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As you might have read in this week’s editorial – THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – The AccountsMagic Numbers (15/Sep/13) we are attempting to shine a light onto the business operation of Newcastle United under Mike Ashley. We would like to bring a coherent, professional analysis of the club’s finances and business model as it exists and operates as opposed to the one presented to us via club PR or in dribs and drabs via the media.

This is work we believe the football media, in particular the local outlets should be doing given their resources but as they are unable, incapable or unwilling to do so, it then falls to try.

We already have a Chartered Accountant on the case doing some analysis for us and we are really grateful for that but ideally, we’d like to establish a team with expertise in accountancy and business law who will be able to give us a good idea about what is going on and even offer a variety of opinions as to how the club is being run behind the scenes.

Obviously, we understand perfectly if professionals from accountancy and law would prefer to remain anonymous and we’re happy to go along with that.

We already have a couple of bean counters on the true faith roster and we hope they will be able to offer their analysis but frankly, this is something of a big task and we need as much help as possible with it.

Naturally, we are offering no fees and no expenses for any help given.

If you are interested, please drop us a line on with a brief summary of your expertise and experience and after that we’ll be in touch about how we then move forward.

That is all. tflogo_small

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  1. Ross Jones says:

    I reckon it would be worth trying to start a kickstarter fund or something for this. I’m sure people wouldn’t mind parting with a few sheckles to shine a light on the fucking toys running our club at the moment!

  2. Northern Monkey says:

    How about a callout for investigative journalist?