MATCH REPORT: Arsenal 1 Newcastle United 0, The Emirates, 2/Jan/15, KO: 3pm, Premier League. Att: 59,257

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Newcastle United ended another miserable Christmas period with one point from a possible 12 after an unfortunate away defeat to the title favourites.
The day started in the usual London away day haunt ‘The Dolphin’. Fuck knows why Newcastle and so many other club supporters continue to go there as the landlord’s the most miserable c**t going.
After a couple of overpriced pints  I popped over to Finsbury Park with a good pal of mine Thomas Concannon, one of the lads who did the NUFC Cancer Cycles for the past two years, to see Kev Miles of the FSF. Kev and the rest of the FSF do a lot of good work and have been massively involved in the cheaper away tickets United fans have seen this season, it’ll come to no shock that Arsenal didn’t agree to the reciprocal price deal.
A lot of the pre match patter involved where the fuck were United going to get the 7 plus wins they need to stay up.
Obviously, Arsenal was instantly ruled as were 2 of our next 3 games. I already feel its getting squeaky bum time.
On to the game and after Arsenal initially started well Newcastle controlled the vast majority of the 1st half, with Tiote in ArsenalJan16particular having a blinder. When MR T keeps it simple I’d still argue he’s our best CM. Win the ball and give it to someone better and by better I mean Gino.
Newcastle created a few half chances in the 1st half with Gino twice going close, once with a header where Cech made a very good save. Good Goalkeepers always win you games, its just a shame we’ve not had one since the Irish Number 1 got fed up with MA & JFK in early 2009.
After Cech’s initial save from Gino’s header Colback should’ve done better with the rebound. 2 very decent chances missed. The 1st half was all n all very positive. Arsenal were rattled and the horrible locals didn’t like it.
After a few swigs of a horrid bottle of Carlsburg I made sure I was out and back watching the beginning of the 2nd half. Newcastle started the 2nd half superbly, and after some superb pressing in the middle of the park from Perez along with a customary jink passed an Arsenal defender he laid in Gino 1 on 1 with Cech. Unfortunately, it was another chance missed. The biggest one yet.
Given there was actual noise coming from the library you could tell Arsenal were rattled and United broke again with Pavel is a Geordie charity t-shirtSissoko, who once again played well against a big club, finding Perez who superbly pulled the ball back to Mitro, only for the big Serb to thigh it over. Another chance blown. It was starting to feel like a typical Newcastle United day.
On Mitro his overall game was good yesterday, but we cant pin all our goalscoring needs on our Dutch midfielder. A striker and a winger are massive priorities this month. If we don’t sign players we’ll go down. Fact.
With 20 minutes to go it felt like the game was meandering towards a draw, with United still looking more threatening when on ball. In typical Newcastle style Arsenal took the lead shortly after mainly due to some relegation soft defending from United. After the initial ball had been half cleared by from Mitro, Mertesacker won the 2nd ball against a horrendously slow off the mark Colo which allowed Koscielny to creep in behind Perez. Not deserved in the slightest, but yet it was still all very inevitable. This is NUFC this is what happens.
In all fairness to the B&W’s they tried to get back in to the game and both Mitro and De Jong had half chances, however in all too familiar style it wasn’t meant to be.
At the end there was some very nice comments from Wenger who insisted that we wouldn’t go down. I wish I was as confident.
Next week is the first time I’ve ever wanted us out of the FA Cup as we’re definitely not going to win it and the less games the better. It’s sad how once again our season comes down to a relegation scrap. Newcastle United the modern day Coventry City.
Anyway enjoy your week and lets up the Tea Boy pulls some signings out of his arse.
Newcastle United: Elliot 7 , Janmaat 8 , Mbemba 7 ,Coloccini 6 , Dummett 6 , Sissoko 7, Tiote 8 (De Jong 87), Colback 7 (Thauvin 79), Wijnaldum 7 , Perez 6 , Mitrovic 6.
AFC: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Ramsey, Flamini, Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlain (Campbell 68), Giroud (Chambers 89), Walcott (Gibbs 81).

Our Fans 7 – Great turnout again after another shit Christmas following NUFC.
Their fans  – 3 – Don’t know how lucky they are. Remember Bruce Rioch lads ?

Jack McLane – Follow Jack on @Jackm1892

McClaren’s Post-Match Patter: 

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7 Responses to MATCH REPORT: Arsenal 1 Newcastle United 0, The Emirates, 2/Jan/15, KO: 3pm, Premier League. Att: 59,257

  1. Davey says:

    You missed the blatant yellows not giving to Oxlade Chamberlain, at least three. First blatant yellow for us? Card oot. Absolutely fucking stinks, excuse the lingo.

  2. Bob says:

    Like many I have little faith in the tea boy, or indeed McClaren. He clearly doesn’t see the requirements of the team which have been stated by virtually every supporter for the past, countless, years. Does he care? Looking at it now pound for pound Austin would have been worth £20 million. He takes his time working on any deals trying to do the “best” one which means we miss out on good ones or he leaves it until the next window or three by which time the value has soared, they have given up on NUFC or they have gone over the magic age. Here’s hoping he flukes it.

  3. Jarra mick says:

    I think the game summed up how poor the premiership really is, if one of the poorest teams I have ever witnessed can play the potential champions elect off the park then how shite is our league? Who played well v Arsenal? All of them but paradoxically Not enough of them at least not when it counted, schoolboy defending when it mattered, schoolboy attacking when it mattered. Finally how come the useless fuckers can not head the ball on target? One on target in the last three games, about fifty over the bar. That baldy ginger cunt should have them out on the pitch practicing heading all day long for the next week. Bah humbug

  4. The River City People says:

    Jarra Mick, you hit the nail on the head there mate bit of of pressure & some half decent defending /midfield play/ attacking & what have you at times but ulitimately no goals scored another conceded no points again & we’re on our way down if Nero keeps fiddling while Rome burns. This current squad has shown over the first half of the season it can’t gather enough points to survive, why should the 2nd half be any different? It won’t unless a proven striker , creative midfielder centre back & left back are recruited as a minimum! Will it happen? Of course it won’t

  5. tom Bates says:

    Again another game showing the stupidity of our transfer policy. I wish we had signed Defoe last season he might be past his best and demand big wages but he would have taken most of Mitrovics missed chances thus year and given us maybe 7 or 8 extra points already instead we went for another unproven youngster due to a potential sell on value

  6. Jackson says:

    It’s clear that we don’t possess a player who knows how to put the ball in the back of the net, and the missed points are racking up. We could easily have won two of our last three games if, say, a player like Austin had been playing. Someone who knows how to score in this league. But no doubt we’ll panic buy another untried prospect.

  7. tom Bates says:

    6 yrs since we have signed a player with PL experience aside from free transfers. We are close to the points we had in January under Pardew when Ashley sanctioned 5 transfers which kept us up. We need the same again.