MATCH REPORT: Everton v Newcastle United, Goodison Park, 3/Feb/2015, KO: 7:45, Premier League.

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The game was lost in the first half.  Some say before that, when the team was announced.  Either way it’s one win in eight games which include 6 defeats for United in that time.  It’s consistent with the dreadful output of the club in the last 14 months.  Everyone’s to blame and no one’s to blame bar Mike Ashley.  The clubs is hurtling towards the second tier fast, and deservedly so.

I drove down to Liverpool without much hope.  If you’ve listened to my podcasts or read my previews you’ll have heard me bemoaning both United’s away record as well as Steve McClaren’s disastrous away form as a manager at the top level in and with England.  The glimmer hope was provided by an Everton team who can’t stop conceding goals and hadn’t won at home since November.  In fact Everton’s last league win had come at St James’ on Boxing Day so their form was patchy at best.

 Everton needn’t have worried and i wish i hadn’t bothered.  Newcastle United put in what i’d call a signature Steve EvertonFeb16McClaren performance.  The type of performance his side have provided more than any other this season.  The ‘limp’ type.  The type of performance where from the first four to five minutes of the game, you know what’s coming.  No passion, or fight or more importantly quality.  How does Steve McClaren set up his sides to play away from home?  They don’t sit deep and look to frustrate.  They don’t play on the counter attack.  They don’t play long balls.  They don’t play possession football.   They don’t slow down the game looking to frustrate a volatile home crowd who are quick to turn on their own players.  They don’t play direct football looking to put the ball in areas of the pitch that give the opposition problems.  They don’t start games fast and look to grab a goal early then hang on.  They don’t keep it tight for the first half and look to grow into games as home sides grow more frustrated.  They don’t….do anything.
What was McClaren’s idea for his team.  What was the word in training for 10 days?  What was the weakness McClaren looking to exploit?  What was the plan?  Everton dominated from the first minute.  Lukaku looking dangerous (he’ll do that) and Everton played some nice stuff early on without any reward.  20 minutes in and i turned to Ben Wade and said ‘we haven’t had a shot’.  22 minutes in and we’re one down.  The goal comes down our right, our ‘strong side’.  Everton started the game looking (as they did at our place) to attack our rancid left, obviously excited by Townsend’s lack of defensive ability and Paul Dummet’s lack of defensive ability.    It was working, but i presume the penny dropped and Everton realised they could exploit our weaknesses at down both flanks, the middle of the pitch and in behind the back 4.  The goal was a farce.  Winjaldum (more on him to come) tracking back but not paying attention or marking anyone.  Defenders turning their backs on the ball.  Rob Elliot standing really far to the right side of his goal.  he was Man of the Match by some distance, but the reason he’s not a top keeper is his positioning and his ability to come off his line.  That said – he was superb most of the night and stopped a Southampton – mackem type score on his own.
United didn’t manage a single shot on the first half bar a ridiculous effort from Dummet, who was mercifully subbed at half time.  The decision to start Perez up front was baffling pre-game.  Ayoze Perez gets a lot of praise fro mags.  He’s a good player.  I’m pleased he’s signed on for five years.  Tonight we should have started the other strikers, or a kid from the reserves up front.  Perez’s performance was a disgrace in the first half.  It’s one thing to be given the chance to play up front by yourself, it’s another to have the self discipline not to just play your normal game and drop deep looking for the ball.  No outlet up front.  Most of the time he wasn’t there.  There was a moment in the first half he gave a way a foul in the left back position.  Somehow Lukaku and then Kone managed to avoid playing any of the football, as lone strikers, on the toes of their full backs.  Not good enough.
Georginho Winjladum put in one of the worst performances I’ve seen, but then i remember Swansea away (which I also drove to) and he was as bad there.  He can have bad games.  He’s been great.  He’s been mostly anonymous away from home, but his home performances have more than made up for that.  Unfortunately that’ll not be enough going into the last 14 games.  He hardly touched the ball and when he did, it was with disastrous consequences.  Awful.  He’s a senior player.  His performances away from home have been rank since the start of the season.  Not good enough.  How he stayed on the pitch i’ve no idea.  I thought Saivet did okay and actually did some general stuff on the pitch like make tackles and passes.  That he was taken off for Winjladum to stay on and play centre midfield is probably a sign that McClaren is a coward.  Or that he doesn’t know what he is doing.  Maybe both.
Rolando Aarons came on at left back. The poor kid.  rushed back by Pardew to save his own skin, out for 17 months and brought on to face Lennon and Coleman.  His performance was a joke defensively.  Funny that, him being an attacking midfielder.  Would it have been SO BAD to bring on Steven Taylor and play Colo or Lascelles at full back.  Surely the results couldn’t have been any worse.  The second half continued as the first did, bar a little bitpointless possession for United.  Mitrovic played well when coming on and was a vast improvement on the anonymous Perez, who dropped back to a more familiar left wing and no.10 position.  He should have equlaised when Sissoko put in a great ball and Mitrovic put it wide.  He should have scored, his finishing isn’t good enough.  But he absolutely improves the performance of this team when he plays.  He’s 21, yet he’s the best we’ve got.   It shouldn’t be like this.

Sissoko by the way was abysmal.  If ever a player didn’t fancy a freezing cold, wet night in the North West it’s our Moussa.  He’s talented.  He quite often plays well for United (at home) – but his performance was distinguishable from Perez and Winjaldum in that he did actually get on the ball or go in for challenges  – bottling/losing every single one.  A waste of a shirt.

Everton just attacked loads.  Elliot tipped three attempts onto the frame of the goal.  Fair play to him, he’s a great shot stopper – possibly up there with anyone else in the league at the moment.  The final blow came when Everton got a deserved second when the laughably hopeless Aarons just gave up trying to play football and hauled down his man.  Pen. Goal.  Time to get off.

I’ve no idea what happened for the third as i left on 90.  I’m pleased Everton got the two late goals, as a one goal margin would have been a scandal and masked some deficiencies that the result (rather than the performance) at Watford did.  Everton are hopeless.  remember that.  The only side they’ve beaten in the league nearly three months is Newcastle United.  Everton could have won that game 6 0 and i couldn’t have complained.  Shelvey was poor, but at least he tries things.  He doesn’t hide.  I like him a lot.  He misses Colback.  Townsend – he’s direct which is what this side needs.  Playing him with Paul Dummet won’t work as he just has two defenders to face all the time.  But we didn’t bring in a left back.  Again.

Before tonight Everton had only kept one clean sheet at home all season to Aston Villa.  That’s our level now.
Newcastle United Elliot – 8, Janmaat 6, Mbemba 5 (Lacselles 5), Colo 5, Dummet 3 (Aarons 1), Sissoko 2, Saivet 5 (Motrovic 5) , Shelvey 5, Townsed 4, Winjaldum 0, Perez 1
Their fans  2- silent.  Lots of empty seats .  Probably deserve some sort of refund due to no opposition turning up. 
Our fans 3- poor numbers.  yes it’s Wednesday, but i get the feeling Everton would have brought more to us for a non-televised game at £25 a ticket.  Maybe it’s a sign of the times.  Why would anyone want to watch a McClaren side away from home .  More songs about poverty in Liverpool.  More from the  ‘banter’ songbook.


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30 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Everton v Newcastle United, Goodison Park, 3/Feb/2015, KO: 7:45, Premier League.

  1. Alan says:

    Utter. utter fucking dross.

    For the love of god please put this fucking joke of a football club out of its misery and relegate it through several divisions so it’s no longer an embarrassing laughing stock to the people of a proud city.

  2. Anton says:

    Wow. That was awful.

    Mitrovic is going to be the fall guy, but Everton should have been 3 or 4-0 up by the time of he missed his chance to equalise. No defence = no hope. At least we have a few months to come to terms with the idea of relegation; meanwhile, we can enjoy ourselves in the purgatory of the bottom 3. The only thing that cheers me up is that Ashley is going to miss out on the £100m bonanza.

  3. Dave says:

    Well that’s 90 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. I’m speechless. Thank the Lord for alcohol.

  4. Ian Summers says:

    McLaren has admitted that too many players were “below par” tonight. OK Schteve, drop them then. Do the players understand that the dashed line above the 3rd bottom team in the league table designates teams to be relegated at the end of the season. Do they really care? Don’t hide behind the lack of central defenders on Saturday, it has been obvious for several seasons now we need more central defenders.

  5. John says:

    To me that game was the final confirmation that we ARE going down. Apart from Elliott and Saivet the performances were all abysmal, with Sisokko and Wiljaldum in particular just bottling out of any responsibility to try and win the ball or heaven forbid, go past an opponent or pass it to a team mate. But the worst performance of all was from our ex-England coach, McClaren, who set this team up to fail, tactically and psychologically. How he has managed to keep his job after such an appalling season is almost as baffling as why on earth he was offered the job in the first place, direct from being sacked by a Championship team, his third dismissal in a row. Well he was highly recommended by his good buddy Carr, wasn’t he? And in the highly professional way that NUFC has been run since Uncle Mike took over, they took a punt and here we all are sitting in a rainbow. Could we not offer Mourinho 10 million to take over for the rest of the season, park the bus every game and scrape enough 1-0 wins to finish 4th bottom?

    • Alan says:

      Employ a manager with something that resembles ability?
      Sadly not going to happen mate. The blindingly obvious fact that a decent manager’s wages would be paid for in resultant league position prize money is lost on this club.
      Rotten from top to bottom, ran by know nowt morons.
      Rip it up and start again, it’s the only solution.

  6. Nickyman says:

    Mclaren said pre match ‘we went back to where we were 4 months ago ‘ .
    No schteve , YOU took them back there as there are different players in the team.
    Just the same pathetic tactics and management.
    Time to go!!

  7. Ali J says:

    What a load of rubbish.
    We would be better off not spending $50m and instead signing up Jose M for a $5m 4 month contract to keep us up.
    To our ‘manager’ … please go now and ruin someone else’s club.

  8. Wallace says:

    This result was all down to the laughably titled ‘Football Board’. The failure to recruit any defenders in January meant McClaren felt he had to bring on an untried left-winger when Dummett went off. I assume he was injured as surely even McClaren wouldn’t make such a mistake – would he? Even then, surely Taylor was a better option from the bench.
    No problem with him trying to correct his earlier mistake of starting without a target man but taking Saivet off allowed Barkley the run of the park and unsurprisingly he took full advantage.
    We are still a team who concede and can’t score with a manager who looks like a rabbit in the headlights. WBA will probably determine our season but McClaren must go even if by some accident we stay up along with Charnley and Carr

    • David Turner says:

      Football “board”-what a joke:Charnley clueless and out of his depth by several hundred fathoms;Carr-completely lost the plot;Stevie Wonder-nowt more to be said and Mr Bob Concur.What a shambles!

  9. mikey says:

    If you actually sit back and assess who we’ve bought, they Ok. They’re only Ok. Add that to a rotten club of very damaged players, and a manager who clearly (and this is the first time of slagged him off) clueless, we’re in trouble.

    Look at the fixtures, do some sums and you realise the inevitable. We’re not going to make it this time. Been living on borrowed time for a few years.

  10. Kenny Henderson says:

    If McLaren stays then he needs to grow some balls as in drop people who don’t perform. Sissoko & Winjaldum have to be dropped for the next away game… they simply do not turn up.
    If we do not beat West Brom then McLaren really must go though, no coming back after that with Chelsea away to follow then the reality is turning on title winning form with games running out. Not going to happen is it?

  11. Peter Shearer says:

    Keep to the long-term hope. Whatever we go through is just the beginning of our comeback. If we go down, Ashley will lose out too. Once we stop letting him hurt us, we can match his stubbornness and hasten his departure. There is nothing about our club at the moment to protect, so relax until we have completed the pain and then we re-build post-Ashley. It is the fact that we care so much that allows Ashley to use us- so just put it on hold until he leaves. If relegation does happen this time, I hope the fans finally let Mr Ashley know what they think of him.

    To be fair to the new players, we should reserve judgement for a couple of games,although as I have already said they might not relish the relegation fight and the pressure that will bring.

  12. Mccabecol says:

    Can’t get over how shit that was, a gutless shambles. I mean we couldn’t even win our own throw iins half the time ffs. Zero cohesion with no semblance of a game plan, I felt for Rolanda as he looked completely lost, that game certainly won’t do anything for his confidence.

    Dreading WBA now

  13. James says:

    Our entire club (except support – although this is getting worse by the weeks) is made for Championship League football. The owner, through to the director, through to the manager, through to most of the players on our books and through to the pathetic, cheap and tacky Sports Direct marketing littered around the inside & outside of our stadium.

    We are an absolute disgrace of football club who got incredibly lucky last season despite stinking the league to high heaven for a good majority of the season. This season under a new manager, who is the very epitome of what you would call a total loser, I think we have been even worse. Steve McClaren is a good solid football coach. That’s it. He is never in a million years a top level football manager and the sooner we get used to the fact he is getting us relegated the better for all concerned.

    Personally I stopped investing financially in NUFC ever since we appointed Graeme Souness in 2004 but no matter how hard I try I cannot stop investing my emotions into a club that will always be the one I loved since 1984.

    I sincerely wish I could though as I loathe everything about us.

  14. Jackson says:

    Oh god, we’re “looking for a reaction” again! McClaren — at least find some new shit to say in interviews FFS.

  15. Marc Corby says:

    Everton away is normally a fixture you can write off as a ‘won’t win’ due to an awful record down there (it’s now 17 defeats in 27 played at Goodison Park since 1984-85) but to line them up with no idea???

    McClaren (if he had any say in the transfers) has been backed, whichever way you look at it. Doing nothing wasn’t an option. Yes, the fat man’s primary goal is to stay in the Premier League and protect his investment etc but the players at the managers disposal he’s never experienced or likely to again!

    Although I’m sick of being branded an impatient fanbase, failure to beat WBA on Saturday and he has to go.

  16. mammyslittlesoldier says:

    Saturday is all set up for a 1:1 draw at best – it’s obviously much earlier in the season but I have that Portsmouth or Fulham 2009 feeling. Even if we manage to win and we hear a load of vacuous prattle about how we might have ‘turned a corner’ and ‘momentum’ does anyone seriously think we’ll follow it up with anything other than defeats at Chelsea and Stoke? Even relegation teams with a few games.

    For one reason or another I’ve never really called for managers to go and whatever McLaren’s faults we were a fucking mess well before he pitched up on Barrack Road. However, this train looks like it’s only stopping at 1 station. Having said that, the club might be waiting for the fans to get on the manager’s back so they/their media people can say the blood is on our hands.

    • Anton says:

      “Having said that, the club might be waiting for the fans to get on the manager’s back so they/their media people can say the blood is on our hands.”
      This sounds chillingly accurate.
      At this point, Ashley is looking for patsies to throw under the bus; players, managers, staff, whoever will do.

      I reckon the grand plan for the January window was: get Shelvey, Townsend and Berahino in. If 2 or all 3 of them do reasonably well enough to get into even the periphery of the England squad before Euro 16, you can flog them for an easy 50%-70% profit. Therefore, whether we go down or not, Ashley makes money.
      This is why we did not make an attempt to address the real needs of the squad (ie, defence, defence, defence and defence), but instead went bidding £25m for a striker – as if that would save us from conceding 2-3 cheap goals per game.

      Of course, Big Mike is now faced with the prospect of a team getting relegated, while Shelvey and Townsend might get found out for the busted flushes that they are. And with a manager that (unlike last time) is not equipped to get us promoted immediately. The worst of all worlds.

  17. joe hawkins says:

    I posted on another site my thoughts this time last year about what would finally come to pass during Ashley’s tenure.
    His basic philosophy has been to let things drift along and hope that there are three teams worse than his every season and he continues to pick up the T.V money available from “Evil-Sports.”

    All it was going to take was for a couple of the promoted sides from The Championship to make a right fist of staying up and he would be sunk.
    Well it looks like that time is now upon us and it rightly deserved imo.

    Year upon year of utterly remiss and abjectly poor administration has brought us to this point and was predictable and inevitable.
    The sad thing about it is the situation is entirely self inflicted and was easily avoidable but Ashley cannot see it comes back to him.
    It is the continued appointments of people to positions of power at Newcastle who have not the qualifications or the qualities to do the job.

    Newcastle United is like a festering wound where maggots should be applied to eat and clean out the bad then you cover up the wound to heal it.
    Ashley and his gang of misfits though are stupid and naive enough to think you just cover up the wound in the vain hope it will heal itself.

    Last nights performance has to rank as one of the most utterly cowardly, Inept, Useless, Gutless, Spineless, Devoid of anything kind of effort of any football team at any level ever !
    Yes they have thrown a lot of money at the team lately but you have to say it is too little too late !
    It’s all well and good signing your Shelvey’s, Townsend’s etc but if you haven’t got your club right a a basic level then it counts for nothing.

    Everybody and his dog knew Steve McClaren was not right for Newcastle apart from the so called “Football Board.”
    A man who had arguably the best squad of players in the whole of The Championship and could not get them promoted in two attempts was deemed the best man available out of 80 odd applicants apparently.
    That in itself tells you the people your trusting to run your club are not of the first calibre and should be nowhere anyone’s club !

  18. Bob says:

    Playing Aarons at full back reminds me of doing the same with N’Zogbia and, like him, Aarons will get pissed off. How many managers have we had now who continue to play players out of position? Pardew , Carver and McClaren play the likes of Perez as a lone striker, we all know he’s not that . It’s like fat sam playing Owen and/or Martins up front and playing high balls up to them……waste of time. McClaren says Doumbia is the goal scorer we need then leaves him on the bench when we were clearly not doing enough up front. As as been said Gini had a bad game so the new guy couldn’t have been any worse. If Dummet is injured then if Colback is ok he’ll play there instead of his better midfield role. Maybe McClaren has got it now, saying it’s not acceptable rather than his usual ‘positives’ line but I doubt it.

  19. rich says:

    Why does the club not invest in a proper manager? He is probably the most important piece of the jigsaw. They are willing to waste £21m on Berahino but won’t pay that little bit extra to get in a manager who will get the best out of the players. it would even save Ashley a few quid in the long run. Leicester City anyone?

  20. Tom Bates says:

    Get Chris Hughton in. Luckily we still play the teams atound us at home so its in our hands.

  21. gjbnufc says:

    Best part of £100 million squandered on ‘talent’ yet every away game regardless of opposition the plan (loose term) is frustrate and counter attack (I think that’s what it is) and inevitably lose.

    Can’t he not recognise the fact we need to now win games rather than pick up the odd battling point? Sick of watching the same old cautious insipid shite, we not give it a go and get at teams and take the game to them, at least go down fighting. Not that there’s much fight between these serial losers.

    ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’

    Albert Einstein

  22. Jim Myton says:

    Sad but not surprising, in the least. Just hope that this time there are relegation clauses in the players’ contracts. Even if there are, I can’t see this shambles of a playing eleven (can’t call them a team) coming back up. What bothers the people writing on here is what seems to not bother any of the visible employees of the club. I actually might exclude the Manager from that, I think he does understand, he’s just out of his depth. As with previous incumbents of the post though he is the only mouthpiece of NUFC and probably feels the gun on the back of his head every time he has to speak.

    We could be looking at a Portsmouth scenario here, we have spent the same kind of money to go down that they did. The difference is that the economics of a club the size of ours in terms of the overheads would suggest that we would find playing more than a season in the Championship impossible and that’s assuming we could actually stay up. MASH owns lock, stock and barrel, by relinquishing rights on land around SJP, he obviously knows the real estate value of the land. I hope to God there’s a covenant or something like that, I just don’t know the full facts, because I wouldn’t put it past him to bring in the real wrecking balls after he’s finished with the footballing ones

    • which the says:

      I can see it now, when we are relegated some of the players will come out with the usual “I’m a premier league player and should be playing there” there will be a couple who will be sought after by promoted teams or bottom half but Ashley will still want top price.
      As I understand it the ground on which the stadium is built is owned by the Council and leased to the club. I suppose he could still bulldoze but no reason to. He could sell the lease but who would want a stadium.