MATCH PREVIEW: Swansea City v Newcastle United, Liberty Stadium, 15/Aug/15, KO: 3pm

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The football’s back and the matches are coming thick and fast, barely blinked and all of a sudden we’re back in action this time away at Swansea. Given the performance last Sunday I think there’s a lot to be positive about for the upcoming season, we actually played football in the correct manner and it managed to get the crowd involved. Of course there were elements there to be improved on, notably the way the fitness levels dissolved during the final twenty minutes but given the chaotic pre- season and our opponents experience of competitive football already this season that shouldn’t be a surprise and is a problem that will address itself.

Despite the impressive performance last week there were a couple of players involved who I don’t think have a long term future at Newcastle, namely Obertan and Cisse. It is possible they will retain their places on Saturday due to an assist and a goal respectively however neither looked like players who fit into McClaren’s philosophy. Despite Cisse’s effort aIvorAllchurchnd endeavour he has never been a great hold up player and Obertan lacks the football brain required. If it were left up to me Aarons and Mitrovic would be in there but the talk coming out of St. James’ is that both players are to be gradually introduced to the starting line-up. The defence again is a concern with both goals defendable and coming from high balks into the box, something we have struggled with continually over recent years; one positive was the higher defensive line aided by the introduction of Mbemba’s pace meaning that we came under less sustained pressure than we would have done last season. Not much has been said of Anita’s condition after being stretchered off on Sunday and we can only assume that no news is good news, he was excellent in that game and could well be a key player for us over the coming months; I wouldn’t like to see Tiote out there given his cameo on Sunday, he looked like a player who hadn’t kicked a ball in 6 months.

Our opponents are actually my tip to be the surprise package of the season. Swansea have built a solid structure with a clear playing style their players seem to buy into and a solid defence to boot. They’re strong all over the pitch and don’t give much away when they’re at home, the pace they have on the wing worries me as does the threat of Gomis; a player who has really settled into the Premier League and had we stumped up the signing on fee and wages would have prevented us from enduring a relegation scrap last season.

On a side note, I hope all of my fellow Black & White Labour Party supporters stick to their convictions and don’t succumb to the patronising pleas and threats from neoliberals and establishment figures alike. Get out there and vote for Jeremy Corbyn, this is the best chance in my lifetime to shake up the political landscape and bring an end to the Thatcherite consensus; let’s not waste it.



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29 Responses to MATCH PREVIEW: Swansea City v Newcastle United, Liberty Stadium, 15/Aug/15, KO: 3pm

  1. Alan says:

    Fuck the football bit.

    Couldn’t agree more with the last paragraph.

  2. rich says:

    What the hell has voting for Corbyn got to do with Swansea preview? Keep it relative. I have no interest in your political views.

  3. Oli says:

    Fuck the football bit.

    Couldn’t agree more with the last paragraph.

  4. Pat Hughes says:

    I’m with Alan and Oli – there’s always room for a bit of politics, now more than ever as some senior figures try and dictate to me how I should vote! My business not theirs! As for the football I’m also feeling more positive and I’ve convinced myself things can only get better this season. HTL and go Corbyn

  5. Like it or not but politics is in every thread of our lives . I agree with both the footballing bit and the plug for Corbyn . I got the tee shirt . You guys who are not interested in politics and whats going on are the reason we got a disgusting reactionary pile of shit in charge of the country now.

    • rich says:

      If i want to read about politics i will visit the appropriate forum, not a blog on a match preview. Or should we start a political debate? Labour are all a bunch of cocks, is that better? I’d prefer to talk football.

      • Dave says:

        That’s fair enough, Rich, but TF has always been clear that football and politics DO mix.

        • rich says:

          Maybe in the grander context, but i don’t think Corbyn being elected as leader of the labour party will influence the result tomorrow! Point i am trying to make is if we want to talk politics then start a blog or thread. What i don’t like to see is someone trying to force their political views down my throat when all i want is a bit of football craic on my lunch break. Consequently none of the posts on this matter are football related, i rest my case…

          • Steve Byers says:

            I think this is fair, TF’s political stance is pretty clear and I don’t expect them or want them to change. TF’s natural leftist cynicism has yielded some of the most precise and eloquent critiques of Ashley, Newcastle and The Game itself – long may this continue.

            Bur the sanctimonious nature of the Corbyn statement at the end of what appears to be an exclusively football based article is not fair or considerate to any reader whose view may/will differ. This belongs in one of your austerity or miners articles.

          • James M. Gowland says:

            Couldn’t agree me!

  6. Andy bee says:

    Ralph……’you guys’ ?! Are you a republican or democrat then ? agree with rich keep ya pollixbollix

  7. Steve Byers says:

    This Corbyn cack really doesn’t belong here, and branding everyone else that doesn’t share your preference as a neo liberal or Thatherite is myopic in the extreme. Its this sort sanctimonious absolutism that turns people off labour and the left in general. Thats not my opinion but the mathematics of an election result where UKIP and theTories took an ever expanding percentages of the vote. The election of another Fabian backed member of the Islington intelligentsia might appeal to a wanksplat like you but not to the general electorate or the people who came on here to see if Vernon fekkin Anita would start against Swansea.

  8. Andy bee says:

    Well said Steve, haway vern have a blinder

  9. Ryan Bell says:

    If you lads want to debate football then go ahead and debate football, 90% of my article is football based. It’s an issue that a lot of TF reading Newcastle supporters are interested in; this isn’t Match Magazine nor am I proposing the Newcastle United crest incorporate a hammer and sickle. Some overreactions here.

  10. Jarra mick says:

    Any chance discussing the footy? Can’t believe some people still have faith in Anita. If ever there was a journeyman he’s it. He has nothing in his game, can’t tackle, can’t head, can’t pass, except sideways or backwards. What is it you see in him? Sooner we can give Tiote some game time the better. Just to prove what a little shitbag Anita is we find out there was fuck all wrong with him last week.

    • Rob says:

      I think Anita has more to offer – and I think McClaren will work well with him. I always felt that Pardew thought that the only type of holding midfielder was the “destroyer” in the Tiote mold, and asking Anita to do this job was setting him to fail. He can’t play that role. What he can do, however, is come deep to take the ball off the centre halves, rotate the possession. He’s always on for a pass, he presses the opposition midfield, and follows the midfield runners. Especially now that we’re FINALLY splitting the centre halves, he creates space for the other midfielders and allows us to keep possession. He was excellent against Southampton and the game changed for the worse when he went off. We could sign Sergio Busquets and a number of our fans would say “well he doesn’t score, doesn’t get assists, I don’t see what he does.” Tiote isn’t quick enough, he’s ponderous on the ball, and he’s tactically indisciplined.

      • Jarra mick says:

        Aye like I said Rob 5 yard passes is his game, me ma could do that and put a better tackle in.

  11. Nate B says:

    If you don’t like the article you are welcome to read other articles or fanzines you know.

    • rich says:

      I do, and i am also an admirer of TF, how can i comment if i don’t read it? Enough from me, tedium is setting in…

  12. Ollie Burtons Grandad says:

    Unless Corbyn signs for the Toon fuck him and his Millionaire Socialist bollocks. A true working class hero from fucking Islington.
    Howay the lads.