MATCH REPORT: Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0, Stamford Bridge, 10/Jan/15, KO:3pm, Premier League. Att: 41,612

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Editor’s Note: The ticket prices (£52 – 55) meant that we decided not to attend and RomanA1cover it as we have every competitive first team fixture for as long as anyone can remember here. The prices at Stamford Bridge, combined with transport and other costs, particularly at this time of year meant it was straightforwardly prohibitive. We also had regular match reporters who simply knocked it on the head on a point of principle. They are right too. Some of those writers are based in London. We were priced out.

No match report you will read from this game will quote the ticket prices. That just isn’t right. 

So, we didn’t get the widely predicted pasting at Stamford Bridge but we did lose convincingly. We have received some praise for our first half performance but frankly that is what we are about isn’t it? Plucky underdogs, attempting to pull-off the odd surprising victory over the “big-boys”, forgiven for a lack of possession and patronised at the end for being plucky. We’ll go home to the sticks as bumpkins, patted on the head as canny little triers and the Geordies will lap all that patter up. They love a good loser up there. Sorry, but I have too much love and respect for Newcastle United Football Club to meekly accept this role. You tug your forelock if you like.

Aye, I know the cold, corporate economic argument of Premier League football and where we are happily digging our own grave in it these days. But maybe its just me, I’ll never be happy supporting Newcastle United as an also-ran. I will always believe in the potential and power of Newcastle United and of the North East’s ability to be home to a genuine force in football. Hey, maybe I’m one of those deluded Geordies Paul Merson, Robbie Savage, Stan Collymore and other members of the football brains trust talk about.

As decent as we were in the first half, bar the aberrations from Capitano Colo and the returning Tim Krul (thank God) we were unable to cope with an increased intensity from Chelsea in the second half and it was always unlikely we were going to get back into the game once we’d conceded the first.

There were flashes from Cabella to hint at why we invested £11m in him and that is a positive to take from the game. However, that defeat means we have won one game in the last eight. Be grateful for that if you like.

No match ratings for this game. 

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6 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0, Stamford Bridge, 10/Jan/15, KO:3pm, Premier League. Att: 41,612

  1. David Chapman says:

    Today has been a fucking horror for me, I had a fiver on our not so clever cousins down the road to beat Liverpool and a shit load on Spurs to beat Palace…. fuck!

    To be fair Alan Pardew has found his level now and it all seems to fit, so good for him I can not stop deeply despising the bloke for being a liar and a smarmy bastard but as Paul McCartney said Live and let die.

    I have no comment on us today because we were expected to loose and we did but we gave it our best. My fucking 3 year old daughter Lola gives it her best against me when we play penalties in the back garden, Newcastle United need a fucking football manager with tactical nous and if Carver is appointed we are seriously fucked. Personally I want Sherwood, he has an eye for talent and his teams always gave him everything.

  2. Mick says:

    Talk about patronising have you seen the picture of that Portugese twat with his arm around Carver, makes you fuckin sick.

  3. Steven Mitchell says:

    I hate how far we have sunk as a set of fans. People pleased we “only got beat 2 0”. Says a lot really…

  4. Ed Bell says:

    Agree wholeheartedly about the pricing but, as a member, I’m right at the bottom of the pecking order for tickets for away games and have to grab them when I can. Members don’t get loyalty points either, but that’s a story for another day…

    Away game attendance is a bit of a midlife crisis related activity for me so hadn’t been to Stamford Bridge since 1998, still don’t like the place. An arrogant bunch who in their more lucid moments must realise that, without Roman’s financial doping, would be just another Spurs. And that ‘Parklife’ nonsense before the game, just when you think you couldn’t dislike them any more…

    Anyway, we did play pretty well for forty minutes, without ever really looking like scoring (even Sissoko’s shot was a half-chance). Cabella (in the first-half) was a different player, if this becomes more than a blip then you have to seriously question what Pardew was doing with him.

    Usual story though, once they scored, we reverted to type, and it was over…

  5. billmolyneux says:

    We could have been 3up before their gift-wrapped goal just before half-time,still it looks like Garde is on his way to The Toon.

  6. Martin Hands says:

    There is a film BASEketball, if you haven’t seen it before, the plot is basically, 2 people invent a game, because they can no longer go afford to go to baseball or most pro sports games as it’s took expensive. It ends up gaining all the support of the average “sports fan” (it’s American), because there is no corporate greed.. The Premier League chairman need to take note!

    I have a season ticket and go to about 5 or 6 away games a season, normally London games… however I have a strict rule of not paying over £50 for a ticket (over 35 and I’m upset). This and Sky constantly changing kick off times could be the beginning of the end!!

    I can’t say I’m upset or surprised about the lack of match report