who would listen but now I’m finding it all bizarre and spooky. You don’t need a high IQ to know Carver is useless but he’s got a bunch of players who should know better, they may not be the best bunch in the PL but they should be technically able to put one foot in front of the other in an effective manner. So why aren’t they? If they want to escape to another club then why aren’t they trying to impress? Perhaps they know where they’re going already but wouldn’t you want your future employer to know you’re reliable and committed? It’s like a teacher going on to a new job – that person wouldn’t spend their last term teaching kids that 5 + 5 = 9 or the Earth is flat. I just don’t understand why there’s a complete disregard towards us and our club. It must be alien related.

    • David Chapman says:

      Good point, I can only assume the players don’t realise how bad our league position is or don’t care, Newcastle United cant be a good place to be at the minute for a footballer, complete lack of ambition by our owner and to make matters worse a manager who is so unbelievably useless I’m actually embarrassed for him, I’ve just heard Carver saying the players aren’t motivated, funny that, I thought the head coaches job was to motivate the players, oh and he’s still kissing Ashley’s arse,

      Seriously we are going down if carver isn’t replaced by someone who knows what there doing immediately.

      • Bob says:

        He said he was a good motivator and that his teams would never give up. In today’s Journal he says he will be better with new players who he can influence, suggesting he can’t influence this lot despite having been the coach for 5 years. No wonder they won’t play for him when he keeps slagging them off in public. He’s clueless, even today he persists in set plays to play the ball to the back post for Williamson.

  3. Mikey says:

    Yeah , feeling a bit sorry for Carver, looking at the bbc interview after the game he is getting that haunted look in his face which says I am out of my depth here, and no-one wants to play for me the club the fans…Walk away John, nothing is going to change anytime soon, Ashley only knows Ashley , Once he is gone, then only can change begin

    • Steve says:

      Feel sorry for Carver? Haha not one bit. Anyone that truly loves the club would not work under Ashley and certainly would admit if they were out of their depth and for the good of the club, like many fans have, step away. Also he’s not a pleasant bloke by the looks of offering fans a fight. Couldn’t feel less sorry for him I I tried…

  4. leeds 4ever says:

    CARVER should be sacked blames every one january says dont need sign any one squad strong he picks team his tactics every team he has had a little influence have been CRAP he has killed the club fat cockney bastard is useless but CARVER IS MAIN FAULT RIP THANK YOU JC I KNOW YOU THINK YIU ARE JESUS CHRIST hope they put you in loony bin when you get off bus in toon

  5. Ian Summers says:

    Never mind having their flip flops on? This team have dumped their towels on the sun loungers long ago and are at the bar finishing their 10th Piña Colada whilst sniggering at Colocinni & Williamson as they disappear over the horizon in a drunken pedaloe race a la Jimmy Johnstone at Largs in the 70’s!

  6. Ian Summers says:

    Has Ashley’s five year plan come to fruition yet?
    This is where “no capital outlay” in transfer windows, 1 “blue chip” player for each position, not competing in cups & having the grand ambition of 10th gets us.
    I do feel sorry for John Carver, he is like a carpenter without any wood. Look at our bench today and what options does he have.
    What a selection headache for the next 2 games? I wonder if the back four reads : R.Taylor; Dummet;Colocinni;Anita.
    Thank god we sold Mbiwa and Santon! Not long ago the club PR machine was boasting about Streete and the Slovakian lad being close to the first team? Utter Bollocks!
    Giving up the 10 year direct debit in January becomes a better decision by the day, just wished I’d put the tenner on relegation when it was 200-1 just 4 weeks ago.

  7. Andy bee says:

    Fell sorry for carver?! I can see why some are saying that, and I actually admire him having a go at certain ‘players’ on air – sending offs in particular smell of a conspiracy! But Jesus Johnny you blow sympathy from me and thousands of others when you extol how good ‘Mike and lee’ have been to you!

  8. Bob says:

    Carver should walk. He’s lost the fans and the dressing room, both a while ago. What now though? I can’t see a Red Adair coming in, either they would not want to be involved in relegation or they would want the sort of money the billionaire won’t pay. So it would have to be from inside, maybe a player would have some influence on the rest or, for me, Graham Carr. He’s had some experience in management, albeit at a lower level but mainly because he scouted most of these players and was probably involved in the signing processs. Maybe they think they owe him something (maybe they hate him for it??). He supposedly knows their strengths, the reasons he signed them. Might work. Pity Mike sacked Kinnear or he could have stepped in! (My attempt at a bad joke, sorry)
    If we are relegated I would tell the so called star players they can’t leave until they are promoted.

    • David Chapman says:

      Could Kinnear do a worse job than Carver? for that matter is it even possible to be a worse football manager than John Carver? 3 wins in 30 games if i was that bad at my job I’d seriously think of taking up another profession.

      If John Carver was from anywhere else could you imagine the shit he would get? I actually think we’ve been overly nice to Ashley’s new lap dog.

  9. Mikey says:

    I only feel sorry for Carver as he is a symptom of the rotten to the core set-up of Ashley, and truly out of his depth

  10. Stephen says:

    Pathetic, my immediate reaction to Carvers comments about Williamson. Why didn’t Carver single out Sissoko at Liverpool (or any game for that matter, he hides in every game)? Captain Colo ha ! for showing no leadership on the pitch ? Janmaat for his sending off ?

    No, he’s picked on Williamson because (whatever his merits as a footballer) he knows the supporters don’t rate him or like him.He’s done it because he’s a quiet man, not high profile,worth nothing to the club and got nothing to lose if he upsets an apparent nice guy and thinks its a way of winning some favour from the supporters. Its cowardice for Carver pick on the soft, easy target.

    Sickening and has Carver thought for one minute all this ‘i’m a fighter me’ and ‘i’m a big hard boy’ – the only thing he’s brought to the table as his coaching and tactical ability is zero -is going to get results in this day and age. You need more than that. Its not the 80’s Carver and as it happens it didn’t even work then because we weren’t champions with Billy Whitehurst, John Anderson, Paul Sweeney, didn’t he notice.

    I said two years ago, as much as i dIslike but acknowledge he was a tremendous footballer – Yohan Cabaye must have been standing on that training ground listening to Carver barking out instructions and thinking who the fuck are you talking to ! Clown.

    Pity him ?, no, Carver was part of the Pardew problem, feel sorry for him ?, no, he knew what he was taking on and who he was working for. There are only two people to blame for his predicament, himself and Ashley.

    • Phil Bell says:

      Superb post. Carver is showing the worst form of cowardice, feigning bravery whilst throwing the soft target under the bus. All to appease those who wouldnt accept it, but are far more morally culpable: Colocini, Sissoko

    • Clive says:

      Good points Stephen. Mike Williamson is still a human being and until yesterday has never shirked his responsibilities despite almost constant barracking from his own supporters. Whatever his limitations Carver has picked Williamson out as a simple easy target – shameful.

  11. andy mc says:

    the team won’t take us straight back up if the worse happens either

    • Robbie Murray says:

      and if we somehow manage to stay up this lot won’t keep us up either next season and changing an entire team is not going to happen or work!!

    • David Chapman says:

      Exactly mate, the Championship will be a bloody nightmare for us, it takes heart and aggression and tactical nous to get out of and the thought of this current bunch of losers under some no hoper like Steve Mclaren makes my blood run cold!

      For this reason I hope we stay up, If we go down I honestly cant see us coming back, Carvers a complete joke and a diabolical human being and I didn’t think it was physically possible for me to hate somebody id never met like I hate Mike Ashley but things will get even worse in the Championship.

  12. Taters3 says:

    Carver’s a fool, of course, but obviously the real cancer is Ashley. It’s time for fan ownership, somehow, some way…

  13. Ed Bell says:

    Yesterday was a first for me, the first time I’ve ever booed them off…

    How any of that shower had the nerve to come down and patronise the fans following that debacle was quite beyond me. That was the most spineless, heartless, gutless 90 minutes I’ve ever seen from a Newcastle United side…

    As for Carver, as usual, he wasn’t prepared to take any of the blame, throwing accusations here there and everywhere instead. A ‘Fighter’ apparently? I saw absolutely no evidence of that yesterday, a clueless bully at best…

    And the most annoying thing is that try as I might not to care, I do… I really don’t want another relegation… But I really can’t see any other outcome…

  14. andy mc says:

    Would it be possible to bring a new manager in for the last few games and to shake the bastards up?

    • JR says:

      That costs money and one thing we know the FCB won’t do is spend money on our club.

  15. Tom Pitt says:

    If Ashley doesnt sack Carver after that performance and those comments about Williamson then it proves that he really doesnt care if the club go down.
    If Carver stays in charge for these last three games,we will go down.
    The only thing that bothers me about it is that it will be sunderland who will benefit from our relegation.
    It is between us and them.
    Unless Carver goes,it will be us that goes down.
    So,Mike do you not even care about the money you are about to lose??

  16. David Chapman says:

    Ashley wont sack Carver, he is gambling on us staying up with things as they are, its a huge gamble but it’s one that will pay off massively for him, no severance pay for John the fucking useless Carver and McLaren in at the end of the season, this feels like ground hog day for me, remember when that useless prick got the England job? we knew he was the wrong choice then and he’s even worse now, except for the frankly fucking hilarious interview when he was a manager in Holland.

    I said we should have got Sherwood when he left Spurs and people laughed at me, there was a bloke who can motivate people, fair enough its a Brian Clough arrogant almost ridiculous style of motivation but its better than what we have now, John Carver reminds me of an old blind dog just angrily barking at a brick wall, it does trouble me because I know he cares deeply and it obviously really affects his life but he needs to resign, like tonight because he will be remembered as the bloke who took Newcastle United down and in all honesty we wont be back any time soon.

    • Stephen Brownlow says:

      Sherwood and Sir Les would have been a great move! Just look how hes improved Villa with hardly any resources!

  17. Dan says:

    “Now, me as much as anyone doesn’t think Carver’s up to the job but what the fuck can he do about that.”

    Well I think Carver could do quite a lot about that. Surely it is a lot to do with the manager what frame of mind the team is sent out in? A good coach would ensure his team was fully switched on and sharply focused. They wouldn’t tolerate anything less.

    Yes, the players carry a huge weight of responsibility too, but Carver’s repeated excuses of “what can I do about it when they cross the white line?” Well you could have them better prepared.