MATCH PREVIEW: Chelsea v Newcastle United, Stamford Bridge, 10/Jan/15, KO: 30m, Premier League.

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So, we’re not any nearer to appointing a new manager/head coach at United, however, oneMourinho1 thing that does appear quite clear, is that the papers don’t seem to have a clue either. Their scattergun approach to firing out just about every manager/coach in Europe across the back pages ovre the last week or so should prove that.

So, for now, it’s Carver and Steve Stone in the dug out in a caretaker capacity. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily prefer him as our next manager/head coach, I would hope that even if he just acted out whatever Pardew would have done/said, then we should be able to get the 3 wins and a draw or 2, needed to remain in the Premier League for next season. One thing I would say for sure, is that I have absolutely no reason to disbelieve him if he says the players are injured, that’s probably not popular, but that’s the way I feel about it. I’m not really into these conspiracy theories that suggest we deliberately lose particular games. Sorry, but that’s just my view on it. I have much more concern about why the fringe players or back up players (some of whom we were told were erm ‘purples’ are absolutely, fucking, hopeless when called upon. Anita, Cabella, Riviere, Haidara for example, have a hell of a lot to prove, whilst Tiote has been having a nightmare. If Newcastle United are to achieve anything, ever, then we need more than a tidy 11 or 12 players as that’s about all we appear to have at the moment.

As we work without a full time manager, I’d be surprised if there’s much incoming in the transfer window as I’m not convinced we’ll be looking to spend money that that the next fella may not want.

Chelsea, then, I know we’ve beaten them at SJP a few times lately, but I can’t see anything other than a really, heavy defeat. They’ll be a bit pissed off having seen their lead dissipate recently, whilst we’re, well, not very good, frankly. Sometimes they fuck about for a bit and make it look laboured, but sometimes they click and thrash the tits off the opposition.

They’re still top, on alphabetical order, they have a 100% record at home, scored 22, conceded only 3……….. Uh ohhhh. Granted only Arsenal and Spurs (of the big hitters) have been dispatched at The Bridge so far, but mid-table sides like ourselves have been efficiently dispatched. Costa has 14 goals so far, although Hazard isn’t far behind with 11. The pensioners have no suspensions whilst an obvious bout of witchcraft sees them have a fully fit squad to pick from.

Team News

The word from Carver is that some of those who were injured last week may make a return here and also if Krul comes through a work out vs Celtic, he’ll be in contention for Saturday.

Tiote and Cisse have now departed for African cup of Nations duty although our striker would have been suspended anyway for another 2 games. Abeid didn’t go, but remains injured.

It’d take a brave man/woman to predict we’ll do anything other than plonk 1 man up front and let the rest run their bollocks off, although options are limited to 2 from Coloccini, Williamson and Dummett at centre half whilst Tiote’s absence will require a change in midfield.


Steven Taylor – Achilles – Out for the season

Ryan Taylor – Knee – 17th January – Southampton

Rolando Aarons – hamstring – 31st January – Hull City

Rob Elliot – Ankle – 17th January – Southampton

Sammy Ameobi – Knee – 31st January – Hull City

Gabriel Obertan – No Return date

Mehdi Abeid – Toe – 17th January – Southampton

Seim De Jong – Groin – 31st January – Hull City

Possible Team (4-2-1-2-1)

1.Tim Krul: 2. Daryl Janmaat, 5. Mike Williamson, 6.Fabricio Coloccini, 3. Paul Dummett: 8. Jack Colback, 4. Vurnon Anita: 10. Moussa Sissoko: 7. Remy Cabella, 11. Yoan Gouffran: 9. Ayoze Perez:


Jack Alnwick, Massadio Haidara, Davide Santon, Gael Bigirimana, Haris Vuckic, Emmanuel Riviere, Adam Armstrong

Referee: Roger East

League History at Chelsea

1938-84: Lost 0-4. Bit of a massacre, but Chelsea would win the league whilst we settled for promotion in 3rd place. Attendance, 30,638

1984-85: Lost 0-1. Our terrible away from continued with us without an away win since the 1st game of the season…… This game was played in the middle of February!!! Attendance, 21,806

1985-86: Drew 1-1. With our season cruising to a mid-table conclusion, Jonny Anderson was on target for us. Attendance 18,970.

1986-87: Won 3-1. Andy Thomas kick started an outrageous goal scoring streak as he (2) and Peter Beardsley saw us to a win at the Bridge. Attendance, 14,544 (“Where were you when you were shit?”)

1987-88: Drew 2-2. Sarge and Blakelaw’s finest, Kenny Wharton earning a point. But there’s much more to it than that. Attendance, 22,071

1993/94: Lost 0-1. Mark Stein with the winner, Attendance, 23,133.

1994/95: Drew 1-1 Hottiger for us, United hero, Gavin Peacock for the home side. Attendance, 22,987

1995/96: Lost 0-1. Dan Petrescu not obeying the “No blammies” rule. The bastard! Attendance, 31,098

1996/97: Drew 1-1. Shearer returned from inury with a ‘comeback goal.’ Vialli scored for them, Batty went for an early bath. 28,401.

1997/98: Lost 0-1. Introducing the fucking big, ugly, jinx, that is Gus Poyet. Attendance, 31,563

1998/99: Drew 1-1. Andreas Andersson and his super cool, hair band cancelled out Babayaro’s goal. Attendance, 34,759

1999/00: Lost 0-1. Lebeouf penalty, but Bobby Robson had arrived to steady the ship. Attendance, 35,092

2000/01: Lost 1-3 Bassedas had put us in the lead, but it didn’t last long. Zola, Gronkjaer and the Paully look-a-like, jinx again for the home side!! Attendance, 35,108

2001/02: Drew 1-1 An early Zenden goal looked like winning it for Chelsea but Acuna struck by pouncing on a rebound. Attendance, 40,124

2002/03: Lost 0-3 Nothing to see here. Attendance, 39,746

2003/04: Lost 0-5 As above. Attendance, 41,332

2004/05: Lost 0-4 As above. Attendance, 42,328

2005/06: Lost 0-3 As above.  Attendance, 42,268

2006/07: Lost 0-1 Getting better, late Drogba winner. Attendance, 41,945.

2007/08: Lost 1-2 A goal. A Nicky Butt goal too, but another defeat. Attendance, 41,751

2008/09: Drew 0-0. Quite how you get relegated but manage a draw at Chelsea………Beyond me. Attendance, 41,660

2010/11: Drew 2-2 Late drama on the last away game of the season. Jonas Gutierrez had cancelled out Ibamovic’s early strike, but Alex had looked like stealing a win for the hosts, but deep into stoppage time Steven Taylor notched from a corner. Attendance,

2011/12: Won 2-0 Miracles do happen. Cisse with 2 crackers. Attendance, 41,559

2012/13: Lost 0-2 Normal service resumed. Attendance, 41,718

2013/14: Lost 0-3 Another expensive, waste of time. Hazard hat trick. Attendance, 41,387

Chelsea Fanzines

CFCUK – here

Gate 17 – here

CFCNet – here


A whopping, a severe one. 5 or 6 nowt

Danger Men


CHRIS BETTS – Follow Chris at @tfbettsy1892

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42 Responses to MATCH PREVIEW: Chelsea v Newcastle United, Stamford Bridge, 10/Jan/15, KO: 30m, Premier League.

  1. Alan says:

    Your faith in Carver having bucked the trend at Newcastle and not lie through his teeth is actually touching.
    Well, I think that’s the word I was looking for.

    • Chris Betts says:

      Feel free to disagree chief, that’s just my opinion. I feel the problem is that lots of players & coaches are shite as opposed to deliberately losing (not trying)

  2. David Chapman says:

    I highly doubt if we will have a new manager before the transfer window shuts, therefore saving Ashley more money on strengthening the squad without any questions being asked.
    As for John Carver being trustworthy?! Get to fuck, throwing the cup game was enough to prove he’ just another Ashley yes man.

    • Chris Betts says:

      “Get to fuck”….. That’s just my opinion, I don’t mind if people disagree. If I were Ashley or to some extent Charnley, I woukdbt spend money on players the next fella didn’t want

  3. Paul Clayton says:

    Yeah I totally believe Carver too.We just happen to have half a team injured for one week only when a cup game comes around eh?
    Dear me the deluded tag might be true after all

  4. Paul smith says:

    I’m truly shocked you believe those players were injured. I don’t even think mike Ashley and john carver expect you to believe it. I’m also stunned you think Anita will play after his zero out of 10 performance. Surely the worst 7.2 million we have ever spent.

    • Chris Betts says:

      Feel free to disagree, that’s what this is all about. I only think Anita will play because we like 3 midfielders and Tiote is away. Stick your team up mate, we’ll have a bit craic about it

  5. Peter Shearer says:

    Michael, I usually agree with most of what you say,but you only have to accept the club’s statement that “the cups are not a priority” to see through the latest surrender.There is no doubt in my mind that Carver would be a continuation of the rot-if Ashley appoints him that would be sufficient proof of what we can expect.

    I guess Ashley continues to fool enough of the people enough of the time!

    • Marc Corby says:

      Peter, Chris Betts wrote this, not Michael.

    • Chris Betts says:

      Peter, i wrote it not Michael. Personally the conspiracy theories are beginning to bore me. Conveniently ignoring getting through rounds of the league cup though huh?

  6. mammyslittlesoldier says:

    Dead right about the whopping

    We’ll be leaving there sobbing with our trousers ’round our ankles. Metaphorically, like.

  7. Marc Corby says:

    Some hammerings but some decent memories in there particularly being reminded of Andy Thomas and his ‘6 in 3 games’ run. If i remember rightly that may have been a bottom 3 clash then too?

    The 08-09 point was simply down to Shay Given. His performance that day was tremendous.

    The others have mentioned Carver / injuries (for the record I see through it too) but I will say i support your mention of the squad. Its weak. End of. But making up the numbers to stay in the Prem is what we are simply about now.

    • Chris Betts says:

      It’s us and about 12 others ‘making up the numbers’ to be fair, but yip, no way should NUFC fall apart just cos 5 or 6 players can’t/don’t play.

  8. Ant says:

    I agree and disagree with Michael.
    I do think we’re throwing games (see Remy’s comments last year).
    Michael is dead right about the complete lack of quality beyond 6-7 players who seem to be propping us up every single year. This is a squad of professional players who all get paid more per week than some of us get paid per year. Age, “seniority”, whatever cannot be an excuse. I don’t know whether it’s bad coaching and bad tactics or mere incompetence. Personally, I’d vote for “terrible tactics”. For example, no two midfielders are the same and I suspect Pardew and Carver are not incisive enough to make the necessary adjustments to deal with this. It could be that players like Anita are being made to look like complete fools by being shoe-horned into unsuitable systems. The fact that Pardew tried to turn Cisse into a winger a couple of years ago tells you an awful lot.

    • Tom says:

      I don’t think Anita needs any help in looking a complete fool….completely unsuited to the premier league. To me he’s either a reserve right wing back…or should be sold this January!

  9. TomPitt says:

    I think that might be the most naive paragraph I’ve ever seen written about MANUFC and that is some effort!
    Chris, answer me one question: would the likes of Sissoko,Coloccini etc have played last week at Leicester if it had been a PL game?
    I’d say that its a certainty that they would have.
    As for the suggestion that we wont sign anyone because the new ” manager” might not want them is a laughable comment.
    We wont sign anyone because MA thinks we are just about safe and no manager,old or new has any say on signings or departures that is utterly immaterial!
    Oh and we will get a right pasting tomorrow IMHO.

    • Chris Betts says:

      Iv no idea, you’re asking the wrong person.

      You’d be happy to spend money on players the next fella might mot want, I take it?

      • Tom Pitt says:

        The point is that we’ve bought plenty of players whether Pardew wanted them or not for the last 4 years. Why will that change now we dont have a manager?
        It is a good excuse for a lack of signings though.
        I’m just surprised that you have fallen for it.

        • Chris Betts says:

          Fallen for which bit mate? The injuries or the signings?

          The injuries: we complain about players playing when unfit, then we complain about it playing them when they’re unfit, I’m confused. They see the players every day to determine fitness, we see them once a week for 90 minutes so I trust their judgements

          Signings: I can just see it now, we sign someone now then the next manager/coach starts using words like “these aren’t my players”

  10. Rob says:

    Cabella has created more chances than anyone else in our team, apart from Colback, this season. This in only fleeting chances from the bench. Players do not find form in 10 minute here or there. He needs a steady run of games, and most importantly, he needs patience from the fans, many of whom depressingly seem to want him to fail.

    • Tom says:

      I agree that Cabella should be given a chance to get used to this league. Certainly in place of Gouffran. Cabella flatters to deceive at the minute but at least lets give him some playing time to see if he’s gonna make it, whereas I think we all know Gouffran isn’t!!

    • Chris Betts says:

      I don’t know anyone who “wants Cabella to fail” mind. He just looks a bit weak really

  11. Ivan says:

    chris I don’t see why we would’ve put off buying any new players just because we don’t have a manager at the minute.

    I know usually the incoming guy might not like them but we have already been told that he will have no say anyway and has to work with what Carr and Charnley give him.

    I also believe Carver is telling the truth as told to him by the club doctor, maybe the doctor is the one being influenced from above?

  12. Paul Clayton says:

    Gouffran is a passenger and has been for two years.
    Which other Prem club would give these chancers a squad number let alone a regular start.
    Just shows the mediocrity we have sunk to that we accept these players in the team and argue their case.

  13. Rich H says:

    Not really into these conspiracy theories? Coloccini hasn’t started an FA Cup game in three years. Is that just coincidence is it? I don’t fucking think so. Gouffran walks into the team week after week yet when we’re chasing the game he decides to bring on Callum Roberts. If Carver claims he was trying to win that game then he’s full of shit.

    • Chris Betts says:

      Don’t mind who disagrees, feel free to, that’s what this is all about, exchanging opinions.

  14. Mick says:

    I don’t believe any team deliberately sets out to lose but put enough shit players on the pitch at the same time what are you going to get? As with most posters I find it incredible that you believe Carver played his strongest team, he is obviously keener to impress Ashley than us the fans as he knows that is his only chance to get the job.

  15. tom says:

    I think the players who were left out were carrying niggles giving carver an excuse to rest them. As previous posters have said it happens every year in the cups and they would have played were it a league game. I think throwing the game is a bit strong but I’m convinced our managers have been told not to risk any injuries to key players hence weakened team selections and half hearted performances.

  16. tom says:

    I think the players who were left out were carrying niggles giving carver an excuse to rest them. As previous posters have said it happens every year in the cups and they would have played were it a league game. I think throwing the game is a bit strong but I’m convinced our managers have been told not to risk any injuries to key players hence weakened team selections and half hearted performances. .

  17. Ian Summers says:

    We have lost sight of the fact that Leicester made as many changes to their team as us, 7. Their squad is stronger than ours which speaks volumes. That Premier League teams rest players for the FA cup is an inevitability of the TV money paid out for just staying in the Premier League. It could be argued anyone throughout the years that has helped finance Rupert Murdoch’s empire cannot really argue with the diminished importance of the FA Cup.

  18. Steven Mitchell says:

    Chris I genuinely enjoy and agree with a lot of your writing. But we didn’t throw that Leicester game at least a bit? Howay Chris man! 4-5 players injured/unfit that were ok today!!! Come on man be serious… Callum Roberts, Harris vuckic… They ain’t been near the first team let alone starting a cup game. I can’t believe you genuinely think that was our best first team available. Pint of what you’re on please sir!

    • Chris Betts says:

      Thanks Steven.

      It’s just my opinion, it’s absokuteky fine for people to disagree, but my opinion is that some players were injured a week ago, have had some treatment and are now fit again. I don’t find that too far fetched as its normal practice, but if people think something else went on, ok, fine

  19. Steven Mitchell says:

    Genuinely Chris I just hope carver is not the answer… Even short term. I think the game today showed that we do have ability in there and even the likes of cabella looked ok. A half decent coach with a bit of pedigree will see us ok

    • Chris Betts says:

      Would you ‘put up’ with Carver to get better in May?

      • Steven Mitchell says:

        I would say no on the basis I’m not certain he has what it takes to keep us out the dog fight for relegation. We are still potentially able to be dragged into it. I think he will be given it till the end of the season though.