MATCH REPORT: Leicester City 1 Newcastle United 0, King Power Stadium, 3/Jan/15, KO: 3pm, FA Cup 3rd Rd. Att: 23,212

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Well that was as predictable as it was depressing. Newcastle United went out in the LeicesterCupcompetition the clubs proud history was built on at the 3rd round stage for the 6th time in Mike Ashley era. A spineless performance by United was so surprise to the 4’400 loyal supporters who turned up to cheer on United against the top flights bottom side. 4 fucking thousand, be we’re deluded and we expect too much. We’ve won 1 away FA cup tie in 10 ! Are we still expecting too much ?

The trip to Leicester was only one I took yesterday as I’d already bought my ticket before Christmas. I was less than enthused over it but given Carver’s patter on New Years Day I expected a half decent side. On arrival in Leicester ( What a fucking hell hole btw. On par with Stoke for me) I met up with the usual suspects. It seemed we were all there more out of a sense of duty than enjoyment. This isn’t the club that I fell in love.  A quick side note, in the main our support yesterday was sensational, when are we going to stop singing about ‘Sniffing gear’ and not wanting to leave every shit town we enter or in fact wanting to leave it straight away though ?I struggle to keep up. Get back to singing about Keegan, Harvey , Shearer. The people that make us proud to support United.
On reading the team at 2pm I could see that Carver’s patter was utter shite. Claiming to be ‘One of us’ and knowing what this competition meant to us was utter pish given that line up. No Sissoko, Janmaat, Perez, Colback or Colo. I swear Wolves once got fined for purposely losing a game ?!?! Surely, its no different because its the Fa cup.
On to the game and it was played out between two desperately poor times. United marginally better in the first 30 and scored a very good goal through Cabella that was disallowed for offside. From the away end it looked onside, it was a very good move involving Anita, Armstrong and Cabella. On Cabella, fair play to him yesterday he at least looked half arsed and wanted the ball on at every opportunity. Just a shame we were so shite in Midfield.
On the ball United were so poor. They tried to play from the back which is fucking impossible when you have Mike Williamson. How is he playing premier league football ? There must be a million junkies who fell through the net for this prick to earn a living. Saying that, I saw an ‘Iron Mike’ shirt in the away so maybe we deserve shite like him. We continue to play with our full backs very high. Which I think leads to us having no quality out wide as it leads to Gouffran, Cabella or whoever to pushing inside. Haidara who could neither take on or defend against a training cone was poor and was also fortunate to stay on the pitch. People think this lad is better than Dummett at LB ? Baffling.
When in midfield United continued to give the ball away. Tiote was once again a liability. I’d like to personally thank Alan Pardew for telling this lad he could ‘Play’. Fucking imbecile. He was very good when he used to play simple. Now, he thinks he’s got Glenn Hoddle’s passing range. His midfield partner was no better. I know Anita has a lot of supporters in our crowd, purely because he played for Ajax I imagine, but he’s not good enough. If your at that height you’ve got to be Silva good to play in midfield. Game continues to pass him by.
Just before HT Haidara and Cabella were caught sleeping at a short corner and cross from some lad, I had no idea who many of their players were, was turned in by Ulloa. At HT the main delight was that Blyth were beating Birmingham. At least someone was doing the region proud.
After half time United never looked like getting back in the game. In all honestly if it wasn’t for Alnwick it could have been 4 or 5. This was on par with the dreadful Brighton display of two years ago. Farcical performance. Another who was desperately poor was Riviere. The blokes slow, flat footed has poor first touch and literally never looks like scoring. If Carr signed him then they want to wonder what the fuck he was watching. The lad’s Luuk De Jong bad.
Other than a Vuckic deflected free kick and few crosses across the box I can barely remember us doing anything. The performance was pitiful. The day was summed up when in the 90th Mike Williamson hit a free kick on the halfway line back to Jak Alnwick. It was like we were purposely trying to get knocked out !
At the end Carver and the players came over and were rightly greeted with boos. I really hope he doesn’t get the job. Blokes all passion no idea. Just look at his managerial record. Piss poor. Chants of ‘We’re shit and we’re sick of it’ and ‘We want Ashley Out’ followed. The hates turning up a notch.
Newcastle United: Alnwick 8 Santon 5 (Sakta 57 (5)) Dummett 3 Williamson 1 Haidara 2 Anita 2 Tiote 2 Vuckic 4 (Roberts 79) Cabella 5 Armstrong 4 Riviere 1
Our Support 9 – Fantastic in the main. However, there was an issue with the 17th minute applause. Why have a few started booing teams who don’t clap along ? 1. How do they know ? 2. Whats it got to do with them ? and 3. Do people booing not think that in fact that is disrespectful. Honestly, it ceases belief that I had to explain to someone they were being disrespectful for booing. I think the clapping should stop now. Its lost all meaning.
Their support 6 – Better turnout than I expected.
Anyway well done if you read all of this I’m off for a drink. Dry January ?!?! Not when your support Newcastle United.
Enjoy your week.
Jack McLane – Follow Jack on @jackm1892

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15 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Leicester City 1 Newcastle United 0, King Power Stadium, 3/Jan/15, KO: 3pm, FA Cup 3rd Rd. Att: 23,212

  1. Rob Brown says:

    Utter and total contempt shown for our club ,history , tradition and modest dreams . Still , mustn’t grumble , And certainly we shouldn’t even think of voicing our disgust , or stopping spending money on SD product , or club shop tat or getting visibly angry . He will do what he wants because we let him , and too many of us are either outright apologists for him or mock those that want to do something . We are zombified and a sick joke . FIFTY THOUSAND PEOPLE can do something . It isn’t about whether we are behind the team or not , it’s our love , OUR THING , but the reality right now is there is no team , there is nothing but ennui , nauseous ennui. We either find the stomach to do something that is painful , or bend over and take it every week and month until he has GRFC or is bored with us . It is now a straight choice , clearer than ever before .

  2. Horsebuckfast says:

    Couldn’t agree more Rob…..well said.

    52000 @ home 4000 away today …..I’m sat here shaking my head.

    For years some of us have said boycott and I hope eventually everyone will hear our cry

  3. billmolyneux says:

    It is so sad that we as a clan of supporters have to suffer the humiliation of a spineless defeat like this.4000 top men ,women and children went down to the Midlands to watch us cave in to a side who are so poor it beggars belief.Rise up to remove this cancerous pile of shite who are running our club.I know it is a lot to ask but the only way to get rid of Ashley is to stay away.

  4. Alan says:

    This is NOT Newcastle United.
    You’re no longer paying to be part of a club you love.
    You’re handing over money to be a back drop to a Shite Direct advert.
    You’re lining the pockets of a man who has NOTHING but complete and utter contempt for you.
    It’s fucking bizarre.

    • Rob Brown says:

      Agreed , it has been pants on and off since forever , but never so consistently joyless and completely phoney . Paint it black

  5. STEPHEN says:

    I swear there was a point this afternoon when Carver and Stone were standing in the technical area discussing what to do next and Carver looked down the line to see who was warming up. He had to jog his memory who he had on the bench. They were clutching at straws and did not have a clue what to do.Laurel and fucking Hardy !

    That was as pathetic as i have seen and by god i have seen some shite in my time. John ‘i’m a Geordie me’ Carver “i know what the FA Cup means, i’ll put my best available team out”. Is Callum Roberts (no disrespect to the kid) the best we can do ? That line up was an insult to the 4,000 + who travelled.

    Oh fucking Colback, Perez ,Sissoko (if he’s still here), Janmaat and Colo will all be fit and raring to go for our humping at Chelsea next week. You’ve ‘thrown your hat into the ring’ eh ! FUCK OFF. If you had this football club at heart you’d walk away and go and do what you do best ????? coach somewhere.

    You know what might have helped get you the job ? showing some balls, getting our ‘tired’ senior players out there today, winning a cup tie and maybe going on to win the cup or atleast have a right go. The minimum it would have earned you was some credibility with the the supporters.

    But no, already you are licking Ashley’s arse (so you will get the job), 10th in the fucking boring premiership is all that matters to you lot within that club. Well the supporters want a bit excitement,a day in the sun, a day at Wembley. Is that to much to ask?.

    You’ve name dropped Bobby Robson this week, well i’ll say Milburn, Cowell, Mitchell, White, Scoular, tradition and glory. You havn’t got the first fucking clue.

    (oh and the “big boy”, hard lad , fronting it out act doesn’t wash either. The days of Billy Whitehurst, John Anderson and John Bailey are long gone)

  6. Ian Summers says:

    An interesting point of the excellent highlights from the Hillsborough 1974 semi was a comment by Brian Moore that it was Newcastle’s 8th match that month. Even Tommy Cass & Jinky Jim didn’t look tired. That in the days of only one sub and much smaller squads as well.
    In effect we have been left with nothing to boycott as the heart & soul has been ripped out of our club. JC, PB & SS have been left to carry the can and I hope they don’t get the brunt of our discontent. Perhaps to avoid that it is best to stay away. The sad thing is that as when we sold Cabaye & when we finished 5th we are not far off a pretty good side and if Berahino is worth 20 million then little Perez is worth 40 million.

    • STEPHEN says:

      “left to carry the can” they are and have been part of the problem. They are here because they have nowhere else to go, no-one would want them.

      The coaching at this club is abysmal, first recent example whacking the ball forward in a gale force wind to inch high private eye against Burnley. People shouting “get Tiote off” for his unbelieveably dangerous play when in possession of the ball.No, get him coached and told. Win the ball, control it and shift it then we’ll take it from there.

      Free-kicks, corners, playing the ball in front of a player for him to run onto instead of having to check and take two steps back. That’s just the basics.

      Clueless and pathetic.

  7. micky miller says:

    Boycott? I’m convinced if eleven chimpanzees donned black and white striped shirts, took to the field, licked each others balls and hurled faeces at each other for 90 minutes there would still be 40 / 50 thousand applauding the fucker..Loyal? Passionate? or institutionalized cabbages? As long as this blind commitment continues nothing will change…We know it, but more important that vile cancerous slug knows it..

  8. Peter Shearer says:

    Those of us who have boycotted at least feel we have tried to do the right thing for the long term interests of the club.I have always tried not to disparage those who choose not to,but it is hard for those boycotting not to see the inaction of the remaining fans as part of the problem.I can accept that a few would go because they are not interested in the political points of attending a football match, but I have always found it astonishing (and deeply disappointing) that Newcastle of all clubs has allowed this to happen to what was a community football club.

    Keegan walked out within weeks,we all know Sir Bobby would have done too,what is holding those that remain back? Make it your New Year’s resolution and boycott until we get our club back.The pain is less than thinking you are part of the cancer that is destroying our club.

  9. Alan says:

    If ever, ever anyone doubts that emptying SJP isn’t the right thing to do then revisit this pile of vomit inducing bullshit that Mickey did write himself on September 14th 2008…..

    and then consider what he actually would’ve written if he could’ve been bothered to get off his fat arse and pick up a pen over 6 years ago.
    I reckon it would’ve went something like this….

    ‘I’ve got the measure of you thick Geordie cunts, watch me take the piss now’

    And so he has, unabated.

    • Lloydy says:

      “The plan is showing dividends with the signing of exceptional young talent such as Sebastien Bassong, Danny Guthrie and Xisco.” ha bloody ha

  10. Pat Hughes says:

    I’ve always kept going because I’ve firmly believed it was my club, my place to be but reading some of the comments above has made me doubt my feelings. Apart from the friends I’ve made in the last 26+ years there’s nothing enjoyable any more. I’ve trundled along Barrack Road with hope and belief but the reality is we’re nowt but a giant sandwich board, advertising classless tat. The disgraceful debacle yesterday has just about finished me.

  11. Wallace Wilson says:

    Ashley has stripped the club of its meaning. As a sporting institution we should at least try to compete. The only target we have is to finish in the top 17 and pick up the money. It is a cliché but this management team knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. I am amazed we haven’t tried to sign Ched Evans

  12. Chris says:

    This will never stop until the FCB is hit where it hurts him. In the pocket. He now knows that will never happen because, despite, indignity after indignity, tens of thousands of ‘loyal’ folk will continue to give him their hard earned cash. So he has carte blanche to pull this disgrace, year on year.

    As someone above rightly said – this is not our NUFC. It is an empty shell of a club acting as a worldwide advertising hoarding for a tatty sports shop. Those who continue to pour their money into it are facilitating that, and days like yesterday.