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Dear me, you have to wonder what is going on when someone as woefully ill-qualified andHarfordKinnear lacking in top level coaching experience as Mick Harford can knock back a job offer from Newcastle United!

That the job offer was made to Mick Harford by Joe Kinnear, a long-established friend, makes you wonder what is going on at our football club.

Kinnear has now been Director of Football since 16/Jun/13, the only employment he has had in the game for nine years bar less than an ill-starred 5-months in 2008/09.

In that time he has sold a useful utility-man James Perch to Wigan, squeezed a holiday into the transfer window, put the kybosh on a deal to bring central defender Douglas from FC Twente to SJP (he has subsequently signed for little-known Italian club, Inter Milan) thus forcing the resignation of Managing Director Derek Llambias, spooked Alan Pardew into a complete radio silence for several weeks, caused Chief Scout, Graeme Carr to consider his position, given several interviews to the media which have caused some of us to wonder at his sanity and of course signed no footballers despite a crying need for them.

Now his latest wheeze is to somehow allow discussions to recruit his old mucker, Mick Harford into some kind of assistant Director of Football to leak into the media and then have  the indignity of being publicly declined.

Can this man get anything right?

That question is rhetorical.  TF_INITIALS_LOGO

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6 Responses to Knock Back

  1. So a job as second man at Millwall is preferrable to a job at NUFC . Sort of sums it up . How are we going to get top players to come to the Toon with our Mickey Mouse style of management ? . Frankly I’m baffled . I should be full of bounce with the season proper fast approaching. Getting more difficult to muster any enthusiam .

  2. WhoArYa says:

    The he’s a Joe Kinnear & we are not for Kinnear songs are going to take the mickey out of us until he is gone.

    It beggars belief that he is the Director of F****all but the title sums it up

  3. Ewan Stephenson says:

    Over the last 5 weeks there has been Ashley out Facebook and twitter pages created, conspiracy theories thrown around regrading JFK, Pardew, Carr, Ashley etal… Without wanting to sound like the voice of doom, in the back of my mind I almost knew this scenario was coming.

    Ashley owns NUFC for one reason, and if you haven’t worked out which one then you’ve had your head up your arse for the past 5 years. Ashley wants to make a profit out of one of his businesses!! He is a businessman with absolutely no affiliation, empathy or desire to become emotionally involved with NUFC. If you buy a business off the likes of Shepherd and Hall you can expect a high level of miss-management and hidden debt but Ashley is a gambler in his private and business persona which makes for a bumpy ride.

    If you’ve read the financial press last week Sports Direct have posted profits in excess of £200million which in times of austerity and the decline of the high street is just phenomenal. “He knows exactly what he is doing”

    Ashley has made board level changes a NUFC recently which means one of two scenarios… He is ready to invest a significant amount of money to help drive a strategy and reach an underpinned goal… OR … He is about to asset strip, reduce overheads, streamline running costs and put NUFC into a state of money creation or realise a good level of cash displacement in readiness for a sale.

    Scenario one would be underpinned with player investment, real estate investment and lucrative emerging markets preseason tours…. Scenario two would be realised by a change in board members, trusted employees in senior positions to report back, no player investment and lucrative investment deals that are front loaded.

    For the delusional among us that still think Ashley is in a state of RED regarding his investment need to wise up…

    It’s time to put up or shut up… Ashley just doesn’t care!!

  4. Black&White Daft says:

    Mike Ashley’s contempt of the traditions of N.U.F.C. can only be surpassed by his lack of any knowledge on how football works. To appoint Joe Kinnear even if he is a friend staggered the football world and showed just how much a potentially massive mistake it could be. Now potential is reallising itself with one mistake after another (Simpson, Douglas, Aubemeyang,Perch and nearly Harford) and embarrassing interviews. How long before Mike Ashley wakes up and is forced to remove the idiot before the damage to the team is beyond repair?

  5. Mikey says:

    JFK…Please…Just go…your not wanted here…not now …not ever