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We’ve played out some classics with Liverpool over the years, the 4-3 games and various other games that are all well documented. We’ve also shared numerous individuals like Keegan, Daglish, Beardsley, Rush, Barnes, Kennedy, McDermott, Enrique, Carroll etc. etc.

Here’ a few classic clips, I especially like this first one from 1901, the old stand on Barrack Road and Scottish international McColl playing for us and who later went onto open newsagents shops around the city and Tyneside, I bought me bullets from the one on Northumberland St. loads of times…..

I just love the start of this, the Big Match from 84-85, just look at the Gallowgate in the rain man!

Then we have the Big Match from 71-72 and Super Mac’s debut with Keegan playing against us, I love this footage, the ground the strips the lot classic! …only problem is I can’t find the goals???

….and lastly I see the Ed managed to get a great interview with the lead singer, Pete Hooton,  from Liverpool band The Farm, here’s their famous track “All Together Now” played in front of the Kop in ’94, great hairstyles and clobber lads 😉

Andre Marty

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