Loic line

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A line has been crossed. Loicline

Loic Remy will be on loan at Newcastle United for the 2013/14 season.

This has been one of the most tortuous transfers of all time and let’s remember he’s still not really our player.

He also has a Rape allegation hanging over him with no confirmation either way whether he will face charges or not. There is cause for serious misgivings about this lad for that reason alone.

I think we are all suitably grown up and cynical to realise that all footballers are complete mercenaries so we aren’t about to get sanctimonious about him doing the dirty for stupid money from Tony Fernandes in January. There are few footballers who would have done anything differently.

For what its worth, he’s a good player. He will improve the squad.

While the powers that be at St James’ Park might be slapping each other on the back, the fact remains a lot more business needs to be done before confidence will grow ahead of the season.

Now get back to work. The Gomis deal needs to be sorted and pronto.

See enclosed, some lines outside the East Stand. Yesterday. 


That Is All. tflogo_small

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5 Responses to Loic line

  1. Matt Flynn says:

    A loan deal for a player who snubbed us a few months back, hardly set the PL alight and is currently subject to a rape accusation. He might be a decent footballer but its a deal that says a lot about the falling standards at NUFC. Do we have any self respect any more?

  2. Mick Dixon says:

    Ha Ha!
    How much money have we got?
    60 from Sky and 35 Carroll, I reccon over 100m!
    and we are getting a loan player that may be heading to jail?
    One season and the lad is in trouble with the law……..Nile Ranger?
    Spent what is it about 9 mill over 5 years since Ash been in charge that tells the story.
    No ambition apart from staying on the Prem gravy train.
    And flogging Wonga shirts to the masses.
    Once upon a time not too long ago we were known as the Entertainers check out who was playing then…..woooo that gets ya pulse racing
    I wonder if I will ever see those times back?

  3. John Regan says:

    1. Remy is on bail for alleged rape – he has not been charged
    2. Because he is on bail it makes sense to take him on loan
    3. He is a class player who will score goals.
    4. He will improve the team.
    5. This is a positive move.

  4. steve McGill says:

    he’s currently injured by the way

    • Mick Dixon says:

      Aye and the Journal reccons he wont play against Man City but hey ho the master of verbal sht says were looking great and we have the 2 Ameobis to scare the City to death.
      Oh I just read that the defence looked dire against the Rangers reserves well well never??
      Im just guessing after a few thumpings home and away what the next set of excuses will be?
      Wake up and smell the coffee