MATCH PREVIEW: Newcastle United v West Brom, St James’ Park. 9/May/15, KO: 3pm, Premier League.

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pulis_the_man_with_the_capAs we enter our penultimate home match of the season, seemingly the penny has finally dropped amongst our players about the perilous situation we find ourselves in. There’s been a lot of cynicism in relation to Coloccini’s statement and I suppose it’s understandable after 8 years of Mike Ashley that this is what we’ve all turned into, symptomatic behaviour of people who’ve been lied to year upon year. I’m willing to take the open letter at face value though, always been a strong believer that professional pride has to come into play for any athlete and I suppose it’s better late than never; this is their opportunity to prove it.

The fall-out from what happened down at Leicester has been played out in the open, it’s pretty much universally acknowledged that John Carver is hopelessly out of his depth; it looks as though even the club itself wanted to put him out of his misery over the Bank Holiday weekend. I can remember writing in TF in February that leaving the team without a proper manager and only 5 recognised defenders for the remainder of the season constituted Mike Ashley’s biggest gamble yet and whilst we may all feel a little shellshocked that it has came down to this, none of us can really be surprised that we have been so poor since these decisions were made; the team has been left to rot and stagnate in a similar manner to the previous year. There’s that saying “if you stand still in the Premier League you’ll move backwards” which certainly rings true, but Newcastle United are a club who are making a habit out of moving backwards then tumbling underneath the weight of an avalanche.

Again we come into a crucial match littered with injuries and suspensions most of which are our own doing, Williamson and Janmaat’s senseless sendings off at Leicester leave us with a likely centre half pairing of Coloccini and Dummett; Ryan Taylor and Jack Colback will probably play either side. Siem de Jong seems to have picked up another problem in training which is a great shame, I was looking at him to be a potential match winner; now we have to all hope and pray that SIssoko actually manages to get his arse out of bed for this one. Papiss Cisse is back but the best he can hope for is a place on the bench given his lack of training and sharpness, can we realistically stick with Riviere? We might well be forced into it.

West Brom come into this one having pretty much sealed their Premier League status with a 1-0 win at Old Trafford, Tony Pulis’ teams always sit back and try and frustrate the opposition away from home but it will be interesting to see if that approach changes given our obvious vulnerabilities; if not then this could well be the right game at the right time for us. Let’s hope so anyway, we already have a Royal Baby and a Tory government; if this week ends with an impending relegation you lot might have to put me on suicide watch.

By Ryan Bell

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11 Responses to MATCH PREVIEW: Newcastle United v West Brom, St James’ Park. 9/May/15, KO: 3pm, Premier League.

  1. Alan says:

    I can’t help feeling your faith in the authenticity of that ‘letter’ is a little misplaced. 3rd attempt in his mother tongue and he’s still struggling with the grammar as well as it being littered with crossings out? I’m aware footballers aren’t particularly renowned for being the sharpest tools in the box but our Argentinian must be thicker than fucking whale spunk.
    Couldn’t agree more mind about the ludicrous saturation given to some posh couple churning out another brat we’re supposed to fawn over.
    And even more so that we’re embarking on another 5 years of Jeremy Clarkson’s best mate reducing people to queueing at food banks while he alternates being chasing foxes round the Cotswolds and watching the Villa at Upton Park.
    Thankfully we’ve got the best footballing coach in the world ever to rescue us from the doldrums.

    2-0 to West Brom.

    • Gareth Harrison says:

      Alan – a) that’s funny as fuck and b) it’s a really good point. Why would you need to make grammatical changes to something that was being interpreted anyway and secondly, by definition, he wouldn’t know he’d made the grammatical errors anyway and if he did, why would he make them three times over.

      Nee way did he write that letter.

  2. Alex says:

    Doubt the letter came from ‘our captain’ due to his lack of English and the fact he has the heart of a lamb. It looks like the seeds of underinvestment are going to blossom into the flower of relegation. Players don’t care. Some will get a move. Others will find their level in the championship. We might get a point but really can’t see a win but who could on our recent form. The whole club is rotten and I fear more pain will need to be endured before significant change. Ashley out.

  3. Andy bee says:

    And with the anti carver momentum from the players ,captain colo would rather roll it up and shove up número uno coaches ars’e than give it to him as a beacon of ashley regime unity. Can only pray the players fight for us tomorrow I’m not buying into the relegation is good long term feel , we need to survive and fightback – you fat cockney b8stad we will not back down

  4. Phil Bell says:

    The whole country bought that bollocks from rich, tax dodging bastards that we need 5 more years of NHS killing cuts. In relative terms, someone believing Colocini wrote that letter is quite normal.

  5. Matt Flynn says:

    Good to see the perennially thick Steven Taylor adding his weight to the club’s desperate PR disaster ahead the WBA game.

    “Newcastle is a football city, you can’t hide away from it. Nobody has anything else to talk about apart from football”

    Running the city down really helps. These dickheads deserve to be relegated. Rotten and ridiculous from top to bottom.

  6. Gary Ĺockey says:

    Oliver Holt summed it up best for me last week “Ashley has the team he deserves. Newcastle United have become, quite frankly, an embarrassment to their fans and to the Premier League. Once many people’s second team, they are now cast as the unloved plaything of a cynical, soulless man”.

  7. Bob says:

    the Taylor article is mostly rubbish. He should know better. The comments are mostly uninformed comment as usual. today was a much better performance, pity it’s too late. It probably had more to do with the player’s meeting Taylor mentioned than anything Carver has done.

  8. Graeme says:

    At 29 with one year remaining on his contract, Taylor will no doubt have had one eye on the future.