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MATCH PREVIEW: Newcastle United v Chelsea, St James’ Park, 26/Sep/15, KO: 5:30pm, Premier League.

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Well where do we start with this one?

The cautious optimism leading into September has well and truly evaporated and now we face another long and tough season at the foot of the table. Wednesday night in the cup was up there with the worst performances I’ve seen from a Newcastle United side, exacerbated by the weakened nature of the oppositions line up and the ineptitude of our so called ‘star players’ thise with Champions League, international and title winning experience such as Sissoko, de Jong and Wijnaldum.

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To score goals in football requires an element of bravery, to breach an opposition defence you must show determination toJoseboots beat your opposite number, the simple stuff like desire and wanting it more. You must also be prepared to take a risk, try something different, take the bull by the horns. Sadly, this Newcastle side lack the character to apply these traits to its game and as such we as supporters are treated to the tragic sight of a team who don’t look capable of creating any clear cut chances never mind converting them into goals. Who is to blame?

Well what is for sure is that if we lose the next two games which is more than likely given the opposition and our recent performances ten Mike Ashley has a decision to make. There is a two week break between our away game at Man City and the home encounter with Norwich and it surely must be a consideration to cut our losses with McClaren in a desperate attempt to galvanise the club. Now I’ve been extremely positive about McClaren since his arrival but decisions he’s made compounded by the level of performance has made me seriously question my own judgement. He’s not entirely to blame of course, the players are complete shithouses, Graham Carr’s position must be under threat given his role in signing said shithouses and Charnley is so far out of his depth it’s staggering.

Mike Ashley made it clear that his desire was to put money forward in the summer and allow the ‘footballing board’ to run the club, however if this downward spiral continues he will have to wield the axe somewhere, make some strong decisions and take responsibility for fixing this mess. Can we get three points on Saturday? This club is daft, the players are shithouses (I’ve decided this is what they shall be referred to as now on) and have a habit of turning up when the world is watching so yes there is an opportunity but you can’t turn form on and off like a tap and Chelsea come here desperate to snap up points themselves.Get 15% off at Northern Threads with promo code TRUE15

Mitrovic is back and should at the very least bring some intensity back into our play, whether his own brand of intensity is what we require is up for debate but it has to be preferable to Wednesday night.

Whatever will be will be and Saturdays match is a half five kick off which gives us a couple of hours extra drinking time and the chance for St. James’ to be off its collective tits. As strong as Chelsea have been there is no doubt they have been at their most vulnerable seen in the post Abramovich era of late and if we do pull off a result, I have no doubt our support will play its part.


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7 Responses to MATCH PREVIEW: Newcastle United v Chelsea, St James’ Park, 26/Sep/15, KO: 5:30pm, Premier League.

  1. Boomtown says:

    Remy hat-trick! you heard it here first!

  2. JR says:

    Nah, we’ll beat Chelski but lose to the mackems twice. Oh, sorry – that was last season.

  3. Stephen says:

    Shame about Costa missing out like. I was looking forward to McLaren combatting him by throwing Mitrovic in at Centre half in a Steve Howey type scenario !!

    • Scott says:

      Now that WOULD have been interesting!!!
      I am a bit concerned about McLaren saying that we need to “fight” with Mitro returning!!

  4. mammyslittlesoldier says:

    Whopped. We’re gan’ee get whopped.

  5. Chris Steel says:


  6. Ian Summers says:

    Our tactics seem to rely on the 3 attacking midfielders Sissoko/Wijnaldum/Thauvin but the problem is none of them offer any threat at all and concede possession whenever on the ball. Could someone tell the players to stop turning up in Tuxedos? Compare Thauvin’s performance on Wednesday to that of Guittierez against West Ham (H) last season. I bet the physio rooms have been busy with spineless players trying to duck out of the forthcoming fixtures?