Kevin Keegan calls it right – what’s changed?

by • September 2, 2013 • NewsComments (11)1131

Kevin Keegan footage regarding the running of Newcastle United FC by Mike Ashley. What has changed? Click on headline to see footage enclosed.



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11 Responses to Kevin Keegan calls it right – what’s changed?

  1. Mikey says:

    Groundhog Day…..and now it`s even worse …We have Joe F***ing Kinnear!

  2. tom says:

    The only man who has had the bottle and decency to tell the truth.
    Always an NUFC legend.
    I expected little from this window….didnt expect Ashley to brick the bloody thing up!!!

  3. Geordie-Oz says:

    As Tom said I also expected very little from this window, but didnt expect nothing at all (Remy doesnt count).

    Only saving grace is Cabaye is till here and I didnt expect to lose him, but that just goes to show what a farce it was to leave him out against Citeh, West Ham and Morecombe!

    As king kev says Ashley knows fuck all about football!

  4. Micky Miller says:

    The surprising thing is that anyone’s surprised. This cancerous leech is in it until he gets every single spiteful penny of his mistake back. He will not stop gorging on our rotten corpse until his fat sweating fucking ugly face is reimbursed..

    • Keith says:

      I honestly hope you’re right. At least we would have an endgame, something to look forward to. I hear a lot now though.. why will he leave? Free promotion from a premier league team in one of the most profitable sports arenas/leagues on the planet, I fear this could be indefinite.

    • Steve says:

      I’m also a bit surprised that everyone seems to think Ashley’s reign will end once he has his loan back, why would he walk away from a club that he can continue to cream off the profits? He will sit on top of the club for a long time sucking up the money until someone comes along to buy it at a silly price

  5. Mick Dixon says:

    A court case ……..who was proved right, honest and decent.
    KK the best team ive ever seen or maybe in my lifetime

  6. Tom Bates says:

    That line keeps moving further and further away, Joes too fat and slow to get anything over it

  7. johnl says:

    If only kk owned nufc what a dream

  8. Ian Summers says:

    I sympathise with Pardew here, he showed he can deliver when finishing 5th in 2012. Personal abuse of him and his staff is inappropriate and pathetic. He continues to handle himself with dignity despite no support from his employers. The second half against Fulham showed we have a decent starting eleven but we are 2 injuries away from another disastrous season, that is not Pardew’s fault. Kinnear’s role can only be a smokescreen, all our vitriol can be aimed at one man alone. The only way to hit him is in his pocket and that can be done in February 2014 when season ticket direct debits have to be cancelled. Support Fitness First, a local company and keep out of Sports Direct.

  9. Tom Bates says:

    Ian, he continues to handle himself with dignity because he knows if he says what he really thinks he will be sacked, anyone who has spoken out against Ashley has been bombed out of the club. Is blatantly lying to the fans acting with dignity? He got the job on the basis he would tow the line with club policy which he has done.
    He has been provided with good players by Carr in general and most of these players have got steadily worse.