MATCH REPORT: Barnsley 0 Newcastle United 2, Oakwell, 18/Oct/16, KO: 7:45 Att: 18,597

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Six thousand of us made the short trip to south Yorkshire tonight to see a utterly comfortable Newcastle victory which sawPhoenixlogo us hit the summit of the Championship for the first time this season. Such was the dominance of tonight’s performance, I don’t think we will be knocked off our perch again for the rest of the season.

Rafa made his customary handful of changes to the 11 that saw off Brentford on Saturday with the excellent Haydon coming in for Colback and Ritchie in for Atsu, both looking sharp and effective. Hayden in particular put in his most solid performance in a black and white shirt.
Mo Diane looked ineffective again having replaced Perez in the first eleven, but a player so obviously lacking in confidence will not have been helped at all by sections of the away end chastising his every touch.

These kind of trips are what we missed playing in a southern dominated premier league – short jaunts down the country where you can leave and get back at a reasonable time, even for a midweek game. We set off at about 2.30 this afternoon having all taken half days at work and made it to a Weatherspoons in the centre of Barnsley by just before 5. Easy.

Barnsley turned up to frustrate our lads and they achieved it well, limiting us to a couple of half chances in a dour first half that stunk of championship class football. Gouffran looked like he should have scored with a header at the back post but we couldn’t see properly as we were sat directly behind the crossbar, which managed to block our view of just about the entire pitch before we moved back and stood on the stairs. That was a new one for me, but it didn’t block out much as both teams just ran through the motions in a boring first half.

Barnsley missed a trick not serving beer at half time and the raucous atmosphere on the concourse pre match didn’t really made it through to the stand for the first half, and a quiet away stand briefly came alive a couple of minutes after half time as some early pressure led to Diame missing an absolute sitter before Gayle prodded home his tenth of the campaign. In all though, it was a quiet, disjointed away end that struggled to make use of its numbers to make any significant noise.

That coupled with the utter stupidity of screaming at Diame and constantly singing for Mitrovic (who hasn’t really contributed at all this season and would only have been brought on at the expense of the excellent Gayle) made for slightly unenjoyable away end overall, although Gayle beating the keeper to a through ball for his second made up for some of that.

In truth Newcastle never really needed to get out of second gear against a Barnsley side that didn’t threaten our goal until the dying stages of the game. It was more comfortable than the scoreline suggested and Newcastle could easily have had a few more goals in the second half, with Gayle and Diame both missing chances at the near post.

I said at the start of the season we’d finish on 111 points. That’s looking a bit optimistic now but I don’t think we’ll be too far short. Couple that with the impending league cup win and we’re in for a good season.



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24 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Barnsley 0 Newcastle United 2, Oakwell, 18/Oct/16, KO: 7:45 Att: 18,597

  1. mikey says:

    I do enjoy your whinges about the away end, because i have them too. Sometimes we are utterly brilliant, other times a large minority really fuck it up.

    We are top of the league. Stop whinging at players. And, its good to be honest about when and whether we are good on the stands. Too many younguns just wait to be entertained before starting any atmosphere. Needs to be red hot from the get go.

    (and PS, its WHEY YE KNAA …we’re Newcastle and we;re gonna win the league”. Not “WE ARE” as some younguns keep repeating)

    • Robbie M says:

      was a kid a couple of seats from me at the Brentford game singing “we are” although I was trying to convince myself he wasn’t until you’ve agreed with me. At least he was singing something I guess which is better than nowt.

  2. Stephen says:

    I’m glad thats been touched on about Mitrovic. I commented during the game that it beats me how ‘we’ are singing about a lumbering lunatic Serb who was not even on the pitch and does not deserve it (other than waving his arms every now and again) and yet we have a centre forward on there running his nuts off and is the leading scorer in the Division.

    ‘Dwight Gayle’s on fire………… ” rhymes as much as ‘SHITRO’S on fire’ and is much more worthy.

  3. Mike says:

    ‘I don’t think we will be knocked off our perch again for the rest of the season.’
    I hope not, but I take every game as it comes , the aftermath of QPR springs to mind, but hey onwards and upwards HTL

  4. Marc Corby says:

    Diame and Perez are similar. Got something in there but not producing ‘it’ in this team. However, whatever they’re doing is working collectively, as we’re on a fantastic run, so perhaps people just need to calm down a little.

    The away end was alright I thought. bar the “Barnsley’s a sh*thole” quickly followed by “Don’t take me home” chants…thankfully they never really got going…probs cos they’re both shit songs.

    What was the Adam Jo****** song all about though? Sod singing about him….

    Yes, Gayle needs a song. A few are doing the rounds. Can he not have the “gets the ball and scores a goal” song?

  5. Gareth Harrison says:

    I thought the support was good on the whole last night and I also think there needs to be some sense of proportion when it comes to criticising our own supporters in TF.

    There is a huge difference between the cry arsing that went on at home to Wolves and 6k overwhelmingly positive Mags away from home on a Tuesday night offering what (from where I was standing) was very muted criticism of Diame, who was average and has the unfortunate affliction of not looking like he’s putting it in.

    I’ve never got on our players backs and I’m all for giving some collective heads a shake when the support is negative, but last night definitely wasn’t that and I don’t think it should get to the point where we’re coming across as ‘holier than thou’ if a tiny minority amongst a largely pissed nighttime away support dare twist about a missplaced pass.

    Mind, all that said, it was a big away end so it might have been completely different to where you were than to me.

    I definitely agree with the baffling clamour to get Mitrovic on mind. If I’m allowed to say so, he’s shit!

    • Alex says:

      Gareth I was stood with Micky last night so can vouch for Micky and the criticism. The mind-numbing idiots around us constantly shouting ‘Rafa sort it out’ everytime Barnsley threatened an attack.

      It wasn’t one or two isolated blokes. People around us also booed Diame several times in the first half for ‘being lazy’

      In the interest of balance, the support from further back in the stand was excellent – we just got stuck with a few large groups who fed off each other’s negativity.

      • Gareth Harrison says:

        Fair play man. That’s ridiculous like. I must have lucked out with where I was stood. I’m just resigned to the fact that there’s a canny few nuggets that follow us – mind, as much as us auld twats view ‘the good old days’ with rose tinted specs there always have been as well

        • Ian Summers says:

          I guess I could be called an old twat and my glasses are probably tinted black and white but we have always had our fair share of nuggets in the crowd, any group of people always will. I can remember the abuse Joe Harvey got in 1975 and the Harvey Out banners. People conveniently forget how our crowd were turning against Bobby Robson in his last season. Our crowd have always had a target for the boo boys, in the 70’s it was Tommy Gibb, now it seems to be developing into Diame. In my opinion too many people are easily led and the Chronicle seem to want to set some poor player up for criticism. Right now, why be critical at all? We have the best manager in the club’s history. Stop the endless debating of players like Mitrovic and Diame, why can’t supporters just get off their backs and let them play. Both players give their total commitment and both are good enough to contribute to what could be an excellent enjoyable season.

  6. Jarra mick says:

    I think the clamour for Mitrovic might b because we play far too many long high balls which we are never going to win and despite his many faults he can win a header. It was frustrating, especially in the first half, the number of balls humped up the pitch. Don’t mind Shelvey trying the odd 60 yard ball but the centre backs humping it up a la iron mike is unnecessary and only gives away possession.

  7. Steve says:

    Some of our fans are without doubt absolute cretins. I will trust our Champions League winning manger over the opinion of a 45 year old bloke who boos his own player like he’s at a fucking pantomime.

    Can’t fault the numbers travelling mind…sensational. And the Mitrovic love in has to stop… I just don’t get it at all!

  8. James says:

    “Such was the dominance of tonight’s performance, I don’t think we will be knocked off our perch again for the rest of the season.”

    “I said at the start of the season we’d finish on 111 points. That’s looking a bit optimistic now but I don’t think we’ll be too far short. Couple that with the impending league cup win and we’re in for a good season.”

    Fully expect us all to be optimistic at the moment but these are the type of comments that will come back to bite us in the arse. We are Newcastle United and don’t do things the easy way.

    Can maybe try and tone down the berty big bollocks attitude that keeps seeping through on pre-match previews & match reports ? A nice touch of humility and humbleness wouldn’t go amiss.

    It’s what Rafa would want.

  9. Mikey says:

    I agree James, that’s the worry , that it comes back and does bite us , lets us not think like berty big bollocks, there is a long way to go, and definitely will not all be plain sailing .

  10. Andy says:

    “I said at the start of the season we’d finish on 111 points. That’s looking a bit optimistic now but I don’t think we’ll be too far short. Couple that with the impending league cup win and we’re in for a good season.”

    Made me laugh anyway. Come on lads lighten up I don’t think he’s being entirely serious!

    Another good win and some good momentum going now.

  11. Andrew Thompson says:

    I remember which this used to be a top notch fanzine. Shame it’s just descended into a weekly whinge about the Newcastle supporters these days. Only this place could pick out the negatives of a 6,000 away following on a Tuesday night when the likes of and all over social media are rightly praising a magnificent following. We’ve sold out every single away match and are averaging over 50,000 for home games. There’s not another club in world football that could go over 60 years without a domestic trophy, playing 2nd division football and pull in those numbers. Let’s concentrate on the positives instead of the constant bitching because it’s getting rather tedious now.

    • That’s exactly the point that is being made Andrew. That’s why we’ve called out those people who have booed players, hounded Sels off twitter and who leave early. Of course our club gets great support – how many times has this fanzine got to say that? But we aren’t going to ignore an element who are frankly being a pain in the arse. We aren’t Mackems who brush the difficult stuff under the carpet and hope no-one notices.

    • Alex Hurst says:

      Perhaps many of those other sites you read don’t mention this type of thing as they aren’t at the games to have any kind of knowledge of what goes on.

      There were 1,100 of us at Everton last March on a Tuesday night (3k allocation) towards the end of McClaren’s pitiful era – it was one of the worst games I’ve ever been to but the support was non-stop and superior to Tuesday because everyone there was getting behind the hapless team for the majority of the game.

      That doesnt fit with the pat-on-the-back narrative the fan base has, but it’s true.

      There was only 1,100 at Benitez’s first game at Leicester (offered allocation 3,000).

      The support from 90% of the people in Barnsley was great, but if you had to listen to groups of people ‘shout at Rafa’ to make changes (in the first half) as we weren’t 3 nil up after 15 minutes, you’d probably comment on it as well.

      The support at Liverpool away last season, Bristol, Rotherham & Derby this – was imperious. No negativity, no moaning. Just 100% vocal backing for the team. So it does happen. And when it doesn’t tf is the only publication calling these people out.

      • Andrew Thompson says:

        I think people are going way over the top. I was amongst the 1,800 odd at Everton (not 900!) last season and it was a soul destroying experience. In fact I’d struggle to remember a match with a more disinterested away following. I was also at Barnsley on Tuesday and the atmosphere and positivity in the away end was different class compared to that awful night. Maybe I got lucky on Tuesday as I was surrounded by lads and lasses who gave the team cracking support from block NS2, Diame took no stick from those around us and was warmly applauded when he went off at the end. I remember people whinging when we were tearing the Premier League up under Keegan, people moaned when we qualified for the Champions league under Sir Bobby. It’ll never change, but it’s a small minority which every club has. Not really worth worrying about because it’s always been the way. Let’s just concentrate on the many positives we have at our club right now instead.

  12. James says:

    PS: as a slight aside, and to put thing’s into perspective about some of our fans. Arsenal man, Arsenal…

  13. Rob says:

    It has always been there in my lifetime even when we had a support that had seen us being utter shite for 20 years. I remember Keegans side of 92/93 being booed off for drawing 0-0 against Bristol Rovers when we were about ten points clear at the top (pissed Keegan off enough to mention it in the next matchday programme) and the Gallowgate end chanting Shit! Shit! Shit! when Leicester went 4-2 up at SJP in 89 with us sitting 3rd in the league (though in fairness it did get the right reaction from the players that day). Given a lot of the younger fans are used to the club being in the PL and having relative success I’m surprised it isn’t worse than it is.

  14. Peter Shearer says:

    Well I guess it is a sign of relative calm at the club, if arguing about our own support is the main topic (Ashley out!). We have a broad section of people following us, so not really surprising that there is a range of views. Whatever the disagreements, 6000 fans away is a terrific following. I think I would think that about any other club too. Personally, whilst happy to trust Rafa, I am hoping Mitrovic will take his chance when it comes as I think he offers something different to us which we may well need over a long season.

  15. Rob Douglas says:

    I have to agree with the comments of those people who thought it was a really positive night in the away end. I took my son and it was our first away game of the season. In fact, our first away game since the last Championship season. We’ve been to plenty of home games in between and the only game we’ve felt that came close to Tuesday for positive support was the Benfica game in 2013. We were on the front row behind the goal (& on the TV when we score! I’m the one in the bright blue coat!) and all we heard was massively positive support, singing, clapping and nothing negative. Even Diame- who was useless- got a good hand and no negative comments. As others have said, getting 6000 on a Tuesday night away from home is excellent. There will be idiots in that number but you should be very careful about making it sound as though it was a larger minority than it was. All the film audio is loudly positive, so I’d just ignore the few idiots and praise the massively positive majority. Top of the League!!