Jonas Gutierrez – Newcastle United FC Statement

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Newcastle United has made a statement regards Jonas Gutierrez and we are gratified the Jonas1club has saw fit to make a comment. The statement is made by Managing Director Lee Charnley and is:

“We have and will continue to offer Jonas our full support. We thank our fans for their kind messages of support for Jonas and the thoughts and best wishes of everyone connected to Newcastle United are with him at this time.” 

The full media release by the club is here. 

I’m not sure if this statement deals with all of the areas of concern supporters have, namely:

lack of financial assistance for Jonas’ medical bills


the implication Jonas was told to find another club by the manager, Alan Pardew when he disclosed his illness.

The club has cancelled its Fans Forum for this coming Monday, so it will not be possible for anyone locally to request clarification of the points above.

This isn’t a very helpful statement and will not convince supporters Jonas has been treated as well as he might.

A more detailed statement would have been more helpful.

Chekem Lads

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12 Responses to Jonas Gutierrez – Newcastle United FC Statement

  1. David Chapman says:

    We have enough to hate Ashley and Pardew for already, I hope with all my heart the club have done what’s best for Jonas and his family.

    It’s one thing to know that Mike Ashley and Pardew are diabolical cunts who are using Newcastle United for there own ends. They are taking the piss out of the fans and causing many of us to find other things to do on a weekend, but it is something else altogether to accuse Pardew of telling Jonas to basically fuck off because he has cancer, that is something else altogether and we should all hold our horses on that one.

    Jonas doesn’t speak very good English and we don’t speak much Spanish so lets hope something has been lost in translation, if not, if Pardew has told him to leave, if Ashley hasn’t paid the lads medical fee’s then I predict Ashley and Pardew’s days at Newcastle are completely unattainable.

    • Tony Higgins says:

      I speak relatively good Spanish and the problem with the statement “Que me vaya” is that it can be taken to mean different things depending in the context of how it is said.
      I believe it is part of the Spanish subjunctive which from experience I can tell you is a bastard to get your head around.
      It literally more or less means “go away”….eg. “they/he told me to go”, but that could also be “they said I could leave”.
      If it was said in an argument or heated discussion it could mean “get lost” or worse.
      I have read what you have said and I agree we need to take stock. When I first heard the news I was angry because I thought the club had shunned Jonas, an honest professional and someone who appears to be a decent person.
      The main thing in all this is that he gets better soon.

  2. Nigel Pearson says:

    Weazle Words from a Cuckold!

    When anyone in the NUFC Management Team Speaks You can be sure they are telling lies!

    God Bless Jonas!

    God Damn Ashley, Charnley & Ashley!

  3. mammyslittlesoldier says:

    I think you need to be very carefull with this TF… as David Chapman above says, there’s enough hate and anger in the air without Pardew being accused of something altogether worse than being a shit manager and an Ashley patsy

  4. Nigel Pearson says:

    OK then let Pardew come out on record and refute what Jonas has said. I won’t hold my breath. He’s nothing other than a cowardly semi-literate cuckold!

    Charley’s statement is a mish mash of gobbledygook & obusification!

    Anyone who defends this rancid regime is a malignant quisling!

    • mammyslittlesoldier says:

      Nowt to do with defending a regime

      If someone started a rumour that Pardew was a predatory paedophile would you be like, “Oh, aye…not surprised like” and get a mob together to burn his house down?

      Actually, don’t answer that.

      • Nigel Pearson says:

        I did not start out hating Pardew. I was prepared to give him a chance even when an aquaintance of mine who worked with him at West Ham told me what an unsavoury character he was. Speak as you find is my motto. I made allowances for his failings due to his having to work under the restrictions of Ashleys business plan but I’m afraid results on the field and his increasingly bizarre soulless, negative, buck passing ramblings off it not to mention his victimisation of certain players has led me to the inevitable conclusion that he’s an arrogant, idiot, who if he’s left to mismanage our team for much longer will condemn us to relegation. It won’t be his fault ofcourse, it never is.

      • is that right about Pardew being a nonce is it ?

    • David Chapman says:

      Nobody is defending the bloody regime, i fucking hate Pardew and the regime, I’m saying lets not jump on this with both feet, because its an incredibly delicate subject and it goes far beyond the normal boundaries of hating the regime, I personally do think Pardew is of questionable personality and if this is proved to be true, which it hasn’t yet then i actually think anyone who continues to support the regime is a fucking disgrace to our fair City.

  5. barry goulder says:

    if it is true then I am truly shocked. to sink as low as this defies logic and common decency,god bless Jonas,