MATCH PREVIEW: Newcastle United v West Ham. St James’ Park, 24/May/15. KO: 3pm.

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Well this is it, the final match preview of this season and arguably the biggest match in the allardycelast twenty years for Newcastle United. A few have expressed hope that they would prefer to see us go down as a means to rid us of Ashley, I’m not so sure that is a given. Relegation has failed to force the Venky’s out of Blackpool, Vincent Tan out of Cardiff or the Oyston family from Blackpool, if we go down either one of two things will happen; either Ashley uses his considerable wealth to ensure we have the strongest squad in the division as he did last time or he loses interest altogether and allows us to rot away in the lower tiers of English football.

That isn’t to say the prospect of victory on Sunday is too attractive either, I fail to be convinced that there’ll be significant investment in the summer, I believe the way this season has panned out may have shocked him enough to look into increasing the squad size and to get rid of players past their sell by date; but there isn’t a chance of him putting up the sort of outlay that would get us even close to competing for European places again. Back in 2012 the opportunity was there to invest £30 million or so into the playing staff which could have provided the injection needed to qualify for the Champions League, that ship has now sailed and we’d need to buy a whole new team to get to that standard again.

In regards to the game itself we are boosted by the fact we can field a back four of defenders for the first time in months, I’m as horrified as anybody when I see Mike Williamson in a black and white shirt but we can’t justify going into this game with Jonas or Ryan Taylor in the defence (or midfield for that matter). I’d like to see Abeid and Colback in the centre midfield although I strongly doubt it, with Sissoko and Sammy as wide men; I’m not Sammy’s biggest fan and I hope this is his last game for the club but I’d sooner take a gamble on the hopelessly inconsistent younger brother having one of his good days than Cabella who has done literally nothing since coming here and a half fit Rolando Aarons. I’d also stick with Riviere who had a good first half last week, he brings others into play and I don’t think we can afford to throw Cisse in there given his poor hold up play and inability to find another black and white shirt; pinning my hopes on Ayoze here.

If you missed it the lads behind have planned a sit in upon the final MA.STRUM-GIFwhistle, in the event of us staying up this would send out a strong message that we’re not willing to become the sort of fanbase who are overjoyed at the prospect of Premier League survival year upon year and that the clubs desperate attempts to downsize Newcastle United and lower supporter expectation do not sit well with us. If we end up going down on Sunday then the sit in protest could well end up looking desperate and provide ammunition to those that look to poke fun at us, having said that it has been a long time since I gave a flying fuck what Ray Parlour, Stan Collymore, Paddy Barclay and van drivers from Dagenham have to say about those of us who know Newcastle United best and are ultimately best placed to smell a great big rat in its presence.

Wishing all TF readers an enjoyable summer!


(Ed: many thanks to Ryan for his match previews this season). 

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22 Responses to MATCH PREVIEW: Newcastle United v West Ham. St James’ Park, 24/May/15. KO: 3pm.

  1. Mark says:

    51% of me hopes that we stay in the Premier League next season. Hull have been bad for a while, but at home with it all to play for, you never know what they might do. Even though we’re in the exact same situation I can’t see us beating West Ham, maybe a draw at best. Christ this club does my head in.

  2. NathyB says:

    ” We cant afford to throw Cisse in.” Ridiculous statement. This is the exact time to throw Cisse in! Its not about hold up play! Its about scoring more than them!
    And throw in De Jong and Aarons half fit, as those currently fully fit are awful.
    I know people have the right to an opinion but the mere fact you rate Sammy at all worries me. Abeid should play though x

  3. mike says:

    Lets hope we dont see a lap of honor now that too much

  4. Drew Murty says:

    I hope there is a lap of honour. The poison directed to the players and staff would be a rare display of passion from the Sports Direct Arena crowd

    • Cls_ncl says:

      I’d make them walk round one by one so they get an exact feel for how we feel about them personally. The likes of Jonás deserves a decent send off for his attitude towards the club as does Perez and Janmatt even with the daft red card has done his bit deserves a clap. Likes of Dummet and even the hopeless Williamson have tried so don’t deserve a booing. The majority though deserve a hammering and should get it personally so they know exactly how we feel about there cowardly performances and lazy display’s. If nowt else would help us vent a bit.

      • David Chapman says:

        Mike Williamson deserves the biggest send off ever…… Lets ll give him the biggest send off ever, lets all make a fucking massive trebuchet and send him and Dummet into fucking Sunderland.

  5. Jackson Yates says:

    According to Carver in a recent interview there will be no lap of honour. “Lap of what?” was his response when asked.

  6. Peter Shearer says:

    I am all for relegation. Ashley bought us as an advertising vehicle for Sports Direct, so languishing in the lower divisions will not be to his liking. We have to be bold and face whatever he throws at us believing that finally we will be able to re-build whatever we are left with. If not and he stays then we stay away and consider starting a new club or just sit him out-even millionaires get bored!

    We have to stop any of the club “spin” from affecting our determination. There is nothing that can be worse than where we are-nothing!

  7. nick says:

    What are the odds on a spectacular humiliation as our pathetic efforts to chase the game mean West Ham repeatedly catch us on the break and score 4 or something? Probably more likely than us winning.

  8. Jackson Yates says:

    Our league performance since, say, Bobby Robson was manager isn’t that much different to when I first started going to the match in the early 1980s. Being a bit rubbish was kind of part of the deal. It didn’t take away from the fact that you wanted to be there and support the team. What has changed remarkably is the core aspirations of the club. There’s a massive difference between being mediocre despite your best efforts, and being mediocre as a mission statement. But it turns out that they can’t even do mediocre without cocking it up.

    • Nick says:

      Absolutely spot on Jackson. The club was also badly run in the 80s but at least we weren’t being used. The frustration is that Ashley has as much if not more money than most other owners in the First Division but the agenda is cynical and self-interested. We need to be loud tomorrow and, importantly, to sustain the campaign of dissent in the summer whatever happens.

  9. Jarra mick says:

    Lap of honour no but I think Ryan Taylor and Jonas will come out to say goodbye whatever the result.

  10. David Chapman says:

    I need a pissing rant here like,

    Right, on Wednesday I sat and watched them lot from down the road. I sat with me dad, a man who hates Sunderland like a man on benefits hates going out without his NHS stick and you know what? we couldn’t look at each other for the tears in our eyes because they fucking tried and they did fucking well and we didn’t know what to say because they deserved to stay up.

    I’ve supported Newcastle United since I was born, my Nanna knitted me a black and white hat whilst i was still in the womb, I’ll watch any old shit ( and have ) but what I will not accept is these current players, owner, coaches take my fellow supporters for mugs, even though some of them are Wonga clad actual mugs.

    We need to go down, we need it so badly, we need to get the true fans back into SJP, we need to see how many fans we actually have, I’m guessing 40k I’m also thinking at least 10k have stopped going because of Ashley.

    The best times of my life were watching Andy Cole smash the ball past division 2 goalkeepers.. lets not pretend relegation is the end of the world.

    • Paul Brown says:

      I agree. If we stay up nothing will change.Ashley will continue to asset strip the club and prove he can make money from premier league football. If we go down something changes. Firstly the club has to start trying and if we stay down he loses his purpose (and money). The club then devalues significantly, leaving Ashley with few options, one being to end all the bad publicity we will be giving him and sell up. And who knows just maybe fans will get a piece of the action. Of course non of this is guaranteed but relegation definitely changes the game.

  11. Peter Shearer says:

    Which all raises the question why should the supporters cheer the team on. I am attending the game, despite my long boycott, in the hope that I can help add pressure on Ashley.I will continue my boycott thereafter until the man has gone,but this is a chance for those who have boycotted to return for one game and cause as much hassle as we can.Personally, I would have preferred to have continued the protests before the game, showing that we will not change our actions until he changes his.The club blaming the fans if we got relegated would not be taken seriously by anyone whose opinion counts.
    I do not think I will actually be able to support the team as I would have done in the past, because I do not see that team as our team.There is a bigger picture here that we must focus on.

    • Pat Hughes says:

      It’s my last game tomorrow and I’m dreading it. Still can’t accept I won’t be there in August – horrible feeling and I haven’t had any reminders to renew my ST …. they’re not bothered I suppose. The support will be there if we play well, attack, defend etc because it sort of comes naturally, difficult not to leap up if we score or clap a bit of brilliance. I’ve had mixed feelings about staying up or going down and keep jumping from one to the other. But as judgement day looms I want to stay up, mainly because the pressure on Ashley will continue via the excellent lead set by AshleyOut and I do think, long-term, he will find it unbearable. Staying up will also piss off a lot of pundits, fans of other clubs etc so that has to be good.

  12. Gary Ĺockey says:

    I agree relegation is a better option than staying up for the reasons so eloquently put. It will not be Newcastle United who get relegated but the Sports Direct Works Team. Perhaps via relegation we might, just might, get NUFC back.

  13. Allan Rogers says:

    We deserve to go down we have a shite team that could nt get back up . Ashley must think we all are thick Geordies 40 odd k every home game protesting he dosnt see protests he sees money in the bank and how many fans has he managed to wind up this time. His enjoyment in life is to have money and piss as many people off as he can. did you see that doc on TV about how he treats people that work for him. HE DOSE NOT FUCKING CARE. The only way to stop him empty the ground and his shit shops

  14. David Chapman says:

    The battle is lost now lads, lets believe in Mike to put money in next year. mwahahahah, as I’ve said the battle is lost and it hurts like fuck but it’s over now. Some people made a brave stand at Spurs at home but nowhere near enough people.

    Mike Ashley will fuck us all over now, good luck I am done, haway Boro.