Jonas Gutierrez – United have a question to answer!

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Now, no-one should go jumping all over this but having had the attached news line Jonaspresstranslated from Spanish to English it would seem Alan Pardew and Newcastle United have a case to answer with regards Jonas Gutierrez and his battle against testicular cancer.

What we are told the enclosed is saying is that Jonas is claiming he has received no support from Newcastle United and he has been treated particularly badly by Alan Pardew.

Our man Tony Higgins out in Spain has provided this summary of the attached news Jonaspress2

Basically below headline says that club didn’t help with treatment and Pardew said you’re gone that’s that.

This is another translation of Jonas’ comments:

“I detected a tumour in a testicle . When I confirmed the cancer, I went home crying. I came here and I assumed the costs despite having a contract with Newcastle. Money is not important.What is important is the health. I had to start chemotherapy . “I had the operation in Argentina, I removed the left testicle. I returned to England and Newcastle told me to leave.”

This clearly raises a really deep concern at how United has reacted to one of its players, JonasPress3one of its employees contracting a very serious, life-threatening disease.

However, it is too early to draw any conclusions and Alan Pardew will need to make a clear statement regarding how he and Newcastle United have supported Jonas and his family over this difficult time.

That statement should be made at the earliest possible opportunity.

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10 Responses to Jonas Gutierrez – United have a question to answer!

  1. I wish Jonas the very very best , a sentiment I am sure is shared by thousands of other Toon Fans . If It is true the comments I have been reading regarding his treatment by NUFC then utter shame on the toon . The proud Geordie nation would be appalled if any of this is minutely true . We need a statement from the very highest level ASP. Ralph Fenwick >toononthecosta<
    PS Can anyone kindly let me have Tony Higgins e.mail address ( I dont tweet ) would love to contact him

  2. Wallace Wilson says:

    NUFC.Com’s take on this is that the club have honoured Jonas’s contract and told him to go home to his family. I agree the club need to clarify their stance and actions in this matter

  3. Anon says:

    Amid the anticipated mutiny and venom on saturday, i hope and i know a minute will be taken to show our thoughts are with Jonas.

  4. Nigel Pearson says:

    Whilst we can’t pass judgemment until all of the facts are known I suspect we all know which way the wind is blowing on this one. Afterall who would you believe? It’s Not My Fault Pardew or Jonas? Who whilst he may not have been the most talented player ever to play for the Toon, always paid respect to and honored the Black & White Shirt he wore with pride & passion.

    Could the treatment of Jonas & his compatriot Ferrerya at the hands of Pardew be affecting Collo’s performances and his attitude towards Pardew?

    Amongst all of the well deserved venom which will be directed at Pardew on Saturday I hope we the Fans take time to articulate the affection & respect in which we hold Jonas.

    Oh Gutierrez, Buenos Aires, Spiderman !
    He’s a Superhero playing on the Left or Right
    Playing for Newcastle in the Famous Black & White!

    Gan Canny Bonny Lad !

    • mammyslittlesoldier says:


      Pardew is finished – he’s lost the team and it’s a matter of time before he goes. The sensible assessment of him is that he’s tried his best and he’s had his moments when he could have maybe pushed on a bit if the club had backed him but overall he’s not good enough. Maybe more importantly, as loads of people have said, he’s suffering from being the club’s only public face.

      But, “venom”? He hasn’t killed anyone.

  5. David Chapman says:

    Just wanted to pass on my best wishes to Jonas and I sincerely hope he’s over the worst of it.

    Good luck fella

  6. mammyslittlesoldier says:

    I’m assuming the best until evidence to the contrary (the interpretation) and I think everyone else should too. I don’t want to see some crazed hate mob convincing themselves that Pardew is an evil monster – some of the online comments about him are already a bit demented.

  7. Clive says:

    It’s obviously been kept quiet for a reason. How would you feel if you were unfortunate enough to go through what Jonas is experiencing? Perhaps your employer would be sensitive enough to keep such conversations private rather than blabbing to your co-workers and the wider public about your condition.

    Good to see that have presented a more balanced approach than demanding a club statement.

    Get well soon Jonas.