MATCH PREVIEW: Newcastle United v Leicester City, St James’ Park, 18/Oct/14, KO: 3pm, Premier League.

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So with another shitty, international break out of the way, the spotlight returns to NUFC NigelPerasonand our worrying predicament of sitting 3rd bottom of the league, with a couple of unforgiving fixtures at Spurs and at home to Liverpool on the horizon. We can have no complaints about this though as the fixture list has been very kind, it’s just an awful manager, an underperforming  coaching team and squad made up of mostly shit footballers have spunked decent fixtures vs Palace, Hull, Stoke and even Villa, Swansea and Southampton if we’re being brutally honest, completely up the wall.

So it’ll take more than a few nice words being said about Gabriel Obertan to get me rocking up to the House of Pain on Saturday in the belief that anything is going to change in the very near future, the way I see it, the same shit players are available to pick from, trained by shit coaches, pickled by a shit manager.

This might not sound very nice, but, I don’t know a fucking thing about Leicester’s squad, nor do I care. I do note that their manager is that miserable, monotone, twat, Nigel Pearson, who Roeder brought to United as Assistant Manager and who presided over a game at Watford where N’Zogbia acted the cunt, a bumming at Man Utd after Fat Sam had been binned and the Stoke cup game where all everybody cared about was Keegan coming back.

One thing I do know about Leicester though, is that they form an integral part of the “We hate Nottingham Forest” song, therefore, for the rest of this preview will be described as “And Leicester.”

In case you haven’t bothered looking at the league table yet this season, and that’s probably a good idea, they’re 12th. They’ve won 1 game away, that was at Stoke (1-0). That will become 2 after Saturday. Whoever, Ulloah is, has scored 5 goals

Team News

One minute, Tim Krul is crocked, then the next he’s alreet. As of 6:00 tonight (Thursday) SackPardewhe was still ‘alreet,’ owt could change between now and Saturday. Janmaat and Dummett are available after missing international games. Cisse and Tiote will be the last of our internationals to arrive back on Tyneside.

Pardew has been banging the “work rate stats” drum today. He says we’ve worked harder than all our opponents so far this season……. Well that tells you something doesn’t it? Our opponents can beat us without grafting too much….. Also, the reason we ‘work harder’ than our opponents is because we cant pass a ball to Newcastle player longer than 15 yards without giving it away. Watch our midfield closely on Saturday. Sissoko, Colback, Tiote, all absolutely terrible with their distribution.


Santon –  Knee – November

Aarons – Hamstring – November

De Jong – December/January

Possible Team (4-3-2-1)

1.Krul: 2. Janmaat, 5. Williamson, 6. Coloccini, 3. Dummett: 7. Sissoko, 4. Tiote, 8. Colback: 10. Gouffran, 11. Obertan: 9. Cisse


Elliot, S Taylor, Anita, Riviere, Perez, Cabella, Haidara

Referee: Martin Atkinson…… No Drones or remote controlled helicopters on Saturday please!!!

History vs The Foxes

Some quite long periods without playing Norwich with both sides spending some time going up and down. Some great wins though

1984/85 1-4. My first night time/midweek match at SJP. And Leicester, Lineker, Lynex and Smith were unplayable. Naturally, I got the blame off my Dad and was threatened that “that was the last time I was allowed to go on a midweek night” all the way home. Beardsley scored for us.

Attendance, 21,764

 1985/86 2-1. And Leicester were lucky to stay up this season, managing to do so by just 1 point. Beating us at Filbert Street on the last day of the season helped. But we won at SJP with goals from Jeff Clarke and Peter Beardsley. Alan Smith for them.

Attendance, 17,311

1986/87 2-0 The visitors weren’t so lucky this season, filling the 3rd relegation spot. 5 points behind us. That cushion was largely created by a 9 game unbeaten run which included this game. Blakelaw’s Finest, Kenny Wharton put us in front and Paul “Sarge” Goddard added the 2nd.

Attendance, 23,360

1989/90 5-4. Fucking unbelievable comeback, 4-2 down with only minutes left, step forward my favourite United player at that time, John Gallacher, much better than any of this Ronaldo/Messi stuff.

Attendance, 20,785

Check out the Gallowgate End going absolutely mental on the 5th

 1990/91 2-1 After a run of 3 game without a goal, United ended that streak with goals from Mark McGhee and Scott Sloan.

Attendance, 13, 575

1991/92 2-0. What a different season this was. The Foxes were chasing promotion, we  were fighting relegation. To be honest, this side was dreadful, but we managed a win here with goals from Andy Hunt and Lee Clark.

Attendance, 16,966–baFw

1992/93 7-1. Sometimes, there are just no words. For every lass who’s ditched you cos you wont stop going to the match on a weekend, this is why you’re right to do so.

Attendance, 30,129

1993/94 3-1, We bounced back from a defeat at Spurs with this comfortable win over the visitors. Phillipe Albert was supreme. Superb sweeper this lad.

Attendance, 34,400

1996/97 4-3 This game is known basically for Shearer’s brilliant hat trick.

Attendance, 36,396

1997/98 3-3 Bonkers game. 1-0 after 4 mins from a John Barnes penalty, 2-1 downby 30 minutes. Jon Dahl Tomasson, knicked Des Hamilton’s goal right on HT Matt Elliott scored for the visitors before John Beresford snatched a late draw.

Attendance, 36,754

1998/99 1-0 A Stephen Glass winner made it a Merry Christmas for us Mags.

Attendance, 36,718

1999/00 0-2 A shit day at the office as Cottee and Robbie Savage notched..

Attendance, 36,426

2000/01 1-0 A very late Carl Cort winner was not something you seen very often.

Attendance, 50,501

2001/02 1-0 Nobby Solano with the winning goal this time.

Attendance, 49,185

2003/04 3-1 Les Ferdinand on target for the visitors Ameobi, an OG and Jenas for us.

Attendance, 52,125

2009/10 1-0 A Danny Guthrie rocket into the Leazes End net!!

Guthrie goal after 51 minutes

And Leicester Fanzines

Foxes Talk

The Fox


And Leicester to capitalise on some early ponderous defending…… United to huff and puff for 85 minutes, pile a few men forward, And Leicester to poke in a late second. Some cars to get booted outside the Gallowgate for foolishly driving through tens of thousands of people.

Danger Men

Haven’t a clue.



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29 Responses to MATCH PREVIEW: Newcastle United v Leicester City, St James’ Park, 18/Oct/14, KO: 3pm, Premier League.

  1. Big JB says:

    Krul will play since even in a wheelchair with both arms in plaster he’s a better keeper than Elliot. This will backfire since true to form Krul will end up aggravating the injury and whenever Elliot steps foot onto the pitch we usually concede bucketloads. Think he’ll manage to ‘limit’ it to 2 tomorrow, which means we’re looking at a point at best with our lack of goals from all but Cisse, who will have to do it on his own again tomorrow. Whilst this charlatan continues as manager, I don’t see things improving

  2. PF says:

    Where does the absolutely foul language of your match day reviewer sit with your socialist, egalitarian stance?
    I was brought up in the long lost ship building community of Wallsend- always told that it was not on to swear in public.
    Do you want decent people to read your articles – or morons?

    • Chris Betts says:

      If you can do better, just drop the editor a line


    • to be fair, I’ve never ever heard anyone from Wallsend ever swear.

      • PF says:

        Do I detect a hint of sarcasm thee Mick – ” the lowest….” But I’m sure you know the quotation.
        You continually and quite legitimately try to increase the readership of your fanzine – presumably that includes kids – happy for yours to use the type that you condone as editor.
        I’m far from a prude but toilet language simply dilutes your credibility.

        • I edit the fanzine, I don’t censor it – well, I do a bit in order to keep us out of the company of m’learned friends but that’s it. I’m not saying I endorse or otherwise Chris’ profanity, its what he does in his writing. In terms of who the fanzine is for, I think its not for people who get an attack of the vapours at some colourful language or for children to be honest. I think there are a lot worse things readily available to children on the internet than Chris’ occasionally salty vernacular. I do know if I bent with the wind of every comment or criticism, true faith would have ended up as a blander version of the club programme. Of course I want more people to read the fanzine, I don’t think anyone who has ever published anything ever, hasn’t wanted more people to enjoy it. Its been doing okay though … so some people think its okay but I freely admit, its not for everyone. I’m okay with that.

          • PF says:

            Why not use some adjectives – using female body parts as descriptive language is just so lazy and frankly old hat

          • PF says:

            i accept your point re censorship but don’t you think that using derogatory terms for the female anatomy s boring and old hat.
            No attack of the vapours we’ve all heard the words many times – just so lazy and of course does not sit well with your socialist slant which I wholly endorse.
            What’s wrong with incompetent., under performing unqualified, disinterested lacking motivation – plenty of more accurate words to describe the ills of Newcastle United plc
            Than those relating to the vagina.
            PS – club is another term not to be used – try becoming a member, attending an AGM and voting!

  3. Mikey says:

    PF ..Your answer is in your question…and no…..we are not morons

  4. Alex says:

    Who cares about the language used to describe it. We’re a poor (shit) team whilst managed by that bellend pardew.

  5. Pat Hughes says:

    I’m not a moron either, very much a lady really. We all have different writing styles and that’s what tf is all about – something for everyone. I’m more worried about the match tomorrow and despite the childishly ‘positive’ utterances from AP I’m dreading it

    • PF says:

      Interesting to get a female response. I find it puzzling that you are happy for parts of the female anatomy(cunt,twat) to be use as a term of contempt in a football fanzine

      • Pat Hughes says:

        I’ve been in and around football for decades and whilst I wouldn’t use that language myself, I don’t find it offensive and I don’t take it personally. It took me 4 seasons (years ago) to convince the bloke next to me at SJP that I was not that posh and I wasn’t there to curb his ‘enthusiastic’ language. There are more important things to worry about – 3 points, cup runs, any runs etc 🙂

  6. Gareth Harrison says:

    Fuck me (oooooh, potty mouth), offended at swearing in a fanzine? You’re either on an elaborate wind up or you’re ‘that’ person that gad to be told ‘Sorry mate, this isn’t the programme’ in the golden days of the fanzine being sold outside the ground.

    I hear the Falcons do some great foam hands…

    • PF says:

      No wind up just attempting to make what I thought was a legitimate point.
      Puritan? – atheist actually and not offended by the words, as I’ve said we’ve all heard them so many times they long ago lost the power to shock and if you’ve seen any live stand up you’ll soon realise that a string of swear words doesn’t necessarily make something funny – you need wit(intelligence)to achieve that.The point is that the language detracts from the message surely the opposite of what journalism is all about.
      A genitalia fixation does not compensate for a lack of vocabulary.
      Anyhow enough! Enjoy the match…..

  7. Gareth Harrison says:

    PS – Socialism and puritanism. Not in any way related.

  8. Kenthemag says:

    Isn’t swearing brilliant? You can say words and stuff like c!#t and people respond. Aren’t people brilliant? They all have different options and like different stuff. Isn’t stuff brilliant etc etc…

  9. Alan says:

    I’m rather proud of the fact that I can also say cunt in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Polish.
    You just never know when it might come in handy.

    • Dead right Gareth…. socialism n puritism not in anyway related . In my early days as a committed communist activist ” swearing ” was not frowned upon tho not neccesarily encouraged. Bad language or what ever you want to call it, has always been in great works of literature, not that I am remotely suggesting any of the comments on True Faith will find their way into the great libraries of the world but a lot of it is thought changing and provocative which philosofically speaking can only be for the greater good I would have thought . Personally as I guy brought up in the shipyards in Wallend and around the world I can swear with the best of them . but try not to offend. I do edit foul lanauage from the web site which I run on behalf of toon supporters in Spain ( >toononthecost< ) which is family orientated but its a personal choice but I do not think I and can command the following of our erstwhile and colourful and throughly readable previewer on True Faith. Long may they reign.

    • Haha Alan , dont know if its something to be proud of but think I can say ” fuck off ” in around 40 or more languages , you just say ” fuck off ” everyone seems to understand .

  10. Kenthemag says:


  11. Vincenzo says:

    I think you’re all left wing twats.

  12. Vincenzo says:

    I think you all drink shandy