MATCH PREVIEW: Notts Forest v Newcastle United, City Ground, 2/Dec/16, KO: 7:45pm

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Tuesday was a slog.  A slog for the fans, the coaching staff and of course the players.  I think Hayden and Shelvey playedPhoenixlogo on injured.  Shelvey could hardly walk by the end.  We turned up at a Premier League side and didn’t give them a kick first half.  When they came into the game second half our goalkeeper hasn’t made a save.  That was a proper performance.  It’s been lost in the anger, the penalties and the period against ten men but I know which side looked like a Premier League side and it wasn’t the team from Humberside.  Some of our lot need to learn how to lose though.  So often in the last ten years defeat has been down to a lack of application and effort on the players behalf.  I get it.  Anger and abuse has become the default setting that some people don’t know how to react to  defeat with anything other than scorn.  There was nothing to be angry about on Tuesday. Nothing.

The goal keeper has made an error. Regrettable, yes, but worthy of abuse and scorn? Not at all.  As 2016 draws to a close Ilascelles5 look back on 9 months ago and think of Everton away.  Driving back in the rain and cold furious at a side that not only couldn’t defend or perform but didn’t really want to.  Fast forward and we’ve a team that manages to restrict the home side to 0 chances and it’s not even worthy of comment.

So a bad week so far and worse could be to come.  I would take a draw right now for Friday.  We will be fine in this league, it’s the whining and the whinging I can’t stand at literally the FIRST sign of the team flattering.  Some fans are desperate to belittle the manager and the side. Rafa’s United are superb at this level. That’s why they’re top.  2,000 places again for us – not enough.  I’m sure we got 4,500 in 2009.  The search for tickets has reached fever pitch again.  There’s a passion for watching United that hasn’t existed in my match going life.

Friday comes at a terrible time.  Everyone is knackered.  I’m knackered and all I did was drive to Hull and back and watchcity-tshirt-ad two hours of football.  Imagine how the players feel.  This is a great chance for Forest to beat us. N Forest are unbeaten in their last three and have just won two away games on the bounce scoring seven goals.  They’ve beaten Birmingham at home this season and their home form could be described as good until recent a defeat to Cardiff.  Like many teams in this division, they’re inconsistent.  I remember when Forest beat us 1 0 in 2009 (they were a better side then) and their fans treated it as a famous win.  They’ll be up for this.   The last team we played a club that despised it’s owner and was struggling at the wrong end of the table was last Saturday and that didn’t go well.  However United are stronger away from home than they are at home.  3 goals conceded in ten away games in all competitions.  That’s so good, and what I’m banking saving us again.

The team will likely be much the same as Tuesday with Darlow and Dummet coming in.  I thought Diame played really well on Tuesday and I’m embarrassed by the abuse he gets.  I hope he plays again.  Lascelles and Darlow return to their old clubs.  Lascelles was immense on Tuesday bar a slip late on – he was so dominant that it forced the reaction from the Hull striker.  There was a fantastic performance from Anita at right back.  Matt Ritchie was poor again and he hasn’t really done it away from home this season, I think Atsu should be in with a chance of starting in his place.  Dwight Gayle should start.  Mitrovic and Perez were conspicuous by their absence on Tuesday.  There’s a chance Tiote may come into the side considering how knackered/injured our two in midfield were.  Hopefully Colback could be back.  He’s a massive miss.

Forest are free scoring side that also concede at will.  They’ll see this as a great chance to beat us and Rafa and the players will have to do everything to get a result.  A draw isn’t the end of the world.

Prediction: 2-2

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5 Responses to MATCH PREVIEW: Notts Forest v Newcastle United, City Ground, 2/Dec/16, KO: 7:45pm

  1. Chris says:

    I grew up as a Mag in Nottingham, living less than a mile from the City Ground and if there is one thing to wind Forest fans up it’s calling them “Notts” Forest. To be pedantic it is Nottingham Forest and Notts. County!

  2. Steve says:

    Some of our fans are a disgrace to be honest. Booing after the Blackburn game, and a bloke at Hull at the end absolutely berating the players and screaming at them to F off while the rest of us applauded them. What, was 9 wins in a row not enough? Did it have to be 10? Can you not remember last season when we could not win 1 in a row? Was outplaying a Premiership team away just not quite good enough for you? If you are not intelligent enough to see the progression we are making and just how good we are under Rafa then frankly you shouldn’t be coming to matches, and if you’re not happy now as a toon fan, with the best manager we have ever had, huge winning streaks, cup quarter finals and top of the league, when are you gonna be? I will be in the away end tonight, and win lose or draw, be singing my heart out for the lads and for rafa. TOON TOON!

    • Colin McCabe says:

      Have to agree Steve, some absolute Morons supporting us, only made it over to Bristol & Leeds games so far this year but incident at Bristol really infuriated me. In the 2nd half Diame was breaking away with no support so tried to beat the last man but failed and was tackled. 50 something ish lad beside me absolutely lets rip, at the top of his lungs, with a volley of abuse about how much of a useless f’kin cnut he was etc etc.. Just had to turn around and ask him if he liked the through ball in the first half…

  3. ben says:

    Were there boos after Blackburn?

  4. Simon Sharp says:

    Some of our fans really need to grow up – whinging at the team when the result doesn’t go the right way is what I was doing when I was eleven. By all means have a go if they’re not trying, and anyone who’s seen us in the past 10-12 years will know what that looks like, but that’s not the case. Get tonight over with (hopefully pick up some sort of result; rest, regroup, go again against Birmingham next weekend). In case anyone needs reminding, Forest beat us in this fixture 7 years ago. We still got promoted by a country mile. Would like to see Forest in and around a promotion shake up one of these years. A proper club with a history.