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Bloody hell, I’ve just realised that as Man City travel to Wembley for the League Cup Final v. Liverpool, its an amazing 40 years since Newcastle United made its one and only appearance in the final of that competition. The Micky Mouse Cup as it was described by Mags who had seen United win the FA Cup three times in the 1950s and the Fairs Cup a few years earlier in 1969.

I remember going with old man on a bus arranged from his work. Its a mystery how he got the tickets but I still recall the tab-smoke, the crates of beer, the singing, swearing and the camaraderie as our bus made its way down the A1 to a city my Dad loathed.

I remember very little of the game itself and probably saw hardly any of it. I do remember our fans though and the volume

Manchester City's winning goalscorer Dennis Tueart, wearing a Newcastle United shirt, celebrates victory in the changing rooms after the match

of the support from start to finish with Gordon Lee’s Black & White Army shaking the old stadium to its foundations. As Man City went to collect the cup, the only chant that could be heard on TV was “UNITED, UNITED” (none of this new fangled Toon nonsense inserted which makes us look like ‘kin Leeds).

Naturally, of course we lost. Man City’s winning goal scored by Dennis Tueart, a son of the city (Walker born and bred) who had previously won an FAC winners medal in 1973 as a Sunderland player. How Newcastle United a thing is that? 

An image of Tueart’s winning goal is featured on art-work outside of The Etihad. The League Cup was a big deal.

Anyway, for those of you who can be arsed, why not share your memories of the ’76 League Cup Final in the comments boxes below. If any of you can confirm my dodgy memory of United’s skins having a massive pagga with Chelsea’s in Trafalgar Square I’d be most grateful.

That is all.

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7 Responses to LEAGUE CUP FINAL 1976 – MEMORIES

  1. Doug Boyle says:

    My family had just left the North East and moved to Merseyside cus of my dads job. I was a devastated kid, moving to a school mainly full of Liverpool and Man U fans but a fair few Everton and City ! I was like an alien from out of space with my Geordie accent and NUFC school bag but I soon became accepted once they realised I wasn’t for changing ! Anyway, luckily my dad worked with Owen Nulty (father of Geoff) and he got us tickets for the 76 League Cup Final ! It’s all a bit of a blur these days, went down on a City coach and drove down a motorway (M6) full of City coaches, just me and my dad flying the NUFC flag then we hit Watford Gap and the world turned Black & White !! Remember watching in awe as ticketless Mags hung onto flags and banners draped out of the Wembley Windows and climbed there way into the ground. Remember singing my heart out but not being able to hear my own voice. Remember Peter Barnes opening the scoring but I wasn’t bothered, was still just staring open mouthed at the giant Black and White wall of noise to my right. Then, I think it was Mickey Burns (?) who drilled over a low cross right in front of me (I was in Row 10) and Alan Gowling sliding in on one knee to plant the ball in the corner of the net – still to this day the loudest human roar I’ve ever heard shook the ground to its roots. I’ll never forget that noise, still silver less 40 years on and now having the pleasure of travelling the land with my 2 Black &White crazy Merseyside born sons ….. Funny Old Game !!!

  2. Andy bee says:

    Brilliant post Doug. Just too young to go with my dad , grandad and uncles so had to stay at home. After 74 when scousers were trying to thieve tickets off mags my pa rolled his ticket up and put it in his sock……and drank and walked through London all day in semi pain but knowing he was about to watch the lads at Wembley. Loved the mighty roar story it is evident on highlights …..also how good was modern day rob lees bullet header and the bedlam and noise that followed in the semi final against Chelsea? The only meaningful modern day goal we’ve bagged at the old ground and how we celebrated! Personally loved the charity shield against man yoo…..whoever the skinny mag is who banjo’ed the big manc bully on Wembley way…….well done my son. Surely the best pound for pound boxer I’ve ever seen 😄 One punch night night

  3. Sean Brock says:

    I stood next to Dennis Tueart at Wembley at the 74 final against Liverpool, and I was also at the 76 final when he scored to beat us, my recollection was we put in a good display, so most of the Fans felt a little better than we had 2 years earlier
    I moved to Canada in 79 , and watch Neecastke every weekend ( painful)

  4. Stephen says:

    I remember skipping down passed the office entrance to Newcastle Breweries (Shark bar to the kiddies out there) on Gallowgate with my uncle after having stood on the Leazes End for the brilliant semi final 3-1 win over Spurs on a dark cold January night and him saying “we’ll have to get tickets for Wembley now” and as a little 10 year old, me looking up at him in sheer excitement.

    In the build up i remember being told to “wait there” outside The Raby on Shields Road on a subsequent home game Saturday and a while later my uncle emerging from the upstairs of the bar with the words “that’s one !” Ditto the same scenario at The Bridge Hotel and that was two !

    5 am walking along Walker Road on the way to the Central in my black and white shirt , hat, Bergundy ? replica tracksuit top, 20 scarves round my wrists and through the belt loops on my flares (thank christ it didn’t rain!) for a ‘Football Special’ at around 6 am and the station absolutely buzzing with snaking queue’s of men all over. Big blokes with carrier bags full of cans, crates and decked in black and white. The train setting off in the pitch black and the singing in the carriage, me just sitting listening to everything that was being said/song. The next i remember is arriving at Wembley Central and walking along the High Street and having some dinner in a cafe. Wembley was just brilliant, the concourse then emerging into the standing area behind the goal, section H62 or 63 (how many times i looked at that ticket in the build up, sadly i didn’t retain it (that didn’t start till i was going to the Barnsley’s and Rotherham’s of the world a few years later) . It was a constant struggle to see the action, my flag stick got snapped when we scored and i remember our end singing “City City” after they’d went up the steps and collected the cup and i cried, aged 10. That set the tone and i haven’t stopped since.

    We spent the evening at a relatives house in Bromley by Bow before heading back to Kings Cross for a Midnight train home and arriving back in Newcastle some 24 hours after leaving.

    Treasured memories i would not swap for the world.

  5. Stephen says:

    And “Wembley Stadium, Wembley Stadium we’ll be back again in May” was defiantly song at the end of the game. Sadly we weren’t, Derby knocked us out the FA Cup in the QF.
    The Cup’s still matter, shame on those who devalue them nowadays.

    A couple of years after the 76 cup final my uncle started taking me along to the Lightfoot Stadium for a kick about with the big lads, Kevin Tueart (Dennis’s brother) used to play, i hated him too.

  6. big mikey says:

    Just watched the highlights on youtube. Brought a chill to my spine reliving the memories of lying on the terracing when Gowling scored with half a dozen people on top thinking well at least I had seen us score a goal at Wembley and it woudnt be such a bad way to die!!!! And then that shit from Walker came along to spoil it all.
    Not to worry. We have Schteve to see us through the real shite!!

    Can’t wait till Wednesday.