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Well we didn’t expect much did we?

But maybe for 15 minutes or so our rogue confidence of getting something out of this match was unleashed. Because that was the reality. For the opening part of the game, Newcastle looked hungry and up for it. Our goal was well deserved and stemmed from a breakaway which at first, looked like a stone wall denial of a penalty (a foul on Jacob Murphy), but the ball fell kindly for Dwight Gayle who stuck it in the corner. Absolute scenes in the away end. Fully justified and almost a carbon copy of how we started against Man Utd.

Unsurprisingly though United gave Chelsea an easy way back in. A softly defended Chelsea attack, where Hazard scuffed a shot into the ground and the ball bounced over Darlow and landed into the goal. You hoped from that point that we could stick it out till half time, but recent history suggests otherwise. Matt Ritchie who was playing wing back decided not to comfortably head the ball back to Darlow when defending a Chelsea attack. He cleared it straight out wide to Victor Moses who with the resulting cross found Morata who nodded the ball in. Dreadful. Theres a case in point to suggest Morata was very heavy handed on Mbemba, although it would have been harsh to give it in reality. Basic mistakes like that are killing us. We aren’t good enough to come back from 2-1 down away at Stamford Bridge. That’s just the reality of it. Yes we work hard and we started the game brilliantly, but it’s too much of a hammer blow to concede two soft goals before half time.

I need to make a point about Diame. His selection in centre midfield in such a tough match was baffling in itself. Answers on a postcard why he got picked, but his inability to control simple balls combined with a reluctance to head the ball made us a far weaker opposition. Yes I can understand the ‘muscle and might’ argument, but if you don’t have a half decent first touch against a side of this quality, then it’s a bit of a lost cause. Our number 10 weakness was again massively exposed in this fixture. Perez has never been and never will be suited to this position.

The second half in reality was a procession for Chelsea. In fact I struggle to think of one NUFC chance on goal with much of the half spent us ball chasing. A stonewall foul by the out of form Ritchie gave away a penalty, which the unplayable Hazard stuck away. Newcastle struggled to handle him all game long really.

On the positive side, Jacob Murphy worked his bollocks off till the end (despite not doing anything significant of note), and Merino’s class was shown by the fact no Chelsea player got near him all game. He’s dead good at tackling too by the way.

Rafa has been frustrated at our mistakes in the past few weeks. Ritchie’s give away for the second goal was testament to that. Yes this game was a bit of a free hit, but if we didn’t make stupid mistakes we could be taking something away from these fixtures. I guess that’s just the reality of the Premier League.

On a side note I thought the away end was terrific throughout, and the home end absolutely appalling. Barely a peep out of the West London tourists barring goal celebrations and post match, the surrounding area was a morgue. Shit self deserving club who really do forget that they were never all that before Roman’s billions.

So that’s one point out of eighteen in our last six fixtures. Leicester is increasingly looking like a must win given we have a resurgent Everton, and then Arsenal away (we never get owt at the Emirates) up next. Cut out the mistakes and we give ourselves a decent chance. Otherwise we’re in for a pretty long Christmas slog and an ever increasing necessity for Mandy Staveley to save us.


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  1. Big Mikey says:

    Another excellent match report but as you correctly state to get anything out of this game would have been a miracle . My huge gripe is at least we should have changed things at half time. How can Rafa keep Shelvey, Yedlin and yes the clown Mitrovich hidden on the bench. Ffs let’s have a go and not lie down so meekly. Great strategy playing Diame who in the words of Cloughie couldn’t trap a medicine ball,Ritchie as a left full back and Perez as a non existant attacker. Why oh why are we so ffing negative. Answers on a postcard to Rafa. If it had been any other manager in the last 10 years we would be calling for his blood. Why is it sacrasant to criticise Rafa when he persists with some mind boggling team selections and negativity?
    Let us have a go ffs.
    A very frustrated fan of over 50 years.

  2. kenny says:

    I don’t get your gushing praise for merino alex, have a look again at their 1st goal. hazard strolls past mirino into a huge hole in our box, free hit & goal. merino is good, but no world beater yet. to easy to target diame but ignore the mistakes of your favourites mate . in short, I thought we shite from front to back. you cant run around for 15 mins take the lead then shit your self every time you play the big boys.

    • Alex didn’t write the report, he posted it – Richy Smith is the match reporter.

    • Delusional Jawdee says:

      Agree 100% regarding merino yesterday. Manquillo also has this tendency to have a dip in concentration and switches off when under pressure.
      In his defence I reckon Merino is struggling because he has so many poor players alongside him that he is trying too hard. Our young players are growing up the hard way, with the more seasoned pros Lejeune, Mbemba, Richie, Clark also struggling.
      Rafa will sort it out though. All hands to the pumps, including the fans.

  3. Tomb says:

    Diane over shelves laughable. Hayden on for Perez when losing laughable. 3 1 doesn’t tell the story that was a stroll for Chelsea who barely had to break sweat. Didn’t expect a result but we made it very easy for them. No point in rafa moaning about lack of quality players if you leave shelvey on the bench.

  4. Tomb says:

    Probably the reason why it was so quiet was it was a complete no contest with Chelsea strolling around and Newcastle showing no interest in getting a result. That was nowhere near the level of the old Trafford performance. Not sure how shelvey has gone from being touted for England to being left out for Diame. A lack of quality isn’t the reason for the tactics rafa has always set his teams out this way even with quality players.

  5. Alex didn’t write the report, he posted it – Richy Smith is the match reporter.

  6. Delusional Jawdee says:

    That was all so disappointing yesterday. We expected to lose, but the nature of the defeat was appaling. The fans really need to stick with the team, but if you are paying hard earned cash to travel away to be baffled by team selections as we meekly capitulate, that will test the most ardent of fans.
    We have only just enough about us to stay up, but that is when everyone is fit, and we get the breaks.

  7. Clarky says:

    I’m just hoping the decisions he made yesterday came down to experimenting on a free game or resting players. Otherwise I really worry for rafa’s mental health. He’s making some piss poor decisions lately. He is doing a good job with what he has but he’s his own worst enemy lately. Almost like watching ‘best coach in the world’ carver all over again!

    • Phil says:

      A high percentage of goals are scored from crosses, often into the 6 yard box. It seems to me therefore it is imperative that any keeper must make his presence felt in this area. The 3rd goal conceded against Watford sees Elliott take several steps in a parallel line with the cross before spreading himself to no avail at the far post. Similarly, Chelsea’s 2nd goal is a cross at which Darlow throws his arms up but declines to attack the ball. Whilst acknowledging the speed of delivery and movement of footballs in the modern game has not made the keepers life any easier I do feel that leaving the line for balls delivered into this area is imperative,particularly for high balls which would have a significant probability of discouraging opposition players from heading the ball. I think we have 2 bench keepers at best and whilst they are obviously not our only problem I understand Rafa’s efforts to sign a keeper pre-season.

  8. Barneystrouble says:

    Thought Merino was bang average today I’m afraid

  9. Ken the Mag says:

    Really? You lot need a reality check. Rafa is doing the best he can with the limited resource at his disposal. Remember, this was how it was always going to be this season if we didn’t invest. Having a go and getting stuffed – is that what you want? Or an actual game plan (Granted it might not have worked but individual errors cost us). Rafa sees these player’s day in and day out – we don’t. He will have his reasons for playing who he plays, be that fatigue or loss of form or whatever. Trust in Rafa and get behind the team or F-off and support the Makems…

  10. Clarky says:

    Diame must be sucking s lot of c*ck in ‘training then!

  11. Ken the Mag says:

    Whatever floats your boat…

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