MATCH PREVIEW: Newcastle United v Hull City, St James’ Park, 20/Sep/14, KO: 3pm, Premier League.

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Well, this has been a horrendous week, on and off the pitch and with Hull City at home Hullprotestjust around the corner, let’s just try and take stock and apply a bit of perspective.

Firstly, that performance at Southampton was horrific. It was unacceptable, sadly, that wasn’t the 1st time under Alan Pardew’s rein that we’ve witnessed unacceptable showings. It needs to be the last.

When apportioning blame, where do we begin?

First stop, the Manager. It is his job to have our players well drilled, switched on and left in no doubt as to what their instructions are from the first whistle. Yet in the last 2 fixtures our players have looked lost and dysfunctional from the opening seconds of play (in both halves) – that can not happen, at any level, Pardew is responsible for that – along with, if I may add, the captain, and it’s not happening in that department either.

Next, the coaching staff. The army of Carver, Stone, Woodman and an assorted range of technical analysts and fitness coaches…… Why are our players making the same mistakes, time after time? Why are our set pieces so lamentable? Ultimately this is an area which reports to Pardew so again, he has to accept a proportion of responsibility for another area where we’re failing.

And on we go, the board. After an encouraging start to the summer recruitment derive our incomings dried up. For some reason best known to ourselves we began buying players for next fucking season, blew £7m on 2 players and gave them back to Nott’m Forest. Nor fucking good enough, not by a long chalk. Eventually our recruitment packed in altogether leaving us woefully short in vital areas, such as up front and centre back. So the board have failed to equip the manager with enough players of suitable quality and must take responsibility. Having said that, Pardew isn’t absolved, completely, here. He ensured Ben Arfa and Marveaux were ushered out the door, further reducing his pool of quality players to select.

Finally, the players. Some of this lot are taking the piss. Gouffran for example, an average player at best, but Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher on Monday night blew apart the myth that he’s some sort of ‘engine’ busting a gut for the cause. He certainly isn’t. Ultimately, if a player can’t pass a ball 5 yards, can’t mark his man, can’t head a ball, can’t finish a sitter, then that is not Alan Pardew’s fault. These fuckers have to take responsibility for their actions, starting on Saturday against Hull.

So, things aren’t great. In fact they’re a bit worse than that, they’re pretty, grim. But I know one thing that won’t help, this growing and consuming clamour to publically, humiliate the manager. I don’t think he’s the right man for the job, I’d rather we had a different manager, his record is horrendous, but I’m totally uncomfortable with such a personal campaign. He’s a human Being after all, trying to do a job, he’s ill-equipped to do under difficult constraints. He’ll be gone when Ashley decides his investment value and marketing platform is under threat and not before. On top of this, I am totally against any type of in game “Protest” of any sort. Charles N’Zogbia explained that when Hull broke to score what turned out to be a crucial winner vs us in ’08 he was caught out by the banner moving through the East Stand and took his eye off the ball, literally. Unprofessional? Definitely. But you see what can happen if you create the environment to make mistakes in?

So, I won’t be taking part in any banner waving either before or during the game. To an extent I agree 100% with John Carver’s annoyance at them being out before the game at St Mary’s when supporters ought to have been creating a supportive atmosphere, in no, way, shape or form does that excuse how he tried to deal with it. He was 100% wrong in his actual approach.

But the most important news in the build up to this game, by far, is that of Jonas Gutierrez’s fight against testicular cancer. The messages of support, particular on social media platforms like Twitter have been brilliant and personally, I’d far rather put Pardew on the back burner on Saturday and show huge (and unrelenting) vocal, support to Jonas. Nothing gimmicky or mawkish,  he’s got a superb song, I say lets belt it out constantly and get a fine message of support out across a worldwide audience that we back our own, when the chips are down!!

So what of Hull? Managed by a man who’s turned us down 3 times (twice as a manager, once as player) but who claims to be a mag. Aye, He can fuck off.

He’s had plenty of support in the transfer market and has got off to a mediocre start. Away from home they’ve lost to Aston Villa 2-1 but won 1-0 at QPR. They’re 12th on 4 points. Jelavic, who’s a bit shit really, has 2 goals as does Robbie Brady.

Robert Snodgrass is out with a knee injury.

Team News

It doesn’t really get any better, if Pardew wanted to change it around he hasn’t really got much in the way of options. Tiote should be ok to start which will beef up our midfield a bit. Maybe there’s an option to put Dummett in at left back and use Haidara further forward? Elmohamady is a threat bombing down the right so having two naturally left sided players over there may help stifle that threat?

One thing is for sure. I’m sick of Williamson. “Get Mike to Brazil”?? Some sort of joke that. Get Taylor back in.

Maybe he could find a formation that gives Riviere a bit of support, maybe something outlandishly revolutionary such as playing 2 up front? Perez or try Cabella maybe? Just a thought!!! Ultimately, someone has got to stop Huddlestone getting on the ball too.


Santon – knee – no return date

Cisse – Knee – October

De Jong- Groin – Xmas

Aarons – Hamstring

Not match fit

Ryan Taylor

Possible Team (4-4-2)

1.Krul: 2. Janmaat, 5. S. Taylor, 6. Coloccini, 3. Dummett: 7. Sissoko, 4. Tiote, 8. Colback: 11. Haidara. 9.Riviere, 10. Cabella:


Elliot, Williamson, Obertan, Anita, Sammy Ameobi, Gouffran, Perez

Referee: Neil Swarbrick

History vs Hull City

We’ve not often met the Tigers in the league, however, when we have, they’ve not been particularly, ordinary games. The cups have been a mixed bag too!

1989/90 Won 2-0 as we looked to bounce back to the top flight at the first attempt, 2 Mark McGhee goals did the business yet all the way home I’d prattle on about John Gallacher’s performance.

1990/91 A 1-2 defeat. A  very grim day unless you liked pitch invasions or really wanted to see John Watson and Lee Makel in a Newcastle shirt. Lee Clark’s goal the undoubted highlight as we ended the season with a home defeat and I took some SJP turf home to be washed in my jeans pocket

1997/98 2-0 with goals from Des Hamilton and Grandad, Ian Rush. Not one to be remembered

2008/09 1-2, A Xisco goal, but an absolute disaster. Anyone who says public showings of dissatisfaction inside the ground are acceptable couldn’t have been at this game! N’Zogbia watching a banner whilst Hull broke upfield for King to score a goal, when actually a point would have kept us up in the end!

2008/09 0-1 FA cup defeat. With extra time looming, Daniel Cousin cheered us all up by letting us go home on 90 minutes. I don’t think I met anyone afterwards who actually gave a fuck.

2013/14 Lost 2-3. To any neutral, this may have looked like an upset of some sorts. To hardened Mags, this was pretty typical really. 2 for Remy, a stand out goal from Aluko–40

Hull Fanzines

City Independent

Amber Nectar

Hull City Mad

Some paper back stuff here


SJP to be at it’s worst and us to lose 2-0

Danger Men

There’s always the chance of one of the mackems notching and Huddlestone is a quality player. That new striker, Hernandez, looked tidy

Chris Betts

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46 Responses to MATCH PREVIEW: Newcastle United v Hull City, St James’ Park, 20/Sep/14, KO: 3pm, Premier League.

  1. mammyslittlesoldier says:

    Agree with nearly all of this – including about that cunt bruce but especially the worst of the poisonous shit that’s being flung at Pardew. Yeah, it’s time he fucked off but some of the stuff being said is getting a bit demented.

    • Chris Betts says:

      I’m totally in favour of a new manager, over the years Iv stood and chanted “sack the board” etc but I’m a little uncomfortable with personal abuse like Pardew is currently getting

      • Alan says:

        I’m a little uncomfortable with being treated like I’m some kind of stupid Northern monkey.
        I’m a little uncomfortable with being continiously lied to.
        I’m a little uncomfortable with endorsements for the Shitedirect Arena and Wonga.
        I’m a little uncomfortable with dedications to Mike for a rare decent performance.
        I’m a little uncomfortable with tirades of abuse at old men or pushing officials with their backs turned.
        I’m massively uncomfortable with the fact that Meyler didn’t kick the living the shit out of him.

        • Chris Betts says:

          Meyler couldn’t kick the shit out of a Sunday dinner

          • Alan says:

            Oh really? I don’t profess to be an expert on Meyler’s fighting prowess so I therefore bow to your superior knowledge.
            What I DO know however is that if Meyler had put the cunt on his arse and then stuck the boot in, it would’ve been richly deseved and worthy of a huge round of applause.
            The man (and I use the term loosely) is a talentless and classless prick who should be nowhere near our football club and deserves to be told this in no uncertain terms. Forthwith.
            If you’re still ‘a little uncomfortable with this’ I suggest you refresh your memory with Pardew’s whole catalogue of lies and deceit, dwelling specifically on the contempt he so obviously has for us.
            If that doesn’t lighten your burden, wear some ear muffs.

  2. Tom says:

    Great article and finally someone talking some sense this week!

    I’m not at all looking forward to going to the game to witness a load of protesting. Quite frankly I find shit like that (where it won’t make a difference) embarrassing and pathetic.

    I can’t stand Pardew or the regime but people are forgetting that we should be trying to support the team (who I accept barely deserve it after the Southampton debacle… ) and focusing our attention on creating an intimidating atmosphere for Hull, not our players/management!

    No one has yet given me an answer (regarding who pardews replacement would be under this regime) which would make me want a change! I would bet my house it would be a desperate sod needing work on the cheap – think Gerry Francis, Tim Sherwood or bloody Alan Curbishley. Sound promising eh?!

    If hull score early then I’m leaving the ground. I work hard all week and look forward to having a few beers and watching a game of football and catching up with my pals. I fucking hate pantos and yet on Saturday at 3pm it feels like I might as well be watching Brendan Healy pretend to get fucked by a beanstalk than getting a load of ‘Pardew out’ bed sheets being passed across my head.

    I dare all Nufc fans just to rally behind the 11 players wearing black and white on Saturday. Wishful thinking…

    • Chris Betts says:

      Thanks Tom, I agree with you entirely. There’s absolutely no assurances whatsoever that Ashley won’t just turn to Kinnear, Sherwood, Curbishley or another chancer from his circle if chums. I am of the opinion that Pardew isn’t good enough to manage newcastle though

      • Tom says:

        As I said in my original comment I can’t stand him and wouldn’t shed a tear/be shocked if he was sacked (but don’t expect a Mourinho, Klopp, Martinez or any other tactically aware manager as a replacement) and I seriously don’t think protesting at a game when we are desperate for a win and currently bottom of the table will help anyone.

        It really pains me to hear a portion of so called ‘fans’ on talk ins/forums when they talk about ‘wanting us to get beat’ in the hope a manager gets sacked….I don’t know what has happened over the past decade or so but this seems to be a completely new thing to me.

        • Matt Flynn says:

          So called fans is the kind of language that causes problems. I’ve been a supporter (fans are for boy bands) of NUFC for a long time and I see defeat against Hull as short term pain for long term gain. An outcome that is in the best interests of the future of NUFC. It’s a strange place to find yourself but this is the fucked up world Mr Ashley has created.

          Supporters like me value what is being lost under Ashley. We want a club we can be proud of, that values it’s heritage and understands the role it plays in the wellbeing of the City. None of which matter under this regime. Perhaps we see a football club as something different to you but questioning our support is disrespectful.

        • Chris Betts says:

          Wanting NUFC to lose is the mentality of a sunderland supporter, not a newcastle supporter. When you’re bottom of the table, wanting to lose is ridiculous

          • Matt Flynn says:

            I suspect what our friends down the road want most is for NUFC supporters to carry on blindly providing financial backing to a regime that has zero ambition, appoints stooges to key positions and has no respect for the heritage of the club. Far better for them that we do nowt other than turn up and support the ‘team’ rather than actually try to do something about the direction the ‘club’ is heading.

            The team is a transient manifestation. A collection of eleven players, few of which have any genuine affinity or commitment to NUFC. The heart and soul of the club is what matters and that is being decimated under a regime of which AP is a key competent.

            I’m not advocating booing the players or anything, but in the grand scheme three points today is irrelevant and the views of supporters that want to bring about change should be respected.

  3. Alex says:

    Footballs about opinions. No one is right or wrong. For me Pardews time is up and it’s obvious the chairman won’t sack him. I actually believe anyone would be better as he will take us down. We have got behind the team many times with no response. If people need to protest to remove Pardew then that’s fine with me. Something has to change.

    • Chris Betts says:

      You’re right, it is about opinions, all I’m saying is that il not be partaking in any protests myself as I don’t feel it’s going to help us. If people must protest then I’d hope that it’s in a stage of the game where we’re sadly, dead & buried and not at 0-0 or at a critical part

  4. Richard S says:

    Spot on comments regarding lack of options. Fans got excited at the ‘plethora’ of new players that came in during the Summer yet we were already desperately thin on the ground, so any injuries means we’re scraping the barrel again. Pardews partly to blame for that, but Mike Ashley is the one sitting on a £70m+ pile of TV cash which could and should have been invested in strengthening the squad

    • Chris Betts says:

      The board have ultimately left the manager short. Now ok he doesn’t help himself by appearing to be grateful for what he got. However, to give a bit of context, the last time Pardew criticised the board, he got kinnear to answer to as punishment

  5. Peter Shearer says:

    I am also a little uncomfortable with the personal nature of the attack on Pardew, and he is not really the cause of all our problems-just a symptom of them. The man responsible is Ashley and there is nothing that anyone could do that would make me have any sympathy for him! I guess some just see removing Pardew as the first stage of re-claiming our club and in that respect I support them. The “support the team” philosophy allows Ashley to continue destroying our club and in being complicit with this, fans who adopt this policy are in effect supporting Ashley’s tenure-if we have not learnt that yet,really the future is bleak.

    • Chris Betts says:

      Iv been on terraces shouting for the removal of managers before, Souness & Allardyce to name 2, buy this seems a little too personal in my opinion

      • Matt Flynn says:

        He’s only got himself to blame. He knew what he was signing up for and has embraced his role as the face of the regime with far more gusto than his teams can muster. Was he appointed on his managerial record or because he was a willing stooge?

        The next manager Ashley appoints is likely to selected using the same criteria that saw a man who had recently been sacked by a third division club entrusted with leading Newcastle United. It matters not. An opportunity has arisen to make a stand against the way our club is being run, it would be madness to waste it for the sake of Pardew’s feelings?

    • Matt Flynn says:

      The other cliche that gets bandied around by the likes of Total Sport is ‘what is protesting going to achieve if nobody wants to buy the club’ off Ashley. Apart from being an abjectly defeatist view it misses the point. If somebody does want to buy the club Ashley is far more likely to sell if owning NUFC is a pain in the arse. Giving him an easy ride only increases the chance of him holding out for some stupid inflated price the next time somebody shows an interest in buying the club. Further, given his reputation for hard bargaining it could well be that potential buyers are waiting until his position is weaker before showing their hand.

      The City of Newcastle motto (and that of our club) translates as ‘triumphing by brave defence’ not ‘throwing in the towel at the first obstacle’ or ‘the home of cheap tat’

      Pardew first. Ashley next.

      • Chris Betts says:

        The only realistic alternatives to Ashley came before him, clocked the accounts and bolted. Belgravia & Polygon seen the red warning lights and scarpered. Since then there was 1 chancer called Moat. Nowt since.

        No alternative to Ashley at the minute unless anyone else knows otherwise

        • Matt Flynn says:

          None of us really have any idea who is (or is not) in the market for purchasing a club of NUFC’s potential. It’s an unknowable that is best left out of any arguments regarding how supporters should respond to the way the club is being run. I only put forward the alternative view because it’s a subject that is repeatedly speculated on to support the do nothing argument.

          For a long time I’ve argued that Ashley should be judged on his merits, which leaves a simple question. Is his stewardship of NUFC worthy of praise, protest or the dreaded ambivalence?

          • Chris Betts says:

            I think we’re going slightly off topic (unless Iv grissly misread the situation, which is possible) but these protests are about Pardew not Ashkey.

            But, we do know that Belgravia & Polygon took 1 look at the books and bailed. That’s not speculation, it’s true

  6. Steven Mitchell says:

    I fully fully fully agree that Pardew is a symptom of the real illness at Newcastle which is Mike Ashley…


    We have a squad which should be capable Of passing, heading and shooting a football, and winning games against the likes of palace at home. Along with the constant Williamson back post routine, those responsibilities are the sole responsibility of Pardew, nowt to do with our awful owner. Who would we get? No one worse in my opinion.

    • mammyslittlesoldier says:

      I’d like to agree with you Steve Mitchell but from appointing JFK as director of football to the Wonga sponsorship, Ashley has consistently defied expectation with his ability to find new torments for us.

      Malky Mackay anyone?

  7. JR says:

    While I can understand both sides, the fact remains that we wouldn’t have campaigns like this one on Saturday if Ashley respected the principle of free speech and allowed people to sound off and let off steam using normal channels, e.g. fans’ forums, press op-ed columns, etc. It’s the refusal to allow any sort of measured dissent that forces fans into higher-profile protests.

    I’m sorry but if the choice is to do something or to do nothing, then I’m with those trying to effect change because doing nothing isn’t working out too well, IMHO. HTL!

    • Chris Betts says:

      Ok, respecting your right to criticise the manager at the game, in whatever audio or visual manner you prefer, but can it wait until a point in the game where maybe we’re out of it? Instead of at 0-0 or if it’s tight?

  8. Colin McCabe says:

    Great read as usual Mr Martin.

    18 Points from 69 is simply not good enough, I cant be sure but I would hazard a guess that only steve Kean would have a similar record without being sacked. He is a dead man walking and in my eyes, from watching his body language after the S’hampton game, he knows it.
    Im actually nervous about Saturday as I have a feeling the place will get very very ugly with levels of vitriol surpassing Fat Shams last days.

  9. David Chapman says:

    Took his eye off the ball due to a banner?! fucking hell Pardew would have struggled to think of that one.

    • Chris Betts says:

      Unprofessional? Absolutely….. Ultimately, it happened and cost us a point. However they were N’Zogbia’s words, not mine

      • David Chapman says:

        N’zogbia was in the same league as Xisco and Marcelino for there determination to do well for Newcastle United. Who gives a shit what he had to say?

        • Chris Betts says:

          Well, in his opinion, he was distracted from doing his job, all I was saying was let’s not recreate that opportunity again

  10. Chris C says:

    Aye, I’m with all those who don’t want to see personal abuse aimed at Pardew but he needs to go so I support the protest, as JR rightly points out doing nothing isn’t working out too well.

  11. Alan says:

    Pardew deserves everything that’s coming his way.
    He fully compliant in every nasty little stunt that Ashley’s pulled.
    He’s a compulsive liar.
    He possesses not one single shred of self respect.
    He takes being a sycophant to level which frankly goes beyond the comprehension of reasonably minded folk.
    He’s incompetent to the point of embarrassing.
    He’s an egotistical, smarmy wanker who is utterly, utterly deluded.
    You reap what you sow.

  12. completely agree with Matt Flynn, Pardew wasn’t hired for his managerial ability, he was hired to take the heat off fat boy. Seems like those fat boy hires aren’t really up to the job, Pardew (manager) failure, Charnley (managing director) tea boy, Kinnear (director of football) cretin. All hired as fall guys, no sympathy when the flak flies in their direction.
    Sorry Chris, I don’t lack compassion but Fraudew or any of tem getting abuse is entirely justified in my opinion. The N’zogbia example isn’t a good one either, far more relevant is the last time we won a game at home, when he got dogs abuse then also. You never know, forcing him to sit in the dug out might be just what the players need to win again.

    • Chris Betts says:

      It’s rejevent alright, it cost us that match.

      Don’t be fooled by the Cardiff shoeing, some of the teams Iv pjsyed in would have beaten that Cardiff side. They were a disgrace

      • We lost the game solely because Charlie was distracted by the crowd but won the game against Cardiff no matter what was going on as they were a disgrace ? Okay chris.

  13. andy says:

    The fact remains we need 3 points more than a need to protest

    • David Chapman says:

      Andy, I’m afraid your attitude is exactly what’s wrong with Newcastle United, what will 3 points get us? fuck all, what Newcastle United need is a complete overhaul from top to bottom, I’m sick of people telling me to support the lads, I came into the world 31 years ago supporting the lads, Nobody loves NUFC more than me but I cannot stand by anymore and watch as fucking Mike Ashley sucks the life out of us.

      Our city depends on its Football team, its funny how in 96/97 the city was alive, now its Grey and miserable.

      • Chris Betts says:

        If you don’t mind me chipping in here, no team bottom of the league can write off another 3 points. A win is vital. Much more important than telling Pardew we don’t want him. He knows

  14. Ashley has turned supporter on supporter and divided the city. He’s the problem, Pardew is only a consequence of his actions.

    I’m hoping for a heart attack

  15. Greeny's Guitar says:

    On the positive side. There WILL be an atmosphere at SJP tomorrow

  16. That previous comment was made in jest by the way.

    I know I’ll be slaughtered for saying it, but personally I think we need to change tack completely with the current regime. When he arrived, Ashley supported Allardyce with funds and he bought badly. He made a big mistake with some appointments and taking Keegan on and no doubt he regrets it. Ever since we fell out with the regime over Keegan, we’ve gone from crisis to crisis and gone backwards. Ashley possibly even enjoys getting his own back, as he can afford to write off the investment if it comes to it. He’ll go when it suits him and not before.

    There has to be a way forward and it would be much more enjoyable to go to a game with a positive atmosphere, support the team, intimidate the opposition, give the manager and coaching staff a bit of respect and welcome Ashley back into the fold. Who knows, we might even start enjoying it and winning once again.

    If not, we’ll go from crisis to crisis and it’ll rumble on and on.

    Forgive, forget and move forwards.

    • David Chapman says:

      Fucking hate it when Mike Ashley posts on here.

      • Fair enough

        All I’m saying is the current situation hasn’t worked for the benefit of supporters, team, staff, or owner since Keegan left in 2008. Unless one side gives, it’ll continue to fester indefinitely. We’re playing into the hands of opposition teams.

        If you have a boss you don’t like or get on with, you either leave (not an option here unless everyone stops going, which won’t happen), continue to fight him (we’ve tried that for six years and it hasn’t worked, or try to find a way of working together to take the club forwards.

        I’m no Ashley apologist, but I don’t want the club to be in the same position six years from today.

  17. Dotti Spiers says:

    Sorry but I just can’t think of anything to add to what’s already been said. I am truly dismayed by what is happening to our beautiful club and have been unable to watch the last couple of games and am already scared of what may happen today.
    Please somebody, (anybody) do something to make it better