Manchester City 4 Newcastle United 0

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taylor_knobOnce again an utter embarrassment on the west side of the Pennines as we completely caved in the Etihad.

The team that lined-up was primarily the same one that played most of the games from January on minus Yohan Cabaye, who didn’t complete the journey down despite the completely derisory offer from Arsenal. Why couldn’t he still play? Surely to God we could have just told him they haven’t bid enough and he needs to get out there and justify his huge wages. There have been a litany of cry-arsed pricks that play for our club and if his ‘head was turned’ then bin him off now. I suggest the truth is somewhere west of that; he’s probably been told he will be leaving as soon as Arsenal bid a few more million quid. One thing for certain is it won’t drag on like our pathetic attempts at smokescreen transfer dealings. Arsenal won’t piss about ‘getting it over the line’.

Speaking of ‘getting it over the line’; I was genuinely worried going into this game that we would get over the halfway line for large spells and that proved to be very true as the first half was a non-stop barrage on our goal with Manchester City popping the ball about with very little in the way of resistance. The game was already over after 7 minutes when a cross into our box was stopped by moron extraordinaire Steven Taylor, who did his party piece of leaning into the ball with his arm. The ref waved played on and the ball popped up for David Silva (man of the match by a mile) to head in comfortably with Krul scrambling. It could have been two very quickly when the frankly awful Debuchy pulled down Toure. Thankfully, he made the most of it and that possibly swayed the referee into thinking there wasn’t much in it, there was! The relief was short lived as it was soon 2-0. The ball was easily played through midfield and Dzeko’s neat flick released Aguero who was heading away from goal. Taylor failed to shepherd him away and he shot through the defender’s legs and into the far corner. Great finish but another avoidable goal. We managed to get into half-time 2-0 down but the atmosphere in the away end and in the concourse was vitriolic.

The second half began much the same way and another senseless free-kick given away by Debuchy gave YaYa Toure the chance to clip a decent free-kick into the net. From our point of view the wall was weak, Cisse ducked out of it and the ball actually seemed to go in the middle of the goal. I am saying this from my view at the other end of the ground, but it didn’t look overly clever. The rest of the second half followed the same pattern with the home side actually taking their foot off the pedal for long periods but were able to cut through at will every time they fancied it. Dzeko forced one great save from Krul and the home side were denied a goal when an offside flag cut short the celebrations.  The fourth goal did eventually come though when a through ball caught Debuchy out (again) and Nasri nipped in to slot past Krul.

I have left out the sending off to deal with it separately. If Steven Taylor would rather be a fan or a fucking cheerleader then fine. Let’s save his wages for someone who wants to be a professional footballer. The lad is a liability at the moment. He is always likely to give away a penalty or do something fucking stupid. Concentrate on being a professional and not wanting to laugh and joke on with the away end. We all think you’re a prat and we’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you. Sort your head out!

As for those twats running our club. The evidence is there: either spend or see us go down. Pardew needs to shut his shite too. What’s the point in embarrassing yourself every week? You have no control, no spending power and no tactical acumen. When we went down to 10 last night I didn’t see any evidence of a clever reshuffle or any impetus after half-time. Frankly, it was pathetic. Cockneys or not, we need these cancers removed from this club.

 Newcastle United: Tim Krul, Mathieu Debuchy, Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Chieck Tiote, Moussa Sissoko, Jonas Gutierrez (Vurnon Anita 44), Hatem Ben Arfa (Sammy Ameobi 65)), Papiss Cisse, Yoan Gouffran (Paul Dummett 45+4).

Unused Subs: Rob Elliot, Sylvain Marveaux, Shola Ameobi, Gabriel Obertan.

David X. Smith

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29 Responses to Manchester City 4 Newcastle United 0

  1. myclub,yourclub,worclub! says:

    OH FUCK !!!!!!
    No Kebab !!!!
    and Par-dupe on the telly spouting Shite !!!
    lets hope the starting 11 are going to start the shift at the kick off and not be like rabbits in the headlights
    the fat tranny starts wonder how many Mars bars he will eat before the game !!!
    I hope against all hope this night has a happy ending
    that is all from Dublin
    yours in total disillusionment

    • Ande says:

      Leave it Roly…. He’s not worth it….

      • myclub,yourclub,worclub! says:

        I knew your detective skills would find me out Lad !!
        hows you ? check ya free phone technology !!!!! (soon)
        And I know it’s not big or clever, but it is true
        the tranny looked like a 50 year old asthmatic biffa 20 mins into the game and still can’t play a team game it’s me! me! me!
        as ever yours in blind faith !!!

  2. Mikey says:

    Were fucked…..this comment is made at 25mins into the game

  3. Horsebuckfast says:

    Think we were lucky to only lose by four. If it was ten nowt it wouldn’t persuade CASHLEY that his ideas aren’t working……the only thing that will is 20’000 turning up to home games. The likes of Colo : Timi ; Hatem and Siss will only be on their phones directly to their agents #imatoonplayergetmethefuckoutofhere

  4. myclub,yourclub,worclub! says:

    Too much cheese for supper I feel !!!
    nightmares are abound !!

  5. The gadgie says:

    Not an unexpected scoreline but it flattered us. Debuchy should be fecked off back to France as he’s useless along with Taylor who’s just an idiot. This ‘team’ was just going through the motions. No motivation at all. Pards will blame it on Cabaye but that’s bollocks, shtuff happens, geronwithityaplank. I doubt Pards will be around for the Hammers. I hope not as they’ll stuff this bunch of posers royally.

  6. Ali says:

    The performance and scoreline don’t surprise me. Pre season has been a joke. What’s the point of playing Shola every game and then keep him on the bench. Surely he’s a better option than Gouffran? Mike Ashley will squeeze OUR club dry, use it to advertise his shabby shops and then sell to some mega rich Indian conglomerate. Sadly, Pardew is out of his depth (just look at his white thatch). He’s got 3 games to save his job or otherwise JFK will assist in killing the patient. I can’t stomach this any more.

  7. Jimbo says:

    I’m exited at the thought of having Kinnear in the dugout for the Hammers game. I’ve never seen a 50,000+ lynch mob up close. It could be quite interesting.

  8. Graham Wood says:

    The most depressing part of the evening were Pardew’s post-match comments: “The performance up until the sending off was pretty sound. The two goals City scored, they have a lot of talent, but we threatened their goal and we looked like we could get something.” PRETTY SOUND, PRETTY F#$%^&* SOUND. What world is this man living in? We could have been 3-0 down after 6 minutes…Unbelievable….simply unbelievable…

  9. Jamie Whelan says:

    Tactically inept, just a complete and utter shambles from Pardew. The man literally has no clue. People say he’s good with the media?! Is he fuck! Why he couldn’t just come out and say we were shite, Debuchy was shite, Cisse was shite, Taylor was a fucking nob… We deserved to get battered because we have a lazy, unorganised and highly unmotivated group of players and as their manager I completely accepted responsibility for that. Oh and we were lucky to come away with it just being the 4!

    I’d have so much more respect for the smarmy twat if he said something close to that. Oh and as for the Ben Arfa substitution for Ameobi… I’m saying fuck all but utterly clueless!

    Cabaye can get fucked as well… Get rid! He’s a cunt and I never thought I’d say that about the bloke. Get shot and get in a replacement… Oh wait… WTF am I saying.

    Fucking livid… FCB JFK and Pardew you can all get fucked!

    Terrified at the thought of what the season has in store for us.

  10. Tom Bates says:

    Does Pardew expect us to believe that the performance was down to Cabaye not being in the right frame of mind? Wont have helped but just play him. Taylor might learn if he didnt keep getting away with all these handballs in the area but he does get away with it so he will keep doing it. I can see Pardews excuse already if we dont beat West Ham, they had an extra two days rest than us and that was the difference between the two sides.
    We might be fielding a team on Saturday without a single British player unless Dummett plays so what is the point we may as well support Marseille with the make up of our team. If Cabaye goes cue a Debuchy transfer equest as his mate who persuaded him to join has bailed out.

  11. Mick Dixon says:

    I feel gutted and ashamed to be associated with this mess.
    Pard talking crp as usual it was everybody elses fault those baskets Arsenal fked up my master plan.
    Now wots next?
    I say it again and again its the same old team same old tactics same old results.
    Im so pssed off Im thinking if W Ham beat us ~I want to see wot the reaction is!
    Lets see and hear 50k turn against all this shower (not the team but the management and owner.)
    Last season was enough things have to change NOW


  12. Keith says:

    Bit of overreacting from the site. The result was predicted, the exact score called by yourselves! Cabaye was always going to be sold, again TF predicted it (Mike mentioned on Twitter), yet we should all be outside with placards and the ‘legends’ need to voice their opposition? Huh? We’re no different than we were on sunday, season starts against West Ham, we were always gonna get a hiding here etc. I do fear for that game though it’s one of those twist the knife opportunities that we always seem to fall victim to. I can hear the boo’s already and the gleeful press hacking away on their laptops.

    • Ant says:

      I disagree – this is not knee-jerk reaction. We’ve been playing like this for ages. The real issue here is not that we lost to a top team which has spent £95m (so far) this summer. This was expected. Similarly, everyone knows that Stoke had little chance against Liverpool; but Stoke players still went home with their heads held high.

      What was unexpected with us last night, was the complete lack of basic footballing skills (did you like that defensive wall for the third goal?); complete lack of interest (players are not doing it for the coach); lack of fitness; lack of tactical nous to compensate for our defects. Honestly, it wouldn’t have mattered if we had won with a flukey goal (similar to our “triumph” over Fulham last year): we’d still be terrible.

  13. William McGahey says:

    We were never going to get anything from last night. The next two home games are vital, fail to win either or lose both and any goodwill left for Pardew will be destroyed. Nothing good will come of this, a second relegation in five years wouldn’t see the revival of last time. We are fucked and getting ever worse.

  14. Kev Smith says:

    Did anyone expect anything else? The club is being run like a retail outlet. It will be interesting to see if the owner turns up on Saturday to witness the shambles he has created. It really doesn’t matter what Pardew or Kinnear does or says, because there’s only one person who matters and that’s the owner and he doesn’t give a shit. A pox on him.

  15. corginacker says:

    Its going to be a long old fucking season, tayls is a fucking idiot.

  16. Wish all the above comments were untrue and I could defend the club but I find it impossible . The club is utter shite from top to bottom . I run the toon army supporters club in Malaga Spain and we had a real good turnout last night loads of genuine fans proud in our toon shirts and flags flying , all in good spirits, it lasted about two mins . We were genuinly hurt. We were absolute shite . Ok City a real good side but we were boys amomg men . As for Pardew , what a nob head , his comments last night and this morning were unbelievable , he should hang his head in shame . If we get turned over by West Ham and Fat Sam we should burn the effing place down with the regime in it Absolutly gutted.

  17. Tom Bates says:

    In response to Keith, the result was predictable but the level of ineptness was inexcusable, could have been 6 or 7. Man City wont lose many but nor will they have an easier game than that all season even if they manage bigger scorelines.
    Twice in a short space of time we’ve been whopped at Man City and couldnt care less.
    If they’d had a good go but lost there would have been a fair amount of goodwill towards them on Saturday.
    Agree though the last thing we want is the atmosphere getting poisonous at this stage, it wont force Ashley out and will just provide coverage for SS News to lap up.

  18. Mikey says:

    Er…the football premiership started Saturday the 17th August…all this shit that our seasons starts Saturday against West Ham is utter bollocks…every game we should be going out with a view to win…to be better than the opposition …otherwise why fucking bother…

    • Ant says:

      Exactly! Who do we think we are to be able to “write-off” games?! Our season started on Monday and we flunked the first test. And I would expect the manager to come out and give it straight without fluff and excuses.

      Unfortunately, Pardew is the kind of manager who thinks that a European Cup is a “distraction” (from what? football? from winning the Premiership? the FA Cup?). Having someone like that in charge is only going to get us to become more creative in coming up with excuses – not in playing better football.

  19. Tom Bates says:

    How about the fanzines not publishing any of Pardews comments, all they do is wind me up! Can he hear himself, talk about denial.
    Is it a London thing to spout rubbish as long as it has the desired effect, Harry Redknapps another one but he wasnt as bad as Pards.
    Robert Lee was me fav player and a Londoner so I know its not true…….

  20. G Thomas says:

    Somebody above mentioned the lack of English/British players in the team. As an outsider I’m wondering what the average Newcastle fan thinks about this? Does it matter? Can you still have affinity with your team if it’s a mish mash of players from all over the world? If Southampton can have several local lads in their first team why not Newcastle?
    My personal opinion is that I’d rather have British players and especially local lads in my team than second rate foreigners? Fair point?
    But then I just read elsewhere that Milner cost more than Silve and Ya Ya Toure…

  21. Tom Bates says:

    Reports we are concluding deals as we speak for 2 players seems like we knew money for Cabaye was coming in before last night. More French players?

  22. jaktar says:

    I watched the 1st half via the internet – I live in Germany – but didn’t bother watching the next 45 as I saw a hiding coming. Having said that, I read earlier today that the manager was at another game as he claims his side were holding their own and might have got something had they not had a man sent off. I am now into my 70th year, 60 of which I have supported Newcastle and up until I joined the Royal Navy in 1959, was a regular at both home and reserve games. I have seen managers come and go, some good, some bad and some very, very bad resp. useless; the present lot come into the latter category.

  23. Alan Rutherford says:

    I agree with everything said about Pardew / Ashley etc, but what about our coaching staff. If Pardew is doing all the coaching on his own, fair enough blame him. But what about the promising youngsters we had a couple of seasons ago ? Who’s been working with them ?
    Either, the coaches can’t help the young’uns develop, or the kids don’t take any notice. Either way, from the first team down it all looks like a badly run set up.

  24. David Claydon says:

    1 loss down. Another 20 to go.

  25. David Chapman says:

    I’ve waited a while to post as I didn’t want to sound like an unhinged lunatic after what happened on Monday, I’m no longer a season ticket holder as I don’t want to buy Joe a new dress or Partridge more mind altering drugs or whatever it is he uses to stay on another planet to the rest of us, however as I watched it in my local, something dawned on me, were totally and completely fucked.
    I knew we were going to get a good hiding, I think everyone did and that wasn’t the problem, it was our complete lack of effort or desire that got me, they didn’t give a shit it was obvious from the second minute, we were beaten before our lads left the dressing room, that must show two things, we have a group of players with a low level of professionalism and a manager with a lack of motivational skills both things are terminal and will see us effortlessly slide into the Championship.

    I’m glad to see everyone has seen through Partridge’s bollocks about Cabaye, we all know the bid was made over the weekend, not on the eve of the game, in fact I am glad to see my fellow Mags are no longer listening to any of the shite coming out of SJP, we all know what’s going on, and I believe that alone could lead to this being Ashley’s last season.

    I hate to mention other teams but Crystal Palace showed the kind of determination and effort we are going to need to stay up, if we give half the effort they did we’ll be fine.