MATCH REPORT: Ipswich Town 3 Newcastle United 1, Portman Rd, 17/Apr/17, KO: 3pm. Att: 25,684

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A dire United were deservedly beaten in Suffolk on Easter Monday. 1,900 made the long journey south in good spirits after a great performance at SJP on Friday. What we witnessed was a second consecutive away defeat for Rafa’s side as we somehow managed to throw in an even worse performance than in Sheffield.

Rafa made loads of changes from the team that performed so well on Friday. Absolutely no one played well and no one comes out of today with any credit. The availability of a stream and the beam back at SJP meant that this shambles was witnessed by much of the support, so rather than describe the action here are some general points:
Calamity – the amount of catastrophic mistakes this side have made during games since Christmas is pathetic. Think how hard we have to work to score a goal. How many chances we need. Then think of the goals we’ve absolutely gifted our opponents
QPR – Clark

Norwich – Darlow and Lascelles

Bristol – Dummet

Fulham – Dummet

Sheff Wed -Mbemba and Dummet (goals didn’t materialise but should have done)

Leeds – Lascelles

Ipswich – Ritchie

All of the above are cast iron disasters. Gifts of goals. Ritchie today losing possession and gifting them a goal was not good enough. The first half performance was OK and going in at half time having been in control of the game was fine. To give away possession so easily when we had so many players ahead of the ball was scandalous. It needs cut out.

Sussed – Weve been worked out away from home. Teams now just sit back and wait for the error or the counter attack. We managed to exploit teams ‘having a go’ and it lead to a high successful 13 wins. Not anymore. We can’t deal with long balls away from home and we don’t attack through the middle. Ipswich knew that if held right today eventually we’d gift them a chance. And they took it. It needs sorted for Cardiff.

Little Things – In this poor run (since Huddersfield ) we’ve started doing loads of mental little things wrong and it’s stated to grate. How many times do we let the ball bounce from long balls in our half. You just don’t really see it in football, anywhere. Just head the ball clear. It happened four or five times today and it NEVER ends well for us. Throw ins are a farce. I know they’re small but they just are. They’re basically an opposition set piece. Hanley came short for a couple of quick ones from Dummet today and Paul didn’t even look at him, instead opting to throw the ball to Ipswich.

Wide – Absolutely nothing comes through the middle from us away from home. It’s so predictable that we’ll try and play the call wide. Teams give Atsu space on purpose as they know nothing will happen. See also Goufrann. Canny ball by Atsu for the goal but he wasn’t aiming for Murphy. We start games with Shelvey too deep and then only move him further up the pitch when we’re behind and teams can afford to mark him out the game – why not start with him in a more advanced role? Matt Ritchie is normally marked out of the game or on rare occasions is just rubbish, like today.

Refs – The referee today was another joke. There weren’t even any big decisions to bottle (like Friday’s ref) but rarely have I watched football where the ref just guessed at stuff as much today. However, we never learn. Other teams seem to manage it. Lads can pull us back and not get booked, so our lads need to keep going. No point settling for a free kick in the centre circle. Too many times our lot look to the refs for protection and fair play. It hasn’t arrived all season, so don’t play like you expect it to be applied.

Slow start – the last two games have seen us start games terribly. And by start I mean the first 60 minutes. We allow our opponents to feel their way into games. It hasn’t always been this way this season. I don’t need us to fly out of the traps in the first 15 but Leeds on Friday was a great example of us growing into the game and dominating. It worked, its stopped working away from home.
Promotion – two wins will seal it and that’s with all your other teams winning their games, which they won’t. I’m still 100% confident in going up, which is what matters. It’s infuriating they’ve made it this hard for themselves but we’re still going up.

Well done to Brighton. Their disaster at the end of last season has put them in a great place to go up. Taking six points from them shouldn’t be underestimated.

Today was absolutely rubbish from United. The players, the manager and the stands. Can’t wait to bounce back agains PNE.

Darlow 2 – Today is why Rafa bought Matt Sels. Kicking was shocking all game and lead to the second goal.

Dummet 4 – Great assist for Atsu’s assist. Apart from that struggled. Saw people on social media slating him for ‘jogging back’ at the end. Unlike some of his colleagues, he was knackered as he ran a lot.

Lascelles 2 – Bad bad game and his missed Clark badly alongside him. At least he has the bottle to try and pick players out though. Too many of his team mates just give him the ball and then stand still.

Hanley 4 – No type of partnership with Lascelles or Dummet and they took advantage.

Yedlin 3 – Looked unfit and wasted some good positions.

Atsu – 5: Got an assist and put some decent balls in. The opposition don’t mind him playing though.

Hayden – 4: Looked off the pace and found space in the first half but wasted all the chances.

Shelvey – 3: Poor game for him and he was almost anonymous. Baffled by people calling him out for being lazy. When he’s the worlds greatest player he hardly does any running, he just has he ball. He hardly saw it today.

Ritchie – 2: Poor all game, missed a great chance at 1 0. Started the rot. Dead good at footy but dead bad today.

Diame – 4: Some decent touches and turns in the first half but his decision making was poor. Moving him back in to CM hasn’t worked the last two away games.

Murphy -5: Goal for the big man but Ipswich managed him fine and he didn’t win much in the air. Lacked his usual edge


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19 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Ipswich Town 3 Newcastle United 1, Portman Rd, 17/Apr/17, KO: 3pm. Att: 25,684

  1. Bob says:

    What has happened to us?

  2. wados says:

    Clark massive miss for us at the moment, shelvey overated, without gayle we don’t take enough chances

  3. Barnstable Bear says:

    I’m looking at the positives……I still think we’ll go up automatically and the last month or so has shown how poor we are.

    Watching the Manure Chel$ki game yesterday made me shudder at the thought of this group players facing the likes of them or Spuds or virtually anyone in the premier league.

    Rafa knows this and hopefully using a performance like today as the basis for prising as much cash as possible out of fatties podgy fingers.

    Keep the faith (just)

  4. Tomb says:

    Awful performance in contrast to Brighton who have secured promotion with a far worse squad than we have. Hughton was a superb manager for us but because he had no managerial pedigree was under appreciated by Ashley the media and some supporters. Benitez will drag us over the line playing as poor a brand of football Ive seen in a while. Its fortunate its a poor league this season where the nearest challengers this season are Huddersfield and Reading.

    • nick says:

      You sound entitled mate – the idea that we should be pissing the league because we’re Newcastle United and we’ve spent some money – too much of this about.

      Is our squad that good? It cost quite a bit but it was put together in a hurry and we probably had to overpay for some players. If we hadn’t quickly assembled a squad of championship players we would have been left with about 14 first team players after everyone who wanted to/had to leave had done so.

      There’s a story brewing that this season has been unsuccessful and Benitez isn’t that good. It helps the cry arses justify their cry arsing.

      • John says:

        Absolutely spot on! He had a massive job to do in a short space of time. Ended the window £30million up which I think he thought he could use in January to reinforce weak/tired areas in our squad. He was denied this and we are seeing the affects now. Hopefully we still get the job done. Rafa said this squad was built for the championship. Changes will be made for next season.

    • Rob says:

      Just out of interest, which Brighton players are far worse than their Newcastle opposite number?

      • Tim says:

        I completely disagree with your point about it being a poor league this season, it’s arguably been more competitive than it’s ever been.

  5. Andy bee says:

    Bit on the miserable side ……we lost ok ….. if we’d won with goal difference we were realistically promoted tonight. Look at readings huddersfields and our remaining fixtures we’ re going up ! The rebuild continues Rafa has made mistakes , everyone does ( colback? Jesus raff) . So we creep over the line fair enough but we must invest and rebuild better going up than sinking penniless like neighbours? Good luck to Brighton and hughton by the way professional job.

  6. Paul Smith says:

    Brilliant on Friday awful today. Didn’t understand Rafa’s 5 changes at all, why ?
    Ipswich wanted it more which is a worry but I honestly can’t see any way Newcastke won’t go up automatically. It would take something daft really.
    Whether it’s Rafa or not it’s my opinion only Ritchie and Clark are premier League starters. Shelvey was quickly found out at Swansea after a promising start.
    Let’s not forget Rafa has done a spectacularly good job because this basket case of a club were doing a Coventry if left in the hands of Ashley and co.

  7. john rush says:

    Sorry not to join in the brighton love in. Maybe sour grapes on my part or an example of someone not being able to move with the times but yet another southern team from an affulent middle class area with no historic football identity in the top league at the expense of a team from one of the traditional working class footballing areas does not give any cause for celebration other than to those who wish to further sanitise english football and develop it as a product for a captive happy clapper audience who think football was invented in 1992. The sky wet dream would be for fulham and reading to join them and leave the northern oiks to battle out in the “efl” the marketing of english football is getting like www wrestling. For epl read raw with all the glamourous superstars and villaind. For efl read ecw with the honest journeymen and has beens

    • Barry Pattinson says:

      Got to say I was thinking this myself last night, Boro and the Mackems coming down and the Premier looks a bit like a Southern love-in. Still think we will stagger over the line but next season is going to be a bit like the Alamo for most matches without a huge investment. And the fat controller ain’t gonna sanction that. Be very surprised if Rafa is here next season. I’m nearly 63 this year and after the Inter-city (cup not the train) I never thought there’d be nowt to celebrate in 50 years

    • Rob says:

      I see what you are saying John, but I’m not sure the sanitising of football is about which clubs are in a certain division as much as the people who watch live football in general. There are more Northern teams in the PL now than there were during the 83/84 season (which people have been talking about lately) but the people who watch those sides, and indeed us are increasingly likely to as solidly middle class as someone watching Reading. How many fans at one of our games are from Blakelaw, (where I grew up) or Scotswood, Elswick or Walker compared to Chapel Park, Gosforth, Ponteland or Whitley Bay? and how much has that changed in the last 25 years?, I don’t know the answer but I can take a guess and it will be the same for all of the Northern teams given the price of football. It’s a middle class game now, like it or not.

  8. Wallace says:

    Rafa made changes because the stats will have told him some players were tired. Unfortunately they don’t measure psychological fitness and the players who played on Friday (Darlow, Dummett, Lascelles, Haydn, Shelvey and Ritchie) looked mentally tired. Look what happened to Leeds – a 1-0 defeat at home to Wolves has dropped them out of the play-off zone. We have a full week to prepare for Preston and Huddersfield have a hard game coming up against Fulham. We could go up on Monday night

    • john rush says:

      Totally agree. Not the time for panic debys late equaluaer will effect huddersfield as much as leeds did to us on friday. We should have been home and hosed right now but ashley decided to ignore rafas correct observation that the squad needed strengthening in january. There was a debate a couple of weeks ago on the merits of this squad compared to those which went up in 84, 93& 10. What is not in dispute that unlike this season the managers then werw allowed to bring in reinforcements mĺd season which strengthened our hand. Cox spent big money for the time on glenn roeder. Keegan similarly on sellars and cole and hughton was able to bring about 5 permanent and loan signings last time around. If we go up no doubt ashley and his cohorts will congratualate themselves on another bit of frugal business genius for his non action in january when in fact we could have been up before brighton and headed for 100 points

  9. Rob Brown says:

    Shelvey too deep , and various trying too much too early too deep . Some seemed mentally tired – and a bit afraid . And perhaps wear some chuffing studs ! Ipswich bullied us and defended well . We were soft and defended badly – AGAIN . Time to put things right and Rafa will , because he’s good . Need a strong number 10 for next year particularly . As for crowd , we were ok , they were utterly comatose . And please stop the up down song . Plenty time for that later .

  10. P jobson says:

    Reference the slow start comment. We have regularly started games, particularly home games ‘slow’. No drive, enthusiasm, pace, etc. Which hands the initiative to the opposition, a la Bristol City. Poor team who realised we were there to take because of our slo w start and took advantage. Easy two points dropped because we surrender the initiative early. there are many others. We will get promoted, but should have been sorted by now but for poor tactics. We have the strongest squad in this division and it is not obvious at times.

  11. Simon Sharp says:

    The season has been a slog and I’ll be glad to see the back of it. The football has been pretty poor since the turn of the year, don’t get me started on the quality of officiating and there still seems to be a fairly yellow belly at the core of the team. This is not the best squad ever to compete at this level and Brighton will deserve to go up as Champions, assuming they will. We knew it might be like this, Rafa said it would be a slog and it was never realistic to think that players on big wages in Europe’s best leagues would come here (even those interested in a “project”) however the squad isn’t really that good as it is (Colback, Dummett and Mitrovic haven’t found their level) and the owner’s failure to put his hand in his pocket in January has jeopardised what should have been a dead cert. This summer is make or break and it wouldn’t surprise me to have a similar situation to what we had in 2008 with Keegan where promises are not kept and the manager walks.

  12. Brian says:

    One thing I am convinced about sadly is that whatever happens this season, Rafa will be gone. I place the blame emphatically on Ashley, for not supporting him in the January window….absolutely disgraceful and disrespectful. He does not deserve Rafa, and we will end up as usual with some ‘Yes’ Man like Pardew, heaven forbid!!!!!